Cute Ideas For Baby Shower

 A baby shower is a wonderful way to celebrate the start of this new chapter, and to share your joy with your loved ones.

So how exactly do you make that baby shower an event that will be remembered? Whether you’re the Mum to be, or a friend or relative of the expected mother, here are 10 cute and creative baby shower ideas that are sure to result in a cooeing of ‘eees’ and ‘awwws’.


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Baby Shower Games

What better way to celebrate a new child, than to act like a total one yourself? These baby shower games will be a huge hit with your guests

The Guess The Baby Game


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Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with the little bundle of joy that’s on the way, this one is all about the lovely ladies! Get all of the guests to bring a photo of themselves as a baby and pin all the photos upon a pinboard anonymously. Then, get all the guests to try and guess who each baby is! This game is sure to get lots of laughs and is a great starting point for a plethora of embarrassing baby stories. So get ready for stories of pee pee fountains and lipstick eating!

Who’s Water Will Break First?


Please note: this game will not induce labor! Although you will need to freeze mini plastic babies in water, which is odd enough in itself! Nonetheless, the idea is pretty cute, funny and very baby shower appropriate.

Pin The Poop On The Diaper


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This hilarious, albeit crude, variation on ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ is sure to have your guests in stitches!

Baby Shower Table Layouts

Go all 0ut and create a beautiful table layout to display all that fabulous food!

For A Baby Girl


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If you know you’re having a daughter, it has to be pink! But if glitter, fairy lights and a trillion pink peonies sounds like absolute madness to you, try this divine, rustic layout.  Take an old wooden door and prop behind a large table. Create a show-stopping floral garnish of red, pink and white faux roses. Layer your table with a pink table cloth, add some fresh pink, flora and voila!

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A pink table runner is a great way to inject a little ‘Princess’ into your table, without going too far.

Arabian velvet table runner

Exotic oriental table runner

Add a touch of floral to your table with our floral embroidered place mats.

For A Baby Boy


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We can’t over how cute this nautical table layout is! A trendy take on the classic ‘blue for boys’ theme, the abundance of nautical-themed decor and oceanic tones will really impress your guests. For this layout, you will need a large dining table and a small coffee table. Embellish the large table with a mid-blue table cloth and layer a smaller striped table cloth or runner over the top. Add plates of tasty treats that adhere to the blue palette and the nautical theme. The whale cupcakes are too cute!

Use the smaller table for more snacks, or even use it to display the lovely cards and presents you receive. Add an anchor and blue bunting for an extra adorable touch.

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The ornamental embroidered table cloth will provide the perfect oceanic base layer.

Ocean Blue

Stripes are always nautical. Add a nautical edge to your table with the two tone embroidered place mats.

For ???


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Want your bundle of joy to be a surprise? Opt for a gender neutral palette, in a nursery appropriate scheme of yellow and gray. Team a steel gray table cloth with two printed yellow table runners. Add sweet treats presented on shabby chic plates and trays. Add glass jars of yellow sweets and hang nursery artwork, above the table. Don’t forget the cake! This elephant-topped cake is so cute, we are not surprised that they’ve used it as a center piece!

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This orange, paisley print table runner is both cute and gender neutral!

Baby Shower Keepsakes

For The Guests

ready to popcorn

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Treat your guests, pregnant or not, to a hilarious pun filled with yummy popcorn! This idea is super easy and cheap. (


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Well THIS is the cutest thing ever! Invest in a few cute, printed bucket and pack with shower goodies. These will be perfect, either as game prizes or gifts for your guests.

For The Mum To Be

Weddings have guest books, so why shouldn’t your baby shower be documented? Here are some cute ideas to remember your shower.


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This signed onesie is the cutest way we’ve ever seen to commemorate your baby shower!

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