Dalmatian Costume For Infant

Dalmatian costumes are great for infants, especially if you intend to buy an adult-sized dalmatian costume later on. And since the infant size of a dalmatian costume is available in both full-body and headpiece (with a little dog body), it can be worn from birth through toddlerhood without needing to grow out of it or having to purchase a new outfit at each stage. Buy one dalmatian costume for all three stages of your child’s life!

body suit

  • Body suit:
  • Headpiece:
  • Shoes:
  • Tail:


A headpiece is a must for any Dalmatian costume. For infants, you have the option of making your own headpiece or buying one online. Felt works well for this project because it’s soft and comfortable to wear on top of an infant’s head. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you’d like, with no need to worry about sizing; just make sure the shape is long enough to cover the back of the infant’s head and neck, with some excess length hanging down over their shoulders.

If you’re making a hooded Dalmatian costume for an adult, this would also be a great place to start!

black shoes

  • Shoes: Black shoes. Can be sneakers or dress shoes. It’s important that the shoes are comfortable for your little one and easy to put on and take off.

A dalmatian costume for an infant includes a full-body black-and-white spotted bodysuit, a little dog headpiece, and black shoes.

A dalmatian costume for an infant includes a full-body black-and-white spotted bodysuit, a little dog headpiece, and black shoes. You can find all of these in the pet section at your local big box store.

If you have time before Halloween night or if you’re just not feeling up to making your own costume, here are some great options to get you started:

This easy DIY costume is great for a group of any age!

PREP TIME10 minutes

ACTIVE TIME15 minutes

TOTAL TIME25 minutes




  • White pajamas
  • Sticker back/sticky black felt sheets
  • Regular sheets of black felt
  • eye liner pencil or black face paint crayon
  • Headband or baby hat


  • scissors


  1. Cut out dog ears from felt and glue them to the headband/hat.
  2. Cut out circles (about 3 different sizes) from the sticky sheets of felt.
  3. Stick them all over the pajamas.
  4. Draw on the puppy nose and eye with the black eyeliner/ faceprint crayon.

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PROJECT TYPE: Costume / CATEGORY: DIY CostumesOf all the DIY Halloween costumes I have made, I think dalmatians may be the easiest of them all (and possibly the cutest!). These easy DIY 101 Dalmatians costumes are perfect for siblings, friends OR for a mom and her wild little pups. Last year Miles was a dalmatian and Tommy was a firefighter. It was SO easy to make Miles’ costume and he was so comfy on Halloween I decided to make more dalmatians this year. I didn’t make 101 of them, but did make 4.

My original plan was to make one of the girls Cruella, which we did and even got our real puppy Jersey in on the action. She might not be a dalmatian but she is black and white. Then I realized we have never done a DIY costume that involves mom….and maybe I was a little jealous of all the fun dressing up the past few days….

So now Mom gets to be Cruella! I think as Cruella, I am supposed to make a more serious, scary face?


Here’s how to make EASY puppy dog costumes for a baby or kids:

DIY 101 Dalmation Costumes


  1. White pajamas – we got all of these from Primary.com
  2. Sticker back/sticky black felt sheets
  3. Regular sheets of black felt
  4. eye liner pencil or black face paint crayon
  5. Headband or baby hat

Directions: First I made the ears. I used a pilots cap/bonnet for the baby. I found this one on Amazon. Then for the bigger kids I used the headbands. I simply cut out dog ears from felt and  glued them to the headband/hat.

For the outfits, I used sticky sheets of felt. I cut out circles (about 3 different sizes) and stuck them on the Primary.com pajamas. The great thing is after Halloween, just peel off the sticky spots and you can reuse the pajamas!

Last, draw on the puppy nose and eye with the black eyeliner/ faceprint crayon and let your puppies run loose!

For the DIY Kids Cruella Costume:


  1. Red dress – we used this one is from Primary.com
  2. White shirt – we used this one from Primary.com
  3. Black leggings & black shoes
  4. Red feather boa
  5. Red gloves
  6. Cruella wig


I hope this article helped you understand how to make a dalmatian costume for an infant. It’s really not that hard, and it can be done with just a few simple materials. If you want any more information about other costumes or how to make them yourself, please leave a comment below!

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