Customised Gifts For Baby Girl

These gifts are great for any newborn baby girl or toddler.

Soft toys

Soft toys can be a great gift for newborns. They are soft and warm, which is ideal for cuddling. Most soft toys come with a name printed on them, so they can also act as a personalised gift. These gifts are especially good if you have chosen to give your baby the same name as someone else in your family or friend circle who has children close in age.

Soft toys are excellent tools for helping babies learn to speak because, when they play with them, they associate words with objects (for example “cat” might be associated with their cat stuffed toy). This helps boost language development skills by making it easier for them to recognise words when spoken later on in life. Soft toys can also offer comfort during difficult times like teething or illness – these types of experiences can be very overwhelming for young children so having something familiar nearby is important!

Personalised clothes

Personalised clothes are a great gift for a newborn baby girl. What better way to welcome your new arrival than with something that has her name on it? Whether it’s a special occasion or just an everyday outfit, the little one will love wearing something that’s completely unique.

Baby grows are an ideal way to get started. They’re easy for babies to wear and can be teamed with just about anything else in their wardrobe – whether they’re going on holiday or spending time at home! And when you add their name on the front, they’ll feel extra special every time they see themselves in the mirror!

We have all kinds of different styles available: chevron stripes, floral prints and more besides. Just take your pick from our range below and let us know what colour combinations you’d like us to use before we start production (or you can choose your own colours).

Picture frames

Baby Girl Photo Frames

Personalised photo frames are a great gift, not only for the baby but also for parents and grandparents. You can include your child’s name or birth date on the frame to make it extra special. If you have a picture of your baby which you think would be perfect, why not upload it to us so we can print it? We have lots of different templates available (see below) so you’ll find one that suits perfectly! If none of these templates suit then let us know what image you want printed on there by selecting ‘Other’ from our drop down menu.

Jewellery box

A jewellery box is a great gift for a baby girl. As the child grows older, it can be used to store small trinkets and keepsakes. It’s easy to personalise with the baby’s name, making it an even more special gift as they get older.

Jewellery boxes are available in many different materials, including wood, metal and plastic. This makes them suitable for both babies and toddlers alike

Personalised bookends

Bookends are a great way to keep your favourite books in place, and you can make them even more special by personalising them.

  • You can buy bookends at many department stores, including John Lewis and Argos. Some types of bookend include wooden ones that look like animals, metal ones that look like stars and plastic ones with pictures on them. There are also many other designs available online if you want something different from the usual shapes!
  • When buying online be sure to check whether they come with any extras such as free delivery or insurance cover (if possible).

These gifts are great for a newborn baby girl or toddler.

These gifts are great for a newborn baby girl or toddler.

These gifts are personalised, unique and affordable.


We hope you enjoyed the list of gifts we have provided for new babies and toddlers. We know that there are many more options out there and we have tried to include as many as possible so that you can find something perfect for your little girl. If you would like more information about one of these products or need help finding something specific, please contact us at [email protected]

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