Double Stroller For Baby Dolls

The best toy doll prams for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – Mamas & Papas junior ultima dolls pram: £35,
  • Best double – Stoy twin doll stroller: £64,
  • Best luxury buy – Silver Cross oberon doll’s pram: £400,
  • Best for pink lovers – Baby Annabell deluxe pram: £55.99,
  • Best for older kids – Daisy Chain zipp max dolls pushchair in classic check: £49.99,
  • Best for first walkers – Sebra wooden doll’s pram in white: £119.95,
  • Best stroller – Konges Slojd doll stroller in milk tank: £41,
  • Best budget – John Lewis & Partners little buggy in blue: £10,
  • Best multi tasker – Olli Ella rattan strolley in natural: £99.90,
  • Best for the cute factor – Moover wooden doll’s pram in red: £79.99,

Mamas & Papas junior ultima dolls pram

Best: Overall

Rating: 10/10

A realistic looking option at a brilliant price, this pram is actually a mini replica of the Mamas & Papas ultima pushchair. Easy to put together, it unfolds from the box – simply slot on the wheels and under seat shopping basket and you’re ready to go. The handles are adjustable so it works from age 3 and beyond (though our younger testers were also fans) and it comes complete with a matching changing bag.

The retractable hood was easy for little hands to pull up and down and the entire pram was actually incredibly easy to collapse (even for children), making it easy to transport – it’s pretty lightweight for a proper pram, making it a great option for independent kids who want to do everything themselves. All in all, if you’re after a classic doll’s pram at an affordable price with a bit of longevity and some cute extras you really can’t go wrong with this.Buy now £35

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Stoy twin doll stroller

Best: Double pram

Rating: 9/10

This ultra realistic double stroller inspired gasps of joy and excitement from our little helpers during the five minutes it took to put together. Recommended for ages 3 and above, the brand says it’s best suited to kids aged 3-5, but we found that our older and younger testers were taken with it too. This was made easier by the adjustable handle bar, meaning they could push it with ease. Complete with safety harnesses, it’s ideal for dolls of all sizes with each seat being individually adjustable, which the children loved and adults actually quite enjoyed too. We tested this one outdoors too and found it performed well.

It also has an under-seat basket and folds flat, though this did require parental assistance and wasn’t the easiest of jobs (as is the case with many real double prams too). We loved the simplicity of the design and unisex colour – it’s also available in an equally stylish burgundy shade. This is a pram we’d be happy to push ourselves if it was actually for real babies.Buy now £64

Silver Cross oberon doll’s pram in pink

Best: Luxury buy

Rating: 9/10

Silver Cross’s doll size version of its original classic heritage coach pram – including the spring suspension and working lever operated breaks – is a thing of beauty. Suitable for children aged 3 years and upwards,  our testers were quite besotted and could recognise the high quality even at their young ages. We tested the pink which has a glossy finish and hand-painted details, but it’s also available in navy or white and just navy.

The pram is completely hand-built with the finest materials – the chrome wheels alone are a beautiful detail – and the hood is fully adjustable. The word “toy” feels almost inadequate for what would undoubtedly become a long-loved treasured possession. It’s a beautiful, special gift, with a price tag to match.Buy now £400

Baby Annabell deluxe pram

Best: For pink lovers

Rating: 8/10

A perfect gift for pink-lovers, our young testers were incredibly excited to unpackage a “real Baby Annabell pram”. Ideal for kids aged 3 and above, it has an adjustable handle the pram itself can be laid flat carrycot style or tilted up for “baby” to look out. The carrycot can also be removed and used separately which is a great feature – our little ones enjoyed carrying dolls and teddies around in this alone – and it has a net basket underneath for shopping. It also comes with a matching changing bag.

Quick and easy to put together, it can easily be folded down for travel or to save space and can be used in or outdoors. It’s quite a lightweight pram and all of the parts are easy for little ones to adjust on their own, making it particularly suitable for children at the younger end of its recommended age. Note: It doesn’t come with a Baby Annabell doll.Buy now £89.99

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Daisy Chain zipp max dolls pushchair in classic check

Best: For older kids

Rating: 9/10

Daisy Chain has recognised a real gap in the market: prams for taller or older children. The zipp max’s handle height is adjustable up to 82cm, an obvious height difference compared to the other prams we tested. It’s ideal for ages 4-9 years. An even taller (more expensive) version for with a handle adjustable to 95cm is also available (suited to kids up to 13 years of age).

This feels very robust for a toy stroller; the under-seat shopping basket and adjustable hood with mesh window are all very realistic. Indeed, our older testers were quick to encourage the younger testers to take a seat – but we wouldn’t advise this as parents.

It arrives folded down but ready to go and is super easy to fold flat again, so it’s ideal for travelling and park trips. Daisy Chain also sells accessory packs separately so there’s the option of adding extras such as rain covers and changing bags too.Buy now £49.99

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Sebra wooden doll’s pram in white

Best: For first walkers

Rating: 9/10

The perfect first birthday gift, this beautiful wooden pram is recommended for little ones aged 8 months and above and also works as a baby walker encouraging first steps. The classic pram is delivered fully assembled so no there’s fiddly bits to contend with, and the rounded design makes it completely baby and toddler friendly having no sharp corners.

The sturdy design meant that there was no tipping over when little ones leant on the bar and the wooden wheels have rubber edges, ensuring it won’t run away with them on smooth surfaces. These edges also keep the noise down (wooden toys can be surprisingly loud). The stylish pram was a pleasure to have on show in a playroom but it can also be used outside, although we’d avoid doing so in less than lovely weather.Buy now £119.95

Konges Slojd doll stroller in milk tank

Best: Stylish stroller

Rating: 9/10

This is one of the most stylish prams we’ve come across and is sure to be a big hit with modern parents. The pretty prints and muted colours are changed seasonally and the scallop detail and padded bag are made with organic cotton. It’s a pleasure to have on show, so much so that we wish real baby strollers were available in this design.

The whole pram feels a lot more sturdy, realistic and high quality than many other similar sized strollers we’ve tested, which is reflected in the price. It comes ready to go and is very simple to fold up and down which makes it perfect for park trips, travel or storing in small spaces. It’s recommended for ages two years and up, but it went down incredibly well with our 1.5-year-old tester and was also a big hit with all parents consulted. This one is available for pre-order and will be delivered in May to June.Buy now £41

John Lewis & Partners little buggy, blue

Best: Budget friendly

Rating: 10/10

A simple, classic toy doll buggy in a unisex colour and style (which was very popular among our boy testers), you really can’t get better in terms of value for money than this number. It’s a basic design, with no added extras, but it’s a good little stroller. Lightweight and easy to fold, it’s perfect for taking out and about and the price means you’re less precious about it getting wet, dirty or damaged (meaning more fun for kids!). This oen is recommended for ages 3 years and up but our younger testers (18 months +) handled it without any issues. If you’re looking for a bargain or don’t want to spend a lot in case your child might not be a pram lover this is a great entry level purchase we think any little one will love.Buy now £10

Olli ella rattan strolley in natural

Best: Multi tasker

Rating: 9/10

This is a beautiful rattan doll pram that turns into a trolley when you flip the hood down, making it a particularly great toy for encouraging imaginative play. Children can use it to push around their favourite toys, as a shopping trolley, or for books – there are endless possibilities.

Best suited for children aged 1+, this is another good one for first walkers and comes assembled. All you need to do is screw on the handle and assembly is complete – you can also replace with with a longer version as little ones grow (sold separately) giving the stroller more longevity. This is a stylish, well made, unique little pram appreciated by all of our testers and their parents. It’s also available in rose, chalk and white.Buy now £99.90

Moover wooden doll’s pram in red

Best: For the cute factor

Rating: 9/10

You won’t see a sweeter toy than this. Traditional yet modern, there was much cooing amongst our testers when Moover’s red pram was unwrapped. The unique, timeless look makes it stand out and we can imagine it being a precious piece that’s passed down through families going forward. There’s no assembly needed either, it’s good to go straight from the box.

Practically, the rubber wheels act as shock absorbers and this, along with the slightly smaller size, make it ideal for toddlers (it’s recommended from two years of age) and, though it can’t be folded down, it’s easy to store in smaller spaces. While this pram is best suited for indoors, it can also be used outside but was a little noisy on less than smooth surfaces. This one is also available in other colours.Buy now £79.99

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The verdict: Best toy doll prams

As far as classic prams go, Mamas & Papas is undoubtedly the best value for money. It’s added extra of a matching changing bag and the ease with which it folds make it perfect for younger children. Our favourite purse-friendly option is the John Lewis & Partners little buggy as we love the simple, gender-neutral design. If you’re looking for something more Instagram friendly and have a bigger budget, the Olli Ella rattan strolley is a beautifully made, stylish buy which we love for its versatility.

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