Cubs Clothes For Baby

The Chicago Cubs are the most famous club in baseball history. The team has won two World Series championships and has had several Hall of Famers play for them over the years. That’s why it’s no surprise that there are plenty of baby clothes out there with the team’s logo on them! Whether you’re looking for an outfit to wear while cheering on your favorite team or just want to put your newborn in a cute Cubs outfit, we have all sorts of options here at Fanatics.

Chicago Cubs Baby Clothing

If you’re the proud parent of a Cubs fan, you’ll want to give them something to show their support. Baby clothes are available in infant sizes and toddler sizes. They also come in youth and adult sizes!

If your baby is little, they can get cute onesies that say things like “I’m a Cubs Fan” or “My Mom’s From Chicago”. You can also get onesies with pictures of the logo on it too if you’d like! The toddler size clothing comes in long sleeve shirts and short sleeves as well as sweatshirts, pajamas and more! When it comes to the youth sizes though—they tend to be more about fun than anything else because most kids don’t really care about their clothes until they start getting older (which is why we have so many options).

Chicago Cubs Baby Bibs, burp cloths, crib sheets, and towels are available for your little one!

Cubs baby bibs, cubs baby burp cloths, cubs baby crib sheets, and cubs baby towels are available for your little one!

The Chicago Cubs are one of the most storied MLB teams. They have won the World Series a total of seven times (second only to the Yankees). Fans love their jerseys and caps, but what about babies? Here at we carry a wide variety of items that will make any Cubs fan proud to sport their team colors anywhere. From bibs to burp cloths to crib sheets and towels we offer something for every age.

Cubs baby swaddle blankets to wrap up a sleepy child.

Cubs baby swaddle blankets to wrap up a sleepy child.

Cubs baby sleepers are the perfect outfit for your little one’s first steps.

Cubs bibs will keep drool off your baby’s clothes, whether they’re teething or not.

Cubs burp cloths are soft, absorbent and cute—what more could you ask for from a cloth?

Fan of the Cubs? Then get excited about our Cubs crib sheets! These extra-soft cotton sheets match our Cubs bedding perfectly.

Thirsty? No problem—our Cubs towels are exactly what you need after bath time!

Cubs baby sleepers.

Cubs baby sleepers are available in a variety of colors that make your little Cub the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Sleepers are available for both boys and girls, and they come in different sizes (from 0-3 months to 6-9 months). These Cubs baby sleepers are made from high quality materials so they won’t fall apart after one wash; they’re machine washable as well!

Chicago Cubs jackets fit for a young slugger.

Cubs jackets are a great way to keep your baby warm and dry while they’re out and about. Cubs jackets are available in sizes ranging from 6 months to 2 years, so you can find one that fits perfectly. Cubs jackets come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find one that matches your little slugger’s personality. Cubs jackets are made from soft materials, which makes them comfortable for even the smallest babies.

Wrap your infant in cubs gear. There are plenty of options to choose from.

Wrap your infant in cubs gear. There are plenty of options to choose from, including Cubs baby bibs and swaddle blankets, Cubs jackets for babies, and Cubs sleepers.

Grab a t-shirt from the Cubs store at Wrigley Field that says “I’m a Cub fan” or “Cubs fan.”

How To Pack Baby Clothes

1. Start by sorting the clothes that you plan to take with you. I do this by pulling articles of clothing out in categories.

For instance: I start with onesies & shirts. I pull them out of the closet, and place them in a pile somewhere, where I have a big space to spread out.

The SMART way to pack your Baby or Toddler for Vacation

Next, I pull out shorts…

The SMART way to pack your Baby or Toddler for Vacation

…pants. {Can you tell I was packing for the beach on this trip, since I only packed one pair of pants? ???? }

The SMART way to pack your Baby or Toddler for Vacation

…Swimming Suit{s}/Trunks

The SMART way to pack your Baby or Toddler for Vacation

…and for the infamous baby & toddler “outfits,” that come together… I put them in their own little pile, individually.

2. Next grab, clear plastic, gallon size, zip-top bags…

Brand doesn’t matter… they all work great for packing.

3.  Starting with one pile of clothes {I started with the onesies and shirts}, gently roll up an item, and place it in a bag. Do this with each item, placing all of the shirts in one bag… and grab a different bag for the pants. A different bag for the shorts. Different bag for the swim trunks... etc.

In this photo, you’ll see that my little guys shirts were small enough, that I could put some horizontal in the bag, and still have room on the side to stuff some shirts in, vertically…

For the outfits that come together, I put those in their own bag. {I do this, so if anyone else is helping dress the baby/toddler on vacation, they’ll already know what shirt/shorts go together.}

{I actually place my knees on the bag, REALLY pushing the air out, and then I pinch the bag closed.}

Then… I have created a “vacuumed sealed,” type of package.


  1.  The “Vacuum Seal,” effect, saves room in the suitcase
  2. Rolling up the shirts, creates less wrinkles than folding the clothes, leaving space to move and crunch during transport.
  3. Placing the clothing in plastic bags, prevents getting ruined if the baby shampoo or sunblock leaks during transport.
  4. I can use the plastic bags to store the dirty clothes while away on vacation.
  5. I’m able to use the plastic bags over and over again, for each vacation. I just place the bags back in to the empty suitcase when we get back home!

In this photo below… you’ll see that I was actually able to put my 4 year olds clothing in the same suitcase, because I saved SO much room packing this way! 

I’ll never forget the look on my girlfriends face when I taught her the smart way to pack for baby or todder. Her and her family travel just about as much as we do, and I honestly feel it changed her packing life… as it did mine!

The SMART way to pack your Baby or Toddler for Vacation


When you’re ready to order your baby’s Cubs clothing, contact us at or call us at (888) 987-2924 and let us know what you need. We’ll get it right out to you!

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