Mattress Pads for Baby Cribs

The waterproof crib mattress protector pad by Margaux & May is the perfect companion for your baby’s mattress. It is made from high quality and super soft Rayon Bamboo, which is hypo-allergenic, breathable, and temperature regulating. The cover also features a waterproof barrier to protect little ones from accidental spills, bedwetting, or accidents. The memory foam design springs back after each use so your baby can sleep peacefully on it every night.

The waterproof mattress protector and mattress pad for your baby crib is the ultimate way to protect your little one’s health, by protecting their mattress from spills, food stains, dirt, dust mites and other allergens. Sleeping in a clean environment is essential for a healthy life. The Eco-friendly design makes it super comfortable with noiseless fabric wadding made of bamboo rayon. Moisture barrier materials protect against liquid spills and could be machine washed in cold water separately with mild detergent in gentle cycle or hand washed with mild detergent/ cleaning agent

Protect and extend the life of your baby’s crib mattress with our Crib Mattress Protector Pad. Featuring a waterproof barrier, this pad will protect baby from spills, accidents and dust mites while keeping the crib surface dry and clean. The bamboo rayon surface fabric is breathable and hypoallergenic so there’s no need to worry about stuffy air or irritating chemicals.

Should You Use a Mattress Pad in a Crib?

Infants should be alone, on their back, and in a crib with a firm mattress and tight sheet every time they sleep. Do not use bumper pads, blankets, or pillows.

If you’re nursing a baby and want to be able to breastfeed him without worrying about germs or bacteria on the mattress, then this waterproof crib mattress protector pad is a must have! You can also use this waterproof crib mattress protector pad when traveling with your little one. It will keep their mattress fresh and clean, so you can rest easy knowing that he won’t get sick from anything he could possibly touch in the hotel room.

Baby is going to be sleeping on a mattress soon, and you want to make sure that the crib is protected. No need to worry about water or wetness anymore.

The foam core in a mattress pad provides comfort and cushioning for your baby. The waterproof outer layer prevents moisture from penetrating into the baby’s mattress. The 100% cotton top is soft and comfortable.

Crib Mattress Pad for Comfort

In addition to the crib safety tips already mentioned, it’s a good idea to remember the following.

  • Infants should be alone, on their back, and in a crib with a firm mattress and tight sheet every time they sleep. Do not use bumper pads, blankets, or pillows.
  • Always keep crib rails up when a child is in a crib. Make sure the side latches are holding securely.
  • Never tie or harness your baby in her crib.
  • Lower the crib mattress as your baby grows and before she is able to pull herself up.
  • Do not put pillows, stuffed animals or thick blankets in the crib. A child can suffocate on a pillow or stuffed animal or use them as steps to climb out.
  • Do not use plastic mattress pads. The plastic can cling to her face and cause suffocation.
  • Never allow your baby to rest or sleep on a waterbed. A waterbed mattress against a child’s face can cause suffocation.
  • A child should be moved to a bed when she learns to climb out of her crib or is 32 inches tall. Use guardrails on your child’s bed to prevent falls.
  • Children under 7 should not be permitted to sleep or play on the top bunk of bunk beds.
  • Guardrails on beds should be 3 1/2 inches apart or less to prevent a child from getting stuck.

Portable Crib Safety

Many of the same recommendations for crib safety apply to portable cribs; however, you should also keep the following in mind when using a portable crib.

  • Ensure that the mesh fabric sides are intact. Inspect the fabric frequently for tears.
  • The thickness of a mattress pad in a portable crib should not exceed 1 inch.
  • Do not use an additional mattress or padding. Infants can get tangled up in extra padding and suffocate.
  • Never leave an infant in a crib that has a side folded down. The child could roll into the space between the mattress and the mesh and become trapped.
  • Make sure the latches on the crib are in place and locked to prevent the crib from collapsing.
  • There should not be any screws, rivets, wing nuts, etc., sticking out of the crib.

Crib Monitors

A crib monitor provides added safety and comfort when your baby is napping or sleeping. Use these general guidelines for crib monitors.

  • Use a safety-tested product.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and maintenance, and keep the instructions for future use.
  • Test batteries regularly.
  • Keep the monitor out of your baby’s reach.

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