Crop Top For Baby Girl

Crochet is my favorite craft. I love how it can be simple as a scarf or complicated as a blanket, and it seems like every time I get into a project, I learn something new. So, when my daughter was born, I knew that crochet would be an easy way to make all of her clothing! This tutorial will show you how to make this simple one-sleeved crop top for baby girls with minimal sewing involved.

free crochet pattern

Crochet patterns are available for free on the internet, and they’re easy to follow.

Crochet patterns are available in many different sizes and styles.

how to crochet

Crochet is a great hobby for anyone. It’s easy to learn, and can be done at home, on the go, or even in front of the TV! Crochet is a great way to relax while still keeping your hands busy. If you want to learn how to crochet but don’t know where to start, this article will help get you started with some basic tips and tricks that will have you crocheting in no time!

how to increase

Let’s start with the basics. All of these increases are easy to do and can be done without fear of messing it up.

  • Increase by making two stitches in one: Kf&b (knit front and back)
  • Increase by knitting into the front and back of the stitch: M1L (make 1 left) or M1R (make 1 right)
  • Increase by knitting two stitches together: K2tog (knit 2 together) or ssk (slip slip knit). These are decreases too!
  • Make a yarn over before you purl those stitches on your next row. It creates a little hole that looks like a little smiley face when you look at it from the right side. Yarn overs increase your stitch count by one each time you use them so beware!

how to decrease

How to decrease:

Decreasing stitches is an easy way to shape the top of your baby girl’s crop top. Decrease rows work by decreasing one stitch at each end of every right-side row until no stitches remain (this will create a straight edge at the top). Decreasing stitch count is a similar technique, in which you decrease all stitches on both edges of the work one row at a time, until there are no stitches remaining.

To decrease using either method, simply follow these steps:

  • Knit two stitches together: k2tog – knit two stitches together as if they were one stitch (left needle tip holds first stitch on its side; right needle holds second tip on its side) 2) Slip both off left needle onto right needle: put them back onto left needle and pass them over 3) Knit next stitch along with slipped ones from previous step 4) Repeat steps 1 through 3 until desired number of decreases has been made

Free crochet crop top/baby girl shirt patterns.

Crochet Top for Girl

Crochet Top for Baby Girl

Crochet Crop Top for Baby Girl

Crochet Crop Top Pattern for Toddler Size

Crochet Crop Top Pattern for Kids Size and Boys Crochet Crop Top Pattern Free Crochet Patterns For Baby Girls, boys and woman.


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