Decoration For Baby Girl Birthday

You can get most of your party supplies, decorations, beautiful dresses, shoes, accessories, gifts, and return gifts according to your theme from Firstcry itself.

1. Princess Theme

You can choose from any Disney princesses like Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Jasmine, Elsa…or the Frozen theme, or Sofia the princess, or your own little princess.

All you need to do is get the costumes, party props, decoration, and the cake according to your choice of the princess.

2. Butterfly Theme

You can simply choose a butterfly theme and this theme will be the easiest as you can get anything from birthday cake to decorations to butterfly dresses easily. You can go with any color from pink, to orange and yellow.

3. Barbie Theme

Barbie doll is the favourite of all of us. So all we need is a pink Barbie dress for our Barbie doll and all the decorations must be done accordingly. A pink Barbie cake is a must.

4. Fairy Theme

Fairy theme will be the most calming theme as you can choose from all the lighter shades like white, light green, light pink, and other lighter shades. All you need is a dress and some fairy wings, all the fairy decorations and a fairy cake for your fairy.

5. Minnie Mouse

We all have seen many Minnie Mouse birthday-themed birthday parties for different ages and people are still loving to continue with it. You can get a Minnie Mouse cake, a Minnie Mouse dress, and all the Minnie mouse decorations and party props.

6. Star Theme

You can make your baby shine like a little star on her first birthday just by choosing the star theme. All you need to do is get star-themed decorations done or do it by yourself. And you can add some star-shaped lights and balloons and a star cake for your star.

7. Unicorn Theme

Nowadays this is the most famous theme for birthdays. You need a unicorn dress or rainbow unicorn dress and some rainbow coloured balloons, a rainbow banner, unicorn balloons, and a unicorn cake. You can add some unicorn soft toys to your decorations.

8. Favourite Cartoon Character Theme

You can simply choose from your princess’s or your favorite cartoon character and make it as the birthday theme.

Select the decorations, birthday dress, cake, food items, and other party props which go with the theme.

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