Crochet Stitch For Baby Blanket

If you’re a beginner, I recommend starting with the single stitch. It’s a simple stitch, so it’s easy to master and hold up well. The double crochet is thicker but more difficult to make.

ch = chain

  • Chain 1: Make a loop with the yarn and hold it in your right hand (if you’re right-handed). If you’re left-handed, reverse that.
  • Insert hook into loop, yarn over, pull through loop: With your pointer finger still holding the base of this newly formed stitch, take your crochet hook in hand and pass it through the center of this first chain stitch to make another loop. This time bring yourself up a little bit higher than before.
  • Yarn over again, pull through both loops on hook: Now you have two loops on your hook; repeat until you have as many chains as desired for your project.

dc= double crochet

This is a double crochet stitch, which is the most common and frequently used stitch in crochet. In this stitch, you will be inserting your hook into a specific point of a chain, then drawing up a loop before pulling it through to create an initial triple-height loop on your hook.

To do this: yarn over (yo), insert your hook into the next stitch in the work and pull up a long loop; yarn over again and draw through both loops on your hook; repeat until there are 2 loops left on your hook.

sc= single crochet

To make a single crochet, you’ll need to know how to do a chain. A chain is formed by wrapping the yarn around your hook and pulling it through the loop on your hook. You will always begin with this step before each row of single crochet stitches that you make.

To make a double crochet, you’ll need two loops on your hook (the last stitch from the previous row and the current loop). Wrap your yarn around both loops while holding them together and pull it through both loops at once. This will result in one extra loop on your hook—the new beginning point for each dc stitch!

To make a treble crochet, wrap four times around both prongs of your hook before pulling through all five loops on your hook; this will give you an extra one or two stitches depending on which type of treble crochet stitch is being worked!

This is a simple stitch and holds up well.

This is a simple stitch and holds up well. I use it in my baby blankets, for example, because it’s easy to learn and makes for a very sturdy blanket.

Most Popular Crochet Stitch For Baby Blanket

Explore each easy crochet stitch below for a more detail explanation and to find the best stitch for a crocheted baby blanket that you can make!

How to Crochet Blanket Stitch


The blanket stitch is an easy pattern stitch to learn. It is a combination of two different crochet stitches that creates a great texture and looks harder than it is to crochet. These different stitches put together make for a simple baby blanket that you’ll go back to time and time again.

I have used this stitch pattern with a thinner yarn like worsted weight yarn (medium #4 yarn) as well as super bulky weight yarn (#6 yarn) and both have created a beautiful crochet blanket.

Blanket Stitch Tutorial


Cluster stitches create a beautiful texture in any crochet project. These types of stitches using a cluster or grouping of stitches will form a beautiful baby blanket effortlessly.

Learn how to crochet the cluster stitch with this step-by-step photo tutorial from Mama in A Stitch. There also is a video tutorial available too for those that prefer to learn crochet stitches visually.

Cluster Stitch Tutorial


The crochet granite stitch goes by many names, such as the moss stitch and sand stitch. This is a beginner-friendly stitch design that is great to make for an upcoming baby shower if time is an issue!

This stitch uses chains and single crochets to create a tightly woven baby crochet blanket pattern. Take a look at the step-by-step photo tutorial below.

Granite Stitch Tutorial


The half double crochet or hdc abbreviated is an easy stitch to make a baby blanket with. This stitch makes for an easy repeat row of stitches for the entire blanket design and makes for a quick project.

Learn more about the hdc stitch with our free hdc written tutorial as well as hdc video tutorial, so you can start on your very own easy HDC baby blanket!

Half Double Crochet Tutorial


The shell stitch uses simple and basic crochet stitches. If you can single crochet and double crochet, then you can make this stitch for your next crocheted blanket!

Follow along with Persia Lou’s photo stitch tutorial to learn how to crochet this beautiful crochet shell stitch today!

Shell Stitch Tutorial


Double Crochet stitches (dc) make the perfect easy crochet baby blanket! You can also combine the double crochet stitch in clusters to make a granny ripple blanket, which is a classic design.

Learn more about how to crochet the double crochet stitch and start crocheting a new baby blanket today!

Double Crochet Tutorial


Single Crochet stitches or SC abbreviated in a baby blanket makes for a great first time project for beginner crocheters.

Since the single crochet is one of the first basic stitches that is learned in crochet, you will find that this stitch is quick to learn. It is perfect for any easy baby blanket since it is just one simple stitch worked back and forth in rows.

Learn more below with our SC video and photo tutorial.

Single Crochet Tutorial

I hope you found the perfect stitch to make your next crocheted baby blanket with!

easy crochet stitches for baby blankets


As an added bonus, I put together a list of some easy crochet baby blanket patterns below for you to explore too!

  • Color Blocked Crochet Baby Blanket: This easy project is one of those crochet projects that is great for beginners since it uses one crochet stitch! Be sure to check this baby blanket out to you can see how easy it really is to crochet. I promise you’ll love making this quick blanket!
  • Henley Granny Ripple Baby Blanket: The Henley is a modern take on a granny stitch design. It can be crocheted in one solid color or broken up into stripes or color blocks to match a nursery.
  • Modern Granny Blanket: The modern granny blanket uses the double crochet stitch grouped (or clustered) together to create a beautiful blanket that can be made in any color for baby boys or baby girls. This free crochet baby blanket pattern is one of the most made blankets on Easy Crochet!
  • Falling in Blanket: This easy blanket uses a simple stitch, color changes and a fun concept to create a unique one-of-a-kind striped blanket.
  • As a bonus, this free pattern can be crocheted into eight different blanket sizes such as receiving, stroller, baby, throw and more.


How Big Should I Make My Baby Blanket?

The most common baby blanket size is 40″ x 40″ which is usually referred to as a receiving blanket or square blanket. A few other blanket sizes that are good to make for a baby are a stroller blanket and lovey blanket.

What is the Best Yarn to Use for a Soft Blanket?

A good yarn to use for a baby blanket is one that is washable but also soft, such as Soft Baby Steps by Red Heart or Softee Baby by Bernat. It is always a good idea to feel the yarn, read the label and to make sure that the fiber you want to use is good for a babies skin.

Learn more about some of the best yarns for baby blankets, so you can make a good choice when you crochet a blanket for a little one.


This is a great way to get started with crochet. There are so many different things you can do with this stitch and it holds up well. It is perfect for making blankets, scarves or even hats!

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