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The Original Baby Bullet is the premium choice for babies. It is delicious and because it uses the same blenders your family uses, you will always have the right tool on hand to make homemade purees. It’s great for making single servings of baby food, so there’s never wasted food. Plus you can use your own fresh ingredients and personalize recipes to suit your baby’s taste!

This Magic Bullet Baby Food Blender & Processor Set is a perfect choice for babies. It is delicious and because it has the ability to blend, chop and puree fruits, vegetables, meat and yogurt in seconds, it will save you hours of preparation time

The Original Baby Bullet is the premium choice for new moms, who want the best for their baby. It’s easy to use and so stylish. You can start making your own homemade baby food right away.

What Do You Put in a Baby Bullet?

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All you need to do is bake, steam or boil small chunks of foods (fruits, veggies, meats), cool them until their lukewarm, then pop them in the batch bowl, attach to the power base, press down and presto! Fresh and nutritious baby food.

The Magic Bullet is the premium choice for babies and moms. It makes making healthy homemade baby food quick, easy and fun!

When you’re a mom, there’s virtually nothing you can’t find a way to make with the Original Baby Bullet. It comes with 20 interchangeable cups, 2 food storage containers and 4 international blade attachments. Whether your baby is ready for solid foods or just loves fruit and veggies, Baby Bullet has you covered. It allows you to prepare healthy, nutritious meals in minutes without having to spend hours in the kitchen.

Magic bullet is not just for kids. It’s also a great tool for making delicious and nutritious smoothies, salads, and soups. The 5-piece Magic Bullet set includes a 32 oz. (1 L) blending cup and 4 additional cups with covers that allow you to prepare multiple servings at the same time!

Baby Bullet Accessories

Baby ready to start eating solids? Congrats! It’s an exciting (and messy) journey that you’re about to embark on. But with introducing solids comes a big question: Make your own baby food or use store-bought? Certainly there are a lot of pros to making your own: You know exactly what’s in it (no need to scour the back of the label for added sugars or preservatives), it’s less expensive, there’s no glass jar that needs to be recycled or tube that gets tossed and research shows that babies fed homemade food have a lower body mass index at 1 to 3 years old and ate a wider variety of foods, which is key to preventing picky eaters down the line.

You’re probably already thinking about the one big con here: time. Between nursing or bottle feeding, diaper changes and the 100-plus loads of laundry you do every week, not to mention pulling yourself together every day and possibly heading back to the office, how can you ever find the time to DIY baby food?

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Well, enter the Baby Bullet. The easy-to-use, friendly-faced blender is made for busy moms and dads who want to try making baby’s food at home. All you need to do is bake, steam or boil small chunks of foods (fruits, veggies, meats), cool them until their lukewarm, then pop them in the batch bowl, attach to the power base, press down and presto! Fresh and nutritious baby food.

The Baby Bullet also comes with individual storage containers, so you can store your food in the fridge for up to three days. Want to freeze it? The Baby Bullet has you covered here too — it comes with a batch tray to freeze food in individual serving sizes and store them in the freezer for up to a month.

Who It’s For

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Parents who want to be as hands-on as possible and can spare a few minutes a day to prepare their own baby food. If you refuse to use anything but organic baby products and are committed to cloth diapers, the Baby Bullet is definitely the way to go. It puts all the control in your hands. You choose the exact carrot, apple or squash that baby is going to eat, and the exact consistency — from a fine puree for new eaters to a chunkier mash for when baby is old enough to explore different textures.

Why We Love It

The Baby Bullet is the only thing you need to make and store homemade baby food. It’s so easy to use, even the most sleep-deprived parents can operate it, and it’s easy to clean too, thanks to the wide mouth and base. It can produce a wide array of different textures, so you can use it for baby’s very first experience with solids, all the way to toddlerhood when you can quickly chop up the same spaghetti and meatballs you made for your own dinner.

Using the Baby Bullet

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We decided to start with that first baby food standby: squash. To save a few minutes and added aggravation, we opted for pre-peeled and pre-chunked butternut squash from the grocery store. Our first step was to break out our steamer and steam the squash, which took about 20 minutes, and added an extra pot to clean. Then we let the squash cool for 10 minutes or so. Finally, we were ready to put the Baby Bullet into action.

The first thing we noticed was the wide mouth of the blender bowl — a huge plus. We were able to scoop all the squash from our strainer tray right into the bullet without dropping a precious squash cube on the counter. We added a bit of water to ensure a thinner consistency and snapped the lid on.

Now it was time to blend! We secured the lid and screwed the blender bowl into the power base. There are no confusing settings or buttons to push; you simply push down until the blender takes over. When you’re ready to stop, you twist the bullet out to stop the blender. We did have to stop two or three times to mush the chunky squash at the top down closer to the blades. (Always be sure to remove it from the power base when you do this.)

Once we got our desired consistency — definitely within the promised five minutes — it was time to test the storage containers. It was easy to pour our homemade squash baby food into the single-serving containers using the included spatula. We also loved the date markers that remind you when you made the food — one less thing for us to remember. Win!

The Verdict

We definitely love how user-friendly the Baby Bullet is, from the smart wide-mouth design of the blender bowl to the smiley faces on the six individual serving and storage containers. It’s even designed to be super quiet, so you can get baby’s meal ready while he or she is napping (nothing makes meal prep less fun than a hungry baby!). 

You don’t need a degree in physics to figure out how to screw in the lid to the blender bowl or snap the whole thing into the power base. You simply push down on the blender bowl to start the motor; there’s no confusing series of buttons to push. That said, figuring out the pulse function took us a minute, even with the included tip in the instruction booklet that told us to hold and push the power base counterclockwise with our free hand.

It was easy to transfer our puree into both the single-serving storage containers and the freezer tray using the included spatula. And when it was time to feed baby, the oval shape of the single-serve containers made it easy to get every last spoonful out. (If only we could say the same for getting it in baby’s mouth!)

The biggest con was that we had to cook our food separately, which adds another step and time, not to mention another pot to clean. It left us wondering if we couldn’t use the regular blender already sitting on our counter. And speaking of cleaning, we also wish the blender bowl and containers were dishwasher safe. On the plus side, the shape of both makes them easy to rinse and wash.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for an easy way to make your own baby food and don’t mind the extra step of cooking it separately, this could be the perfect solution for you. We particularly loved the single-serving containers with reusable date markers. That said, if you already own a blender, you may find it’s an unnecessary gadget to add to your kitchen counter.


  • Easy to use
  • Two sizes of blender bowls, so you can make food for today or all week
  • Makes storage in the fridge or freezer seamless
  • Quiet, so there’s no risk of waking a napping baby


  • You have an added step of having to steam the food yourself
  • The pulse function can be tricky to figure out at first
  • Not dishwasher safe

Disclaimer: This review of the Baby Bullet was first published in 2017. Since then, NutriBullet has released an updated version of this product, the NutriBullet Baby. The original Baby Bullet was not dishwasher safe, but this new version can go in your dishwasher. The NutriBullet Baby is also slightly heavier (6.89 pounds versus 5.7 pounds), and does not include a spatula or milling blade.

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