How To Do Pregnancy Announcement To Husband

To do pregnancy announcement to husband you need to make sure that both parents are happy and satisfied with their relationship. If you can’t be sure about that, then you need to take time for once in a life-time decision, which will affect not only your life but your partner’s as well.

When you’re ready to announce to your significant other that a baby is on the way, there are a couple of ways to handle it. We connect women with similar stories who had different methods of telling their husbands or partners they were pregnant. Read through and find which method will work best for you and your family. Flying the flag of pride may be one of the most important things to your family and friends, and it’s also a great way to share your exciting news. You can do pregnancy announcements by stork or in traditional rod.

Imagine the moment when you’re holding your baby in your arms for the first time—you know, when you look into the eyes of that precious bundle and feel overwhelmed with love. Or imagine watching your husband’s jaw drop as he reads this cute pregnancy announcement. Whatever scenario you dream of on your wedding day becoming a reality, we want to help make it happen by celebrating this special time with beautiful stationery.

Announcing your pregnancy can be daunting, especially if you’re unsure how your partner will take the news. Even if you’re happy about it, they may not be and vice versa. Here are a few tips to help make the conversation go smoothly. Many women do not want to tell their husbands until the third month of pregnancy since they can’t hide their bump after four weeks. There is no set way to tell a partner you are pregnant, but experts recommend choosing a private place with no distractions and letting him see your positive pregnancy test as soon as possible.

Diy Pregnancy Announcement For Husband

Do you and your husband want to start a family? Make it easy for him find out about your pregnancy. This DIY announcement is sure to be a hit with dad! Make a pregnancy announcement all your husband will remember with this fun, easy-to-make DIY. Diys for new parents, these creative pregnancy announcement ideas are sure to be an easy DIY crafts for everyone…including the dad!


Put your positive pregnancy test somewhere you know your partner will stumble across it. If you use a digital pregnancy test instead of the ones with lines, make sure you take the test within eight hours of hiding it as the word “pregnant” disappears after 15-48 hours depending on the brand!


Let your shirt do the talking by wearing a fun graphic tee, like one of these:


: Surprise him with a gift — a wrapped book like Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads or The Expectant Father: The Ultimate Guide for Dads-To-Be and watch the expression on his face as he puts the pieces together!


Wrap a baby onesie for your partner and make it meaningful depending on his hobbies. A few cute ideas:


Put a bun in the oven, turn the oven’s timer on, then when it goes off tell your partner you made them a special treat they need to take out of the oven. See how long it takes for them to put two and two together!


Buy your husband his favorite candy or treat and attach this cute printable note to the front of the package: “If I’m going to get fat so are you”


Buy him a case of his favorite beer or a bottle of his favorite wine and put a sign on it with your due date: “Drink up daddy. Your designated driver expires _____”


Order a pizza for dinner and write “I’m Pregnant” on the inside of the lid, along with your positive pregnancy test (make sure the lid is on!). He won’t be expecting that with his pepperoni pizza!


Put an eviction notice up on the door of his office or man cave to let him know it will now be needed for nursery space.


Include a special message on top of the sweet treat with icing or sprinkles: “You’re Going to be a Parent!”


Buy a pair of baby booties and tape the positive pregnancy test into the lid of the box. If you want to get really sneaky, you can put the baby shoes in a men’s shoe box to really throw him off!


Make him a card with a sweet poem inside: “Roses are red, violets are blue, I have a secret and here’s the clue.” You can either wrap the positive pregnancy test or tape the test inside the card!


If Chinese takeout is a staple in your house and your partner always opens his fortune cookie — get a custom cookie made to break the news that you’re expecting!


Download a baby tracking app on your husband’s phone and set up push notifications. He’ll never expect to see the words “You’re 5 weeks pregnant today! Baby is the size of a poppy seed” on his phone!


When a box of diapers mysteriously appears at your door, your partner will surely be confused. When he sees the box is addressed to him, he’ll realize you’ll soon have a baby around who needs those diapers!

There are so many fun ways to tell your partner you’re expecting. Whether you prefer to keep it simple and break the news over morning coffee, or spell it in the sky with an airplane, either way creates a very special moment to share. Next comes even more excitement, planning for your little one’s arrival!

If you’ve already told your partner you’re expecting — how did you do it? Do you have any creative ideas to add to our list? Share this post on your social media, tag us & add your fun ideas!

What better way to announce your pregnancy than with a DIY pregnancy announcement. It will really make your husband feel special and he is sure to cherish it forever! Pregnancy is such a special time in your relationship with your partner, and it’s important to let them feel included in your journey. These ideas are creative yet also easy enough that anyone can put them together!

Easy Pregnancy Announcement To Husband

Make your pregnancy announcement to your husband with this ultra-soft and cozy tee. Pregnancy announcements are tricky. One wrong word and you can end up with a lifetime of “it’s a what?” jokes. With our easy pregnancy announcement to husband, you can say congratulations on your impending fatherhood with the proper tone that he deserves.

Announcing your pregnancy is one of the most exciting times for a woman and her husband. When you’re pregnant, there is so much to think about, like how you are going to tell him. Having a girl is more complicated than ever! Check out this fun way to announce your pregnancy: Write a letter to your husband (on his birthday, or Christmas, or just because), but instead of writing “Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas” at the top, write “We’re having a baby!” Then you can tell him the good news and add another line like “But I don’t want to ruin the surprise—just read it and embrace the magic!” This trick will make the perfect anniversary gift!

I haven’t yet told my husband about the pregnancy, but I think he will be thrilled. He and I were dating for two years before we got married, and both of our parents thought it was absurd that we ever got engaged, so I know they’ll be happy to have grandchildren. As much as they love their grandkids, I know they’re going to spend a lot less time with them once they become full-time parents themselves!

Surprise Pregnancy Announcement To Husband

Give your husband the surprise of his life! A fully customisable pregnancy announcement kit that includes announcement cards and throw pillows, available in a wide range of styles. Learn how to tell the man who is going to be the father of your baby a beautiful surprise pregnancy announcement with best funny, romantic and unique ideas. Try and pick the right one you like best.

What better way to tell your husband that you’re expecting than with an unexpected goodie box full of his favorite things? We never thought that we would be able to have a baby, so this is the best surprise ever! Thank you for your unfailing support. We’re so happy!

When to Tell Your Husband, Spouse, or Partner You’re Pregnant

Before jumping into all the fun and creative ways to deliver a pregnancy announcement to your husband or to reveal the exciting news to your partner, it’s common to wonder about the timing of it all. This thought leads to other questions, like how long to wait to tell your husband you’re pregnant or when and how you tell your partner about an unplanned pregnancy. Of course, when to tell your husband you’re pregnant or when you share the news with your partner or spouse is a personal decision, but it’s typical to announce your pregnancy to your partner first before telling anyone else. Who better to support you with all those early pregnancy symptoms and checkups! Whether you’ve been trying to have a baby, or your pregnancy is an unplanned surprise, you can use cute, fun, or creative ways to tell your partner you’re pregnant. But in the end, do what feels right for you. Choose a funny idea if you want to be playful or go for something classic and cute to be sentimental. The timing and style of a pregnancy announcement to your partner will be unique to you and your relationship. There’s really no need to wait unless you want to!


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Cute Ways to Tell Your Husband, Spouse, or Partner You’re Pregnant

If you’re wondering “How do I tell them I’m pregnant?”, you might want to consider a cute way to make the big announcement. Some ideas include getting your new baby’s siblings or family pets involved, and what could be cuter than that?

1. Piggy Bank

Surprise your husband or stun your spouse or partner with a piggy bank as a pregnancy announcement. Pick up a piggy bank from your local craft store and paint “BABY” on the side or order a custom-made one online. Give it to your partner and watch their eyes light up!

2. Pizza Reveal

If food is the way to your partner’s heart, make a pizza and use the toppings to spell out your pregnancy announcement. Use pepperoni slices or colorful peppers to create a message like “We’re pregnant!”

3. Table for Three

One cute way to tell your husband you’re pregnant or reveal the exciting news to your spouse in a clever way is to make dinner reservations for three at your favorite restaurant. Ask the staff to write “Congratulations” in chocolate or fruit puree on a plate and place it at the third table setting. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant, your partner might quickly figure out the reason behind the message, but if this baby is a happy surprise, you can play coy until they guess correctly.

4. Conspiring With the Kids

Make a surprise pregnancy announcement for your partner and involve your kids! Ask your children to help make shirts using fabric markers and paints, decorating and writing something like “Big Sister” on the front. Tell your kid (or kids) to wait until you call them into the living room and watch your partner’s reaction as they make the big reveal for you! This is an excellent option for announcing a second pregnancy to your husband or telling your partner that you’re having twins!

5. Chalkboard Announcement

Write a message on a chalkboard, such as “I’m pregnant!” or “You’re going to be a parent!” and leave it propped up somewhere your partner will find it. Alternatively, you could hire a photographer or ask a friend to snap photos as you turn the chalkboard over and your partner reads the big announcement.

6. Baby Basket

Buy or borrow a few newborn baby essentials, such as a plush toy, rattle, jumpsuit, socks, etc., and put them in a soft basket. Line the basket with fleece or faux fur, add things like linens or blankets, and finish it off with the baby goods. Present the basket of goodies to your partner as a sweet pregnancy announcement.

7. The Classic

Sometimes, the best way to tell your husband you’re pregnant or share the exciting news with your spouse or partner is with a classic. Simply let your at-home pregnancy test do the talking. You can present it to your partner or wrap it up as a gift.

8. Baby Shoes

Another traditional way to announce your pregnancy to your husband or partner is by wrapping up a cute pair of baby shoes and giving it to them as a gift.

9. Diaper Delivery

Order a pack of diapers and wipes online and wait for them to be delivered. You can reveal the big news when your partner sees you’ve ordered baby diapers! Either ask your them to answer the door when they’re delivered or open the box when they get home.

10. A Sweet Surprise

Another cute idea for a pregnancy announcement to your partner involves ice cream—and everything’s better with ice cream! Order a custom-made spoon that says something like “We’re having a baby” and give it to your partner with a bowl of their favorite ice cream. As they finish their first spoonful, they’ll notice the sweet message!

11. Pregnancy Is Like a Box of Chocolates

You’ll need to conspire with your favorite chocolatier or bakery for this cute and delicious surprise that tells your partner you’re pregnant. Order a box of your partner’s favorite chocolates and ask the baker to create a custom lining to put over the chocolates. It can read “Surprise! You’re going to be a parent!” or something sweet like that.

12. A Love Letter

For a cute and sensitive idea, write a love letter announcing your pregnancy to your partner. Include all the reasons you love them and how excited you are to grow your little family. This is a sentimental idea and one that may mean a lot to your partner.

13. The Fluffy Messenger

The fluffy messenger pregnancy announcement to husband

Nothing’s sweeter than the family pet, so get a little help from the furry members of your household. Enlist your dog’s service by putting a pair of shoes in front of them or a sign around their collar that says, “You’re going to be a parent!”

14. Board Game Night

Ask your partner to stay in with you for a relaxed game night and set up a word puzzle board. Hide all the letters you’ll need to write your message. Start with one word and add more to reveal the big news, such as with “positive,” “pregnancy,” and “test,” or something like that!

15. Grocery Shopping

Another cute pregnancy announcement idea for partners involves an excursion to the grocery store. As you’re doing your usual shopping with your partner, head down the baby aisle and start putting items in your cart or basket. When your partner asks what you’re doing, announce your pregnancy with a coy smile!

16. T-Shirt Telltale

Order yourself a custom T-shirt that says something like “Preggers” or “If you can read this T-shirt, you’re going to be a parent.” Put it on casually one day or wear it out on a date night and watch your partner’s face for a reaction!

17. Frame It

Use a box frame to reveal your pregnancy. You can include items such as your pregnancy test or sonogram image (if you have one yet), plus little things like a pair of baby socks or a small plush toy. Hang your work of art in your home and ask your partner to talk to you while standing near it and see how long it takes for them to notice! Watch our video below and get inspired with more ways to announce your pregnancy.

Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Husband, Spouse, or Partner

To put a creative twist on announcing your pregnancy to your husband or to share the news in a clever way with your partner, we’ve added more ideas that reveal the big surprise! There are plenty of creative pregnancy announcement ideas to consider that can show off your uniqueness and fun side.

18. Unwrapping the Bundle

Get creative with your pregnancy announcement by greeting your partner with a decorative ribbon tied around your waist and a gift tag attached to it. Ask them to unwrap the present and take the tag, where they’ll read the words “We’re pregnant.”

19. Snail Mail

Send your partner the announcement the old-fashioned way with snail mail! If you have a sonogram image, you could send a copy of that in the mail. Otherwise, it can be a simple card “from” the baby telling your partner how excited they are to meet their new parent! There are many pregnancy announcement cards that you can consider for this idea.

20. Parent Bookmark

If your partner is a bookworm, get a custom-made bookmark announcing their upcoming status as a new parent. Order a brown leather bookmark with something like “New Dad” or “New Parent” on it, plus the year of your baby’s projected birth, so it says “Est. 2023,” for example.

21. Cupcake Communicators

Bake a few cupcakes and write, “I’m pregnant” on the top in icing. Casually place them in front of your partner and just watch their reaction. For even more fun, snap a photo of their facial expression upon reading the announcement!

22. Eating for Two

Order a custom-made bowl that says “eating for two” on the side and pour yourself a bowl of cereal in the morning. This cute way to tell your partner you’re pregnant may take some time—they may not notice your new bowl right away. But when they do, the look on their face will be priceless!

23. Pregnancy Poem

A pregnancy announcement poem to your husband, spouse, or partner is another creative idea! Channel your inner Shakespeare for a sonnet or try your hand at haiku. But it can be simple, too, like “Roses are red, violets are blue, we’re having a baby, and here’s when we’re due!”

24. Story Time

Story time pregnancy announcement to husband

Another idea for a creative baby announcement for your partner is to put together your own children’s book—well, at least borrowing from one! Get a copy of your partner’s favorite baby book or a classic title and insert your own pages into the middle of the story to divulge the big news. Ask your partner to read the book to you, and once they’ve read the part revealing that you’re pregnant, surprise them with a cute pair of baby shoes!

25. Tummy Talk

Write the news on your tummy with paints or a marker! You can keep the announcement simple with “I’m pregnant” or apply a bit of humor with “10% loading” or any other baby-related puns. If you want to find the correct percentage or want to write a countdown until your due date, you can determine how far along you are with our Pregnancy Due Date Calculator.

26. Baby Drawer

Think back to the era of classic rom-coms for this one! Like when partners would clear out dresser drawers for one another in the movies, you’ll do the same but for your new addition. Remove all the clothing from one of your partner’s dresser drawers and leave a note inside saying something like “reserved for baby.”

27. Countdown

Buy your partner a sweet gift of counting blocks or make your own set with supplies from a craft store. You’ll need two rectangle-shaped blocks and four square-shaped blocks. On the rectangles, paint or etch “weeks until” on one and “baby” on the other. Then on the square blocks, paint or engrave numbers on each side. Place the two rectangles together so they read “weeks until baby,” and make sure you have all the number combinations to count down the weeks, such as 40 weeks, 39 weeks, etc. Give the blocks to your partner, who can place them somewhere they can easily see them and change them weekly, such as on their nightstand, work desk, or mantel.

28. Holiday Fun

If you’re announcing your pregnancy to your husband or revealing the big news to your partner during a holiday, do something fun that fits the theme! For example, give them a baby jumpsuit as a present or put an extra setting at the table for your holiday meal. If you’re revealing the news around Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, give your partner a card to surprise them.

29. Scratch-Off

Have a little fun with this baby announcement idea for anyone: dads, moms, spouses, partners, etc.! Order custom-made scratch-off cards, with each card revealing a different word. For example, if your phrase is “We’re having a baby,” you’ll need four cards. Likewise, if your phrase is “You’re going to be a parent,” you’ll need six cards. Once your partner has scratched all the cards, they can put them together to reveal the news!

30. Movie Message

Have a movie night with your partner and choose a handful of flicks that center around pregnancy. Prepare snacks that mimic traditional pregnancy cravings, like pickles and ice cream. Ask your partner to decide which one to watch and see if they pick up on the theme! If not, you can reveal the news before, during, or after the film!

31. Paperclip Pairing

You’ll need three paper clips for this creative pregnancy announcement, two big and one small. Start by bending the larger paper clips, so one of the ends is touching the other, and they appear to be holding hands. Then, stretch the front of one of the clips out to look like a rounded baby bump. Place the smaller paper clip inside the “belly” and let your partner find it somewhere in the house, such as at the dinner table, on the coffee table, or at a desk.

32. Painting Class

Sign up for a private painting class with your partner, where you create portraits of one another. When you paint your partner, add a little bundle joy in their arms or a crib in the background. When you reveal your masterpieces, enjoy the look on your partner’s face!

33. Customized Puzzle

Order a customized puzzle and put it together with your partner. It could be an image of your pregnancy test, belly, or typical baby items, or it could simply read out a message like, “We’re pregnant!” Enjoy watching their delight when they see the complete image.

34. New User

If you use a streaming program that lets you set up individual users with an avatar, consider creating a new user for your future baby. When your partner logs in to watch their favorite show, they’ll notice a new user named “Baby!”

Fun and Funny Ways to Tell Your Husband, Spouse, or Partner You’re Pregnant

If you’re more interested in a playful way to tell your husband you’re pregnant, or a silly pregnancy announcement that makes your partner laugh, consider one of these fun and funny ideas.

35. Bottle Swap

Enjoy a night in with your partner, gather the fixings for their favorite drinks, and pair them with some snacks. After getting cozy on the couch, ask your partner what they’d like to drink and prepare it in the kitchen, putting their drink in a baby bottle. When you bring it out, they’ll get the message, or it will be fun to watch them try to piece it together!

36. Baby Food Dinner

Surprise your husband or partner with a pregnancy announcement by preparing an entire dinner made with baby food. Have fun with it and create fancy descriptions, such as “Artisanal carrot mash alongside deconstructed pea puree topped with softened sweet potato.” Serve beverages in baby bottles and use bibs as napkins. Sooner or later, your partner will pick up on this funny pregnancy announcement idea!

37. Secret Mirror Message

This idea is perfect for a fun and surprising way to tell your partner you’re pregnant! First, clean the bathroom mirror really well, so there are no streaks—glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol can do the trick. Then, take a cotton ball and dip it in soapy water. Write your message on the mirror and let it dry. The message is revealed when your partner takes a bath or shower and the mirror fogs!

38. Happy Snap

Happy snap pregnancy announcement to husband

If you’re looking for funny ways to tell your partner you’re pregnant, ask to take a selfie with them or get a friend to take your photo. As you count down to take the picture, say, “I’m pregnant,” right before the camera clicks. You’ll have your partner’s shocked or surprised reaction captured in the photo, a memory you can treasure forever!

39. Doughnut Ask if I’m Pregnant

Go to your favorite bakery and get a box of doughnuts. On the inside of the box, put a note that says something funny and cheeky, like “Eat up! I don’t want to grow this baby bump alone!”

40. Team Jersey

If yours is a family of sports lovers, you may appreciate this creative and fun way to tell your partner you’re pregnant. Get custom-made jerseys for you, your partner, and your new arrival. They can have names on the back like “Mom,” “Dad,” and “Baby.” You can give one to your partner while wearing yours, and when they realize what it means, you can present the baby jersey!

41. Construction Zone

If you have a spare room in your house, put up some caution tape and create a sign warning about construction. You can also do this to the corner of your bedroom if you don’t have an extra room. For example, the sign could say something like “Caution! Nursery Under Construction. Opening December 2022.”

42. Parent Proposal

Just as your partner may have proposed marriage to you or you to them, give them a new proposition: Will you be a parent? This baby announcement idea is perfect for soon-to-be dads or moms! Play it up by getting down on one knee and opening a “ring” box holding a pacifier.

43. Parent Survival Kit

Becoming a parent is wonderful and magical—but it’s also exhausting and challenging! Create a funny “survival kit” that will support those first few months as you adjust to a new baby in the house. Items you could add to the kit include chocolate bars, a custom-made T-shirt or socks, baby books, a baby jumpsuit, diapers, pacifiers, a receipt for an online birthing class, etc. Give it to your partner along with the exciting news.


Pampers® Aqua Pure™ Wipes

44. The Bun Pun

For a creative way to tell your husband you’re pregnant or a clever pregnancy announcement to your partner—and a way to surprise them—place an actual bun into the oven. When your partner comes home, tell them there’s something sweet in the oven and wait for them to figure it out!

45. Say It With a Joke

There’s no reason you can’t use a bit of humor to surprise your partner with your pregnancy announcement! Make a funny pregnancy reveal card you can leave in a surprise location or give it directly to your husband, spouse, or partner. Write something silly, like a joke coupon that says, “Free diaper changing classes, redeemable in eight months.”

46. Morning Coffee

A fun way to surprise your partner is to order a custom-made coffee mug that says “We’re having a baby” at the bottom of the inside of the cup. When your partner has finished their first cup of coffee, they will see the message!

47. Family Time

If you and your husband, spouse, or partner are close to your families, and they live nearby, a fun way to tell them you’re pregnant is to host a dinner party and let everyone know at the same time. This way, you surprise your partner and celebrate with other relatives, too.

48. Fortune Cookie

A classic way to reveal any surprise, the fortune cookie method is a lot of fun! Order a custom-made fortune cookie and swap it for the real deal with your takeout, then ask your partner to open it. The message could say something like, “The stars have aligned, and we’re pregnant!”



Baby Announcement at Work: Telling Coworkers You’re Pregnant

49. Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt for a fun way to tell your partner you’re pregnant. Clues can lead them around the house from room to room until they reach you holding something to indicate that you’re pregnant, such as a sign, a pair of baby shoes, or your pregnancy test.

50. Plate Reveal

Load up your partner’s plate with their favorite foods for dinner and watch their surprise as they finish their meal. You’ll need to order a custom-made plate with a message like “You’re going to be a parent” or “We’re having a baby” so your partner sees it when their plate is clean.

Special moments are made to be shared. You can have a baby! It’s happened to hundreds of thousands of women before you. Embrace your new identity as Mother-to-Be, and then get ready for an experience that is unlike any other. Take time to research all aspects of motherhood and parenthood; if you do this first, then everything else will be easier later.

Gifts To Surprise Husband With Pregnancy

Surprise your husband when you tell him that you are pregnant! We offer a wide selection of baby items for dads, along with books and DVDs on parenting. Your husband deserves to be surprised with a gift to celebrate your pregnancy. This is the perfect gift for your husband and it is one that will be cherished.

Announce Your Pregnancy With a Cup of Joe

Photo: MugsandMoreIE via Etsy

Serve up his morning coffee with a side of sweetness when you pour it into this precious mug. Once he’s finished, the mug reveals news that’ll top even the best caffeine high! 

Scratch-Off Pregnancy Announcement

Photo: FadedGardenias via Etsy

Pop this scratch-off pregnancy announcement into your husband or partner’s work bag or a just-because card and get ready for the best reaction ever. If your honey likes to play scratch-off lotto, this will be even more fun because you can just slip one into a stack of regular tickets and watch his face light up as he gets to this one.  

Shhh! Photo Shoot Pregnancy Announcement

Photo: @HelloHollidays

Give your main squeeze the surprise of a lifetime when you book a “couples” or “family” photo shoot and then get a shot like this with a hidden sign before you turn toward each other and reveal the big news. Best of all: You’ll have his reaction caught on film for years to come!

Order Some Baby Booties 

Photo: WoollyBudgie via Etsy

This pair of handmade Etsy booties and the accompanying card are a simple, but sweet, way to share the exciting news with the daddy-to-be. 

Present a Funny Card

Photo: THEARIACODE via Etsy

If he’s got a sense of humor, lean into it! Etsy has tons of options for classic and more out-there pregnancy reveal cards, but this one is just hilarious.

Put Big Siblings in a Telling Outfit

Photo: PleatsandStitches via Etsy

How absolutely thrilled will he be when you ask him to get Big Brother or Sister out of their carseat, or take off their coats, and in the process catches a glimpse of a Big Sister dress or Big Brother tee? 

Blow Up Some “Baby” Balloons

Photo: Party City

It only takes a few minutes to put up a “BABY” balloon or banner. Casually hang it in the kitchen or somewhere else central in the home and see how long it takes to be discovered!

Hide Your Pregnancy Announcement in Plain Sight

Video: Today

It’s always funny to watch men look around for something that’s right under their noses. It’s even cuter when they don’t know what they’re looking for. Put your positive pregnancy test somewhere he’ll find it … eventually … and wait for that big moment when he puts it all together. 

Wrap Up a Tiny Sports Fan’s Outfit

Photo: Saluna via Etsy

If your boo has a favorite team, announce your pregnancy with a pint-sized uniform or jersey. Whether you present it as a gift to open during halftime, or take a more casual approach (displayed beside a box of Cracker Jacks, perhaps?), this is a winning way to share the game-changing news.

Plan a Pregnancy Announcement Proposal

Photo: Kenita Miranda via Pinterest

Time for a little role reversal. Getting down on one knee (or handing over a cute card and box full of tests) and asking, “Will you be my baby daddy?” is a fun way to flip the script as you tell your partner you’re expecting. 

Bake (Or Buy!) “Baby” Cookies

Photo: @MissyButlerBakes

Talk about sweet! Pretty little cookies that spell out the word “baby” or hint at your pregnancy announcement with cute footprints will definitely be the best dessert he’s ever had.

Get Your Pup in on Your Pregnancy Announcement

Photo: @WhatsLincolnThinkin

Man’s best friend can say it best—even without words! Put Fido to work and use a sign or a cute personalized bandana to share your big baby news. 

Puzzle Your Partner

Photo: FJ4LifeCreations via Etsy

It’ll be the best problem he’s ever solved! Handmade baby news puzzles are not only a darling way to tell your partner that you’re pregnant, but they also can be framed and kept as a precious keepsake to enjoy for the rest of your lives.

Get ready to make your husband overjoyed this holiday season. Here are the perfect gifts for your hubby to celebrate the news that you’re expecting a baby. If your husband is excited about the upcoming baby, then gifting him something that pampers him and helps him to feel like a rock star before his life gets crazy might be just what he needs. A lot of men tend to take on a lot of responsibilities as they come along with fatherhood, and one way to help ease some of those stressors is by spoiling them with gifts like these!

Give your husband a gift that will really surprise him when you start to show! If you are a wife, what would you do to make your husband surprise with pregnancy?

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