Dad Onesie For Baby

Fathers, you’re doing a great job! You’re not just changing diapers and cooking meals for your family; you also get to spend time with your kids every day. And I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing cuter than a dad who knows how to dress up his little one in adorable baby clothes—just take this adorable onesie!

This item is one of a growing number of products that exist to promote the idea that good fathers participate in child care (diaper changes and the like) and are not passive but instead actively work on their relationship with the child. The product, to the extent that it gives humor based on a pun rather than just being cute, plays on this idea. It is meant to be a cute way to normalize the idea of fathers being present.

The idea is that fathers should participate not just in the care of their children but also in the lives of their children. One way this is being promoted is through products like these onesies.

The pun in the phrase “dad bod” implies a lack of involvement—a lack of physical definition—that wouldn’t be associated with someone who works out regularly and keeps fit, as one might expect from an active father who takes pride in parenting his child. The pun plays on this idea by suggesting that even if you are not strong or muscular, you can still be attractive because your child loves you!

This product plays on similar ideas: whether or not we have good bodies, our important role as fathers should be recognized and celebrated by our children (and everyone else).


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SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System


Snipes Interactive Shooting Targets


Rocket Sport Equipment Dryer


Speed Deke Stickhandling Trainer


Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles – 10 Pack


HockeyShot Slide Board Pro


Bauer 72 Performance Hockey Goal w/ Backstop


Fast Hands Hockey Stickhandling Training Aid


Pure Hockey Classic Tee 2.0 – Black – Youth


Pure Hockey Classic Tee 2.0 – Forest Green – Youth


Pure Hockey Pond Tee – Youth

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Have you ever met a hockey dad that might be a little overbearing? We think that’s ok. Get the idea of hockey in your childs mind early, whether they like it or not, with this baby onesie from Pure Hockey. Made from 100% combed ringspun cotton this onesie is soft and comfortable and runs true to size.

Fathers should take as active a role in child care as mothers do.

Fathers should be more involved in child care.

In an ideal world, fathers would not just be present at birth but actively involved during pregnancy and childbirth to the point that pregnant women wouldn’t feel any need for major surgery or intervention (at least for the first baby). Also, we’d all have access to midwifery care and doulas who could support new parents through labor and beyond. But we don’t live in that world yet; here’s what we can do now:

  • Dads, take charge of your reproductive health! If you want babies someday—and who doesn’t?—you’ll need a healthy sperm count. Research shows that men with lower sperm counts tend to have higher levels of stress than men with higher counts in their bodies (both at work and at home). But there are things dads can do while they wait for baby: Get enough sleep, eat well (your body is making an extra copy of itself), exercise regularly; if possible, avoid chemicals like pesticides or heavy metals that might interfere with normal hormone production… The list goes on!


We reviewed a number of different types of fatherhood material and products, but this one stood out as being unique. It does not just show that fathers are present in child care, but also makes light of the fact that they’re doing it by making a pun out of the word “onesie.” We think it is important to normalize this idea and see more dads taking active roles in their children’s lives, so we hope you enjoyed seeing our work in progress!

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