Mommy Gifts For Baby Shower

We’ve hand-picked the best baby shower gifts for moms of 2022; this laundry kit. The Laundress. New Parent Kit ; this luxe blender set. BEAST. Beast® Blender & Bolster, Ecru and our top new mom essentials

Our top baby shower gifts for mothers of 2022 ; this luxe laundry kit. The Laundress.

What Do Moms Get for Baby Showers?

The mother-to-be will appreciate a tech present for any mom that is both practical and functional at her baby shower.

  • Swaddle Blanket. Swaddle blanket for baby shower gift. …
  • Baby Advanced Carrier. …
  • Cozy Baby Booties. …
  • Nursing Pillow. …
  • Baby Bath Set. …
  • Baby Diaper Caddy. …
  • Bottle and Food Warmer.

There are many baby shower gifts for moms of 2022 on the market, but our top pick is this laundry kit. It’s well received by the vast majority of buyers, and has proven itself a worthy investment for many users. We highly recommend it!

We’re rounding up the best baby shower gifts for moms of 2022. From clothing and accessories, to home goods and even a wardrobe refresh, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve rounded up the best gifts for new mothers that will make any mommy feel extra special. From a luxe blender to a chic laundry kit, these are the perfect baby shower gifts for any baby-wearing mama.

Baby Shower Gifts for Mom not Baby


What are the most useful baby shower gifts for mom? If you’re questioning this, you might find a proper answer after browsing our post. Depending on what expecting moms need the most before they give birth, Oh Canvas has rounded up a list of unique, practical presents. It includes not only gifts for the newborns but also meaningful pieces for moms to be. We’re sure that you’ll find it amazing to give your pregnant wife or friends these adorable presents.

Best baby shower gifts for mom to accomplish her beauty and wellness

1. Birth Month Flower Necklace

Birth Month Necklaces - Baby Shower Gifts For Mom
Birth month necklaces: unique baby shower gifts for mom

Do you wish to present a delicate and thoughtful gift to the pregnant woman in your life? The birth month flower necklace is sure to make her happy. Choose from a variety of gold, silver, or rose-gold charms that can be stamped with your child’s birth month flowers. Your wife will be incredibly surprised to receive this meaningful present.

2. Spa Gift Card

Spa Gift Card For Baby Shower Gift
Spa gift card for a baby shower gift

With a spa gift card, you can give the soon-to-be mom some much-needed “me time”. It helps her release tiredness and relaxes in peace before the baby is born. Giving this thoughtful baby shower gift for mom is such a sweet way to show how much you care.

3. Maternity Robe

Comfy Robe For Expecting Moms
Comfy robe for expecting moms

On the hunt for practical baby shower gifts for mom-to-be? Give her a maternity robe as a gift of relaxation. The robes in the kimono design are soft and comfortable enough to wear when you’re in the hospital or while you’re nursing your baby. It can be used for years to come by the mother of the child.

4. Mama Necklace

Mama Necklaces - Best Baby Shower Gifts For Mom
Mama necklaces – best baby shower gifts for mum

Is this mama necklace the baby shower gift you’ve been searching for? Made of gold or silver, this one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry will add a charming touch to her appearance. Wearing it is a cool way to say she’s a mom. Make it a special memento for mom-to-be, she won’t want to take it off.

5. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Bath Bomb Gift Set For Her
Bath bomb gift set for her

For new mothers, this wonderful bubbly box of relaxing, handcrafted, and top-quality bath bombs is a delight. She’ll appreciate your thoughtful gesture to give her a little pampering in this difficult time. If you’re vague about which types to give her, think of black raspberry, vanilla, lavender, or lemongrass green tea. They’re enticing scents that make the best baby shower gifts for mom.

6. Spa Gift Box

Spa Gift Box For Her
Spa gift box – thoughtful mom gifts for baby shower

Make the mom-to-be in your life feel extra special with a spa gift package full of extra pampering. Handmade natural soaps, body scrubs, bath salts, or scented candles can be included in this adorable present for the mommy.

7. Initial Birthstone Necklace

Initial Birthstone Necklace For Expecting Moms
Initial birthstone necklace for expecting moms

Does the expecting mother appreciate the inherent beauty of stone? For the mother who has everything, a birthstone initial necklace is a stunning gift. Opt for the birthstone of the mom or the baby as well as her initials to engrave on the pendant. Personalized mom gifts for baby shower are always excellent choices. Trust us!

8. Silk Eye Masks

Silk Eye Masks - Unique Baby Shower Gifts For Mom-To-Be
Silk eye masks – unique baby shower gifts for mom-to-be

Sleep masks can help new parents get some much-needed rest during the sleepless nights after the birth of their child. Soft and comfy as these silk masks are, they’re expected to satisfy any mom’s taste.

9. Foot Massager

Foot Massager For Baby Shower Gift
Foot massager for baby shower gift

Useful baby shower gifts can’t exclude this heated foot massager. It helps soothe aching muscles in the back or legs while also being easy to use and lightweight to carry anywhere. For many years to come, she will be grateful for how practical this massager appears to be.

10. Hatch-to-Hospital Box

Practical Box For Expecting Moms
Practical box for expecting moms

This considerate gift makes it easy to gather the essentials and head out the door when it’s time to give birth. Any expecting mom will burst out to tears to receive this thoughtful box from you.

11. New Mom Gift Set

Cool Gift Set - Unique Baby Shower Gifts For Mom-To-Be
Cool gift set – unique baby shower gifts for mom-to-be

What if you want to make the baby shower for the mother-to-be a smashing success? We’d love to introduce a gift set of high-end spa goods, mugs, and books that you can use to pamper her. You can include some other gifts for the baby like blankets or toys. Insert an extra sweet card to make this luxurious combination one of the best baby shower gifts for mom.

12. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic Cleaner - Practical Gift For Expecting Moms
Robotic cleaner – practical gift for expecting moms

Looking for the best baby shower gifts for mom-to-be? Short on time and overwhelmed by many tasks, new mothers truly need a robotic cleaner. In addition to making it easier for her to take care of the newborn, this helps alleviate some of her tension. There’s no need for mom to worry about her baby crawling on filthy floors or rolling around in the dust.

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Useful baby shower gifts that she needs for nurturing her newborn

13. Baby Changing Pad

Changing Pads As Useful Baby Shower Gifts For Mom
Changing pads as useful baby shower gifts for mom

This changing pad is a must-have for any mom-to-be in your life. It helps parents change the baby’s diapers much easier in all the usual places: the car, stroller basket, and every floor of the house. Diapers and wipes can be stored in the little clutch’s built-in storage area. A built-in pillow is available as well.

14. Silicone and Wood Pacifier Clip

Adorable Slip For Baby Shower
Adorable slip for baby shower

Since the babies have a nasty habit of gnawing on anything in their tiny hands, this silicone and wood clip is a savior. It’s one of the most popular baby shower gifts for mom and infants alike. To take this gift to the next level, engrave the child’s name on the wooden blocks. Moms will be surprised to see it.

15. Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

Make sure the new mom’s baby is secure and happy with an electric baby nail trimmer. Since the nails of a baby grow rapidly, she is at risk of being scratched or having her nails torn. The mother-to-be will appreciate a tech present for any mom that is both practical and functional at her baby shower.

16. Swaddle Blanket

Swaddle Blanket For Baby Shower Gift
Swaddle blanket for baby shower gift

These muslin blankets are not only adorable but also used for a variety of purposes. Wraps can be used for tummy time on the floor or swaddling. They can also be used as nursing covers or burp rags. Since they’re amazingly practical, don’t skip them when seeking unique baby shower gifts for mom-to-be.

17. Baby Advanced Carrier

Baby Carrier- Unique Baby Shower Gifts For Mom-To-Be
Baby carrier: best baby shower gift for mom

For all new mothers, simplicity and comfort are the keys. Moms-to-be will like this adorable wrap carrier when it allows her to easily change the weight distribution. It also ensures that the infant is safe and comfortable. More amazingly, wrap carriers are among the greatest gifts for mom who want to breastfeed in privacy.

18. Cozy Baby Booties

Warm Booties As The Best Baby Shower Gifts For Mom
Warm booties as unique baby shower gifts for mom-to-be

Baby shoes may be cute, but they’re a waste of time and money. To keep newborns’ feet warm and comfy, these booties are excellent choices. They’re easy for parents to remove yet difficult for babies to remove themselves. Fleece booties are the best mom gifts for baby shower that never go over the top.

19. Nursing Pillow

Nursing Pillow - Unique Baby Shower Gifts For Mom-To-Be
Nursing pillow – unique baby shower gifts for mom-to-be

The nursing cushion plays its best in making breastfeeding more comfortable wherever you are. Being soft and lightweight, this pillow guarantees a cool experience that any mom might wish to have.

20. Baby Bath Set

Bath Set Gift For Baby Shower
Bath set gift for baby shower

Not all babies love bathing for the first time. However, with this bath set, parents and babies may have a good time while getting their baths. It often comes with a soft spout cover, a padded elbow rest, a kneeler, and a non-slip mat to place inside the tub. Get this set to make it one of the unique baby shower presents that she’s ever received.

21. Baby Diaper Caddy

Diaper Caddy For - Useful Baby Shower Gift
Diaper caddy for – useful baby shower gift

An organized caddy with many pockets would be a practical gift that many parents wish to have. To make things even more convenient for new moms, the inserts may be taken out and used as useful storage. We’re sure that this caddy will leave the best impression at the shower party.

22. Bottle and Food Warmer

Want to help the new mom with thoughtful baby shower gifts? This bottle and food warmer is a brilliant option. Parents can quickly heat up milk bottles for their children using this practical device. Moreover, there’s no need to worry about overheating at all if you get the temperature exactly perfect.

23. Door Cushion

Door Cushion For Baby Shower Gift
Door cushion: best baby shower gift for mom

Almost new parents find it hard to lull a baby right to sleep. You might not realize how loud even the tiniest door entry can be to a sleeping child. Thus, to avoid awakening him, simply attach this clever device to the door lock and make your slight way through the house.

24. Milk Snob Cover

Cool Mom Gifts For Baby Shower
Cool mom gifts for baby shower

You can’t go wrong with a milk snob cover when finding useful baby shower gifts for mom. It supports the best for the baby carrier, car seat, or even mom’s body when nursing. Multifunctional as it is, this cover will please any pregnant woman in your life.

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Unique baby shower gifts for saving memories

25. Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket

Milestone Blankets As Unique Baby Shower Gifts For Mom-To-Be
Milestone blankets for mom-to-be

Since it’s an unforgettable milestone when a new baby is born, this blanket is a one-of-a-kind keepsake for mom that she’ll treasure for a lifetime. Every time the baby cuddles in this soft blanket, moms will feel so proud and special.

26. Baby Keepsake Library

Keepsake Library - Lovely Baby Shower Gift
Keepsake library – Lovely baby shower gift

To plan and organize baby’s souvenirs, new mums often don’t have a lot of time. This baby keepsake library box makes it simple and delightful to preserve all of your baby’s mementos. Everything a new mother needs to preserve and cherish like the hospital name bracelets, baby’s lost teeth, and sonogram photos can be included in this box. It’s hard to think of other cute, unique baby shower gifts for mom-to-be than this handcrafted keepsake box.

27. Sonogram Photo Canvas Print

Sonogram Prints As The Best Baby Shower Gifts For Mom
Sonogram prints as the best baby shower presents

Looking for a heartfelt keepsake for your expecting wife? Give her a canvas print of your child’s sonogram photo. We’re sure that she’ll burst out into tears when unwrapping this canvas gift from you.

28. Personalized Throw Blanket

Custom Blanket For Expecting Moms
Custom blanket for expecting moms

Custom mom gifts for baby shower are how you win her heart at the party and for the years to come. A neutral hue and organic cotton will make this blanket a perfect gift. Besides snuggling up in the blanket with her baby, moms can use it as a sentimental souvenir bearing the child’s name, birth date, weight, and height.

29. Mama Custom Mug

Custom Mug - Lovely Gift For Pregnant Women
Custom mug – lovely gift for pregnant women

It’s wonderful for moms-to-be to get handmade, personalized cups. Whether they’re for her favorite beverage or souvenir, they’re perfect baby shower gifts for mom. With the baby’s year of birth crafted, these mugs will be among the memorable keepsakes that moms appreciate for years.

30. Pregnancy Memory Book

Memory Journals As Unique Baby Shower Gifts For Mom-To-Be
Memory journals as unique baby shower gifts for mom-to-be

Pregnancy is an important period in any woman’s life. Keeping a pregnancy journal is a unique way to commemorate your journey. You and your child will look back on this book many years from now and remember the good times you had together.

31. Polaroid Mini Photo Printer

Mini Photo Printer For Baby Shower Gift
Mini photo printer: baby shower gift

All new mothers enjoy photographing their adorable newborns. That makes a portable picture printer one of the most unique presents for baby shower. She can simply use it with her smartphone or tablet to produce high-quality physical images in a matter of seconds.

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It’s wonderful that you share a little burden with the expecting moms by giving them useful baby shower gifts for mom. Whatever items you pick from our list, Oh Canvas believes that they will make her feel happy and special. If you want to give her more personalized gifts, browse our site to find unique, heartfelt prints that help any mom showcase and preserve memories.

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