Cupcake Ideas For Baby Girl Shower

If you’re planning a baby shower, consider cupcakes as an alternative to a traditional cake. Not only do cupcakes come in all shapes and sizes, but they are also very easy to make and can be personalized with your favorite colors and designs. Cupcakes are also more portable than a cake (think picnics or pot lucks). And who doesn’t love the idea of eating dessert off of cute little plates? Here are some ideas for decorating your baby girl shower cupcakes:

Baby bottle cupcakes

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Baby pram cupcakes

Baby pram cupcakes are great for a baby shower. They’re fun and cute, but also easy to make. You can use chocolate frosting or white frosting to decorate these cakes and then pipe the frosting using a pastry bag. Use any color of sprinkles you like, or even add some edible glitter!

You can also use cookie cutters to cut out the shape of baby carriages or strollers when making this recipe. If you don’t have any cookie cutters handy, try using a cupcake liner instead! Just place it over your cupcake once it has been filled with batter and bake as usual!

Match your party theme

One of the easiest ways to match your party theme is with cupcakes. You can choose from many different ideas, depending on what type of theme you’re looking for and how much time you want to put into decorating them.

If you’re throwing a more formal shower and want to make it feel even more special, try these gorgeous pink rose buds from Food Network! Each one is handmade and hand-decorated with edible glitter gel that will make everyone at the party swoon over them. Don’t forget about all of your guests who are into cooking too! These adorable tea sandwiches will be sure to please any foodie’s palette (and even make their mouths water). For those who prefer something simpler but still delicious-looking, this strawberry shortcake recipe by Cake Central should do just fine—and can be made in bulk so there’ll be plenty left over after all the guests have gone home! If none of these ideas seem right for your baby shower needs then check out our blog post next week where we’ll introduce some other options available today (or maybe even tomorrow).

Itsy Bitsy Spider Cupcakes

  • First, frost your cupcake with white frosting.
  • Next, place a small amount of black frosting on top of your cupcake and spread it out until it’s as wide as you like.
  • Then make a web by using piping bags filled with black icing to draw lines that connect between the top and bottom edge of your spider web. You can use additional lines or swirls if you wish!
  • Finally, add some sprinkles around the edges for decoration. For eyes on your spider, pipe two small dots onto each side (one larger than the other).

Cupcakes spelling out “baby”

  • Make cupcakes spell out “baby” using edible letters. You can either use a stencil to create the letters, or bake your own cookies and cut them into the shape of each letter before putting them on top of your cupcakes.
  • Use a cookie cutter to make edible letters for your cupcakes! Just bake some cookies (you can use any shape you want), let them cool, and then place them on top of your cupcake with frosting in between.

Messages on cupcakes using melted chocolate or frosting.

You can write a message on top of the cupcake, or you can write a message on the side. If you want to use melted chocolate or frosting to write a message, we recommend using one of our tips below:

  • Use a stencil to create your message! We love this idea because it’s easy (you’ll only need 3 ingredients) and looks great. We recommend making one that says something like “Congrats!” or “Congratulations!”. It will make your guests feel special and loved!
  • Use liquid food coloring to dye sugar sprinkles red, white and blue for an American flag look. These are perfect for Memorial Day parties! To make them even more festive, try adding some gold glitter when you’re done with these adorable treats!
  • Create mini cupcakes in mason jars by freezing syrup ahead of time then pouring over each jar after filling with batter before baking according this recipe from Allrecipes Magazine (article). It’s an easy way for everyone involved with preparing food items during their shower party these days.”

Coordinate your baby shower decorations with your cupcakes for a unified party.

The best way to coordinate your baby shower decorations with your cupcakes is to make them match.

  • First, pick a party theme. What do you want the overall look of your party to be? Will it be girly, sweet, or elegant?
  • Once you’ve decided what kind of theme you want for your baby shower, look at these ideas for coordinating colors:

Baby Boy Party – Blue and Grey

Baby Girl Party – Pink and Purple

A baby shower is the first event of joy with family and close ones before entering parenthood. It is celebrated and enjoyed in every culture and society. Either you attend a baby shower or host one, cupcakes are among the most popular dessert idea. You can also choose your best baby shower cupcakes from the most amazing and alluring baby shower cupcake ideas.

It is easier to serve all and looks pretty as well. It is always fun to arrange these cupcakes as per the themed baby showers to the traditional ones as well. All these cupcake ideas deliver an amazing taste and presentation both. Even your best baby shower cupcakes would be an adorable gift for the mom-to-be.

For the easiest and the time-saving schedule, it’s simple to make a cake, some favourite cookies and your best cupcakes that are all enough to make everyone smile. These are the best combination for all the sweet teeth that will come to your baby shower party.

Here, we are sharing some of the amazing baby shower cupcake ideas to get your mouth watering and tummy excited with hunger. Let’s find them out to bake them next.

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Best Baby Shower Cupcakes Ideas

Real strawberry cupcakes

If your baby shower is approaching closer and you have not yet decided on what to serve? Then get ready with one of the best baby shower cupcake ideas. Instead of using any artificially flavoured gelatin, this one uses the fresh strawberries for the recipe. After making a fresh cake, these yummy cupcakes, along with cream, cheese frosting can be used for a perfect taste. These cupcakes look cute with a fresh red strawberry on top of it like a crown.

Lemon cupcakes

These lemon cupcakes melt in your mouth as always, which is made with lemon cream icing making it a crazy dessert for any baby shower. Through using buttercream frosting, to ice cupcake or lemon cream icing can also be used for less buttering taste. It makes a delicious taste for every single person.

Raspberry cupcakes

If you wish to get a more different taste for the baby shower cupcakes. Then these mini no-bake cheesecakes are a perfect choice. It is just as simple as you make a strawberry cupcake along with the cream cheese layer on it. Though, fresh raspberries make a different sweet and sour taste to lure your guests more than anything else.

Vanilla Cupcakes

Unlike other fruity cakes, the vanilla cupcakes are differently-cooked. It requires a baking process until it gets golden brown after which need to get frosted with buttercream layered on it. You can add a food colour as per the theme you choose for the baby shower. Vanilla has a sparkling taste that is loved by all.

Chocolate cookie cupcake

First, its cupcakes and then chocolate making an awesome combination that can get you and anyone craved for. For more taste, some more cheese or butter layer can also be put below the cookie layer to make it smoother. Some hot chocolate can also be sprinkled above the top of the cupcake to hit the taste.

5 Baby Shower Ideas For First Time Moms

Read to know 5 fun baby shower ideas for the first time moms (mothers).  You can also checkout Tips To Throw A Pocket-Friendly Baby Shower.

Pick a Theme

The best parties all have themes. Not only does this provide fun things to do for yourself, but it also helps to keep you stress-free. Baby shower themes help you pick the right decorations quickly. They also help the guests decide what to gift the mom at her baby shower. Most importantly, themes make the entire affair much more lively and exciting by stoking everybody’s creativity! Read Top 10 DIY Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Set Up Feedback Games

Baby showers can turn into the perfect opportunity for older ladies to give the mom-to-be too much advice. While it is always great to have the support of experienced older women, this can get quite stressful. Organize feedback games for baby showers to gather all the loving advice while also protecting yourself from the ordeal. Here are some fun ways to get everyone to note down their advice without giving it to you verbally! Pro tip: having rewards for winners works wonders!

Baby Clothes Decoration Station

Baby showers are all about helping the mother prepare for her baby’s arrival. Keep all the attending ladies busy in decorating baby clothes that they can gift you when they’re done. Stock up on plain onesies and soft cotton baby clothes and use them to install a baby clothes decoration station. This is a great way to help your guests give you baby shower gifts you’ll actually cherish. It will also allow for the gifts to be personalised and make everyone feel more involved in the entire evening.

Plan A Playlist

You may be surprised at how much of a difference music makes to the mood of a party. At your first baby shower, you’ll need to protect yourself from too much stress or excitement. Given that this is your first baby, that won’t be easy. So, give yourself a support system in advance by selecting your own playlist for the baby shower. Make it upbeat and peppy or relaxed and calm, depending on how you want to feel!

Gift Opening Session

One of the ways to really make things interesting is to open the gifts you receive at the party itself. Prepare well for this one – it’s likely to be a tear-jerker! Let your guests know in advance that you plan to have a baby shower gift opening session before everyone leaves. This gives your guests reason to put a lot of thought into the gifts they bring you. It also provides a great opportunity for you to truly understand the significance of each gift you receive.


The possibilities are endless when you think about the different types of cupcakes you can make. If you’re planning a baby shower and looking for ways to decorate your table, consider creating some personalized cupcakes! A few ideas include writing baby messages on frosting or melting chocolate to create names and designs.

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