Disney Gifts For Baby

We have the best disney gifts for baby, including the best baby clothes, toys and more.

disney baby gift set

If you’re looking for a Disney baby gift set, it’s best to keep in mind that there are gifts specifically designed with boys and girls in mind. This means that you’ll want to check out the appropriate section when shopping, since many of these sets come with different toys. They can be found at most major retailers like Target and Walmart, but if you’re looking for a more unique selection of Disney-themed gifts for babies—or if you want access to exclusive deals—you might want to shop online instead.

babies r us

Babies R Us is a great place to find Disney gifts for baby. They have a wide range of products, including ones from the Disney Baby collection. Babies R Us also has a Baby Registry that allows you to create your own registry online and then print out coupons or send emails when someone buys something off your list! One of the best things about this program is that it comes with free shipping! The last thing you want to do after spending hours picking out gifts is having to pay extra shipping costs on top of everything else.

Babies R Us also has an exclusive rewards program where you can earn points towards discounts on future purchases at their stores or online:

disney baby clothes

Have a budding princess? Disney baby clothes are always a hit. For girls, you can find some adorable dresses and tops with characters from Frozen, Tangled and all the other favorites that your little girl will love. If you have a boy in your life, there are plenty of options for him too!


Mothercare is a great online store that has a wide range of baby gifts. They have clothes, toys and cots and highchairs. You can find Disney themed baby clothing, toys and accessories here too.

disney winnie the pooh baby clothes

  • Winnie the Pooh Baby Clothes
  • Baby Winnie the Pooh Clothes
  • Baby Winnie the Pooh Outfits
  • Baby Winnie the Pooh Dress
  • Baby Winnie the Pooh Dress Up Set

This adorable set of baby clothes is perfect for your little one. It includes a long-sleeve onesie and matching hat with an embroidered “A” on it. Plus, there’s a pair of pants with snap closures so you can easily dress your child without having to struggle with buttons or zippers. This adorable set is sure to make any Disney fan smile!

disney princess baby walker

A Disney Princess Baby Walker is the perfect gift for a baby who loves princesses and wants to be just like them. This toy features a flower bed, tiled steps and a spinning wheel. The sturdy plastic frame stands up to toddlers as they learn how to walk on their own. It can also be used with other Disney toys such as the Disney Princess Sing-Along Love Songs Walkin’ My Little Pony Walker or even other walkers (sold separately). The seat pad is removable for easy cleaning. With a weight limit of 30 pounds, this toy promotes physical development by allowing your child to explore their surroundings while seated in an ergonomically correct position that helps them develop balance and coordination as they walk along with you!

find the best disney gifts for baby

  • Baby Gift Set
  • Babies R Us (Online or in store)
  • Disney Baby Clothes
  • Mothercare (Online or in store)
  • Disney Winnie the Pooh Baby Clothes (Winnie the Pooh is a classic, and it’s even more adorable with an infant!)
  • Disney Princess Baby Walker


As you can see, there are many ways to give your baby a memorable gift. Whether it’s a Disney themed clothing set or Winnie The Pooh baby walker, there is something for every child. We hope our suggestions will help you find something perfect for your little prince or princess!

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