How to Hold Twins at The Same Time

Holding twins is a challenge. But if you are right handed, grab one baby first and place him or her securely in your left arm. Pick up the other baby with your right arm since you have a better chance of holding the second baby close to you so he or she feels secure.

The best way to hold twins at the same time is to grab one baby with your left arm and pick up the other with your right arm. You can also alternate in between so both children are holding on tightly to you, which helps alleviate separation anxiety.

If you are right-handed, turn the baby on your left side to your left arm and secure them with both hands. Then, as you bring your baby up, place the other baby in your right arm. This way, you’ll have both arms holding one baby each

When you have twins, it’s important that you have your routine down. Here are a few tips on how to hold your babies at the same time and make sure they’re both happy and safe

How To Manage Twin Babies Alone

First, you must figure out how to carry your twins like a pro and safely without a carrier.

Some of the tips mentioned below are only for situations where you have to carry both babies but remain in a stationary position like sitting down on a park bench and if you have to carry both safely for a short time and short distances like walking towards your car or back to the house.

double baby carrier

Always handle your babies with care and practice safety at all times, especially if they are still infants and cannot even support their own heads. If you really have to carry your twins at the same time without help from other people, here are some things you can do.

If you are right handed, grab one baby first and place him or her securely in your left arm. Pick up the other baby with your right arm since you have a better control of it. Do the opposite if you are left handed. 

If you are just staying in one place, sit down and put the each baby on each sides of your lap as you securely hold them in your arms. That way, you won’t get tired by the weight and you can use your legs as support.

If you are carrying them from their cribs for feeding or if you have to transfer into another room to change, you can lay them side by side first. Lean down and then scoop them up. Put one hand under each twin, and then put one arm under both bottoms securely. Your other arm must be placed across both backs. 

This could be scary to do at first try especially if the twins are still too delicate to handle, but you will eventually get the hang of it pretty fast.

Same thing as above but you can add a blanket first for extra support. If they are comfortably swaddled, lay them on a blanket and wrap them first. Lean and scoop them up using the same procedure. This would only be effective until they get too big to hold together like that.

You can use other substitutes or a makeshift carriers if you do not have a twin carrier yet. You can “wear your babies” by using different kinds of wraps.

The classic wrap is a great way to “wear your babies” and still have both of your hands free to do your chores or some grocery shopping. 

best twin baby carrier

You may think that it is only good for carrying a single baby, but you can also use it to carry twins at once. For twins, this is called tandem baby wearing. Take note that you should do this at your own discretion because it requires some skill and it takes a lot of practice to master them.

You must do this correctly in order to avoid any harm to your twins. Also, take note of your babies’ ages. This works well with infants who are still small enough to fit snugly in the wrap.

The weight of both babies combined could also be an issue if they get over ten pounds as it will be too difficult and heavy for you to carry both at the same time.

Kinds of wraps to use as a substitute for a twin carrier

  • The Moby Wrap – This is a very common and widely available sling wrap for babies ages 0 to 3 months.

Pros: this is a stretchy kind of wrap that can instantly put your twins in deep slumber as they rest on your chest comfortably.

Cons: It takes a lot of practice to master the right way to wrap your babies since it has tons of fabric. The only type of carry is usually just in front. It is not advisable to use during warm weather because it get very hot. Lastly, you will find it difficult not to wake a sleeping baby when you take one or both out of it.

  • Baby K’tan Breeze – This is also a crowd favourite next to the Moby Wrap.

Pros: Unlike Moby Wrap, this is very light and can be used even in warm weather. It is also super easy to get on and off.

Cons: it is not super snug so it is not good to use for newborns. The best age would be 2 to 4 months. You must exercise caution when using this because you can’t really adjust the fit and the type of carries are pretty limited.

  • The non-stretchy wrap – This is usually made of woven fabric that is very versatile. Make sure to get the right size for tandem wearing.  It can used for newborns up to toddler age depending on the type of carry.

Pros: It is the most comfortable and balanced way to carry twins at the same time. It is very versatile that you do back, front, and one at the back and one at the front carries.

Cons: The one at the front and one at the back type of carry because it is very tricky and require a lot of practice to master. It also has a ton of fabric that can be very hot during warm weather.

How To Breastfeed Twins at The Same Time

The day is looming. With dad going back to work, you’re wondering how to handle twins alone. Or maybe your mom’s extended stay has come to an end, and she’s headed for home. Just as you were getting used to caring for newborn twins, you now need to learn how to handle twins alone.

That was me after my twins’ arrival. I considered myself lucky—my husband used all his paternity leave so he was home a few weeks when the twins were born. Still, he had to go back to work while my maternity leave continued. My mom stayed with us soon after, but after a while, even she had to go home as well. The many visitors that came when the twins were born were now dwindling down.

Thankfully, it all worked out. I somehow managed to survive those months alone with the twins (plus a three-year-old!) using these tips.

stay at home

1. Put your twins on the same schedule.

With a singleton, you can get by with following your baby’s cues much more than with twins. Two babies means putting them on the same schedule as much as possible, because if you don’t then you will never get a break. Be prepared that it will take you a while to get them synched up, but the point is to keep trying and, eventually, a pattern will emerge.

Nurse both at the same time. Using a nursing pillow for twins (I used the My Brest Friend Twin Deluxe), tandem feeding becomes much easier. First, place both twins on your bed, leaving space for you to sit in between. Then, attach your nursing pillow to your waist and sit cross-legged in between the babies.

Next, place one baby on the pillow football style and latch him on, then do the same for the other baby on the other side. When your twins need to burp, carry one baby over your shoulder or even sit him on the pillow as he burps. When he’s done, set him down on the bed and do the same with the other baby.

Twiniversity Tip: Another option, if you’re having difficulty with tandem feeding, is to breastfeed one baby on a single nursing pillow while bottle feeding the other at the same time. Then at the next feeding switch who gets to breastfeed. Just make sure you’re alternating boobs for each baby so your breasts don’t become uneven.

5 Tips to Manage Infant Twins Alone

Bottle-feed both at the same time. My twins were both breastfed and bottle-fed. During bottle-feeding, I’d put the twins in their infant seats. Then I’d hold the bottles up for them while they drank. As they got older, I encouraged them to hold their own bottles.

Put them to sleep at the same time. Keep your twins’ napping and sleeping schedules the same. Naps can be a juggle, especially when you try to find different ways to put the babies to sleep. Sometimes they’ll sleep together on a blanket on the floor. Other times, you need to put one in the swing while the other is in the bassinet. Regardless, try your best to keep bedtimes and nap times the same for both babies.

Speaking of naps… 

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2. Experiment with different ways to put your twins to nap.

Before my twins could put themselves to sleep, I was a ping-pong ball bouncing between putting both of them to nap. Experiment with different ways for your twins to nap, including:

  • Pushing them in a stroller
  • Wearing one in a baby carrier
  • Putting one in a swing
  • Swaddling them in their cribs
  • Placing them in their bassinets
  • Laying them on a blanket on the floor
  • Using an infant cushion

Twiniversity Note: Your baby should always sleep on a firm, flat surface with only a fitted sheet. Transfer your baby to a crib for naps and extended sleep.

twins alone

3. Get familiar with your double stroller.

Being alone with twins means you don’t have another adult carrying one of them. The next best alternative to getting around? Using your double stroller.

You’ll use your double stroller for everything. Even getting the twins to the car required a double stroller when I was alone. Not just for a leisurely stroll, your double stroller serves as your extra arms. You’ll need something to carry both babies when needed.

Learn the ins and outs of your stroller and how to fold and unfold it before you venture out on your own (I speak from experience!) A baby carrier or two will also be a huge help.

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4. Learn how to sleep train twins.

My life went back to normal once my twins knew how to put themselves to sleep. No more rocking, nursing or shushing to sleep for each baby and for each nap. I sleep trained my twins once they were old enough. I could finally put them down awake, knowing they’d fall asleep on their own without crying. They’d sleep 12 hours straight at night, and an hour and a half to two hours for each nap. Bliss!

Be sure to check with your pediatrician before starting any sleep training plan to determine if your babies are old enough (no earlier than 3 months old) and have gained enough weight.

twins alone

5. Alternate holding and floor time.

Worried that your babies will fuss if you’re not holding them? Alternate holding and floor time with both twins. Sit on the floor near a play area where you can set one twin down on a blanket, infant seat, or mat while you hold the other one. Once the baby on the floor starts to fuss, put the one in your arms down and carry the crying baby.

If you need to hold one baby, alternate so they both get “independent” play and arm time as well. This is also a good opportunity to practice tummy time on the floor.

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You CAN do it alone

Learning how to handle twins alone has been one of my biggest challenges to date. I felt exhausted and sleep-deprived from caring for two babies. Still, managing two babies alone has also been one of the most rewarding experiences. Just when I thought I couldn’t do it, circumstances forced me to do so and, to my surprise, I was able to do so with success.

How Do You Pick Up Twins at The Same Time

Carrying twins solo can definitely be challenging. If you have to pick them up at the same time, here are a few tips that can help you. Treat one baby as if he or she is a single baby and then pick up the second one with your other arm. Also make sure to hold each baby securely under his or her armpits so they won’t drop to their sides when you carry them over your shoulder like a loaf of bread.

Can You Have Two Sets Of Identical Twins at The Same Time

We still have no answer to the question: can you have two sets of identical twins at the same time? Two identical sets of twins are rare. However, Dr. Robert says they do happen, they just aren’t common. He adds that as long as everything is working properly in a woman’s body after having multiple births, there shouldn’t be any real concern.

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