Cupcake Ideas For Baby Shower Boy

Baby showers are a lot of fun and the food can be just as fun. You can make any type of cupcake you want for baby boy, but I think these are cute and creative ideas for your party:

Sports ball cupcakes

For the sports ball cupcakes, you’ll need a football, baseball, or basketball. You can use a small ball to make the cake and then add details with chocolate icing or white icing. For example:

  • Chocolate icing to make a chocolate football
  • White icing and blue icing to make an ice hockey puck (blue)
  • Red icing to make a basketball (red)

Pram or carriage cupcakes

  • Make a cupcake in the shape of a pram or carriage.
  • Use blue and white striped cupcakes.
  • Top with a baby boy topper to add some fun!

Blue and white striped cupcakes

You can make your baby shower cake look just like a blue and white striped cupcake. Try this cake topper, which is shaped like a cupcake and has the same colors as on a real cupcake.

For decorations, you can use blue and white striped wrapping paper for gift boxes or other party elements. You could also use these balloons in the baby shower theme colors of blue and white stripes!

Cupcakes with baby boy toppers

Toppers are an easy way to add a little something special and unique to your cupcakes. Toppers can come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on what you’re looking for. The easiest way to make them is by using the same cookie cutter you used for the base of the cake, but you can also use stencils or hand-drawn icing designs. If you want something less permanent, try out these edible baby boy stickers!

Try out these fun ideas for a baby shower.

Try out these fun ideas for a baby shower.

  • Use your imagination: You have to be creative with the design of these desserts because they are so small and tiny. You could use different colours and shapes to make it more interesting, which can also make them look like little toys.
  • Try different flavours: It’s not just about making cupcakes in different colours, you can also try different flavours too! For example, instead of vanilla cupcakes for everyone who attends the shower party, why not create chocolate ones? This will certainly surprise them as nobody expects this kind of variation on regular cupcake recipes; but it’s completely possible as long as you have enough time available before the event starts!


At first, the idea of a baby shower may seem overwhelming. It’s not something that you need to do every year, so why should you go all out? But when it comes down to it, having an awesome party is more than just about throwing together some decorations and showing up with food. It’s about making sure everyone who attends has fun while celebrating this new life that is coming into your family! That being said, we hope these ideas will help you plan an event that people will remember for years to come—and maybe even help them think outside the box when planning their own parties too!

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