Modern Indian Names For Baby Boy

Modern Indian baby boy names

AarushThe sun
AayushLong life, health and vigour
AvyaanSoothe and appease

Here are some of the most popular Modern Indian baby boy names. Browse through our list or pick a random name at the bottom of the page.

You’ll find a wide range of modern Indian baby boy names to choose from, with their meanings and origins. Whether you’re looking for a unique name or are seeking inspiration from famous Indian celebrities, you’ll be sure to find a name that fits!

Looking for modern Indian baby boy names? Here’s our top 30 list of the best modern Indian boy names to choose from.

We have a great selection of modern Indian baby boy names. Find the ideal Indian name for your little one, by browsing our list of modern Indian baby boy names, or search by meaning.

Here is a list of modern Indian baby names that you can use to name your baby boy or girl. Each name has its own meaning, so don’t be afraid to pick one that speaks to you.

Here are our top picks for modern Indian boy names that’ll fit right in with your family.

Western Sounding Indian Baby Boy Names

Modern baby names are all the rage. Most parents want names that sound trendy and fit into today’s times, and yet are rooted in Indian culture. Some like international names that work well in India and abroad too.

If you’re looking for a modern name, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed below 100 modern boy names and 100 modern girl names of Indian and foreign origin that are popular in India.

Modern Indian baby boy names

AaravA loud sound or thundering
AarushThe sun
AayushLong life, health and vigour
AvyaanSoothe and appease
AkarshAttraction, fascination
AnayOne without a leader
AtharvaName of one of the Vedas
ArhaanPopularly believed to mean ‘ruler or emperor’
AhaanThe day
ArnavOcean, sea
AdhritUnrestrained; free
AryamanThe sun, a close companion
BhaavikSentimental; full of emotions
BhavinIllustrious, blessing
ChitakshOne with attractive eyes
DakshCompetent; intelligent
DarshitDisplayed, shown
DevanshPart of God
DhairyaPatience, endurance and perseverance
DivijCelestial, born in heaven
DivitHeavenly, reaching for the sky
DivyanshPopularly believed to mean ‘part of the divine being’
EeshanLight and splendour
FaiyazDoer of good deeds, virtuous
FarhanJoy, delight
GatikSpeed, motion, refuge
GauranshPopularly believed to mean ‘part of Goddess Parvati’
HardikHeartfelt; from the heart
HridayOf the heart and soul
HridaanCommonly believed to mean a ‘generous heart’
HunarSkill; competence
IshirPowerful and strong; fire
IkshitBeheld and regarded
IshaanThe sun in the form of Lord Shiva
IvaanPopularly believed to mean ‘God’s glorious gift’
IzaanAcceptance; obedience
JaiyushVictorious, long life
JivinTo give life
KanavCompassion and pity
KrishivBelieved to be a combination name created with the names ‘Krishna and Shiva’
KiaanPopularly believed to mean ‘grace of God’
KushagraSharp and intelligent
KrishRelated to agriculture; also used as a short form for the name Krishna
LauhitThe trident of Lord Shiva
MananReverence, homage
ManavA youth, mankind
MedhanshPopularly believed to mean ‘one who has inherited wisdom’
NavoditNewly risen
NimitMotive, sign
NirvaanUltimate bliss
OjasGrandeur, vigour
ParvA holy day or festival
PranayReverence; affection
PrathamThe first one
RaghavBorn in Raghu clan
RanbirThe brave warrior
ReyanshPart of a stream
RudranshPopularly believed to mean, ‘part of Rudra’
SaatvikPure, pious
SavarA name of Lord Shiva
SamarConfluence; one who talks late in the night
ShaanPeaceful, pride
SaihajPopularly believed to mean ‘peaceful’
ShlokHymn, a vedic chant
StuvanTo praise
SuveerPopularly said to mean ‘heroic’ and ‘courageous’
TakshGold mountain, divine mountain
TanvikBelieved to mean ‘a king’
UjjwalBright, clear
UthkarshSuperior, excellence
VaibhavGlory, grandeur
VihaanMorning, dawn
VirajSovereign, splendour
ViratHeroism, valour
VivaanTo plait or twist in the context of weaving
YugAn era, a generation
YuvaanYouthful and strong; a young prince
ZainRadiance, excellence
ZeeshanDignified, respected

Modern Indian baby girl names

AadrikaA celestial being
AaryaRespectable and noble
AarnaRiver or wave
AaradhitaRespected and revered
AarohiAscending order of musical notes in Hindustani classical music
AdvikaOne who is unique
AmyraFemale form of ruler or princess
AayatGod’s greatness, a verse from the Holy Quran
AksharaLetter, speech
AnahitaPopularly believed to mean ‘graceful’
AnaishaOf or during the day
AnviTo seek or follow
AnanyaWithout a second
AradhyaOne worth worshiping
BhaminiWoman, beautiful, glorious
CharviBeautiful lady
DivaLamp, daytime
DrishyaTo be seen, visible
ElaName of a composition in Indian music.
EshanaSeeking, longing
HamsikaA swan
HrishitaPleased, happy
HridaFrom the heart
InaayaHelp and protection from the Almighty
InayatFavour, empathy
IshitaGreatness, supremacy
IshaniA name for Goddess Durga; a silk-cotton tree
IraThe earth
JhanviThe river Ganga; daughter of Yaksha, the wise.
JivikaSource of life
JiyaRadiance, sweetheart
KashviPopularly believed to mean ‘shining’
KhanakThe tinkling of bangles
KhushiHappiness, joy
KimayaPopularly believed to mean ‘divine’
LasyaA gentle form of dance
LavanyaBeauty or grace
MahikaDew drops, frost
MannatFervent prayer or wish
MirayaCommonly thought to be a variant of the name ‘Meera’, Lord Krishna’s devotee
MishikaA medicinal plant
MedhasviniPopularly believed to mean ‘wisdom’
NairaBrilliance, glittering
NakshatraStar, constellation
NavyaNew, fresh
NehmatGrace, blessing
NitaraDeeply rooted
OjasviniEnergetic, bright
OorjaPower, strength
PariEthereal beauty
ParinaazSweet, fairy
PihuA female peafowl, the sweet sound of the koyal bird
PranaviThe sacred syllable ‘Om’
PrishaSpotted; believed to mean ‘God’s gift’
ReneeFrom Renatus, which comes from the Latin renascor, meaning “born again”.
RheaPossibly related to the Greek Heros meaning “stream”. Rhea is one of the Titans in Greek mythology.
RiyaPopularly believed to mean ‘singer’
RudraniA name for the wife of Rudra
SaanviPopularly believed to be a name for Goddess Lakshmi
SamairaWidely believed to mean ‘enchanting’
SanaBrilliance or radiance
SeherEarly morning
ShanayaPopularly believed to mean ‘first ray of the sun’
SharanyaOne who gives refuge
SiyaA name for Sita
SuhanaPleasant, lovely
TanyaFairy queen
TariniAnother name for Goddess Durga
TrishaThirst or desire
VanyaGracious gift of god
VaidehiA name for Goddess Sita
VardaniyaGiver of good fortune
VedikaA sacrificial alter
YashasviniSuccessful and illustrious
ZainaBeautiful and radiant
ZairaA visitor or guest
ZaraPrincess, the exalted one
ZoyaLight and radiance

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With so many names to choose from, selecting one can seem hard. You can instead create a short list of names you like for boys and girls (since you might be blessed with either) and make your final choice after your baby is born.

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