Disney Princess Dress For Baby

I’m a proud mother of four, and I’ll tell you right now that none of my kids has been more excited about the new arrival than my eldest daughter. She can’t wait to see her brother or sister wearing some adorable Disney princess clothes for baby! You know what’s great? There are plenty of choices out there for mamas-to-be who want their little ones to dress up like their favorite characters. We put together a list of our top picks, so let’s get started!

Little Mermaid footless sleepers

If you’re a fan of the Little Mermaid, and you have a little one who can’t seem to keep their hands off their feet, then check out these adorable Little Mermaid footless sleepers. These are perfect for your little mermaid princess! A sleeping bag style bottom makes it easy to get on and off—but don’t worry about comfort here: there’s still plenty of stretchy material to make sure that she stays warm at night.

The Ariel and the Little Mermaid footless sleepers come in sizes from six months up through 5T (or 12 years old), so they’ll fit most girls perfectly throughout childhood. You can even get matching unicorn-themed onesies if you’d like!

Ariel hooded jumpsuit

Have a little mermaid in your life? This Ariel hooded jumpsuit is the perfect way to keep her looking like her favorite character. Available in sizes 3 months to 6 months, this 100% cotton machine washable outfit features a detachable tail with ruffled hem and shimmering gold fish scale print. The hood can be worn up or down, so you can decide whether your child wants to look like she’s swimming or walking on land!

Cinderella tutu dress

Cinderella is the most famous of all Disney princesses, so it’s only fitting that her tutu dress is one of the most popular in our collection. This snowy white cotton gown is decorated with a blue shell and gold-sequin bodice, making it perfect for any young lady who loves Disney princesses. It’s also machine washable and available in sizes 18 months through 4 years!

Belle sweater dress

Ok, so this one is a little pricier than the other ones on this list because it’s made of cotton and is designed to be a little more grown up. But, it’s still super cute!

It comes in sizes 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. It has a knit collar and cuffs along with a blue and white striped skirt that pairs perfectly with the matching top that has an adorable peter pan collar.

Belle and Beast dress-up shoes

These shoes are made from polyurethane, a type of plastic that can be used to make many different items. The most common use for this material is in food packaging—think yogurt cups and cheese slices. Polyurethane is also used as the protective covering on pencils and pens, so it’s one of the most common plastics you’ll ever encounter.

Polyester is another synthetic material used in clothing, including these Disney Princess dresses. It consists of a polymer called terephthalic acid that’s been chemically processed with ethylene glycol (which you may know as antifreeze). Polyester has many uses: it can be woven into fabric or spun into yarn; its fibers have excellent durability and strength; and if you’re making synthetic fibers like your favorite pair of leggings or t-shirt, there’s a good chance some polyester was involved!

Snow White peasant dress

The Snow White peasant dress is a 100% cotton short-sleeved gown with a princess cut neckline and a princess seamed bodice. The skirt features two layers of lace, the top layer being larger than the bottom layer, creating an illusion of fullness. This dress comes in sizes 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months and 2T through 6 (3T and 4T are only available online).

Tiana dress and gloves

When it comes to dressing up as Disney Princess Tiana, your baby girl will love wearing this adorable dress and gloves set. The dress features colorful details of the character herself, including a purple bodice with sparkly beads and purple skirt with green ruffle trim. The matching gloves are designed to fit comfortably on small hands, making them perfect for children ages 3-10 years old. Your little one will look like the royal princess she is when you add this outfit to their wardrobe!

Rapunzel sun hat

Rapunzel Sun Hat

For your little princess who dreams of a long, blonde braid and royal gowns, this sun hat is a must-have. The adjustable chin strap ensures that the hat stays on her head as she runs around and plays. The 100% cotton fabric is machine washable and available in two sizes: infant (fits up to 18″ circumference) or toddler (fits up to 20″ circumference).

Disney princess clothes for baby

You can find a wide selection of Disney princess clothes for baby in our online store. If you’re looking for something cute, colorful and comfortable for your baby girl, then we have just the thing. We offer a wide range of Princess outfits that will keep your little one warm during her first chilly days outside!

You can choose from all kinds of colors and styles, like t-shirts with beautiful prints or dresses in bright colors. Our princess shirts for babies look great with their matching pants or shorts. They’ll look super sweet when combined with tiny shoes, socks and hats that match perfectly with all our princess clothes!

We also offer sweaters made from high quality materials like cotton and organic wool which are very soft against sensitive skin while keeping them warm during cold days outdoors! These hoodies come in different colors so you can find one that matches best with your child’s personality!


If you have a little girl, there’s no question that she will love these adorable Disney clothes. They make great gifts for any occasion and are sure to please even the most discerning princesses!

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