Cute Ideas For Baby Shower Gift

double stroller


Double Stroller

Double strollers are expensive, and they’re not always necessary, but they make life easier for parents who have two young kids. They can take both kids out simultaneously and they’re especially helpful if the kids are tired and need a rest. There are so many different styles that can be chosen based on what the expecting family may find most useful.

baby carrier


Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are great for first-time parents, but they’re an extra level of help when there’s another little one in the mix. These allow any caregiver to be able to keep the baby close hands-free — which is vital when there’s another kid that may need help with a snack or going to the bathroom.

Baby video monitor


Video Monitor

There’s so much more to juggle with a second baby, and if the parents didn’t need a video monitor the first time around, it’s one of those bigger ticket items that can be super helpful the next go around. Parents can keep an eye on a sleeping baby while doing other stuff with their older kid in a different part of the house, which is kind of essential.

newborn baby boy


Monogrammed Baby Blanket

Every baby deserves to have a cozy, comfortable blanket, and it’s especially special and one-of-a-kind when it’s been monogrammed. These can be used when the baby is little in the stroller or to lay on the grass while out at the park. Then, when the baby is old enough, it can be used at bedtime. And it’s a sweet memory piece that can be saved forever for each kid.

mom scrapbooking


Baby Book

Mom won’t have the same amount of time when she’s pregnant with her second baby as she did with the first, but having a baby book to fill out is still a great gift idea. Find one that doesn’t take a whole lot of time. Instead, find a book that has prompts to jot notes or quick fill-in questions. They’ll be happy to look back at it years later.

baby boy in the fall

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girl in the fall leaves

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mom with baby


Gift Cards

We know that gift cards get a bad rap because they can be seen as a last-minute gift that doesn’t mean anything, but for second-time parents, they’re pretty much the best. That way, the parents can use them for anything they needs for the baby without having a large stockpile. These are great for everything from restaurant meals, diapers, formula, and more.




Diapers are always a good baby shower idea – whether it’s the first baby or the seventh. The cost of endless diapers really adds up, and it’s surprising how many a baby will go through in a day. Gifts can be disposable diapers or a cute cloth diaper or inserts, if that’s what the parents are using.

mom and toddler with a stroller


Stroller Board

Stroller boards are perfect for parents who don’t want to get a new stroller or who have a much older first child. These connect to several different stroller brands and form a platform for a toddler or young kid to stand on while their parent pushes the stroller. It’s perfect for those long walks or when a parent is in a bigger hurry.

mom at the store



Babies are expensive, and adding a second baby to the family can sometimes mean more minor expenses aren’t possible. So gifting a membership to a streaming platform, co-op day care, a gym, a children’s play space, or a service that helps make shopping easier can be the exact thing parents of multiples needs to feel like they can juggle it all.

baby boy in blanket


Swaddle Blankets

There’s no such thing as having too many swaddle blankets, and they’re helpful for everything from swaddling a baby who won’t sleep to laying on the grass when out at the park. These are a staple gift for baby showers, and they work perfectly for a second baby, too — especially if the ones from the first baby are worn out (or peed on).

Mom baby clothes


Baby Outfits

Chances are there are a lot of clothes leftover that are still in excellent condition from the first baby, but it’s nice for the second child to have some clothes that aren’t hand-me-downs. It’s not because the baby will care, but parents have so many memories of these little outfits, there should be a few solo stories for the second baby, too.

baby in a bassinet


Play Yard or Bassinet

It’s convenient to have a play yard when there’s more than one child at home. It can be a safe space to lay the baby down when a parent has to do something with their older child. A bassinet serves the same purpose, but with a smaller footprint.




Parents are busy, and every time we add in a new baby, our time decreases and everything we have on our plates seems to grow exponentially. Gifting second-time parents a service like a meal kit that delivers easy-to-make meals, a cleaning service to come deep clean, or outsourcing for laundry, helps them use that time for self-care or to focus on getting in the rhythm of life with two kids.

mom breast milk


Hands-Free Pump

If an expecting mom is thinking of breastfeeding or pumping, having a hands-free pump will be ideal. That way, she can have her hands free while she cares for her older child or her baby while still pumping. Multitasking becomes critical when families have more than one kid.

diaper bag


Diaper Bag

Most first-time parents will have a diaper bag, but besides it probably already being wrecked, having a larger one with enough space and pockets for everything we need for two kids instead of one is essential when they welcome Baby No. 2. Think snacks and toys for the older child and a change of clothes for the baby.

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