Diaper Cakes For Baby Showers Boy

A great baby shower is not easy to pull off. You want it to be fun, but also stylish and elegant. You need a theme that will wow your guests and make for memorable photos. The best way to do this is by having a diaper cake theme! I can already hear you saying “I’ve never heard of such a thing,” so let me explain: A diaper cake is simply an edible arrangement made up of diapers (or other baby supplies) stacked together in a pretty pattern on top of cake tiers or frosting covered with fondant or plastic wrap (depending on the design). They are often displayed as centerpieces at showers—and sometimes even at weddings!

Womb baby shower for boys

A womb baby shower is an excellent choice for a boy’s first birthday. One of the most important things to consider when planning the party is color scheme. Blue, yellow and green are all great choices for this theme because they reflect the colors of a nursery or baby’s room (or both).

For example: If you choose to go with green as your main color, then you can use this as inspiration by decorating in shades of green with accents such as blue and yellow thrown in here and there. The same goes for using other colors like pink or purple!

The decorations at this type of shower should definitely include plush toys from babies who have been born recently (if possible), along with other baby-related items such as bottles or pacifiers. Womb cakes look fantastic if done correctly but can be difficult to make so it might be worth buying one instead if time isn’t on your side!

Summertime wedding for boys

Summertime baby shower for boys is a great idea to have fun with your friends and family. It’s a good time to get together and celebrate the arrival of your little one.

The summer season is all about fresh fruits, vegetables, and other products that are grown during this time of year. So you can use them in your decorating theme or as part of the food table centerpiece. Some examples are:

  • A small watermelon slice on top of a cake stand;
  • Strawberries arranged in cone shape;
  • Bell peppers (red, yellow) arranged in flower shape;
  • Lettuce leaves tied together with ribbon for hanging decorations;

When it comes to party favors: Incorporate classic summertime activities such as beach balls, sand pails and shovels etc… You can even add some bubbles if you want something extra festive!

The baby love shower for boys

For a baby shower for a boy, the Baby Love theme is perfect. This theme is all about love, family and friendship. You can use this theme with any gender because it’s so versatile!

For example, if you’re hosting your own baby shower for your son or daughter-to-be then this theme is perfect for you. You can create an invitation using any of the printables on our site – we’ve got lots of different styles available including:

  • Word art cards – great for personalizing messages or simply asking guests to come along to celebrate with you!
  • Clipart invitations – these are ready made invitations that can be used as they are or personalized by putting your own photo on them!

If you’re not hosting but would still like to send out something special then our pre-made invitations will help make sure people know what date & time to arrive at your chosen venue

Puppy shower for boys

  • Choose a theme for the party. The first step to throwing a successful puppy shower is choosing a theme. You can decide on either of two options:
  • Boy dog-themed party with lots of blue and green colors, or
  • Girl dog-themed party with pink and purple colors (and a few yellow accents).
  • Decorations. Having the right decorations is essential to creating an atmosphere that’s perfect for your guests, so make sure you have plenty of them before your event starts! Some examples are balloons, signs that say “It’s A Boy” or “Welcome Baby”, banners reading “Puppy Shower For Baby Boy”, table cloths in matching colors/patterns with paw prints all over them…you get the idea! Just be sure not to go overboard with it — too much can take away from what makes this kind of thing fun in the first place: having fun!

Sports theme baby shower for boys

Sports theme baby shower for boys

This is one of the easiest themes to plan if you’re doing a sports-themed baby shower. You can get a lot of bang for your buck by using items that are already available in your home or at local stores. Your invitations should have an athletic feel and the decorations can be made from things such as white streamers or balloons with green or blue ribbon attached to them. You can also use foam balls and footballs, which are great props for games like pin the tail on the donkey. For food, serve hot dogs and chips on toothpicks with ketchup packets as squeeze bottles, pretzels in brown paper bags with mustard packets as squeeze bottles and popcorn in large glass jars decorated with sports theme stickers on their lids instead of lids! As far as drinks go there are endless options but we recommend serving soda in cup holders so guests don’t spill it all over themselves while holding them up high above their heads (you know how those guys get). The gifts might include baseball caps or jerseys for both mommy-to-be & daddy-to-be along with some other fun stuff like keychains/bottle openers etc…

Baby boy rocket ship shower

You can make a baby boy shower rocket ship themed dessert table using the following ideas:

  • Rocket ship cake. Instead of a traditional tiered cake, serve individual cupcakes with a rocket ship on top. These can be made from scratch or bought at the bakery.
  • Rocket ship cookies. Buy some plastic plates and cut out circles to resemble rockets, then place your cookies in them for an easy display! You can also use cookie cutters to shape them into stars and planets before baking.
  • Popcorn bar with candy toppings like M&Ms and sprinkles instead of salt or buttery flavoring will give guests something to snack on while they admire the space-themed décor and take pictures of their friends next to it!

Safari baby shower for boys

  • Giraffe: The giraffe is the tallest animal in the world, so it makes sense that this cake would be out of this world. I’d recommend going with a colorful or graphic print for the background, and adding in some coordinating baby shower decor pieces on top (like say, baby shower napkins, stickers or banners).
  • Monkey: A monkey might not be your first thought when you think about a cute animal to include in your jungle-themed diaper cake. However, if you have an adventurous family who loves to explore new places and try new things—then consider adding one to their diaper cake! You could even include other jungle animals like frogs or butterflies.
  • Lion: If you have an energetic little lion as a guest of honor at your party then consider making him his own personal “king” with this diaper cake crown! This design can work with any gender so long as there are plenty of lions around (and they don’t mind sharing their spot on top).
  • Zebra: Zebra stripes are everywhere these days! They’re trendy and stylish but also playful and fun—so why not use them on a diaper cake? This design is just one example of how using bold colors can really bring out some personality into these cakes without taking away from what they were made for…which means making sure things are properly stocked up before guests arrive!

All star sports baby shower for boys

  • Baseball theme: The first thing you’ll want to do is pick a theme. You can go with something simple like baseball or something more complex like the entire All-Star Sports Baby Shower. For this one, we included not only baseball mitts and bats but also baseball hats and socks!
  • Cake: The next step is getting the cake ready for your baby shower. An all star sports themed cake would be great here! This will go perfectly with your decorations and food choices too!
  • Food: Lastly, it’s time to decide what food items you’d like at your party. If you’re planning on having an All Star Sports Baby Shower then our suggestion would be hot dogs (or bangers) because after all these babies won’t know any different until they get older so why not give them some good old American foods now instead?

ABC blocks baby shower for boys

For a simple, yet elegant theme, you can use alphabet blocks to spell out the baby’s name and arrange them on top of a cake or cupcakes. This is also a great option if you want to keep the theme but still want to include other elements like ribbon and crinkle paper.

You can find these at any local craft store or Amazon. A few companies even sell alphabet blocks with their own designs that look more like traditional wooden toys. If you have time and skill, consider making your own!

celebrate the coming of the new bundle of joy with a great theme.

Baby shower themes are a great way to make the party feel more personalized and fun.

You could choose a theme that matches the baby’s gender, such as “little prince” for boys or “little princess” for girls.

You could also choose a theme that matches the parents’ interests, like if they are big sports fans you could do something cute with sports balls or jerseys.

You can also choose a theme based on current events or pop culture (for example: “The Lion King” or “Game of Thrones”).

Or, you can focus on decorating your diaper cake based on what room in their house the crib will be placed in—for example, if you have an elephant themed nursery then you might use bright colors like reds and yellows with black elephants serving as decorations on top of the diaper cake itself!


Whether you are looking for a unique idea to celebrate the arrival of your baby boy, or just want to make your shower more fun, we have lots of different cake ideas that can help. We hope you enjoyed this list of diaper cakes for baby showers!

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