Monsters Inc Boo Costume For Baby

Monsters Inc Boo Deluxe Toddler Costume, Purple, Medium (3T-4T) is a great costume for Halloween. This costume features the signature blue shorts, short white top and black tie. The Monsters Inc. Sulley Costume is 100% polyester and machine washable on delicate cycle in cold water.

Monsters, Inc. — In the Monsters, Inc. Boo Deluxe Toddler Costume, you’re sure to be a star! Boo has all the cute features of the beloved character in this purple dress with a poofy skirt and fuzzy top. One size fits toddlers (3T-4T).

An adorable costume perfect for babies! Boo Deluxe Toddler Costume includes a soft bodysuit with attached snap closures, pants and white booties. One size fits 3T-4T

The Boo Deluxe Toddler Costume is perfect for toddler girls! Fall in love with this adorable look and feel like a real member of Mike’s crew. This Boo outfit features a polka-dotted dress, tiara and bottoms.

This Boo Deluxe Toddler Costume features a jumpsuit with attached tail and furry hands, hooded character headpiece with attached red bow tie and velcro fastenings at back of neck for easy dressing.

Boo Sorting Costume Boo is the sweet and adorable little girl that we all loved in the movie, and now you can dress up your kid as her! This costume includes a purple velour jumpsuit with attached mitten pajamas and character hood with tail.

How to Make Monsters inc Costumes

Are you looking for some adorable Monsters Inc Costumes for the whole family? I have a few easy costume ideas for everyone’s favorite monster Mike Wazowski and his pal Sulley.

Ok so maybe your favorite monsters isn’t Mike, maybe it’s Sulley or Boo. Just please don’t tell me it’s Randall. He is the worse. ???? Either way Monsters Inc is an excellent group costume theme for Halloween parties or Disneybounding in the parks.

DIY Monsters Inc Costume ideas and tutorials including Mike and Sulley or Sullivan perfect for kids, teens, best friends, toddlers, adults or college friends. Learn how to make these easy homemade costumes that include an awesome hat perfect for Halloween.
Pin these easy Mike and Sulley costumes to make for your little monsters.

With the new Disney+ show Monsters at Work starts streaming on July 7th. Check out how new monsters learn to be come jokesters (vs. Scarers) at Monsters Incorporated with the help of old friends like Mike, Sulley and Roz.

Mike and Sully Costume DIY

Monsters Inc and Monsters University were favorites of my boys when they were little. And they loved the easy Sully and Mike Wazowski costumes I made. Both costume ideas can easily be scaled up for adult costumes.

I was inspired by the bright and appropriately colored shirts I found in my craft supply stash. Snagging cheap t-shirts at your local discount store and adding a few details i all you need for these adorable Mike and Sulley costume ideas.

More Monsters Inc Costume Ideas

Before I share my Mike and Sulley costume tutorials, I wanted show you a few easy alternatives you can find on Etsy and Amazon, in case you aren’t in the DIY mood. If I had a little baby still I would definitely want to make a boo costume!

Or if you want your entire family to dress up in a Monsters Inc theme, check out my friend’s family costumes that featured some random monster’s inc. costumes.

DIY Mike Wazowski Costume

Mike Wazowski DIY Costume
I think Mike Wazowski might be a little scared about going to Monsters University?

Mike Wazowski Costume Materials

Monsters University Mike Shirt
Super simply Mike Wazowski shirt in bright green featuring his giant eye and a smile.

Monsters Inc Costume Tutorial

Starting with the t-shirt, I created one huge Mike Wazowski eye using white, green and black felt.  I attempted to use some fabric glue but had better luck with my hot glue gun!

Try to off center the eye slightly, if everything is perfectly centered, the eye looks a little odd.  Keeping it simple, I skipped his teeth and made a simple smile using black felt.

Monsters University Logo DIY
Creating a Monsters University logo using felt.

DIY Monsters Inc Hat

Mike’s hat is my favorite part of the Monsters University costumes, it was so easy and turned out awesome.  I started with a plain blue baseball cap I found at the Dollar Tree. I printed a Monster University logo I found online (using a quick google search) and used it as a template.

I used light blue, white and black felt to create the logo for the hat. I don’t trace my templates onto the felt. I like to use double-sided tape to attach the template to the felt and then cut around it. Then I don’t have to worry about pencil marks and it’s easy to peel the template off of the felt.

DIY Monsters University Cap
Add horns and a Monsters University logo to a plain blue ball cap.

Glue the MU logo together and then glue it on the front of the cap.

Mike and Sully Costume Hat

The best part of the hat is the horns. Quinn inspired me to put the horns on the hat. He knew Sulley was getting horns and reminded me that Mike also has monster horns.  I realized I could make a small pair of horns with leftover white felt – similar to Sulley’s. Then I stitched them to the side of the hat.

Easy Sulley DIY Costume

James P Sullivan Costume
My little Sulley trying out his Monsters Inc ROAR!

Sulley Monsters Inc Costume Materials

  • Blue t-shirt
  • knit cap (I wanted blue but used purple)
  • Blue, purple, and white felt
  • Stuffing material

I think a blue hoodie would make a great Sulley costume base but I already had the blue t-shirt. My plan was to find a matching blue knit hat.

Unfortunately, I had no luck but did run across a purple hat that matched Sulley’s spots, so I ran with it. The costume isn’t perfect but it’s cute and the colors coordinated well.

DIY Sulley Shirt Costume
Use pieces of purple felt to create Sulley’s purple spots.

Sulley Costume Hat DIY

I cut spots out of purple felt and glued them on to Sulley’s shirt. I played with the placement a little bit before attaching them, I wanted different sizes placed randomly on his “fur”.

Again a blue hoodie would be ideal for Sulley, I settled on a knit hat to keep the costume super frugal. I found this purple knit hat at the dollar store and it worked fine. I had a 2nd blue shirt and used that material to make the spots for the hat. It helped coordinate the colors perfectly.

DIY Sulley Horns Hat
A hoodie would have been better but we made due with a Sulley knit cap instead.

The horns themselves were easy to make using white felt. I played around a little with horn template size to get the right size horns for the cap.

Then I cut the horns out of white felt, sewed them together and added a tiny bit of stuffing. A sewing machine would make this a bit easier but I did fine without.

Originally I thought about attaching them to a headband but I couldn’t imagine Elliot wearing a headband without complaining. Alternatively, you could just find a pair of costume devil horns and spray paint them white to wear.

What do you think of my Top Scarers?

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