Michael Kors Shoes For Infant

Our baby shoes are the perfect way to show off your child’s individual style, whether at home or out for the day with their parents. Michael Kors Baby Borium L

Michael Kors Baby Borium L – Anthracite. This adorable kids’ slip on shoe is designed for all day comfort, featuring a padded collar, leather lining and cushioned footbed. Fastened with a velcro strap – easy to get on and off!

How Do You Look Elegant in Sneakers?

Sneakers look their best when they’re adding to the aesthetic of the outfit they’re paired with. Having a monochromatic look with a matching pair of sneakers makes you look put together, but not plain and simple. Try pairing a black outfit with white and black sneakers for a modern and elegant look.

New Michael Kors Baby Borium L. Soft leather baby shoes with a durable rubber outsole. Suede lining and Memory Foam insole ensure a comfortable fit.

The Michael Kors Baby Borium L is a great shoe to dress up or down. The Borium comes in a variety of different styles and sizes.

We love the sophisticated look of these Michael Kors baby shoes. They fit and grow with your child, featuring memory foam insoles that mold to his/her foot shape over time to provide a snug, customized fit.

Your baby will be the cutest one in the class with a pair of Michael Kors Baby Shoes. These leather and fabric shoes come with a quilted footbed for comfort, and two adjustable Velcro straps to ensure a secure fit.

Sneakers For Ladies

Whether you’re walking around town or headed to the office for a bust day at work, sneakers are the go-to shoe for style and comfort. Thanks to the sneakerheads of the world, sneakers are becoming a more accepted fashion-forward shoe. As countless new styles, shapes, and collaboration sneakers come out, the boundary is being pushed as to where these once strictly sporty shoes lie. Although they’re not the first choice for sophistication, here are some ways to style your sneakers to make them look elegant with any outfit.

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Try Tailored Pants

Tailored pants are the epitome of sophistication and style. Whether pairing with your favorite sneakers to go to work, or for having a fun day out, this combination is undeniably elegant. Try styling loose-fitting trousers with a sleek low-top shoe for a modern and trendy look. 


Have A Major Mini Moment

Take a sporty shoe to a sensual level with a mini moment. Sneakers add a casual and sporty element to any mini dress, skirt, or shorts look. For a look that will have you looking sexy while keeping your feet comfy, try pairing your sneakers with your favorite mini garment. 


Add Some Sophistication With an Overcoat

As we still find ourselves in cold weather, overcoats are an outfit staple. Although these coats keep us warm, they can sometimes come off as too professional. For a streetwear spin on a sophisticated style, pair your favorite sneakers with your outfit. The mix of business-professional with sportswear creates an elegant, yet serious look that’ll be sure to get you compliments. 


Keep It Sporty Chic With Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are the one pair of shorts that continue to win our hearts. They’re stretchy, comfortable, and versatile: what more could you ask for? Biker shorts and sneakers look great together both in and out of the gym. Pair biker shorts with a blazer, a sports bra, and your most out-there sneakers for the perfect classy streetwear look.


Jazz It Up With Jeans

Where, oh where, would the world be without jeans? They’re the perfect base for every outfit. They can be dressed up or down depending on what look you’re trying to achieve. The plain look allows other accessories and garments to shine, making them the perfect vessel to highlight your fresh kicks. Pair your favorite jeans with any sneaker for an effortlessly elegant look that’ll never go out of style. 


Try a Meticulous Monochrome Look

Sneakers look their best when they’re adding to the aesthetic of the outfit they’re paired with. Having a monochromatic look with a matching pair of sneakers makes you look put together, but not plain and simple. Try pairing a black outfit with white and black sneakers for a modern and elegant look. 


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