Cute Saying For Baby Onesies

When you have a baby, the world is just so cute! If you want to share some of that cuteness with the rest of us, why not put it on their onesie?

My favorite people call me mommy.

My favorite people call me mommy.

This is a great saying for a baby onesie because it’s cute, funny and gender-neutral. You can use it for both boys and girls.

It’s also a fantastic way to show your love for your baby!

100% swag 0% sleep

Swag is slang for cool. It’s a colloquial expression and hip hop term that means you’re confident and have style, but it also has other definitions. Swag can be used as a noun to refer to something that has style, or it can be used as an adjective to describe someone who is stylish, or even a verb: “She swagged out in her new outfit.”

I have a twin and her name is mommy

You can’t go wrong with this saying for a baby girl. We love the message that it sends and how sweet it sounds!

I have a twin and her name is mommy.

This is an adorable saying for a baby boy too! If you’re having twins, this will be perfect for them too! You can definitely get away with putting two names in there if you want to (e.g., Mommy has two boys named Sam & Jake).

Who needs sleep anyway?

“Sleep when the baby sleeps” is a popular saying in our culture. But do you know what it means? Babies need sleep to grow, learn and stay healthy! With all that going on, it’s easy to forget about your own rest. Let’s take a look at why sleep is so important for babies and how you can ensure yours get enough of it.

  • Sleep helps babies grow. During sleep, your body releases growth hormones that help build muscle mass, bone density and organ tissues like the heart and liver. Without adequate sleep at night (and nap time), these hormones won’t be released as often or in large enough amounts to support healthy development of all organs including those responsible for digestion and kidney function – some of which are necessary for proper immune system functioning as well!
  • Sleep helps babies learn new things faster than adults do without any training at all! While you might be able to memorize words just by reading them over again quickly several times until they stick into memory permanently (or so goes my experience anyway), infants don’t follow this pattern nearly so well unless they’ve gotten good quality ZZZs beforehand perhaps even several times during one night if possible depending on age groupings between 6-12 months old should suffice most often

Watch me poop, watch me pee. This is where the fun begins. (And I’m just getting started!)

Humor is a great way to connect with your kids, so let’s get right into it.

This cute saying has a dual purpose. It’s both fun and educational! First, the humor helps keep you and your baby giggling while getting ready for bed together. And second, the phrase “watch me poop” helps teach kids about being clean and healthy in a way that’s not boring or embarrassing for anyone involved (including you).

As you’re writing this on an onesie for your child to wear at night, take some time to think about how important good hygiene is when it comes to staying happy during our day-to-day lives. The more we keep ourselves clean by washing our hands before meals or going outdoors in cold weather without gloves on our hands—the better off we’ll be!

Got milk?

If you’re looking for a cute saying for your baby’s onesie, look no further. Got milk? is the perfect one to put on your little one’s front or back. It’s sure to bring a smile to their face and everyone else around them.

I was here first!

The baby is always right. I was here first!

You and your baby will always be connected. You’re the best mommy ever!

Big brother (or big sister)

Being a big brother or sister is an important role, and you can help your child to be the best version of themself by doing the following:

  • Encourage them to try new things. Letting your child know that you trust them and want them to succeed will go a long way toward encouraging a positive self-image.
  • Be supportive when they make mistakes. When children make errors in judgment, it’s important for us as parents to show empathy, not judgment. This lets kids know that it’s alright if they don’t get everything right all of the time; rather than criticizing and making their failures feel “wrong”, we should help them learn from their mistakes so they’ll be better equipped next time around!
  • Praise their good behavior when appropriate (and also offer constructive criticism when necessary). Praise is especially important early on because children who are not praised enough may become discouraged or give up on trying altogether; by showing how proud we are when our little ones do something great—even if it took some effort—we provide encouragement for future success without creating unrealistic expectations about perfectionism.”

My favorite toy is my mommy (or daddy)

  • My favorite toy is my mommy (or daddy).
  • Nothing comes before sleeping in my book.
  • I have a twin and her name is mommy.
  • Who needs sleep anyway?
  • Watch me poop, watch me pee. This is where the fun begins.

What’s your adorable baby saying?

How do you get your baby to sleep through the night? What is the best way to get your baby to sleep? How did you get your baby to sleep in their own bed?

These are all questions that parents have, and they’re actually not as complicated as they seem. Babies are always looking for ways to express themselves, so why not make it cute with a cute saying on a onesie or onesie set?

Mom is more fun when she is drunk.

I have a cool mom and super cool aunt.

Dad’s and Mom’s miracle.

Awesome woman under training.

I got this from my mom.

Dad’s little girl and mom’s beautiful world.

As cute as mom, as smelly as dad.

Feed me and I will smile.

When I cry, it’s my lunch time.

I love to eat, sleep and sometimes cry!!!

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Baby Clothes with Daddy Sayings

My dad is better at video games than your dad.

I am the princess, ask my dad.

My dad says I cannot have boyfriends.

Don’t mess with me, my dad goes to gym.

My dad is not just a dad, he is a super dad.

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Baby Girl onesies with Funny sayings

I want mom’s look and dad’s brains.

Best of mom + Best of dad= ME

I promise to make you smile.

Mom is my bestie.

Mom and Me= Future Partner’s in Crime.


It’s time to share your favorite baby saying! What do you hope it will be? Leave us a comment below, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends who are also expecting

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