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Dads, there are many things you can do with your baby. In this guide I will tell you about some of the things that dads should know about when baby is born and when they grow up.

when baby is born

When your baby is born, it can be a confusing time for both parents. The dad’s job is to keep the mother calm and focused on taking care of their new little one. This can be done by using the following tips:

  • Swaddle the baby in a blanket or receiving blanket. This will help keep them warm and comfortable as well as help them sleep soundly.
  • Feed on demand, but make sure you burp after each feeding! Also remember that breastfed babies will nurse often (often every hour or two) while bottle-feeding babies may need to be fed every three hours or so at first until they get their sucking reflex under control, which usually happens around 2 weeks old.

what to do when you first see them

The first thing to do when you see them for the first time is hold them. Don’t be afraid, and make sure you’re sitting down or leaning against something because babies can be heavy. Next, take off their clothes and change their diaper. You should do this by laying them down on a changing table or the floor (make sure the latter is clean) and folding back the top part of their diaper so that it exposes their belly button area. Then use one hand to hold up one side of their bottom while using your other hand to pull out any poop with some toilet paper (or wipes if you have them), and then toss that into a nearby trashcan before replacing it with new underwear/diaper underpants (they’ll probably start calling them “dydies” soon). While changing diapers, try talking to him/her in what we call “baby talk”—this helps develop communication skills early on! When done changing his dydie(s), pick him up gently by grasping under his arms so that he doesn’t fall over backwards; cradle him in your arms like this while walking around until bedtime comes along since reading stories before bedtime is another great way for parents-to-be get closer without having sex yet!

how to hold the baby

  • Hold the baby in an upright position.
  • Do not hold the baby too tightly.
  • Do not hold the baby by the neck or head.

changing dydies and bathing

Bathing is important for baby’s health. It helps keep the skin healthy and soft, and can help prevent diaper rash. Bathe your baby at least once a day, more often if needed. Use warm water that is not too hot; you can test it with your elbow or wrist to see if it feels comfortably warm.

Wash your hands thoroughly before handling any part of the baby’s body.

Use lukewarm water to gently wash every part of your baby from top to toe, including his hair, face and bottom (but not inside his ears). If you are washing with a sponge or cloth, make sure the soap has been rinsed off before getting into bed with him because babies can ingest small amounts of soaps through their skin when they’re sleeping on their tummies or lying on their sides during naptime—and this could cause an upset stomach!

Dry off any excess moisture gently using a towel instead of rubbing vigorously all over because this will dry out those delicate new tissues faster than they need to be right now—not good!

how to talk to baby

Talking to your baby is one of the most important things you can do for them. Babies are born with an innate sense that their parents will take care of them, and they are better able to learn if they see their parents as a source of comfort rather than fear or mystery. When talking to your baby, try to be calm and loving so that their first experiences with communication are positive ones.

As soon as you can after birth (or even while still pregnant), talk with your child about what’s going on around them:

  • What they see in the room around them – colors, shapes, animals
  • Who is there besides yourself that makes up this family unit – siblings or other members who live at home
  • Things happening right now such as turning on lights/opening doors; eating dinner after working all day (which might give kids ideas about how hard it is for adults too sometimes)

how to take care of mother

There are a couple of things you can do to help your mom feel better. First, make sure she’s getting enough sleep. When moms get enough sleep, they feel better and can take care of themselves and the baby better. So make sure she isn’t staying up too late or having trouble falling asleep at night! Second, try giving your mom a bath every day or so—it’ll help her relax and feel more human again after being pregnant for nine months! Thirdly (and this is important), if you see something going on with your mom—like if she’s been feeling sick or throwing up a lot—don’t be afraid to tell an adult about it immediately! It’s important to keep track of how healthy everyone is during these first few months after birth because there are lots of things that could go wrong quickly if they aren’t caught right away…

reading stories before bedtime

  • When you read to your baby, she’ll get used to the calm and soothing feeling.
  • Reading stories can help babies develop their language skills.
  • Read stories that are interesting and educational for the baby (don’t forget to include some pictures).
  • Make sure you read in a quiet voice without interrupting too much while reading the story (even if it’s hard at first). This way, your child can enjoy listening and learning from the story without any distractions!

If your baby doesn’t want to listen or play with you anymore when you’re trying out new books or songs with her – don’t worry! You’ll find something else she likes eventually 🙂

a guide on what dads can do with their new baby

How to Hold the Baby

  • Hold your baby close to you, with your hand supporting their head and neck.
  • Never place a baby on any surface that is not flat and firm (like a bed or couch), or they could suffocate.

Changing Diapers and Bathing

  • Make sure to change diapers often because babies go through several dirty diapers per day. The best way for changing diapers is by removing the dirty diaper from underneath the baby’s bottom (or pulling up both legs), then folding it over so that there are no sharp objects poking out of it. After removing the old diaper and discarding it in a garbage can, fold up a new one just like you did before putting on the current one. Next fold up another part of this discarded part as well so that all sharp objects are out of reach by folding over again until there aren’t any more loose ends sticking out anywhere else besides where they belong at each corner from where these sides meet together when folded over onto themselves again once more just like before until everything else has been folded back into itself completely which should include everything except those two corners left open at opposite sides where they come together–one above each leg–before being pressed down firmly around them both together tightly enough so there won’t be any gaps between what remains exposed outside those two open edges while still keeping its shape even after being folded again repeatedly until nothing else remains exposed within sight except maybe its sole remaining edge running down vertically across horizontally across horizontally across vertically up towards bottom right corner next o


A guide on what dads can do with their new baby.

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