How Many Swaddle Blankets Do I Need

You’ll probably want a minimum of three swaddling blanket options. Think of having enough swaddles to have one on your baby, one in the laundry, and one in case of emergency. If you don’t think you’ll use the swaddling blankets for that particular baby again, buy cotton muslin fabric instead of ready-made swaddle wraps or swaddle blankets so it can serve double duty as a burp cloth. For example, to give as a gift to expectant parents, place several clean receiving blankets into a basket along with a package of diaper wipes and a sample size bottle of hypoallergenic baby wash. The basket makes an attractive gift by itself. Add some stuffed animals or teething rings and you’ve got something that’s both practical and beautiful—and inexpensive!

You’ll probably want a minimum of three swaddling blanket options. Think of having enough swaddles to have one on your baby, one in the laundry, and one in case of emergency!

Swaddling is simple. Many babies love it, but every baby is different. Generally speaking, you’ll probably want a minimum of three swaddle blankets options. Think of having enough swaddles to have one on your baby, one in the laundry, and one in case of emergency.

We recommend having at least three swaddling options available.

Every new parent needs a few swaddle options because the more you have, the more likely you’ll always have one ready for baby. You may want to get more so you can stock up on different types, or so you can use them for cleaning up spit up!

Swaddles can be expensive, but they’re one baby product that you won’t want to skimp on. Stock up on at least three swaddles if you plan on swaddling your baby — one, so that there’s always a fresh swaddle available, and two, so they have a little variety in their sleepwear wardrobe.

As a new parent, one of the questions I asked other parents when expecting our son was just how many swaddling blankets do I need? How about how many receiving blankets do I need, how many muslin blankets do I need and how many cloth diapers do I need?It was difficult knowing what these different blankets were meant for but even harder deciding how many to have.Fortunately, there is no need to crack the nut on how many swaddling blankets you need because this article will be providing answers to your question “how many swaddling blankets do I need” and also everything you need to know babies and swaddling blankets. Read On…

Here’s Why Swaddling Works

Swaddling has been around for centuriesHarvard Health reported. The act of tucking a blanket around a baby so that they feel safe and secure has been heralded by many bleary-eyed parents desperate for some zzz’s of their own. In the study, “Swaddling and Infant Sleeping Practices”, researchers confirmed that swaddling helps babies to sleep better, and in fact, more safely. “Swaddling is ideal for babies from birth to 16 weeks and is especially helpful when their startle reflex (the Moro reflex) is strongest during the first 12 weeks,” Sierra Dante, a pediatric sleep consultant tells Romper. The Moro reflex is when your sleeping baby will suddenly startle and flail their arms and legs. (And if you’ve ever worked hard to get your sweetie to sleep, you know that the Moro reflex can eff it all up.) And that’s when swaddling is an excellent sleepy time solution for your baby, since it keeps your baby’s arms and legs close to their body.

Swaddling Your Baby Should Only Be For A Short Time

But here’s the bummer about baby blankets. When it comes to swaddling, you only have a very narrow window of time in which to use them, and that’s why it doesn’t make sense to stock up on too many blankets. Juliana Parker, RNC-OB, a 17-year obstetrical and newborn registered nurse, explains: “Research demonstrates that swaddling older infants may increase the risk of SIDS because older infants begin to try to turn themselves,” says Parker. “If they are successful, the comforting swaddle may become a trap preventing them from getting back into a safe sleeping position.” She advises not swaddling your baby unsupervised once they reach eight weeks old, and to cease swaddling altogether once they show signs that they’re truly trying to roll over, which typically happens around the 4-month mark, per What to Expect.

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Here’s How Many Swaddling Blankets You Really Need, According To Experts

So how many swaddlers is sufficient without having a barrage of blankets overflowing from your kid’s closet? Well, like most things, it depends primarily on your family dynamic. Naturally, having twins means that you’ll have double of everything. But if you have an explosive pooper on your hands, you might need to have extra blankies. After all, blowouts are messy as it is, but imagine having to unwrap your baby burrito to clean a diaper and a blanket, too. Not fun.

Still, according to pediatric sleep consultant Amy Motroni, you really don’t need a ton of swaddling blankets. “Since your baby should only use the swaddles for sleep, they aren’t likely to get dirty,” she says. “Three to five swaddles that you can rotate between is perfect.”

And Here’s The Number of Swaddling Blankets Real Moms Swear By

Of course, more blankets means more laundry. And ultimately, it depends on how frequently you want to wash them — or your tolerance level for seeing a lot of laundry piling up. “My son had some reflux issues, so there was always a ton of vomit and I really tried to not do laundry every single day,” attorney Danielle Liss tells Romper. “However, due to his sheer baby strength, we gave up on swaddles and put him in those sacks.” All in all, she says she had about 10 in total. So if washing your baby’s clothes and blankets on a daily basis isn’t an issue, you can probably get away with buying less.

And then, you might have a kiddo who just burns through their baby swaddle blankets, like Nicole Culver’s child. The mom of three and business owner tells Romper: We probably go through four to five a day, but we also use them as burp cloths too, and I swap them out super frequently.”

At some point, though, your swaddles might need to get switched out due to heavy rotation. Case in point: when registered dietitian Katie Hiddleston had her babies, she says that she’s “pretty sure we had three of the ‘four packs’ of the big Aden and Anais swaddle blankets — our favorite.”

If you’re planning to swaddle your baby, you should stock up on some blankets, but not too, too many. After all, by the time you get used to putting your little one in what’s essentially a pint-sized papoose, they will probably start to outgrow this sweet (but fleeting) little swaddling stage.

How Many Swaddle Blankets do I Need for a Newborn

As you prepare for your baby’s arrival, you’ll probably stock up on a lot of supplies. (Because the last thing you want is to run out of newborn diapers at 2:00 a.m.) When it comes to baby blankets, though, it can be hard to guesstimate how many you’ll really need. And if you plan to swaddle your little sweetie in said blankets, you might think that you’ll need a bounty of them. We had real moms weigh in on just how many swaddling blankets you need to have, because it’s definitely not as many as you might think.

What Is A Swaddle?

When you hear the word swaddle, you may think it is a kind of expensive apparel for babies. A swaddle is a thin blanket used to wrap newborns, they do not wriggle out and the aim is to prevent the baby from wriggling out and to continue to sleep without abrupt awakening.

working mechanism is that the swaddle imitates the warmth of the womb, making the baby still feel that they are still in the womb and also it mitigates the effects of the startle reflex.

Is Swaddling A Recent Practice?

A parent who hasn’t heard about swaddling would be wondering if swaddling is a recent practice but the answer is no, it is an ancient practice that has been in existence for hundreds of years, it has been used across different civilizations as a substitute for the replacement of the warmth of the womb to soothe newborns and make it easy for the newborn to fall asleep for long hours.

Why Should I Swaddle?

Swaddling is good for your baby because of the following reasons

  • Swaddling prevents your baby from being woken up by the newborn startle reflex since swaddling keeps your baby’s arm tight to their sides when they sleep.
  • Swaddling also helps your baby feel comforted and calm since it offers the same warmth as the womb and the swaddling wrap womb-like.
  • Swaddling also offers great warmth to your baby while he or she sleeps.
  • Swaddling your baby helps to maintain your baby’s back sleeping position.
  • Swaddles mimic the touch of a mother that is vital to keep your baby calm when your baby suddenly wakes up at night.
  • Swaddles help in soothing babies with colic a great deal.
  • Swaddles help mom and dad get a great deal of a good night’s rest as their baby is not disturbing with crying and screaming.

How Many Swaddling Blankets Do I Need?

How Many Swaddling Blankets Do I Need for newborn

How many swaddling blankets you need depends on the purpose you’re using them for and the type or design you get.

Research using surveys was carried out on new mothers; the consensus was that a newborn’s wardrobe should have three to six swaddles. That is at least one or two to wear, to wash, and to spare.

However, you can have as many swaddles as you wish in your baby’s wardrobe depending on a list of different factors. Here, we will discuss different situations and the corresponding numbers of swaddles that you would need for your baby.

Different Swaddles For Different Time Of The Day

During the nighttime, the sack-style swaddles are a good option because they ensure a firm yet soft wrap that remains intact even if the baby wakes up and gets fuzzy while you are asleep. Swaddle sacks also comes in handy when you go out with your baby.

On the other hand, traditional (muslin) swaddles are awesome during nappy hours throughout the day. If you prefer the above minimum swaddle equation, you would probably need six swaddles in total (three each).

Laundry Frequency

How many swaddles you need also depends on how often you launder. If you launder one or two times a week, you may need to double the number of swaddles you have. If you use other types of swaddles for different times of the day, you should probably need to get 12 swaddles for your baby.

Swaddles And Spitting Up

Normally spitting up is common among newborns. According to research, almost half of all healthy babies spit up in their first three months due to infant gastroesophageal reflux.

If your baby is among those infants, not only will the baby bibs be affected by the spit-ups and vomits but your baby swaddles will all be messed up too. In this case, you have to double the number of the minimum swaddles you initially purchased. These additional swaddles will save you from getting strapped into the laundry every time.

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What Are The Types Of Swaddles

There are essentially two types of swaddles that are in the market and they are the traditional swaddles and swaddle sacks.

Traditional Swaddles

The traditional swaddles are the swaddle that has been available for hundreds of years. It is just a large piece of thin blanket that can be used for swaddling as well as a burp cloth and regular blanket.

Swaddle Sacks

Swaddle sacks are innovative sacks designed for parents that haven’t learned the art of wrapping babies like a burrito. It is usually manufactured and sold with features like zippers, rings, snaps, and Velcro to help make swaddling your baby quite easier.

They have an adjustable closure with hook and loop patches that can help you adjust the sack in line with the size and comfort of the baby.

The manufacturing materials are also soft and breathable to prevent overheating of the swaddle’s internal environment irrespective of the outside temperature.

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Can All Babies Be Swaddled?

Generally speaking, swaddling is good and safe for every newborn but there are some exceptions. If your baby is having hip dysplasia or other hip issues, swaddling may tend to aggravate that, so if your baby has any hip-related issues like hip dysplasia then before attempting swaddling, consult your baby’s pediatrician.

Remember also that everyone is unique, some babies may not be comfortable in a swaddle, or may just be at home with their torso being swaddled while their arms are free.

How Long Should I Swaddle My Baby

According to the recommended you stop swaddling your baby at 2 months old according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)If you continue swaddling your baby beyond this age, your baby may battle with certain developmental issues.

Once you notice that your baby has started rolling over around, swaddling at this stage could be dangerous since babies shouldn’t lie on their stomachs without being able to use their arms.

Once your baby is over this age, sleep sacks or blankets that don’t constrict your baby’s movements especially when they’re rolling over can be used. Which brings us to the question of how many receiving and muslin blankets do you need?

How Many Receiving Blankets Do I Need?

The number of receiving blankets you need varies depending on whether you’re using them for swaddling your newborn as well. If you’re using a specially designed swaddle blanket as mentioned above then you’re good to go with 3 to 4 receiving blankets.

However, if you’re swaddling your newborn, then more than less is ok. Some mothers say a minimum of 5 but up to 20 (when you’re swaddling your newborn) saves you time and energy at the washing machine. Receiving blankets is quite soft and cozy. They’re versatile so you may not need to have too many.

Why Are Receiving Blankets Useful?

If you’re getting over the shock at the idea of getting so many receiving blankets, be rest assured they won’t go to waste! A good quality receiving blanket like the Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Flannel Receiving Blankets will last you for many years once your baby outgrows swaddling.

Receiving blankets can be used to:

  • Clean up your baby’s burps and spit-ups while protecting your baby’s clothes against spills during nursing.
  • Make your baby’s tummy time more comfortable.
  • Cover yourself while nursing your baby in public.
  • Place your baby on while doing a diaper change.
  • Cover your baby while traveling in the car seat or the stroller.
  • Give your baby a place to lie or play on when you’re visiting families or spending an afternoon in the park.
  • Reassure your child when they’re transitioning to their cot or room. Infants love to have their own “security blanket”.
  • With that been said, having more than fewer receiving blankets can’t be a waste!

Difference Between Swaddles And Receiving Blankets?

For many new parents, the argument between swaddle blankets vs receiving blankets remains confusing. Both swaddling and receiving blankets are necessarily thin, lightweight baby wraps and are used during the baby’s first year.

To avoid the confusion between the two blankets once and for all, remember this: you can use receiving blankets as swaddles, but you can’t use all types of swaddles as receiving blankets.

However, the main difference between swaddles and receiving blankets is that the former may come with different features. A swaddle blanket is designed with zippers, Velcro straps, wings, pockets, and other features. While a receiving blanket is a simple no-frill rectangular or square blanket.This simple design of a receiving blanket makes it a versatile baby accessory. You can either use it as a regular blanket to cover your baby or use it as a makeshift baby bed sheet on top of a crib sheet.

Another difference between swaddles and receiving blankets is a swaddle is generally bigger than the receiving blanket.

TIP: If you’re unsure and can’t make out a difference between the two, just go for the options that are categorically sold as swaddle blankets. Since they are solely designed for swaddling, you won’t need to struggle to use them.

Watch this video which talks about the difference between swaddle and receiving blankets.

How Many Muslin Blankets Do I Need?

Knowing how many muslin blankets you need gets easier when you decide what you’re going to use them for. According to a U.K. company that manufactures muslin blankets, they carried out a survey with mothers and the number of muslin blankets mothers needed ranged between 5 and 15 with 35% of respondents saying you can never have too many!

Why Do I Need So Many Muslin Blankets?

The BaeBae Goods Muslin Swaddle Blankets are a great choice since their lightweight options for swaddling, covering your baby while outside, cleaning up spills, wiping away baby spit-ups, and covering up during nursing.

Muslin blankets are versatile as receiving blankets but they’re not as warm and cozy. Therefore, whether you decide to opt for 5, 7, or even 20, you can never have too many especially if you’re only doing laundry once or twice a week.

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Wind Up

You may realize by now that there’s no definitive answer to the question “how many swaddling blankets do I need”? My research has been based on what other parents have recommended and what I have experienced myself. With that being said, there are a few factors to have in mind when deciding how many you need such as:

  • How frequently do you plan to launder?
  • If you are dealing with twins or triplets (doubling or even tripling up the numbers will be required in this situation!).
  • What you’re using the blankets for.
  • If you’re starting with swaddle blankets designed for your newborn’s first 2 months.

However, as a parent having the right information helps you determine what’s best for you and your baby. So why not go ahead and add a few different blankets to your registry.

Am convinced you’ll feel good about receiving and using them no withstanding how many you get. Kindly share this article with your mom’s friends if you found it helpful or comment below if you have any suggestions.

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