DIY Halloween Costume For Baby Girl

I love dressing my daughter up for Halloween. She doesn’t have any interest in candy, but I can see she enjoys being part of the excitement of the season and seeing all the other adorable kids dressed up. Plus, it’s a great way for her to show off some personality (she’s very girly) and play dress-up with her mommy! The best part about these DIY baby girl costumes is that they are easy—no sewing required! So sit back and relax while I share this collection of fun ideas for your little one.

DIY Baby Girl Halloween Costumes

If you’re looking for a baby girl Halloween costume on a budget, why not make it yourself? DIY costumes are easy to make and don’t require a lot of time or materials. Here’s how to create adorable DIY baby girl Halloween costumes in an hour or two—and for less than $10!

DIY Pink Lamb Halloween Costume

If you’re in the market for a DIY Halloween costume that’s easy to make and requires minimal sewing skills, look no further. With this design, you can use a white onesie and pink fabric to create your own adorable baby lamb!

To begin your project, measure the width of your baby’s shoulders across their chest area and cut two rectangles of fabric based on these measurements. The length of each piece should be equal to half its height plus 1 inch. For example: If they have 14 inches between their shoulder blades and 11 inches from chin/top of head to shoulder blade when they’re lying down with arms stretched out above their head (like a sheep!), then each rectangle will be about 5½ by 10½ inches long.

Once your fabric has been trimmed into two long rectangles per side, pin one rectangle onto one side seam of an infant-sized onesie so that it runs horizontally along the bottom hemline with both ends extending past where the arms would end if pulled straight down toward the floor when wearing said garment without any sleeves whatsoever! Repeat for second side seam only reversed so both seams run vertically up either arm hole instead; then stitch all four corners together using needle & thread OR simply use iron-on adhesive strips instead if available…and voila! You’ve just made yourself an adorable lamb costume fit for any little girl who loves playing dress up during Halloween festivities or any time throughout year round months while still being cute enough not worry about getting dirty while playing outside eating grasses off lawns!!

DIY Baby Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

  • Costumes for babies can be a little more complicated to make than costumes for adults, but they’re still easy to create if you have the right tools and materials.
  • Some baby Halloween costumes can be made without sewing — just use hot glue or fabric glue!
  • If your child is old enough to sit up on her own, then she might enjoy helping you make the costume.

DIY Mermaid Halloween Costume for Baby Girls


  • A baby girl.
  • Green shirt with a collar (you can find this at your local thrift store, or you can make your own).
  • White pants (again, you can find these at the thrift store for cheap or make some yourself).
  • A white shirt for underneath the green one. Ideally, this should be a onesie or t-shirt but any white top will work if it’s big enough to cover her head and won’t fall down too far while she is wearing it. If you want to make sure that nothing slips off during trick-or-treating or while playing in costume afterwards then I recommend using safety pins at all times until she gets older and will sit still long enough for something like Velcro straps to be used instead without getting frustrated by them falling off every few minutes!

DIY Cactus Halloween Costume for Baby Girls

For the baby’s outfit, you’ll need to use a cactus costume template. To make the most of your materials and simplify the sewing process, we recommend using one of our free printable cactus halloween costumes for girls or babies. These patterns can be used with different fabrics (or recycled materials) so you can create a unique look for your little one that fits her personality and style. They’re also fully customizable, so if you want to add accessories or change colors, it’s easy to make those changes before cutting out your pieces!

Once you’ve chosen your pattern, it’s time to get cutting! You’ll need two pieces of fabric: one for the top half of the flower bloom and one for its stem/trunk base. We recommend using cotton fabrics because they’re sturdy yet soft enough not to irritate sensitive skin areas like elbows or knees—but feel free to experiment with other options too!

How to Make a No-Sew Birthday Cake Costume for Babies

If you have a baby girl in your life who will be celebrating her first birthday this year, consider picking up a no-sew cake costume for her. This is one of the easiest costumes ever! All it takes is an adorable little dress that you can get from any baby store and a cake topper with the number one on it.

If you want to make your own cake topper from scratch, check out these cute ideas:

  • Make an edible craft using fondant and modeling chocolate (a favorite Pinterest project), then use food coloring or icing pens to add details like eyes and hair.
  • Use stickers instead of writing out numbers with icing pens so that they’re easier for little ones’ mouths to hold onto without getting them all messy right away!

DIY Rainbow Halloween Costume for Baby Girls

To make this rainbow costume, you will need:

  • 2 yards of purple felt
  • 1 yard of pink felt
  • 1 yard of blue felt
  • 1/2 yard each of red and yellow felt
  • A hot glue gun and glue sticks (you can also use fabric glue)


  • Cut out your pieces from the desired colors of felt. The most important part is to make sure that the shapes are all the same size so that they look like a rainbow when you put them together. You can draw them yourself or use our template! We recommend using at least two different sizes for each color so that there’s more contrast between them when sewn together! It’s best to start with lightest color first (purple), then work your way down through darker shades until reaching darkest shade at bottom tip – see photo above as reference point). Take note: You may want to trace these onto paper first before cutting out so that they come out perfectly even while avoiding mistakes in measurements 🙂 This will ensure proper proportions between each piece width-wise as well as height-wise too which makes sewing process much easier later on since no adjustments need made due ​to incorrect sizing​

How to Make a No-Sew Felt Bee Costume


  • 1 yard of white felt
  • 2 yards of yellow felt
  • 2 yards of orange felt (for wings)
  • Black thread or hot glue gun & glue sticks (if you don’t want to sew your costume together)

Step 1: Cut out the following shapes from your white and yellow felt (one large piece for each): head cover, body, antennae, wings and flower crown. The materials section above lists all the dimensions for each shape.

Step 2: With black thread or hot glue gun & glue sticks make two holes on opposite sides of the head cover’s top center edge. Thread one end through a needle and then through those two holes so that it can be tied around baby girl’s neck like a scarf. Now you have an easy way to keep her bee hat on! If you’re using hot glue instead of thread just stick some pieces onto either side before sewing them onto the hat so they stay put as well!

Superhero Tutu Costumes for Kids (No Sewing Needed)

Tutu costumes are the perfect way to dress up your little superhero. They’re cute, easy to put together and they don’t require any sewing at all!

As long as you have the basic supplies (a tutu and some fabric paint) you can make this a DIY project for any kid. Your little one will love the fun of being a superhero while still looking like an adorable baby girl in one of these tutu ideas.

These costumes are easy and fun to make.

These costumes are easy and fun to make. There is no sewing required, so you can work on them while watching your favorite shows or movies!

  • How to make a cute baby girl’s Halloween costume:
  • Get a large cardboard box
  • Wrap the box with white paper (you can also use construction paper or other household paper)
  • Cut out holes for eyes on both sides of the box and draw lines for ears with marker to make it look like an adorable bat!


These costumes are easy and fun to make. You can make them all from scratch or use some of our tutorials to help you along!

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