Diaper Cover For Baby Girl

Lace diaper cover for baby girl is made of high quality cotton,super soft and breathable.the lace pattern makes it looks so cute and beautiful.it has 3 rows of snaps to adjust the size,double layer,which could be used as a night diaper or regular onesie ,you can enjoy it at any time.

how to make lace diaper cover for baby girl


  • scissors
  • tracing paper
  • pins
  • fabric marker (optional)
  • thread of choice (matching or contrasting)
  • You will need to choose a fabric that is suitable for the purpose you are making the lace diaper cover. It should be soft, comfortable and absorbent. I like using cotton jersey because it’s soft and stretchy which means it fits better on my baby girl’s little body. You’ll also want something with some weight so that your lace diaper cover doesn’t end up looking like a see-through veil when it gets wet.*


  • Place your tracing paper over the pattern shape you want to trace, then use a pencil or pen to trace around the outside of each piece of decorative lace trimming by placing pins at intervals along its length so as not to confuse where one ends and another begins later on during construction process when sewing time comes around again!
  • “Cut out” all four shapes using scissors before moving any further along in this step by cutting off excess material–if necessary–then pinning together two pieces at once before sewing them together with small stitches using thread (or yarn). No need for knots here since these will come loose easily once washed several times therefore making them less likely than other methods involving hemming techniques would be able create holes within finished product due being worn frequently over long periods time already damaged from repeated washings…

lace diaper cover for baby girl

How to make a lace diaper cover for baby girl:

  • Materials you need: cotton yarn and crochet hook (1.75 mm).
  • Row 1: Chain 2, work 14 hdc into the 2nd chain from the hook, turn. Work 15 rows of hdc with a slip stitch in each end of every row.
  • Row 16: Ch 1, sc around entire piece, do not join; fasten off and weave in ends.
  • You can use a ribbon or elastic band to close it up if you prefer.

crochet lace diaper cover for baby girl diaper cover for baby girl

The lace diaper cover for baby girl is a perfect accessory for your baby. The crochet lace diaper cover is soft and comfortable. It can be used in both summer and winter because of its breathable material, which allows it to keep the skin of your baby warm while keeping the body cool.

The product has a shiny design that makes it look expensive and elegant at the same time. The designs are completely different from other products, so this will make your little girl look unique just like any other princesses. You can also choose between different colors so you don’t have to worry about finding something that matches her clothes or shoes!

crochet lace diaper cover for baby girl

Here is a tutorial on how to crochet a lace diaper cover for baby girl.

Materials needed:

1 pack of cotton yarn (approximately 3oz)

Size H-5/6mm Crochet Hook


Lace diaper cover is a sweet and comfortable design for the baby girl. This tutorial will teach you how to make it.

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