Cute Themes For Baby Showers

You’ve probably heard that a baby shower is supposed to be the first social event of your child’s life. That’s not quite true, but it’s close enough! The truth is that babies are generally pretty chill and don’t care much about their surroundings—they’re just happy to be with their mamas. But if you’re planning a baby shower, you might want to think about how the event will affect your future child. In this case, that means choosing the right theme for all those guests who will be coming over (and eating cake). We’ve rounded up some great themes that are both cute and practical:

Under the sea

If you’re having a baby shower that is focused on the ocean and its creatures, you should use blue, green and other sea-related colors. You can also include nautical items such as sailboats, ships and sea shells. If possible, try to find some cute fish or sea creature decorations that you can use as centerpieces.

Other party ideas:

  • Have guests wear their bathing suits instead of fancy clothes
  • Serve seafood appetizers like crab cakes or shrimp cocktail
  • If it’s hot outside make sure there are plenty of buckets filled with water for people to dunk their heads into


For a baby shower full of adorableness, you can’t go wrong with a giraffe theme. After all, what’s more adorable than an eight-foot tall animal with spots and a long skinny neck that also happens to be the tallest living land mammal? Not much!

The first thing to consider is how you want the guests at your party to interact with this theme. Do you want them to make something for the baby, like cookies or cupcakes? Or do you want them to bring their own gifts instead? If so, consider making a giraffe centerpiece filled with balloons and ribbons that can then be used as decoration throughout your venue.

If not, there are still plenty of ways for guests to participate in this theme: they could make their own cakes shaped like giraffes; they could decorate jars or mason jars (which are already cute) with stickers or paint; they could make drawings on white paper which then become part of an art project together at the end of the party. The possibilities are endless when it comes down to what type of gifts people might bring!

Wild animals

Nothing says “baby shower” quite like a wild animal theme. From ladybugs to ducks, animals are cute and perfect for your event. But seriously, have you ever seen an adorable baby animal? It’s impossible not to smile when you see them!

Animals can be used as decorations or party favors, or they can be incorporated into the food at the party. For example, if you are having a farm-themed baby shower, make some cupcakes with frosting that looks like straw or hay and top them off with sugar cookie cows made from cake dough. You could also have a cake that has edible flowers growing out of it (i.e., cupcakes). If you want something more subtle than giant inflatable animals hanging from your ceiling (and we don’t blame you), use burlap banners on the wall as decoration instead of bright colors—it’ll give it an earthy feel without being too loud.

Butterflies and ladybugs

Butterflies and ladybugs are cute, and so they’re a popular choice for baby shower themes.

They can be incorporated in decorations like butterfly-shaped napkins or themed cupcakes, as well as in food like butterfly cupcakes.

Flower fields

Flowers are a universal symbol of love, and they can be used to decorate the venue, food and cake. Flowers can also be used for favors.


Bunnies are cute. They’re also soft, fluffy and have long ears, big eyes and a long tail. This is why they make for great baby shower themes. The only thing you need to do is figure out what colors you want to use for your theme—and that’s it!

Ducks and more ducks

  • Ducks are adorable, and can be found in many colors.
  • Ducks are a good theme for a baby shower, because they are so cute.
  • There are many different shapes of ducks to choose from when choosing a design for your baby shower theme: triangle-shaped duck, rectangular-shaped duck, pentagonal-shaped duck. The list goes on!
  • Size doesn’t matter when it comes to the choice of design for your baby shower theme—you have the option between small or large duck designs! Even if you want something larger than life itself (like an adult), there will be some type of birdie that fits your needs perfectly.

Dreaming of baby fashion

Baby fashion is a big business, and baby showers are the best time to celebrate it. From designer diaper bags to luxury onesies, there are so many ways to express your personal style through the clothes you put on your baby’s back.

If you want something cute and girly for your shower theme, take inspiration from these adorable ideas:

  • Baby Cakes! A cake-inspired theme uses sweet colors like pink, yellow and blue along with whimsical details like polka dots or rainbows. Dress up tablecloths in these colors and serve cupcakes instead of cookies for a fun twist on tradition. Or go all out by making edible cupcake favors at home!
  • Is this little one destined for royalty? Then consider the Royalty baby shower theme! This elegant color scheme uses shades of purple paired with gold accents—perfect for those who love glitz without going too overboard (like us).

Dreaming of baby travel

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of traveling with a baby is the countless hours on planes, trains and automobiles. While this can be exhausting at times, it’s also an opportunity to bond with your little one as you navigate through new places together. Plus, if you’re traveling during the winter months, the scenery will be extra beautiful!

Your baby shower can have a cute theme.

Your baby shower can be a fun event, and your theme can help set the tone. Your theme should reflect the personality of both the mom-to-be and her baby. It should also reflect who you are as a family unit.

Here’s my advice: don’t go overboard with your theme. Don’t get me wrong—I love when someone says they want an owl themed party or something equally adorable, but if you’re going to opt for something more sophisticated (like maybe a tea party), keep it simple so that people don’t feel like they need to put an outfit together or spend money on decor items that may not fit with other aspects of their lives.

We have something for everyone – from unicorns to fairy tales and more. Any of these themes will create an epic baby shower that the mom-to-be will never forget.


The first baby shower idea would like to share with you is a storybook theme. For this baby shower the room and table was decorated with items from children’s classic storybooks. Peter Rabbit is there as well as Mother Goose and there is references to nursery rhymes like Hey Diddle Diddle. You can recreate a shower like this with any books and fairy tales.

Storybook Baby Shower Theme

Source: @spoonfulofsugar_partydecor



Planning a baby shower for a mom who is expecting a baby girl? Then this ballerina theme could be perfect. The shower is pink, gold and glam and has been decorated with ballerinas. We love the ballet cake too! A baby shower like this is great for anyone who loves ballet, the color pink or both. You can take inspiration from this and use your own color palette too.

Pretty Ballerina Baby Shower

Source: @angiesdreamdecorations


If you are having a spring baby shower, then consider a theme like this! This shower has a neutral color palette with a baby in bloom sign. There is also plants and treats too. Using neutral colors is great if the shower will reveal the gender. You can add color though for a baby girl, maybe some pink flowers.

Baby in Bloom Spring Shower Idea

Source: @ashleysdreamdecor


Expecting a little princess? Then check out this princess baby shower theme. Most of the decor is pink and gold and looks very regal. The crown is also a great decoration idea. You can recreate something like this and you could even have little crowns on the tables.

Princess Baby Shower Theme

Source: @hairstylistof_la


A popular baby shower theme is nautical. Nautical themes are great because they suit both boys and girls. You can also be very creative with the decor. Here is an awesome nautical baby shower example. It is fun, cute and stylish. Take inspiration from this!

Nautical Baby Shower Theme

Source: @anagnydilone


Our next idea is unique, creative and sweet. This theme is called candyland. It is a shower theme full of color, candy and other delicious treats. You can have so much fun decorating for this theme and everyone will love it. It will suit a shower for boy, girls and even if the gender of the baby is unknown.

Candyland Baby Shower Theme for Girls

Source: @eventsbyjharden


Make the most of the weather in spring or summer with an outdoor baby shower. Here is a great example of how to decorate a baby shower in the garden. It is chic, white and has beautiful floral blooms. All the guests and the mom-to-be will love a baby shower like this. For spring use light flowers and for summer use vibrant floral arrangements.

Outdoor Baby Shower Idea

Source: @limitlesseventsanddesign


Next, we have a beautiful fairy tale theme to share with you. The shower featured below is for twins so it has prince and princess on the storybook. If you are just expecting a girl then you can have princess. It is a beautiful example of a baby shower and you can even use the mom-to-be’s favorite fairy tale for the special day.

Fairy Tale Baby Shower Theme Idea

Source: @jpixels_designs


Woodland themes have become very popular and we can see why! This baby shower features super cute animals and has tasty treats. You can take inspiration from this to create your own woodland theme and you can even do something like this outside.

Cute Woodland Baby Shower Theme

Source: @confettiandwishes


Our next baby shower idea is a floral theme. A flower theme creates a pretty, elegant and beautiful shower that mom and the guests will love. You can go for something pink like this or you could even use the mom-to-be’s favorite flowers.

Floral Baby Shower Theme Idea

Source: @karenykarendecoraciones


Baby shower themes are a fun way to personalize your baby shower and make it stand out. There are so many cute ideas out there that you can use as inspiration when looking for the perfect theme. You might be surprised at how much thought goes into picking just one! But don’t worry – we’re here to help you find the right theme for your next baby shower.

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