Fabric Book For Baby

Fabric Book For Baby

The day your baby is born is the beginning of a magical journey. A fabric book titled “Baby’s First Year,” lovingly crafted by our local artisans, gives you the opportunity to record your child’s milestones in their very own personal growth journal. This keepsake gift is sure to become a family favorite! If you like this, don’t miss out on our other personalized baby gifts and books. This book is perfect for babies and toddlers. It contains a soft, fuzzy feel, with a variety of textures to explore – including crinkly pages, squeaks and ribbons.

Cloth books are made of fabric and packed with sensory elements, like crunchy corners, delicate details and bold colours. From the first page to the last, they stimulate the senses and help little ones learn basic literacy and fine motor skills. But the best bit? There are endless designs out there to suit every bubba’s interests and styles.

To help get baby’s first library on the ‘write’ track, we’ve curated a selection of Australia’s most adorable fabric books and put them into a handy list.

Types of fabric books

Wee Gallery Cloth Books

High contrast – These unmissable little reads use high-contrast black and white or coloured tones to stimulate the senses and keep babies enthralled longer.

Touch and feel – Many fabric books for babies include fun textured elements for babies to explore, from silky to fluffy and everything in between. Three-dimensional additions like tassels also give bubs a thrill and help develop sensory awareness.

Lift-the-flap – Flaps are always a hit with older bubs and their curious digits. Not only it is exciting to discover what’s hidden underneath, but the action of pinching and lifting sections helps develop fine motor skills.

Clip-on books – If your mini loves to read on while you’re on the move, look for options that come with rings or clips. Simply attach one to your stroller or car seat and bub’s entertainment is sorted!

Fabric Photo Book For Baby

Your little baby is worth a thousand pictures to remember all their unique moments, and this super soft fabric photo book includes 25 pages for added versatility that makes it easy to flip through or lay flat for sharing at nap time or for reading a bedtime story.

To raise a reader, you first have to surround them with books. Growing up with lots of books in your home boosts children’s literacy. A child who sees the people around them reading is far more likely to pick up a book themself, especially if they have packed shelves of eye-catching picture books. But there’s just one problem: books are hard with pointy corners; babies are soft. Enter: cloth books for babies.

These cloth books are perfect for newborns and young babies, because they get kids used to the idea of books before they’re ready to actually hold one. As they get a little older, babies can stare at high-contrast pages that are designed for their developing eyes. And, of course, they can be grabbed, chewed, and used as a pillow.

The interesting thing about looking for cloth books for babies is that they’re not produced like regular books. Because they’re made of fabric and other materials, they are often grouped in with toys, not books. That can make them difficult to find, especially because they’re not made by publishers, for the most part.

Because cloth baby books have a lot of overlap with toys, many of them also aren’t books in another sense: they may not have words on the page or even an author. There are only a very, very few kids’ book titles that get adapted into a cloth book. It may even be more likely for a picture book to make it to the big screen than it is to have it made into a cloth book. This means that only the classics of kids’ literature have this option, like Goodnight Moon. Publishers don’t seem willing to take a chance on newer titles.

In the meantime, though, here are some cloth books for toddlers and babies that you and your kid will love! I’ve separated these into cloth story books, which are mostly adaptations of picture books and have pages that look similar to board books, and toy-like interactive cloth books that have crinkly pages, teething bindings, mirrors, and other fun activities for babies and toddlers.

How To Make A Fabric Photo Book For Baby

You and your little one have been through a lot together these past few months, so celebrate all of that with a beautiful fabric photo book to treasure for years to come. Our story book is perfect for almost any occasion. Whether you want to document your baby’s first year, commemorate a milestone birthday or simply create a keepsake for Christmas, our fabric photo book will help you capture the special moments throughout their early years and always be able to cherish them. Each fabric album includes 20 pages for photos (18x18cm), with each page featuring a beautiful spot-varnished finish that gives an instant vintage look.

I know how much my kids liked soft cloth books when they were babies and I thought if I quilted the pages there would be a textural sensory element to the gift as well.

P.S. you might sometimes find these fabric baby books being referred to as ‘quiet books’ because they are meant to keep kids occupied and engaged.

My version is for a very little baby so there are no shoe laces or doors to open – just colours to look at and textures to touch. Which also means there are no small bits – like buttons – that you need to be worried about coming off in a little baby’s hand and becoming a choking hazard.

This post originally appeared on our sister site Scrap Fabric Love.

baby colour book from scraps
Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

Materials Needed – DIY Fabric Baby Book

Improv Style

I didn’t start with a pattern.

My basic idea was to do an improv block of the same size – 6″ x 6″ – for each colour, add some fusible fleece, quilt the pages, add a cover and bind it all together.

I didn’t exactly know when I started how that was all going to work, but I muddled through and I am pretty pleased with the results.

Don’t get me wrong I can see lots of flaws and things I would do differently next time – which I’ll tell you about as I go – but this is a gift for a little baby so I’m pretty sure she isn’t going to notice the flaws!

And her parents will just be grateful for anything that entertains her long enough to let them go to the toilet (I’m speaking from experience here!)!

Sorting my Scrap Fabrics

scrap fabric bin
Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

I started by deciding which colours I was going to put in my book and then sorting my scraps in to piles of those colours.

Now different people have different definitions of what a scrap is – I’ve even heard some people referring to a fat quarter as a scrap!

But in this case I used the types of scraps that are usually referred to as ‘crumbs’:

  • square or rectangles of usually not more than 2″ or 3″ at any point;
  • some thin strips – roughly 1-1.5″ wide;
  • as well as some slightly bigger squares & pieces that I cut down just to get the colour
diy fabric baby book from scraps
Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

I went for fairly standard colours as well as black and white.

My baby colour book has pages for:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • White
  • Black
  • Brown

As well as my fabric scraps, I also had a flip pack of unneeded thin fabric samples – a kind of cotton canvas material.

I used some of these for the colour name labels on each page but you could easily just use another scrap for those.

Making the Pages – Crumb Piecing

I decided to make each colour page out of a 6″ x 6″ square.

I picked this size because it is big enough to work with and yet definitely small enough that a baby could hold on to it comfortably. Also I have a square ruler that size – so it made it easy to square them off!

I improv pieced the pages using the scraps I had.

If you are new to improv piecing or ‘crumb quilting’ as it is sometimes called, you basically start by sewing two scraps right sides together along one edge.

You then open them up, press, trim (some people do this some don’t – I do) and sew another scrap along one of the new edges of the piece – again right sides together.

how to make a fabric baby book
Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

It’s a similar concept to sewing a log cabin block except that you can add pieces on any side.

So for example you could have lots of short scraps creating a strip and then turn that into a square by putting a longer scrap all the way along the top edge of that strip of smaller scraps.

You just keep sewing until your piece gets so large that when you put your ruler or template on top there is fabric sticking out from every side.

Then you trim it down to a square and it suddenly looks a million times better!

diy fabric baby book from scraps
Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

I tried to find different shades of each colour from my scrap bin and I also consciously decided to include a few patterns and prints even when they had other colours in them as long as the dominant colour was still the one the page was meant to be about.

fabric baby book of colours
Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

The whole project took me a little longer than I anticipated because I didn’t have very many brown or purple scraps and I really. had to go hunting around.

In the end I used more of the fabric sample swatches for those pages as they are basically ‘crumb’ size anyway and I have a lot of them because of my day job.

fabric baby book of colours
Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

Quilting the Pages

I wanted my baby colour book to be squishy and soft but also to have some texture.

To assemble the book the idea was to sew pages right sides together and flip over – see below for the binding bit first though!

baby colour book from scraps
Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

But before I did that I put fusible fleece on the back of each page and then quilted them all individually (you can use any kind of batting but this way I also didn’t have to baste before quilting them!).

I wanted a different quilt pattern on each page to give another layer of interest for my niece – something for her to run her fingers over.

I am still new to quilting and I’m not super confident with free motion quilting yet so I decided for this project to see what I could do with my walking foot instead.

My Quilting Desings

Some of my quilting efforts were more successful than others.

My favourite was the random zig zag/mountain range kind of one that I did on the white page.

fabric baby book - white
Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

I also liked how the leaves on the green page turned out.

fabric baby book - green
Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

I did basic criss cross lines on the purple page.

fabric baby book - purple
Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

For the yellow page I did a sunburst/starburst thing that I am pretty happy with too.

fabric baby book - yellow
Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

I liked the middle of the design on the orange page but it went a bit funny the further out I got!

fabric baby book orange
Photo: Upcycle My Stuff
sew a fabric baby book - blue
Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

The black is hard to see but it is a spiralling square sort of thing.

fabric baby book - black
Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

The red was a mash up of zig zags over the zig zag fabric, a wavy line in the middle, a cross at the bottom corner and then I outlined the flowers on the fabric at the top. Probably a bit excessive but I was having a bit of a play!

fabric baby book - red

Fabric Book Panel For Baby

This beautifully soft and cuddly fabric book panel for baby is designed to be safe for little hands, eyes and ears. Featuring minimal interaction points and a pop-up top tray the fabric book panel lets the baby make all of the choices on what to play with next. No-fuss, all-cute—our new fabric book panels feature a soft, machine-washable two-in-one design that lets you buy one and get two! Snugly swaddle baby in the flap and secure with a snap. Keep them cozy with the matching blanket. And when it’s time to transition to the crib, pack it up with a few favorite books (or cuddle up together and read them aloud)

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