Custom Book For Baby

Some people like to give their babies a book as a gift. This can be a cute way to commemorate when your child was born, but it can also be expensive to buy an actual book. Instead, why not make your own custom baby books with the help of this guide? You’ll learn how to use several different types of materials while creating your own unique book that will last generations and look great on your shelf!

Each book will have 4 pages.

Each book will have 4 pages, printed on high quality paper and then cut to size and bound with a hard cover. The pages will be numbered and signed by the artist.

The pages will have the following drawings in this order:

The pages will have the following drawings in this order:

  • 1 page with a drawing of a cat and dog together
  • 1 page with a drawing of an owl, bear, and cat all together (this should be one page, not three)
  • 1 page with a drawing of an elephant, lion and pig all together (this should be one page, not three)

Page 1: Duck

Duck, Wilbur. Wilbur is a duck and he is yellow. He likes to swim and eat carrots. He has a favorite color of orange because it tastes like oranges!

Page 2: Lamb

The second page will feature a lamb, looking directly at you. The lamb will be wearing a blue bow tie and small blue bowler hat. It will also be wearing a pair of blue gloves, and its face will express contentment as it smiles at you.

The lamb is the centerpiece on this page; everything else should be centered around him or her.

Page 3: Bunny

With the Bunny theme, you can include a personal message, a photo and a poem. This is a popular choice for baby books because it’s easy to customize, but it also has some limitations. For example, if you want to add text with multiple fonts or font sizes—or if you want to use more than one font in each paragraph—Bunny won’t allow that.

This theme is also limited when it comes to images; there are only four options available: full-page image; half-page image on top of text; half-page image below text; or two small images next to each other (one on top and one below). If your page doesn’t fit with these specifications exactly then you’ll have difficulty getting the look right.

Page 4: Bear

Here’s a great idea for your last page: a bear. We like this bear because of its big hug, which is what you want to give your baby and make everyone happy. This would also be a good choice if you’re worried about not having enough time to write in the book, because it can represent both the baby and the parents at once.

Choose from a variety of animals to make a unique baby book.

Making a personalized baby book is easy. You can choose from a variety of animals to make a unique baby book. Select from a range of colors, fonts and sizes to create the perfect gift for your loved one or loved ones!


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