Disney Costume For Baby

Disney is a magical place for children, and it’s no surprise that many parents want their little ones to dress up like their favorite Disney character. While some costumes are easier to put together than others, there are plenty of options out there if you’re up for some DIY work. Here are ten ideas for baby costumes based on popular Disney characters:

Dress your baby up as Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse is a classic character and a good choice for baby costumes. Mickey has a simple costume that can be put together in no time. He’s popular with both adults and children, so he’s a good choice not just for Halloween but also any other time you want to dress your baby up as an iconic Disney character.

Have your child dress up as a Lilo and Stitch character.

We recommend a Lilo and Stitch costume.

If you’re going to dress up as a Disney character, you might as well go all out! You can always get your child to wear a Lilo and Stitch wig, face paint, mask or anything else that will help them look like they are part of the movie.

Dress your child up in a Winnie the Pooh costume.

Dress your child up in a Winnie the Pooh costume.

Winnie the Pooh is one of the most famous characters from Disney, but he’s also one of the cutest! The basic outfit consists of pajamas, a hat and bunny ears. You can add bear feet to complete your child’s look as well as a bear backpack so they will be ready for any adventure with Christopher Robin or Piglet!

Dress your child as a princess from Frozen.

A great costume for a baby is one that is comfortable, cheap and easy to put on. If you’re looking for something to wear at a theme park, consider getting your child’s outfit from Disney. The company has several decent options for dressing your child as a princess from Frozen (Anna or Elsa).

The material should be soft enough that it doesn’t irritate their skin but thick enough that it lasts through multiple wears and washes. Make sure the costume isn’t too tight; if the clothes are too constricting, they could cause chafing and irritation on sensitive areas of your baby’s body. You also don’t want anything heavy or hot because these will lead to discomfort and sweating which can lead to heat exhaustion—not exactly an ideal situation when you’re trying to enjoy yourself at Disneyland!

Dress your child up as Minnie Mouse.

Minnie Mouse is a mouse character created by Walt Disney. She first appeared in the short film “Steamboat Willie” in 1928, and has been a popular character ever since. Minnie wears black shoes, white gloves, and a red bow on her head. If your child is going to be dressed as Minnie Mouse for Halloween or another occasion, here are some useful tips:

  • Make sure that your child’s costume fits well so he or she can have fun wearing it without feeling uncomfortable or restricted in any way.
  • Buy an inexpensive pair of black socks to wear with the costume so that you can use them again at other times when your child wants to dress up in his or her Minnie Mouse outfit!

Put your child in an Aladdin costume.

  • Get a costume that is appropriate for your child’s age. If you are dressing your toddler as Aladdin, you’ll want to look for a costume that is made of soft fabrics and fits well.
  • Make sure the costume is comfortable. Your baby will be wearing the outfit for several hours at a time, so it’s important that they aren’t too hot or uncomfortable in their outfit.
  • Make sure the costume does not restrict your child’s movement. While it may seem like an easy task to find a nice Disney-themed costume for toddlers, some costumes come with belts or straps which can be dangerous if they get caught on something like stroller handlebars or playground equipment

Dress your child as a Disney villain, like Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

Here’s how to create the best Disney villains for your child:

  • Dress them in a long, flowing purple or green dress. A long skirt would be perfect for this look! If you plan on using makeup and accessories to create the look of Ursula from The Little Mermaid, then try out some of these purple dresses below!

Your little one will be the cutest person at the party or on Halloween!

You’ll be the cutest person at the party.

Your child will be the cutest person on Halloween.

Your child will be the cutest person ever!


We hope you’ve found the perfect Disney costume for your little one! Whether they are dressing up as a princess, villain or any other character, we would love to see photos of them in their costumes. Send them over on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram @allthingsdisneyblog and #allthingsdisneyblog so we can share them with everyone else!

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