Decorating Ideas For Baby Shower Boy

There are so many awesome baby shower themes to honor your little man’s impending arrival. Whether you want a classic event or a quirky twist on timeless traditions, let these baby shower ideas for boys inspire you.

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Nautical baby shower

Ahoy, it’s a boy! You’re about to set sail on one epic adventure to meet the newest member of your crew. When you return, you’ll be anchored in love.

Invitation: Invite your guests to join you on a voyage to greet your new baby boy. Whether you go for a classic blue and white pattern or list all the details on a cutout designed to look like a tiny sailor’s suit, either way it’ll be irresistibly cute and set the bar for the day’s events.


Decor: Surround yourself in a sea of these baby shower ideas. Blue and white will be the main colors for the day, with bold pops of red to top off the look. Welcome your guests aboard when they first walk in, and ask them to write a sweet note to baby and leave their message in a bottle on the table. Carefully lay fishing net on top of tables and toss a few sailor hats throughout the room. White floral centerpieces in navy blue vases will add a nautical touch to every table.

Favors: When your ship has docked and your crew is ready to depart, hand out bags of chocolate sea salt to let them know how special they made the day.

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Prince baby shower

When it comes to baby shower themes for boys, what better way to welcome a little prince into the world than by treating your guests (and your pregnant self) like royalty?

Invitation: Your invitation will set the precedent for your prince’s big day. Go with an elegant design featuring soft blue backdrop. Have the invitation details stand out in gold font and include a bold graphic of a crown at the top.

Decor: Play a trumpet fanfare on loop as guests walk into a royally refined room overflowing with blue and gold embellishments. Scatter some photo props, including crowns, scepters and fancy jewelry, on a display table so guests can strike a royal pose. Cover your dessert table with candy apples, cake pops and chocolate-covered strawberries in metallic gold food coloring.

Favors: When the day’s festivities come to an end, thank your friends and family for a royal time by gifting each with a tiny crown filled with Hershey Kisses. For an added touch, stick these royal round candy stickers to the bottom of each.


Image: Irish Eyes Photography

Mustache baby shower

Baby shower themes don’t have to be formal. For a more modern twist, why not throw a mustache baby shower? It makes for a party full of puns.

Invitation: Create custom invitations that read “A Little Man Is on His Way!” Play up the wording within by inserting funny phrases like, “I mustache you to join us” or “we’re throwing a mustache bash.”

Decor: With black mustache props, designs and decorations all throughout the party, you’ll want a bright, bold color to contrast it. Leave a sign that says “wet your whiskers” on the refreshment table, and another that says “stache presents here” by the gift area. FIll blue vases and mason jars with white flowers, and place a few mustaches on sticks within the arrangements. Another nice touch is wrapping each table setting in a mustache napkin ring. For the final touch, splurge on silly mustache balloons to bring the baby shower theme to life.

Favor: Have a dessert table laden with treats and let guests fill up a box with a mustache handle as their parting gift for the day.

Image: Love My Life Photography

Cowboy baby shower

Get ready to say “Howdy, partner!” to your little guy with a cowboy celebration. A rustic yet playful cowboy party is one of the best baby shower ideas because it not only makes for great pictures, but lends itself well to fun decorations and props.

Invitation: Let your guests know “A little cowboy is coming to town!” Whether you go for an invitation that has a natural wood feel, opt for a classic handkerchief design or lean towards a traditional rustic look, there are so many ways to share the details for your bash.

Decor: Your decorations should take your guests on a trip to the wild, wild West. Start by arranging a few bales of hay at the front of the room, and use toys like rocking horses or stick horses to make it feel like you’re on a ranch. Dig up your bin full of old Halloween costumes and recycle your cowboy hats, boots and bandanas. (Even if you’ve never dressed up as a cowboy, chances are at least one of your friends has and is willing to lend you some stuff.) Use sheriff badges as place cards to direct guests to their table, and on each table swap out regular napkins for red handkerchiefs instead.


Favors: Thank guests for stopping stopping by and wish them “Happy Trails” with a tasty bag full of trail mix.

Baby Shower Ideas for Girls

Your little girl is almost here. Get ready for her grand entrance into the world with these unique baby shower themes that’ll suit every personality.

Image: Brook’s Captured Moments

Boho baby shower

A boho-chic baby shower is one of the most fitting baby shower themes for a free-spirited mama. Relax, kick back and enjoy the day with family and friends.

Invitations: Your invites should give the feel of an easy-going day. Designs with feathers, flowers, arrows and other earthy details will help convey the bohemian baby shower theme.

Decor: There are so many easy baby shower ideas to turn your baby celebration into a boho bash. Dream catchers and flower crowns will instantly transform a room, and you can carefully scatter feathers on display and seating tables. Incorporate even more earthy elements using flower pots and eucalyptus garlands. Off-white neutrals, sage and a soft, dusty rose make for an ideal color palette, with accents of muted reds and oranges.

Favors: Mini dream catchers are a perfect parting gift to top off the day.

Image: Haleigh Nicole Photography

Tea party baby shower

A tea party is quaint, cute and one of the most classic baby shower themes around. Delicate decorations and dainty tea settings help create the backdrop for a picturesque party.

Invitations: Consider “A baby girl is brewing” as your tea party tagline, placed front and center on your invitations. Have intertwining florals wrap around the border of the invitation to add a special touch.

Decor: Invest in some cute but affordable tea party china for each guest. If you’re hosting the day at a party hall, they may even be able to supply you with some. Make sure you have a variety of different teas so guests can sample different brews throughout the day. Instead of a centerpiece on each table, place a tiered stand with sandwiches, biscuits and other tasty treats. A tea party is meant to be a delicate affair, so pick accent colors that don’t overshadow the theme. Creams and shades of green help create a light and airy feel.


Favors: Sends guests on their way with a “Baby is Brewing” tea bag for them to sip later.

Image: London Light Photography

Garden baby shower

Create your own secret garden designed specifically for you, baby and your closest family and friends.

Invitation: Make sure friends and family know all about the shower honoring your blossoming baby-to-be. Garden graphics and floral designs will help set the bar high for your botanical baby shower.

Decor: When the team at Baby Showers Inc. threw a garden baby shower party, they pulled off the feat by “transforming the neutral space into a lush and whimsical garden, filled with stunning bold floral arrangements.” To create your botanical getaway, use plant holders, trays and watering pots for décor, and fill them with leafy plants and arranged greenery. For the centerpieces, fill baskets with baby blankets, books and assorted flowers and white carnations. An earthy spread of meats, cheese and veggies is the perfect pairing for this party. To top off the baby shower theme, a strawberry shortcake naked cake is a delectable sweet that also matches the setting.

Favors: Lay out perfectly packed bags of sunflower seeds for friends and family to take home and nurture.

Image: Krystal Zaskey Photography

Unicorn Baby Shower

Your fairytale is finally getting its happy ending. Pair the day with baby shower ideas that are just as magical by creating a unicorn utopia for all to enjoy.

Invitation: A unicorn baby shower is the perfect time to create a visual delight offering an explosion of pastel colors. For invitation wording, let family and friends know “a magical day is on the way” and listing all the baby shower details.

Decor: Have the party room overflow with pastel pinks, purples and greens, with pops of gold carefully thrown into the mix. These colors also make for beautiful fairytale-inspired floral arrangements. Design DIY centerpieces to look like unicorn heads by bunching up paper pom poms and attaching a golden horn in the middle (or skip the arts and crafts and buy it here. Your dessert table will be a vision straight out of Pinterest, with colorful cakes and pastries doubling down as tasty treats as well as beautiful decorations to match the day’s baby shower ideas.


Favors: Thank your friends and family with unicorn hair ties that’ll always make them think of the magical day.

Twin Baby Shower Ideas

Double the pleasure, double the fun! These baby shower ideas are the perfect way to honor your pair.

Image: Petite Sweet

Twinkle, twinkle twin stars baby shower

Two shooting stars are making their way into your universe. Kick off the celebrations with a celestial shower to honor their upcoming arrival.

Invitation: Use a starry sky as the backdrop to announce the day. Incorporate dreamy designs and illustrations, like twinkling stars, clouds and the moon.

Decor: Since you’ll probably throw your bash during the day, you’ll want to avoid deep blues that match a night’s sky. Put a daytime twist on the theme by using light blue and teal colors in the decorations. A baby blue frosting will also add a delicate look to cupcakes and treats, and golden sprinkles and embellishments will add the final touch. Sprinkle bursts of metallic gold here and there to create the illusion of twinkling stars floating around you. Create cutout stars, attach them to string and hang from the ceiling—or buy pre-made garlands to get the effect. Take the baby shower theme up a notch by hanging yellow string lights around the room.

Favors: Carefully wrap two sugar cookies shaped like stars and thank your guests for showering your sweet little stars.

Image: Hostess with the Mostess

Twin owls baby shower

Owls make for pretty fitting baby shower themes, especially for twins—after all, your dynamic duo is sure to be a hoot.

Invitation: “Guess whoo’s almost due,” should be the first line guests read when they open your invitation. Be sure to include an illustration of two owls perched on a tree to symbolize your twins on the way.

Decor: Go with a thematic color palette of yellows and grays. Check out how the blog One Inspired Party pulled it off for some party planning inspiration. To honor the babies growing inside of you, get creative and feature two owl friends together as much as you can—as cake toppers, table decor or any other way you can imagine. Artificial trees make for great centerpieces, and you can soften the look by weaving yellow flowers and moss through the branches. Get crafty and DIY miniature owls using pine cones and felt.


Favors: Order personalized yellow, gray and white M&Ms and attach a note to let your guests know you love them with “owl” your heart.

Unisex Baby Shower Ideas

Animals, nature and storybook friends are at the heart of these adorable baby shower themes. Regardless of baby’s sex, these unisex baby shower ideas set the stage for a day filled with sweet celebrations.

Image: J. Michelle Photography

Woodland baby shower

Whether the party takes place inside or outdoors, forest friends peeking out from tucked away spots will lend a warm, woodland feel to your day.

Invitation: Illustrate the invite with popular nursery animals. Fox, deer, owls and other furry friends all embrace the woodland baby shower idea. Have drawings of branches and bunches of grass peeking out from the sides of the invitation.

Decor: Take advantage of different elements of nature to play up your woodland baby shower ideas. Use acorns and branches as natural decor, and lay dried eucalyptus and pine garlands on tables and displays. Stick to basic flowers, such as Jasmine or Edelweiss, so you don’t take away from the greenery in the room. For the final touch, use animal figurines on tables, in displays and even as cake toppers.

Favors: Leave your family and friends with a candle scent that smells like a breath of fresh air. Balsam and CedarEucalyptus or Magical Frosted Forest make great picks.

Image: Hostess with the Mostess

Winnie the Pooh baby shower

Some of the best baby shower themes come from childhood staples. “A children’s story book theme is the perfect option for an avid reader or writer,” Baby Showers Inc. says. “It’s a wonderful personal reflection of the parents-to-be.” Transport your friends to the Hundred Acre Woods for a day full of Winnie the Pooh fun, complete with lots of honey.


Invitation: Use text and graphics inspired by the classic illustrations to create a sense of nostalgia. Invite your guests to join you on a journey to see Pooh Bear and friends while you wait for baby to join the clan.

Decor: Your party should be bright, fun and inviting. Need some Winnie the Pooh baby shower ideas? Check out how the Hostess with the Mostess pulled off her Pooh party. Splashes of bold yellows and reds will bring the spirit of Pooh to life. Turn vases, jugs and pots into honey holders. Scatter red balloons throughout the room to create a whimsical feel. Scatter stuffed animals or toy figures of Pooh and friends in spots in the room. When it comes to dessert, simplicity is key. As opposed to over-the-top creations, opt for naked or pound cakes and glazed donuts galore. Add tiny embellishments, such as red berries or miniature bees, to help them stand out.

Favors: When it’s time for the party to wrap up, hand out tiny jars of honey with love from your little hunny baby-to-be.

Image: Baby Showers Inc. / Ray Gorbea Visual Productions / Venue: Ivy Lounge, NYC / Cake: The Vintage Cake

Safari baby shower

Your greatest adventure has yet to arrive. Use these baby shower ideas to get ready for when your little lion lets out the first “roar!”

Invitation: Invite guests on an amazing escape to your safari baby shower. Create invitations with a border of wild plants and jungle animals to give guests the feeling they’ve spotted wildlife through the leaves.

Decor: Set-ups inspired by Baby Showers Inc.’s safari-themed party will help you achieve your jungle dreams. “Drive your baby shower theme home by incorporating the theme and color scheme into every last detail. From personalized menus and favors to custom-decorated desserts, these small elements will result in a big ‘wow’ factor,” Baby Showers Inc. tells Gold and green are your primary colors for the day. Incorporate Savanna plants and white flowers into your scenery. Green and gold throw pillows carefully tossed in nooks and crannies will help give an airy, outdoorsy feel.

Favors: Wrap up a combination of plain and chocolate covered animal crackers to thank your guests for a wild ride.

Image: Images by Amber Robinson

Brunch baby shower

Brunch is a timeless tradition that’s whipped up plenty of inspiring baby shower ideas. A day filled with crisp refreshments, bite-sized eats and scrumptious sweets is sure to delight.

Invitation: Get your guests excited for your baby brunch. Loopy, cursive handwriting with seasonal floral designs will prep them for a picturesque party honoring baby.

Decor: Simplicity is key. Beautiful floral arrangements and potted plants will be all the decorations you need. Arrange tasty horderves, such as deviled eggs, tea sandwiches and smoked salmon, on several three-tiered towers. Have iced and hot tea brewing all day long, as well as some fruity mocktails to compliment the light meal.

Favors: Taper off the celebrations by handing out miniature champagne bottles. Save one for yourself to pop once baby arrives!

Image: Brooklyn D Photography

Rustic baby shower

There are plenty of ways you can go rustic, but we love baby shower ideas that channel Parisian and Italian vineyards to create a romantic retreat.

Invitation: Use cream cardstock and a calligraphy font to get your message across. Intertwining florals and greenery at the top and bottom of the invitation will add a nature-inspired feel.

Decor: Incorporate distressed wooden pieces into the day to create the rustic escape. Use wooden chalkboard easels to write sweet messages for guests, and use wooden picture frames to mark each table or list the menu for the day. Fill wooden baskets on each table with cloth napkins, wine and fresh herbs. Clear vases filled with arranged greenery will brighten the room. Add appealing contrasts to your floral arrangements by combining white roses with colorful flowers, such as wild lilies and daffodils.

Favors: To ensure guests are ready for baby’s arrival, gift them with a small, rustic keepsake picture frame they can fill with baby’s picture.

Image: Black Tie & Co.

Bumblebee baby shower

Everyone is buzzing about the baby- and mommy-to-bee. Set the stage for a baby shower that’s sweeter than honey.

Invitation: Have the top of the invitation say “We’re adding to our hive!” Work the baby shower theme throughout the invite by incorporating pops of yellow and bee graphics. Bunches of sunflowers serve as visually appealing borders at the top and bottom of the page.

Decor: Soft shades of yellow will seal the deal for your bumblebee bash. Arrange vases full of sunflowers and incorporate them into your decor wherever possible. Hang yellow paper lanterns from the ceiling and attach tiny bee figures so it looks like there are bees buzzing about. Lemonade and non-alcoholic mimosas are the perfect beverage to pair with the day. Make cake pops designed to look like bumblebees to add a decadent touch to the dessert table.

Favors: Let your guests know you’re so happy they could “bee” there by handing out yellow bee-shaped cookies or miniature pots of honey.

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