Cutest Nicknames For Baby Boy

Nicknames are an important part of growing up. They’re a way to let your child know you and show them affection without being too cutesy, and they can be used as simple terms of endearment without having to use their real name. Nicknames are also great for parents who want to give their kids a head start on having a creative vocabulary that will help them stand out among the crowd.


Bar is a cute and fun nickname for your baby boy. It can be shortened to Bar or just B, which is the most common way of spelling it.

This nickname will make your little boy feel special, because not many other people will have this name as their nickname. This name was made famous by Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother, but we know you have some better nicknames than that!


Bubba is a nickname for boys that means “brother” or “little brother.” It is a Southern slang word that originated in the 1920s.

Bubbas are known for loving their sweets, especially if they’re homemade. They can be kind of rough around the edges and not always the most polite, but don’t let that fool you: they’re great at heart!


Sir is a very formal way of addressing a boy, and can be used in place of ‘Mr.’ or ‘Master’. It’s also used in the same way as ‘Sir’ when addressing someone with a title like Sir John Smith or Sir William Fleming.

You’ll usually find sir used on its own as in “Hello, sir!” but it can be combined with other words such as:

  • Master – if you want to add more formality to your greeting. For example: “Good afternoon, Sir Robert.”
  • First name – if you know the person well enough that using their first name will feel appropriate (e.g., if they have been spoken to informally). For example: “Hello there, Johnny! What are you up to today?”

Little Man

  • Meaning: This cute name is a shortened form of the full phrase “little man,” which is a common nickname for baby boys.
  • Use it if you want to describe your little one as being brave and strong, or as having big ideas or dreams that he wants to see come true in life.
  • Spelling: As far as I can tell, there are two ways to spell this name – “Little Man” or “Lil Man.” They are both correct; either one will do!


This is a very cute nickname for a baby boy. It’s also quite common, which means that your child will be able to use it as an adult as well. If you’re looking for more ways to shorten the name, Bud could work as well.

The name “Buddy” also works well on its own because it can be used in many different contexts. For example, you could call your friend Buddy or use the nickname “Bud” if you’re talking about your dog or cat!


Dude is a slang term that originated in the late 19th century. It means “man,” the same way “dude” is used today. It’s also used to describe an adult man, as in this example from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: “Old Mister Bilby done it; and if he hadn’t been my own uncle I would ‘a’ hated him for ever.”

As a nickname for your baby boy, dude can be used along with other nicknames—like my dude or dude-o-rama—or on its own. You could even call your son dudette! This would be hilarious if you’re trying to embarrass him in front of his friends one day later in life when he has forgotten about all those times when he was younger and his parents called him a girl’s name like dudette or even dudemama if your son was born with long hair (which I totally hope isn’t true because then maybe they’d call him douchebag).

Mr. Man

Mr. Man is a cute name for a baby boy. It’s also a good name for an older child if you want to distinguish him from his siblings, or if he’s the only boy in the family.

It can be used as a nickname or as the child’s first name, but it’s best to use it sparingly so that other kids don’t make fun of your son in school because of it!


Hunk is a cute nickname for a baby boy and it’s perfect for big babies. If you have a chubby little guy, he’ll love being called Hunk. It’s also great if you have a big boy who loves lifting and carrying things around, like his parents!


Champ is a great nickname if your kid is a champion. If they like to win and win, this is the perfect name. It can be used for any sport or activity that involves competition, whether it’s chess or tiddlywinks. And it can be used for a baby boy or girl!


This is a cute and short name, perfect for your baby or toddler. It’s also very unique and uncommon, so you won’t likely run into someone who shares the same name as your child.

Chunky is an adorable nickname for a little guy who is full of beans and ready to play!

All of these names for a baby boy are cute and creative.

You’ve probably noticed that the names on this list are all cute, but they’re also funny. That’s because some of them sound like something you’d hear in a cartoon! If you want to give your new son a name that’s both creative and fun, check out this list of great nicknames for boys.

Just as with any other nickname or full name, these can be used as either one. So if you think “Baby Bear” would be cute for a boy’s nickname but not for his actual name (or vice versa), go ahead and use it however feels most natural! No matter how it’s used though—as a full name or just as an occasional pet name—this list has got everything from adorable monikers like “Cuddly Bear” and “Little Lion,” to silly ones like “Big Foot” or even more tongue-in-cheek ones such as “Buttercup.”


Baby boy names can seem like such a difficult thing to pick! There are so many factors involved in naming your child that it can get overwhelming. But don’t worry—we’re here to help you choose the perfect name for your little one. We hope that this list has given you some ideas on what kind of nickname might be right for your baby boy, whether it be short and sweet or something more clever and punny. Remember that every parent wants their child to have an awesome childhood filled with happiness and love, so don’t forget about all the other things when choosing these adorable nicknames!

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