Money Bag Costume For Baby

YAROMO Money Backpack Bag Robber Costume – Large Halloween Drawstring Pouch with Dollar Sign for Party Favors. This money bag is designed like a realistic money bag, featuring a zipper opening and with a dollar sign on the front. The money bag has an adjustable strap so it can fit most adults. When you want to wear it as costume accessory, please leave the strap off while wearing it to resemble a fully filled bag of money.

Your little one will be the life of the party with this fun YAROMO Money Backpack Bag Robber Costume! This bag comes with a large drawstring pouch, complete with dollar-sign detail, that will make your child feel like a real thief.

Money Bag Robber Costume – Large Halloween Drawstring Pouch with Dollar Sign for Party Favors.

This Money Bag Costume is perfect for kids who love to play dress-up. Dress up as a robber, drawstring pouch attached, with dollar sign on front. Great for birthday party gifts and other costume parties

This is the perfect costume for your little one. The money bag style string bag is great for parties, and will make your baby look like a robber. The pouch can be filled with candy, or treats and given out to friends at their birthday party!!

A money bag with a dollar sign is the perfect way to introduce your future criminal mastermind to thieving. This costume will bring you the shiniest toy in the whole wide world!

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