Diaper Bag For Baby Dolls

I have a 14-year-old daughter who is in love with babies. She has brought home some great baby toys from friends and family, including a baby doll that we named Bubbie to go along with the other toys. One of my favorite things about this baby doll is its super cute diaper bag! I knew right away that this would be perfect for my son so he could carry around his own diapers when we go out together. And then it hit me: Why not make him one too? So I did just that!

A friend, Ashley, recently made a doll diaper bag for my daughter.

Hey Jessica,

I recently made a diaper bag for your daughter. I thought it was a great idea to make!

I wanted to make one for my son too, but I didn’t have any ideas.

You can do that by making sure that you are prepared with everything they need when they are out with you.

I LOVED the bag and thought it was a great idea to make!

I LOVED the bag and thought it was a great idea to make! The pattern is very easy to understand, and I found that even though I am not an experienced sewer, it was still easy to follow. The bag turned out really well and looks just like the one in the photos on this site!

I’m going to give this pattern 5 stars because it’s cute, useful, easy-to-follow instructions (even for beginners), and a great gift idea.

Christmas was coming up and I knew my son would love to have a diaper bag for his baby dolls too.

Making a doll diaper bag for your child is a great way to get them interested in sewing and embroidery. They will love being able to give their dolls the same things as they have for themselves.

You need:

  • Fabric of choice, I used cotton, but any fabric that is easy to sew with would be fine (the thicker the fabric the easier it will be)
  • Template from this post or make one yourself and cut out 2 pieces of felt/fabric that are exactly the same size as the template (I cut mine 4×6 inches)
  • Thread and needle (to sew on buttons) You can also use embroidery thread if you want to do some embroidering! If not just leave off all of those supplies 🙂
  • Lay both pieces right sides together then pin in place so it doesn’t move around while sewing. Sew around 3 sides leaving a 2 inch opening on 1 side so we can turn it inside out later when finished! If you’re doing button holes now’s when we’ll put them in at each corner where there isn’t material overlapping itself anymore 🙂 Baste stitch first so that everything stays together nicely before moving onto next step which will involve turning everything inside out through our hole so don’t worry about sewing anything yet until after this step has been completed!!

So I made one!

The first step was to get a plastic bag and make a pattern. I used the empty diaper bag as my guide. Then I drew around it to make an outline on paper, which I then cut out with scissors and pinned onto some fabric that matched the lining of our old bag.

I used an old sewing machine to stitch up the bag in two pieces: one for each side of the bottom half and one for each side of the top half (so there would be seams on both sides). This took about 2 hours total, since there are lots of little pieces that need special attention—like corners!

Once they were sewed together, I finished off all those little corners with my serger so they wouldn’t fray too much or look bad after being washed again several times over time (because babies get dirty!). I made sure not to sew over any metal parts from zippers or snaps because otherwise those would have gotten stuck inside when I pulled out my needle!

Finally it was time for velcro! Because this isn’t actually supposed to be real fabric but rather “fake” doll clothes made out of fake materials like polyester fleece instead; we don’t have anything called “velcro” here either…

From now on I will be making this super cute doll diaper bag every time we have a girl baby shower to attend!

Hello! I’m here to teach you how to make a diaper bag for your baby doll. It’s really easy and fast and it looks so real! You will need:

  • a large box (you can use a gift box or a shoe box, but if you want your bag bigger, use a bigger box)
  • some scrap fabric (I used scraps of fabric from old t-shirts)
  • a sewing machine or hand sewing needles
  • fabric glue (optional)


I hope you enjoyed learning about how I made a diaper bag for my daughter’s baby doll. It was a fun project and I look forward to making more in the future!

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