Modern Names For Baby Girl

Ellie, Jules, and Kylie are great modern girl names. These names are brighter and optimistic than similar traditional names like Elizabeth and Julia. Cute modern girl names fit the modern lifestyle of today’s parents, who try to add brightness, youthfulness and simplicity to their lives.

How about one of these modern girl names for your little one? From Ellie to Macie and Malia to Mazie, these unique names are creative and fresh.

The baby girl names on this list have a modern feel to them—and some, like Lacey and Macie, are downright cool. So if you’re looking for a name with a little more edge than your typical Sarah Jessica Parker selection, try one of these names.

Modern baby girl names are charming, unique and stylish. These names can help you find a name that fits within the modern family.

Modern names for baby girl with special meanings.

Our modern baby names are perfect for parents looking for a name that’s both beautiful and unexpected. Each one was inspired by a popular, classic name to make it both familiar and fresh.

Unique Baby Girl Names 2022

Trying to choose a name for your beloved daughter is nothing what it seems like. Knowing the various Indian baby girl names with Hindu modern meaning that can be properly understood poses itself as the first obstacle. Nevertheless, there are ways around that as well. Figuring out the origins of the name can provide a good idea what they might mean. Which is why, it works to your benefit to look for a list of names that can provide them both and then make a proper informed choice.

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Picking the perfect name for your little girl may seem tough, but our Baby Names tool makes it easy. Sort through our wide list of names and meanings by gender, religion, numerology, what have you, and choose the one that stands out. Its as simple as that, and makes for a fun activity with your spouse and family.

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List of Modern Baby Girl Names with Meanings

We have put together a comprehensive list of the latest baby girl names in 2018 that can get you started with your choices, and put you in a good position of making the right decision for her.

AadhyaThe first power
AaditaThe origin of everything in the universe
AadrikaSomeone who is as tall as a mountain touching the high skies
AagamThe girl whose birth signifies the arrival of good times
AahanaThe first ray of light that emerges from the rising sun
AakritiKnown for the feminine form present in a girl
AaliaPraise and applause
AarviThe girl whose birth brings peace and calm
AashiThe bringer of smile and joy in the lives of her people
AashniSomeone who has the power to strike lightning with her presence
AatmikaSomeone who connects with everybody through her soul
AayatVerses in the Quran
AbiramiA hybrid of tradition and modernity, with a reference to Goddess Lakshmi
AboliSomeone who is as gentle and sweet as a flower
AfrozaA gorgeous name for a girl filled with the intensity of a fire
AlishaA popular name for a girl from a noble family
AmulyaA precious person that is invaluable to everyone
BadrikaA girl as sweet and healthy as a popular fruit
BalbirA lovely Punjabi name for a girl who is brave and mighty
BaniGoddess Saraswati
BhaagyaA girl whose birth brings forth good fortune and luck
BhargaviA name derived from the daughter of Sun in mythology
CarolineA girl who brings endless joys in everyone’s lives
ChahatA girl longed and desired by many
ChandraniSomeone who prefers to be married to the moon
ChannanA rare name for today’s girls that are as fragrant as sandalwood
CharulataA beloved Bengali name for a girl as wonderful as a creeper plant
CharviExtremely beautiful
ChhaviThe reflection of God’s beauty in a person
DakshaThe earth
DakshayaniGoddess Durga
DarpaliSomeone who makes her parents proud
DeepshikhaA girl as strong and bright as a flame of fire
DevakiA traditional name referring to the mother of Lord Krishna
DhaaraniThe protector of all life, our Mother Earth
DhritiA girl with courage and determination
DhwaniThe essence of music and sound
DiaAs bright as a lamp
DivyaA very common and popular name for a heavenly girl
DnyanadaA rare name for a knowledgeable girl
EileenThe manifestation of Godly light
EkanshiA pretty rare name for a girl who is part of a whole
EktaThe one who brings people together with the strength of unity
ElsaSomeone who is precious
FahimaA lovely Muslim name for an intelligent girl
FalguniAnother traditional name for the beauty of the feminine
FaraThe beauty of the setting sun
FirozaA popular Indian name for a girl as precious as a gem
GargiThe strength and serenity of Goddess Durga
GinaA powerful woman
GitaliThe bringer of music and melodious songs
GreeshmaThe fascinating beauty of the summer
GulAnother name for a flower
GunjanA girl with a voice of the humming bees
HaasiniSomeone filled with joy and laughter
HannahA popular Christian name for a graceful girl
HansaA girl growing up to be a woman with a swan’s beauty
HardikaA heart filled to brim with love
HariniA girl with the grace of a deer
HarshaThe manifestation of absolute delight
HemanginiThe girl with a golden skin
HimaniAnother name derived from Goddess Durga
HrishitaThe bringer of joy and satisfaction in her life
IdayaGoddess Parvati
IditriA very rare name for a girl filled with praise
InaayaThe quality of empathy
IndiraThe bringer of wealth
IraA girl who has the watchful eye of the Goddess
IravatiA lovely name for a girl as bright as lightning
IshaniThe wife of Lord Shiva
IshikaThe paintbrush of God
IshitaSomeone desired by all
JagritiThe one who awakens all minds
JannatSomeone who belongs to the paradise
JivikaSource of life
JiyaSomeone who is extremely close to the heart
KanakA girl with a golden heart
KanishaSomeone who is beautiful
KarishmaPopular name for a miraculous girl
KashviAnother interesting name for a girl that shines brightly in her life
KavyaA woman who is filled with the beauty of poetry
KeyaQuite a rare name derived from a rare flower
KiaraQuite a modern name for girls with great jet black hair
KinjalA river bank
KrupaliThe one filled with forgiveness
LavleenSomeone lost in the feeling of love
LekhaA girl who is the author of all destinies
LilyA girl as tender as the flower
MahikaSomeone who is as gentle as the dew drops in the morning
MahiyaAn exaltation of the biggest joy
ManaliA bird
MannatA special prayer for the lord
MayaA girl filled with the mystique of God’s creation
MehekThe harbinger of beautiful fragrances of life
MrudulaA soft-spoken and gentle woman
MyraA medicinal herb; a girl who is holy in nature
NanditaA woman carrying the quality of happiness within her
NavyaThe bringer of all that is new and fresh in the world
NetraA girl with eyes of a goddess
NiharikaDerived from Sanskrit origins – the fragility of a dewdrop
NiraliA girl like no other
NityaSomeone who is regularly in presence of her people
OjalA bright vision of tomorrow
OjaswiniA person of grace and beauty of the feminine form
PadmavatiA popular name for Goddess Lakshmi
PalakThe gentle eyelid of a woman that brings calm and silence
PankhuriFlower petals
ParinaazA popular name amongst Parsi families for sweet fairy-like daughters
PrakritiThe manifestation of Mother Nature herself
PrishaA girl who is God’s most holy offering to mankind
PuruviThe magnificence of the east sun
RachanaA celebration of the feminine power to create life
RaginiA girl containing the rhythm of music in her essence
RatnaThe beauty of precious gems
ReeshaA feather
RehaThe destroyer of enemies
RiyaA woman with a voice as melodious as it can be
RomilaSomeone who is felt in the heart
RuchikaAn attractive and brilliant girl
RuhiA word with Sufi roots – a person with the soul of the Lord
RupasiA girl growing to be a beautiful lady
SaloniA very popular name for girls for their eternal beauty
SamairaThe enchanting beauty of a girl
SejalA girl with the purity of flowing water
ShaachiSomeone who carries the beautiful grace of a woman
ShagunA hybrid of tradition and modern times for a girl who is auspicious
ShanayaSomeone who shines as bright as the morning sun
ShreyashiThe most beautiful of them all
ShuchitaA wonderful and pleasing picture
ShyamalaThe beautiful sky of the evening
SiyaA modern name that is derived from the original name, Sita
SohaA musical creation
SophiaA popular Christian name for a girl who is filled with wisdom
StuteeSinging praise to the Lord
SubhashreeSomeone who has the power of charm
SuhaniA pleasant and pleasing woman
SwaraThe very manifestation of the musical notes of nature
SwarnaA girl with a heart as pure as unadulterated gold
TaahiraA rare Muslim name for girls that are absolutely pure
TamannaThe fulfiller of the wishes hidden in your heart
TanirikaGoddess of gold
TanishkaA Goddess made from gold
TanveeA delicate and beautiful girl
TanyaThe manifestation of the fairy queen herself
TaraThe shining star of the night sky
TilakaA kind of necklace
TiyaAs gorgeous as a flying bird
UditaOne who has risen
UjjwalaA girl with a shining heart filled with brilliant light
UmaThe holy union of Shiva and Parvati
UrviA pretty rare name these days which harkens to Mother Earth
VaaniThe very manifestation of the voice of the Goddess
ValeriaA popular Christian name for girls growing up to be strong women
VananiA Forest
VanyaA gift that has been granted by the Lord himself
VedikaThe very consciousness of the universe itself
VeenuThe beauty of a flute’s note
VidhiThe bringer of destiny
VrushtiThe beauty of the first rain
WaddiaOne who is friendly
WaheedaUniquely beautiful
YamkaA pretty rare name for a girl resembling a rare flower
YaraThe bright light
YashviThe bringer of fame and fortune in her life
YutiA holy name for a holy union of the good in the world
ZaraA popular name for a daughter who is a princess
ZilA Girl
ZuhiThe harbinger of light in everyone’s lives

Looking to choose the new latest girl name for your daughter can be quite difficult since some names might sound common while others might be too complicated. Starting off with a few that strike a good balance can help you reach a good decision by yourself.

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