Funny Ways To Announce Pregnancy

This humorous way to announce a pregnancy is all about the unexpected, like a baby lion just peeking out from the bushes!

Say yes to these hilarious ways to announce the news of pregnancy. Not all these ideas are new! You’ve probably done some of these yourself, if not all—and maybe laughed at them afterward. Either way, we think they’re worth sharing again and again with anyone who might need a good laugh.

This is the perfect way to announce pregnancy with a fun, romantic and creative announcement. These are the kinds of announcements people love to receive, so that when they know, they want to share the news with everyone they love. Hello, gorgeous! We have way too many cute ideas for this pregnancy announcement. Our designers are just as excited to make your baby’s announcement as you are!

Pregnancy can be an exciting time. The first trimester is full of highs and lows, from sickness to big changes. But when your little one makes an appearance, it’s likely the best time of all. It’s time for a celebration!

Funny Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Parents

There are many funny ways to announce pregnancy. They can be really cute and funny, as well as funny and silly. While we’re all set on how to respond, there’s no doubt that some responses will be stronger than others.. For better or worse, it’s not always easy to announce that you’re pregnant. If you have any doubt that your mother-to-be will give you a hug and ask “That happened?! Oh my gosh, I’m so happy for you!” here are 12 funny ways to tell your parents they’re going to be grandparents. (And if they don’t react well, just move on and pick up your diploma.)

Remember to tell your parents that you are pregnant! Sometimes it’s important to let them know as early as possible. Although most parents know their newborn is due soon, we all know how hard it can be to tell them. Here are some fun ways to announce your pregnancy and make this exciting time a bit easier on both you and your parents!

Be prepared to tell your parents the good news. Here are some funny jokes that you can use when everyone is together.

Funny Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Husband

Here are my favorite funny ways to announce your pregnancy. It’s worth a try!

If you’re like most women and still haven’t come clean about your pregnancy, keep in mind – at least as far as your husband is concerned – you can still get away with a little bit of fun. Here are five great ways to let him know you’re expecting. You’ve been telling yourself you’ll do a pregnancy announcement to your husband tonight, and here it is.

Surprise your husband by telling him in person and not over the phone. Don’t let your husband hear it from the neighbor. Make him get a pregnancy test and watch his reaction!

After being married for over 20 years, it’s safe to say that you and your husband don’t need any more confirmation that you’re expecting. But when he finds out at his job and the words “pregnant” come out of your mouth, he probably won’t know what to say. Luckily for you, we’ve got plenty of options for ways to announce your pregnancy to him.

It’s that time—when you’re one of the many couples that make it to this point in your marriage and start to feel like you’ve seen each other all your lives. But just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, surprise! You fall in love with a new personality trait your partner picks up right before your eyes. And it’s not just one trait either, but an entire catalog of behaviors that has you wondering how you got so lucky!

When you’re pregnant, do you think of the funny and unique ways to tell your husband that you’re expecting? Do you have any hilarious ideas for how he could be told about baby?The reveal: I’m pregnant! Tell your husband with this funny way to announce pregnancy. This is a great gift for the newly wed couple, who want to celebrate their big day by celebrating the newest addition to their family.

This is something that you and your husband will appreciate. The pregnancy test kit is designed in a way so that you can tell him with a lot of fun and excitement.

Funny Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family

Since you will be expecting a baby in a few months, we thought it would be helpful to share the signs of pregnancy. You can then use these funny ways to announce pregnancy together with your family at home or in public places. Pregnancy is a happy time, but it can be even more spectacular when you have a funny way to announce the news. Here are 8 creative ways to tell your family that you’re expecting!

The most important announcement you will ever make is in regards to baby making! The thought of telling everyone the good news is daunting and exciting all at the same time. You’ll want to tell your closest family members, so you can prepare them for what’s to come. But who should tell them first? For some women, knowing that they have been pregnant for a few months might also be a novel discovery.

Another day, another happy event! We’re bringing together a collection of ideas to celebrate your new status as a parent. From baby showers and baby announcements to pregnancy announcements, this is the perfect gift list for any expecting couple.

How do you want to get the message across that you’re expecting? Funny gifts and ideas will say it all. I don’t know about you, but I have always been a “people” person. This pregnancy has been hard on me because I spend so much time with my family and friends who are supportive. I know that they love me, but it has been hard keeping the secret from everyone in my life.

Funny Ways To Announce Pregnancy In Person

Parenthood is about the journey, but it’s also about the destination. So to help you find your way, we’re here with a smattering of funny ways to announce pregnancy in person. Parenthood is about the journey, but it’s also about the destination. So to help you find your way, we’re here with a smattering of funny ways to announce pregnancy in person.

Your eyes go wide and your face lights up when you sort-of announce it, but we’re here to help with some 💕funny ways to tell someone you’ve been pregnant. With a little Internet magic, you can say “I’m pregnant!” in every situation. Now you don’t have to wait for a special occasion for the perfect way to share your exciting pregnancy news! Show off your bump and let people know how cute it is with our funny pregnancy announcement cards.

Introducing your baby to the world can be a dramatic event, but if you have small children at home, it can be even more of a spectacle. The last thing you want is for someone to see your pregnancy announcement and not say anything, whether you’re hoping for congratulations or trying to explain why you’re no longer going out. If either of these scenarios sounds familiar and your news hasn’t been going well, we’ve got some fun ideas that will help make everyone feel involved in the announcement day. Inviting an expecting parents over to your house for a casual gathering is an excellent way to announce the baby’s existence. This means you’ll need some extra time and patience on your part, but it’s well worth it.

You’ve made it! 1 month to go and still no signs of pregnancy. At least it’s not a pain in the behind. Wait, I think I’m bleeding…

Funny Ways To Announce Pregnancy Over Text

Can you guess how to announce your pregnancy over text messaging? You might be surprised! Can you guess how to announce your pregnancy over text messaging? You might be surprised!

If you haven’t heard the pregnancy news, it’s time to start. Here are some unusual things that you can text your partner about during the early weeks of pregnancy.

To Husband

Tell your husband he’s going to be a dad with this subtle but powerful coffee mug. It looks plain on the outside, but it has a special message at the bottom. Bring him a hot cup of coffee one morning, then smile and patiently wait for him to finish. He’ll wonder if you’ve poisoned him at first, but the look on his face when he takes that last swill will be priceless.

To Parents (The New Grandparents)

There are lots of fun ways to tell your parents you’re pregnant, but this one is my favorite. Just put some noise reduction ear muffs on your parents, then whisper whatever you want them to guess! It can be as simple as “I’m pregnant” or more complicated like “You’re going to be grandparents!” They have to keep guessing until they get it right… and they’ll know it when they do.

To Your Siblings

In this video, the parents-to-be are playing a game of Mad Gab with their siblings. They have to take a seemingly nonsense sentence and turn it into actual words – and when they finally do, it’s awesome!

To Your Kids

custom puzzles featuring a stork that says "you're going to be a big brother/sister"
via MollyDCrafts on Etsy

If you’ve already got one or more children, their reaction alone is probably going to be hilarious. But these jigsaw puzzles make them work for it! You can get custom, individual jigsaw puzzles for each of your kids and tell them whoever finishes first will know a big secret. The pieces are pretty big so it should be pretty easy, but really young children may need some help to complete and read it.

Pregnancy Announcement Using the Dog

dog wearing a bandana that says "guess what? mom's pregnant!"
via LittlePupsBoutiqueCo on Etsy

By far the best way to use your dog to announce your pregnancy is to put a “Mom’s Pregnant” bandana around their necks and wait for people to give them pets and scritches! If you normally put bandanas on your dog already, it’ll work even better. They won’t suspect anything until they happen to see it.

Humorous Pregnancy Announcements to Coworkers

Pique Curiosity in the Break Room

pink and blue frosted cookies that spell out "I'm pregnant" with hearts
via Strawberry’s World

If you work in a larger office with plenty of women, sneak into the breakroom and drop off some pink- and blue-frosted cookies or donuts. Put a placard next to them that says “Someone here is having a baby. Can you guess who?” You’ll be hearing the buzz around the building in no time. The question is, will someone be brave enough to confront you?

Send an Important Email

funny work email announcing a pregnancy

A simple but super-effective way to announce your pregnancy at work is to send a work email. You shouldn’t send it to the whole company unless it’s super small. Just pick the coworkers you’re closest to. Start it off by making it sound official and that someone is joining the team, then tell them you’re the one expanding right now! You can download the template above for free and make it super-easy.

Unexpected(ly Funny) Pregnancy Announcement

woman holding finger against lips for quiet while holding a letter board saying she's pregnant in front of her entire family who can't see it
image @jacquelinereidphotography

Accidental pregnancies happen, but that doesn’t mean your pregnancy announcement shouldn’t be special! To surprise your entire family with your “oops” baby, schedule a family photoshoot and bring a prepared sign or letter board. Don’t let them see it until the photographer is ready to capture all of their reactions at once!

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Shirts

Some of the funniest shirts we’ve found are below, but we’ve also rounded up over one hundred of the best pregnancy announcement shirts too!

For First-Time Moms

The best pregnancy announcement shirt is one that is 1. funny and 2. can be worn throughout your whole pregnancy. This “kickin’ me smalls” shirt ticks both boxes! You can also get it in different colors or long sleeves, if needed.

For Couples

pregnancy announcement shirts that say "you can stop asking when we're having a baby now" and "we're pregnant but mostly her"
via LuluuTees on Etsy

These cute his-and-hers pregnancy announcement t-shirts will do anything but shut up the family members who always ask when you’re having a baby. But now they’ll have new questions to ask, like “When are you due?” and “How did it happen?”… Like they don’t already know.

Hilarious Pregnancy Announcement Card

illustration of an ovum wearing a finish line sash with semen racing toward it with text reading "We have a winner."

If you need to announce your pregnancy long-distance or you’re just not very verbal, you can still make the moment extremely funny. Just send them a card! You even have the option of printing it at home to send it ASAP. Get the files for this one here.

Witty Twin Pregnancy Announcement

couple holding up two onesies that read "we only ordered one" and "but it was buy one get one free" to show they're pregnant with twins
image @handletteredlovebybev

Having twins lends itself to a whole new world of pregnancy jokes. This couple made the best of things by using the old “buy one, get one free” trope to announce their pregnancy on Instagram with baby onesies.

Funny Pregnancy Announcement for a Second (or More) Child

woman holding up a sign reading "we're pregnant again" while riding a rollercoaster
image @anyamonzikova

Whether it’s your second, third, or fourth (or more!) baby, there are definitely pregnancy announcements out there to pull ideas from! This is one of the funniest ones I’ve ever seen, and is very unique. How many people can say their pregnancy announcement photo came from a rollercoaster snapshot? And it’ll work no matter how many kids you already have!

Hysterical Lesbian Pregnancy Announcement

lesbian couple wearing t-shirts that say "I'm pregnant" and "I'm not the father" to announce their pregnancy

For some reason, stating the obvious in a pregnancy announcement reads as super funny. Of course she’s not the father, but the context of this photo is everything.

Silly Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot

family of four announcing a pregnancy with one son happy, one son upset, and the dad stressed out
image @hayleyf21

Most pregnancy announcements are done with photos these days. (Well, at least when you’re telling more distant family, friends, and social media in general.) The funniest pictures are always real about how everyone’s feeling. There’s no doubt what’s going on in each person’s mind with this one!

Amusing Social Media Pregnancy Announcement Memes

pregnancy announcement movie poster for social media

Funny pregnancy memes are posted everyday as a Facebook status or Instagram upload. My personal favorites are the ones that look like comedy movie posters featuring the parents-to-be looking shocked or worried. You can get one just like this customized featuring your info and photo from the Bright Color Mom Shop!

Create Your Lego Family

My husband is a huge fan of Legos, so our first social media announcement was an image I put together of Legos that looked like us! You can either piece together a photo with minifigure images you find online, or actually order your likenesses in minifigures and take pictures of them to post.

Minifigure babies can be hard to find, but you can order them on this website. While you’re there, create minifigs of you and your partner!

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Quotes and Captions

letterboard pregnancy announcement

Finding the right wording for a funny pregnancy announcement can be tough. It’s just text, but comedy is sometimes insensitive. Choose one of these knee-slapper sayings to use in a card, Facebook post, or on a letter board in your photo shoot!

  • “Nothing like a new pair of genes!”
  • “I’m growing a human, but still killing all of the plants.”
  • “We’re pregnant! Don’t worry, it was on purpose.”
  • “[Partner’s name] is going to be a daddy (and I’m pretty sure it’s mine)!”
  • “We’ve come up with the ultimate tax deduction for next year.”
  • “As it turns out, [partner]’s pull-out game is WEAK.”
  • “Dinner for two: $40. Weekend getaway: $250. Telling everyone you’re pregnant and then heading out of town so your phone doesn’t ring…PRICELESS!”
  • “We took Netflix and chill a little too far.”
  • “Bra OFF. Hair UP. Belly OUT.”
  • “Does this baby belly make me look pregnant?”
  • “Everybody leave me alone. I’ve had a busy day being pregnant and I have to do it again tomorrow.”
  • From your partner: “I like big bumps and I cannot lie!”

Cute Pregnancy Announcement Riddles

If you want to make everyone work for it, you can always give them a riddle instead of outright announcing your pregnancy. Here are some you can steal!
  • What gets a shower, but doesn’t get wet?
  • We’ve decided that we no longer want plenty of sleep, time to ourselves, or a clean house. We couldn’t be happier!
  • I’m small but very important. I’m free to make but expensive to keep. You can’t see me yet. What am I?
  • There are three people in this picture. Can you spot the third?

Raunchy Pregnancy Announcement Poems

As long as you’re not posting it for easily-offended family members to see, feel free to use a naughty poem to announce your pregnancy! Try one of these on for size.

First came me,
Then came him,
Then came a new
tiny human!

There once was a man from the suburbs
Who liked to drink and smoke fine herbs
Then he found a hot woman
Who got him to comin’
And now she’s growing new curves!

Funny Holiday Pregnancy Announcements

Holidays are really popular moments for announcing pregnancies. The family is usually all together without you having to orchestrate it (which makes them suspicious), and the day will feel extra-special. Here are some funny announcements to use on the most popular holidays! We’ve also got a whole article dedicated to telling your husband you’re pregnant on Valentine’s day.


couple in x-ray shirts with the woman's featuring a skeleton baby in the stomach. she's holding a sign that says "not a trick, just a treat, due May 2021"
image @majestymariaaa

Your t-shirt will have everyone doing a double-take this Halloween! The classic x-ray t-shirt gets a maternity makeover with a little baby curled up in the bottom. Get the t-shirt here!


two t-shirts that say "drinking for two" and "eating for two" with the latter showing tiny footprints on the stomach
via BlondarazziDesigns on Etsy

“Eating for two” is old news. But the “drinking for two” is accurate in so many ways. It’ll have your whole family laughing at the dinner table! Grab both shirts.


silhouette of Santa and his reindeer crossing a glowing full moon against a blue snowy airbrushed background with text reading "So much for those Silent Nights, Santa's delivering a special package next year!"

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I even waited until I was 20 weeks pregnant and already knew we were having a boy to tell ANYONE I was pregnant with my son. Including my mom! And I did it all with a Christmas card. Just drop them in the mail and wait for the phone calls to blow up your phone in a couple of days. 

What do you do if your friends think you’ve gone off the rails? Send them an email and tell them what they can do with their nagging. Or, if you have a more morbid disposition, send a cute meme that shows your friends what to expect during pregnancy.

You’re having a baby! And although you might not want to tell your BFF all about it, sometimes a little bit of over-sharing is just what’s called for. So go ahead—share the good news, and send us a picture of your growing belly too.

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