Motorola Charger For Baby Monitor

Motorola Micro-USB Charger Power Cord, Replacement Adapter Supply Compatible with Parent Unit MBP33S MBP36S MBP36XL MBP38S  … The Motorola Micro-USB Charger Cable is a replacement cable for your Motorola Baby Monitor. This cable will allow you to plug your parent unit into an AC outlet, or any device that has a USB port.

This high-quality Motorola baby monitor charger for MBP33S, MBP36S, MBP36XL, MBP38S parent unit is easy to use. Simply plug this charger into an electrical socket and connect it to your Motorola baby monitor with the power adapter cord.

How do I Charge my Motorola Baby Monitor?

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Plug your video baby monitor into one of the spare MicroUSB cords; Plug the USB end of the MicroUSB cord into a universal USB adapter/charger; andPlug the USB adapter/charger into the wall.

This Micro-USB Charger Power Cord, Replacement Adapter Supply will give you the ability to charge your Motorola Baby Monitor system without having to plug it in. It can be useful for travel when you may not have access to a wall outlet or power strip at all times.

Compatible with Motorola Baby Monitor MBP33S, MBP36/MBP36XL, MBP38/MBP38XL. Replace your damaged or lost power adapter and Charger Allows you to charger your baby monitor in a convenient way at home or on the go

Motorola’s Micro-USB Fast Charger is an all-in-one charging solution, designed to easily charge your Micro-USB enabled devices. The new charger is capable of charging and powering the Motorola Baby Monitor via its USB cable.

This is a brand new item that has never been used. It comes with everything in the original packaging and is ready to be shipped out immediately.

Motorola Baby Monitor Charger dc 6v

We are now on our second Motorola video baby monitor – the first couldn’t withstand a prolonged dunking in the dog’s water bowl. This second monitor, a Motorola MBP36S, has developed its own problems. There is a short between the monitor and the charger input that keeps the monitor from charging. Other Motorola models that have the same input and likely the same problems are the MBP33S and MBP41S. (Note: This topic is far afield from my usual law blog stuff, but I felt pretty heroic when I figured this hack out, and I knew I had to share it, because apparently this short circuit development is really common with these Motorola monitors).

There are two variations of this problem. 1) The short circuit is in the power cord – I have a solution for this problem. 2) The short is in monitor’s receiver input – you’re on your own for this one, and I don’t think there’s an easy fix (if any).

The charger input for the Motorola video baby monitor is MicroUSB, which is the same input as your Kindle and other devices you likely already own. In fact, you probably have a dozen or so MicroUSB cables lying a round the house. So this hack may keep you from having to drop the extra coin on a dedicated Motorola power adapter.

Here’s your hack in 3 easy steps:

  1. Plug your video baby monitor into one of the spare MicroUSB cords;
  2. Plug the USB end of the MicroUSB cord into a universal USB adapter/charger; and
  3. Plug the USB adapter/charger into the wall.

Your monitor should be charging now. If it’s not, then you know that the short circuit is in the monitor itself. And that means you’re probably out of luck.

Disclaimer: You will want to make the sure voltage output on your universal USB adapter is the same as for the Motorola video baby monitor’s dedicated charger, or you risk frying the monitor.

Motorola Baby Monitor Charging Port Replacement

motorola baby monitor charging port replacement

There has a common query about Motorola baby monitor charging port replacement to most of the Motorola users. As the parent console operates through a battery, thus its fluent function will highly depend on a better charging system. Sometimes, it gets faulty, and users have trouble figuring out the right reasons.

Follow our below exclusive article on this topic. Here, you will get all factors cleared related to this. So, continue reading.

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Motorola Baby Monitor Charging Port Replacement

The faulty cords or power adapters will lead to the baby monitor being unusable. So, it will be worth replacing the damaged ones just after figuring out any faults there.

Note: You can also read how to reset the Motorola baby monitor.

How To Fix Motorola Baby Monitor Charging Port?

Motorola baby monitor faces several charging issues many times. It seems not to recognize when the charging cord is being plugged in.

Even this time, the battery symbol in the top right corner fails to show while charging. In some cases, the battery starts showing low– when it is still plugged into the charger. 

In this situation, it is required to inspect the charging port and investigate the inside sensibly. Anyway, if you have the same issue, you may do some DIY fixes by yourself. This will help you to save extra costs from the technician.

Follow our below most straightforward guide to inspect this charging port and replace it if needed.

1. De-assemble The Parent Unit

Here are the procedures to de-assemble the monitor:
  • First, turn off your monitor.
  • Now, take a tiny Phillips head screwdriver and start removing the plastic battery cover on the back of the parent unit.
  • Carefully unscrew the attached screw.
  • After removing the back cover, take out the battery pack.
  • Also, carefully pull the connected wires with the battery.
  • When done, you will see another screw located underneath the battery. Unscrew it as well.
  • Then take a tiny flathead screwdriver.
  • Pry open the baby monitor gently along the seam around the outside edge.
  • After that, the inside circuit board will reveal. Also, you will see two red wires connect with the circuit board and the speaker.
  • Now locate the charging port and match out the below symptom to verify if it is actually damaged or not.  

2. Match The Signs Of A Bad Charging Port

In this section, you will get some main signs of a damaged charging port completely explored. So, read out each symptom and match it out with your baby monitor’s charging port:

  • Loose charger port: The unit may have the port come loose. Even it will fall out when you inspect your circuit board. This may be the major reason behind the malfunction of charging.
  • Worn-out port: In many cases, the charging port may wear out because of excessive use. For this, it will fail to connect with the adapter.
  • Blocked port: Sometimes, a blocked and dirty port messes up the charging system. If there is the same on your unit’s port, simply you can dislodge the dirt using a paper clip or compressed air.
  • Broken pins in charging port: Most of the time, pins inside the port become bent or even broken out. For this, the fluent charging of the unit will turn impossible.
  • Off-colored residue around the port: You may find black residue around the charging port due to the inside burn. Use a flashlight for better exploration. 

3. Replace The Charger Port Of A Baby Monitor

If you notice any of the above symptoms there, it is time to fix this or replace the port. If the port is loosed or blocked, you may fix this by re-soldering it onto the circuit board and cleaning the port. Then, snap the 2 sides of the monitor back in the right place. 

After that, screw the detached screws and place the battery. Connect the back cover and connect it with the charger. Hopefully, it will recognize the charge cord.

But when the fact is about the Motorola baby monitor charging port being broken and other symptoms, you need to take your monitor to a technician. If they suggest, you will need to replace it.

If the charging port is well working and there are no faults, the charger and the cord may be the culprit. Read through below to learn in-depth:

Motorola Baby Monitor Replacement Charger

While often operating the baby monitor, the charger cord of your baby monitor may get frayed and break. At this time, you must have to replace the complete charger without any late. Otherwise, it will affect the functions of the monitor device and will damage it.

When you are planning to replace your charger, make sure you are replacing two major items of your own Motorola unit. Look through below:

  • An AC-to-DC Power Adapter: A Motorola baby monitor needs a power adapter having a 6-volt output. Also, there must have a 500mA power supply. 
  • Adapter Tip “A”: This is another major part that will enter your baby monitor’s charging port. Make sure the replaced adapter tip is fitting on the charging port of the unit.

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