Decor For Baby Boy Nursery

Before we begin, here is a trick to make things easy and organized — split the room decoration into four categories — furniture, wall paint, decor, and accessories. Work on each part but make sure they are all in sync with each other.

1. Baby boy room idea for small spaces

Do not get discouraged if you have limited space in your baby boy’s room. With proper planning and a few tricks, you can make the most out of the studio room.


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Furniture: As space is a constraint pick only what is necessary. Mini-cribs occupy less space and are also super cute. Buy a crib with wheels, so that you can move it wherever you want to. Alternatively, look for a crib that has storage cabinets and a crib-top changing station; this way you can save the space designated for the changing table.

Wall paint: A combination of light and bright colors makes the room look bigger. Leverage this to create an optical illusion. Paint a section of the room or a prominent wall in orange or fuchsia pink, and the rest of the room in white or any other light color but create a clever contrast. Note that patterns like horizontal stripes also make the room look bigger.

Decor: Eliminate doors to create space in the room. Be it room doors or closet doors, replace them with curtains. This creates space as well as gives a dreamy look. If you want to doors, try glass doors. Choose light colored curtains and mount them from the ceiling to make the room look bigger.

Accessories: Wall hooks are a great way to utilize space as well as store things. You can fix them on the back of the door, hang canvas bags and stuff them with toys, socks, etc. Hanging shelves are another way to decorate as well as store things. A hanging lamp makes the ceiling look higher.

2. Modern baby room idea

Modern baby rooms are supposed to be clean, chic and have bold paints.


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Furniture: This idea uses the black and white combination. So pick furniture that is white with black detailing, or grey. Arrange the furniture such that everything you need is within your reach. Add a tipi which has become a hot favorite.

Wall paint: You can choose to paint the walls all white or black and white with city mural on one of the walls. Patterns work well with the modern theme, pick a design and paint it on random sections of the walls to give a contemporary look.

Decor: If you have chosen a white colored wall paint and white furniture, the room might become dull. So choose upholstery in modern patterns, the bedding, cushions, and the pillow can be of black and white with the same patterns. Instead of using white curtains, use grey ones for better color coordination.

Accessories: Use an area rug to add color and detail to a modern baby boy room. Pick an area rug that has the same pattern as the upholstery. You can also hang simple modern art, and place some soft toys to complete the look of your baby boy’s bedroom.

3. Simple baby boy room idea
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This idea is simple, neat and clutter-free.


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Furniture: You can have a fully equipped baby boy room yet keep it minimal. Place a simple crib or a bed with raised sidelines, and use a dresser as a changing table cum storage cabinet. If needed, you may use a side table or a nursing chair.

Wall paint: Use a single color for the whole room. If it seems dull, then create some DIY textures using masking tape or washi tape.

Decor: If you have painted the room with a neutral color, then add color to the room by using yellow, orange or any bright colored drapes. Similarly, choose bright colored bedspreads and pillow covers that blend well with neutral colors like white, blue or grey.

Accessories: Since the star of the room is your baby boy, accessorize with things that are useful for him. Place soft toys in a corner and use an area rug to give the needed elegance. You can also put up pictures of your baby boy.

4. Budget-friendly baby boy room idea

An elegant and chic room for your baby need not always burn a hole in your pocket.


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Furniture: Buy a convertible crib or a crib that has storage units. Recycle an old dresser into a changing table. Keep the furniture minimal.

Wall paint: You do not have to buy fancy wallpaper or get a mural painted. Here are some budget-friendly ideas you can try.
  • Use washi tape and your imagination to create unique textures on the walls.
  • Create a sponge paint polka dots with metallic paint.
  • Use masking tape and paint to create patterns.

Decor: Do not splurge on expensive bed sets. If you want to give an elegant look, then make your own canopy tent. It can be made on the top of the baby’s crib or at a corner featuring a private play area for your boy.

Accessories: Download digital pictures, get them printed and hang them using refurbished photo frames. DIY cloth buntings are also a cool and cheap way to add color to the room.

5. Nautical theme baby boy room idea

Be it Popeye or Jack Sparrow, a sailor symbolizes strength and courage. Why not get inspired by them and create this nautical theme for your baby boy?


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Furniture: You can go for white, blue, or rustic dark wood-colored furniture. Mix-and-match will also work well. You can have a crib, a changing table, a nursing chair, and a rocking horse.

Wall paint: As this is a sailor’s theme, you can paint the whole room in aquatic blue, with details such as boats, ocean waves, etc. Also, you can choose a corner of the room (the wall near the crib) and either paint an ocean mural or simply write your boy’s name.

Decor: Choose the curtains, pillows, and upholstery in contrast with the furniture color, but stick to your original color palette. For example, if you choose white color furniture, then go for blue color bedding, drapes and other upholstery, and vice versa.

Accessories: Things like an anchor and lifebuoy will add to the feel. You can buy these or do a DIY with a cloth. You may also have a canopy over the crib if it is against a wall. If you have space, a blue area rug or one with ocean detailing can be spread. A ship-steering shaped clock, toy/cardboard paddles, a model ship, etc., are some more ideas to decorate your baby boy’s room.

6. Under-the-sea theme baby room idea

Detailing is crucial for this theme to work.


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Furniture: Since this is an underwater theme, the furniture could be aqua blue, or white with a pop of colors such as coral or wood.

Wall paint: The real beauty of this baby boy room lies in the paints. You can paint the whole room in aqua blue. On one wall, get an undersea mural painted. You can also choose to draw whales jumping out of the water for realistic effects. You may paint corals, shells, and starfishes on the other walls.

Decor: Choose light-colored drapes to allow light inside. To suit the theme, choose drapes that have corals and small fish patterns all over it. If you feel the room needs a little texture, then add cushions and beddings with sea animal or coral patterns. You can also add an area rug that suits the theme.

Accessories: Hang crib mobiles, featuring sea animals such as octopus, starfish, seahorse, etc. You may also buy photo frames made of sea shells and hang them on the wall. Place soft toys of aquatic animals near the crib or in the storage units. Blue lamp shades, blue side tables, etc., can also be used.

7. Outer space theme baby room idea

For the future astronaut that your boy might become, here is an exciting theme.


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Furniture: The color of the furniture depends on the type of space you want to create. If you are looking for a cartoon theme, then choose furniture in shades of white, blue and yellow. And if you are looking to create a serious space theme, then stick to white and grey colors only.

Wall paint: As in the underwater theme, mural plays an important role in this theme too. Paint the whole room in light blue or white, or paint half of the room in dark blue and the rest in light blue. Paint the solar system or a rocket and an astronaut mural on a wall. If you do not have the budget for it, try a DIY constellation art which requires a brush, scale, gold paint, and your imagination.

Decor: If you want the mural to pop out then use subtle tones such as grey, blue or white drapes with space ships and stars as patterns. Also, if the room looks too blue, then add a pop of color by choosing red or black & white bedspread and pillow covers.

Accessories: Small things can add great details to a room. Use a chalk paint accent wall to write a heartfelt welcome wish to your boy. The grey color of the chalkboard mimics the space, where you may draw stars, moon or the constellation. Outer space theme lamps, celestial maps, moon and stars stacking shelves, moon and star headboard, outer space photo frames, solar system baby mobile, etc., may be used to give the room a rich look.

8. Mountain murals theme baby boy room idea

This idea is classic and whimsical; it will give a contemporary look to the room.


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Furniture: The color of the furniture must match the look you want to achieve. If you are looking to paint green mountains, then wooden or grey-colored furniture will suit. And if you are going with blue and purple mountains, then go with white or off-white furniture.

Wall paint: If you are planning to make a multi-layered mountain mural, choose a color that is either dark or light and one that can highlight the mountains. For example, if you choose to paint the mountains blue, then pick the background color like white or light purple. Also, while painting the multiple mountains, go from dark to light color or grey-green-white on a blue background.

Decor: One way to bring this color together is to use the mountain colors for the bedspreads, drapes, pillow cushions and the bed set. You can pick the above in the patterns of animals or trees that are usually associated with mountains.

Accessories: You may draw some clouds and do DIY paper raindrops falling from them onto the crib, place tipi to give that mountain-living feel. If you want to add some bright color, then chose an orange lampshade or a yellow-colored bookshelf. Place forest animal soft toys in a corner or inside the tipi to complete the look.

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9. Prince theme baby room idea

Take inspiration from this look and get the room ready for your little prince.


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Furniture: A prince’s room has to be the epitome of grandeur and royalty. Pick a crib that has extensive woodwork that is fit for a prince. Furnish the room further with a changing table, a nursing chair, and any side tables if there is space. For the color of the furniture, you may stick to classic white or go with dark brown, royal blue or off-white with gold detailing.

Wall paint: The wall paint of the room must complement the furniture and add on to the luxurious look. If you are choosing light colors such as white, shimmer or blue, then go with the dark-colored furniture. But if you are using dark colors such as royal blue or grey then go with light-colored furniture. You may paint a fairy tale prince mural on the wall and write your boy’s name.

Decor: This is something that seals the look of the room. Go for floor length curtains with ruffles. Build a canopy over the crib to give that royal look. The bedspread, pillow cushions, etc., must have ruffles and can be in colors such as gold, shimmer or royal blue.

Accessories: The prince charming rides on his white toy horse! Decorate the room with picture frames of castles. Use old storage boxes to get the vintage look. You can also hang a chandelier. Use fancy crown door knobs and curtain holders.

10. Modern forest theme baby boy room idea

This is a regular forest theme but with a modern twist.


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Furniture: This idea is a perfect blend of modern colors as well as warm earthy tones. Choose modern furniture (white) with dark brown or black detailing. You can also choose furniture in earthy tones such as green, blue or red.

Wall paint: This depends on the selection of your theme. If you want to create a fall look, then paint the room in fall colors of red, yellow, brown, purple or orange. And if you want to give the room a night-in-the-forest look, then paint the room with warm colors such as grey, dark blue or even black. If you have chosen black, then recreate a ‘night woods scene’ in the form of a mural with nocturnal animals such as owls and other creatures. The ceiling can also be given a night look with the night sky and motifs of moon and stars.

Decor: This again depends on the theme (night forest or autumn) you choose, but remember that the drapes and bedspreads must be in contrast to the wall paint. To give the room a modern twist, you can choose multi-colored polka dotted drapes.

Accessories: Simple accessories such as colorful birdhouses, a bouquet of wildflowers in a tin can, a false grass area rug, and stacked wicker baskets give the room an earthy feel. You can also add a tree-shaped coat hanger, vintage storage boxes or a polka dot area rug.

11. Colorful baby boy room idea

It need not always be blue or grey. You need not hesitate to go for a colorful room.


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Some of the important things to keep in mind while playing with colors:

  • Stick to 4-5 colors, and make sure you mix them with neutral colors such as white, grey or blue.
  • Choose an overall neutral color and add colorful elements such that it will give an elegant and bright look.

Furniture: Choose furniture in varied colors such as a white crib, a wooden changing table, a blue nursing chair and so on.

Wall paint: You can paint the whole room in a neutral color such as blue, white or grey and certain sections of the room in bright colors such as orange or yellow. You can also create a pattern of blocks with all the 4-5 colors on a prominent wall.

Alternatively, you may paint the ceiling in a bright color or the walls half and half, one with a bright color and the other with a light color.

Decor: The decor depends on the wall paint. If the whole room is painted neutral, then pick multi-colored drapes, bedspreads, pillow covers, and an area rug. But if you choose to go for a mix of the bright and neutral shades then tone down the colors of the decor.

Accessories: This is yet another area where you can play with colors. Choose colorful storage boxes and arrange them neatly; you can also hang colorful paintings on the walls. Bright-colored hanging lamps and colorful soft toys are a few other ways to add color.

12. Blue baby room idea

Modern ideas come and go, but a blue-colored baby boy room remains an all-time favorite.


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Furniture: A combination of blue and white is classic. If you are looking for this look, then go ahead and buy all-white furniture for the room. If you want to add a bit of color, then choose wooden or grey furniture.

Wall paint: To make the room look bright, paint the whole room with a soothing blue color. Alternatively, paint one section of the room in navy blue and the other in white. This reflects light as well as gives the room a contemporary look. Gold detailing also can give a chic look.

Decor: If you have chosen the all-white furniture look, then pick pillow covers, bedspreads, and area rugs in colors like grey, blue. Even bright colors such as yellow, orange and green go well with blue. Choose these colors for the curtains.

Accessories: In order to reduce the impact of blue, add a grey lamp shade, white photo frames, a golden chandelier or bed lamp to complete the look. You can also buy those wooden block letters and arrange them as per your baby boy’s name. To make things exciting for your boy, paint stars and the night sky on the ceiling.

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13. Pink and grey baby boy room idea

It is a fallacy that pink is for girls. If you like pink, then here is an idea to try.


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Furniture: Incorporate pink such that it is not overbearing. Choose a neutral color that goes best with pink. Here we have chosen grey as it is strong and at the same time does not overshadow pink. Choose a major part of the furniture, such as the crib, storage cabinet and nursing chair in grey.

Wall paint: Have a mix of strong neutral color as well as the shade of pink for the walls. But make sure most of the room is covered in the grey color, and pink is only used to highlight. To add masculine features to the room, paint a car or sports murals on the highlighted walls.

Decor: Since the furniture and the majority of the room is in grey, choose the drapes, bedspreads, pillows, cushions, etc, in pink shades. This is a way to incorporate pink subtly.

Accessories: Place a pink bed lamp, pink photo frames, pink flower pot, and a pink side table. Adding a pink and grey area rug also adds glamour to the room.

14. Brown baby boy room idea

If you want to create a masculine space, which is contemporary yet rustic, then this idea is for you.


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Furniture: The idea here is to create a look that is close to living in a cabin in the woods. Choose all the furniture in a dark shade of wood such as mahogany. You can also build floating shelves out of the same wood. This gives it an earthy and woodland feel.

Wall paint: Colors like Persian blue and ivory go well with dark-colored wooden furniture. If you use only the darker shades, there is a risk of making the room dark as they do not reflect sunlight. Hence, have a mix of all the three colors and paint the walls. You can also create a stripes pattern on one of the walls. If there are any wooden elements in the room, such as cupboards and shelves, keep them in the same color as that of furniture.

Decor: Choose ivory color drapes, bedding, bedspreads, and cushions such that they allow light inside the room. Also, these give the necessary contrast to the dark-colored wooden furniture and the Persian blue walls. Materials such as linen and burlap would give it a simple rustic look.

Accessories: A large wooden sign with your baby’s name, faux deer head, brown bear area rug are some of the accessories you can try. You may also give the room a wooden backdrop using some old barn doors, and a canopy of woven tree branches.

15. Metallic baby boy room idea

This is a new trend.


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Furniture: Pick furniture in lighter shades such as white, ivory or pastel with metallic gold or silver detailing. Silver and grey is a classic combination if you want to choose a warmer color.

Wall paint: A glitter mural or an accent wall gives the room a glittery look and binds the whole look together. You can paint the walls with neutral colors such as grey and white or choose lighter shades like ivory and pastel pink. The accent wall can be covered with silver or glittering gold wallpaper, or do a DIY metallic polka dotted accent wall or ceiling.

Decor: Do not overdo the glitter and gold look. Take care while selecting the curtains, bedspreads, and pillows. Stick to light colors such as ivory, pastel pink, or cream with light metallic lining. Alternatively, choose a statement piece or two in pure metallic gold or silver and let the rest of the accessories bask in their glory.

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With these baby boy nursery room ideas, you can give an amazing makeover to your little prince’s room. The changes are not all expensive and include pocket-friendly ideas to help you make the most of the available resources. You may choose themes such as the sea, mountains, or outer space. Avoid restricting colors to blue and gray, and go for shades that will make the room appear brighter and more spacious. Whatever design you may opt for, make sure it reflects your love for your child.

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