Rocky Mountain Baby Names

This selection of mountain names for girls is perfect if your child loves the outdoors. With a name like Zaltana, Peri or Hermona, their little shoulders will be born for hiking up the highest peaks.

Baby Girl Names Meaning Mountain are very cute and beautiful.

Here we take a look at some of the most popular mountain names for baby girls, including exotic and earthy choices.

Choose one of these beautiful mountain names to give your little girl a strong and beautiful name. She will always be able to stand tall as she faces challenges in life.

Are you looking for a baby name that’s not just trendy but has a certain charm to it? Then choose one of these names with their meaning and origin.

The meaning of Aspen is ‘like a willow’ and it originates from Gaelic. A willow tree is a symbol of protection, and thus it is no surprise that this name was given to girls as well as boys in days gone by. The name was also borne by an ancient Greek prophetess and poetess who was one of the Nine Muses.

Baby Names for Mountain Bikers

    • Origin: Native American
    • Meaning: “where the mountain meets the sea”
    • Description:Used for a free-spirited character on a 1990s sitcom, this name of a beautiful Southern California canyon does have an unconventional aura.
  1. Parvati
    • Origin: Sanskrit
    • Meaning: “the daughter of the mountain”
    • Description:This Hindu goddess name is very popular in India. The goddess of love, fertility and devotion, representing female force, Parvati is the wife of Shiva and the mother of Ganesh. There is a Harry Potter character named Parvati Patil, a twin sister of Padma..
  2. Beaumont
    • Origin: French
    • Meaning: “beautiful mountain”
    • Description:Beau is now in now in the Top 200 boys’ names, and this is a more elaborate way to get there. Comic power couple Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti named their first son Beaumont Gino in July 2017. Monty is another possible nickname. As French baby names go, this one might provide the perfect balance of effete and approachable.
  3. Nyala
    • Origin: African, Ethiopian
    • Meaning: “mountain goat”
    • Description:Nyala is a secret nature name with a fashionable animal meaning. Nyala might be an appropriate name for a baby girl born under the sign of Capricorn, which is symbolized by the goat, or in the Chinese Year of the Goat — though the last one was 2015 and we won’t have another until 2027. Although the nee beginning is most frequently cited as the correct pronunciation, the name can — and often will — be pronounced with the first syllable rhyming with my and sigh.
  4. Jael
    • Origin: Hebrew
    • Meaning: “mountain goat”
    • Description:A unisex Hebrew name sometimes given in Israel to kids born under the goat sign of Capricorn; it’s also spelled Yael/Ya’el.
  5. Peri
    • Origin: Greek; Hebrew; Persian
    • Meaning: “mountain dweller; fruit; fairy”
    • Description:This name used for both sexes in several cultures is quite well used in Israel.
  6. Jael
    • Origin: Hebrew
    • Meaning: “mountain goat”
    • Description:This attractive Old Testament option is the name of a place in northern Israel.
  7. Orestes
    • Origin: Greek
    • Meaning: “from the mountain”
    • Description:A figure in Greek drama who murdered his mother makes for an unconventional choice for a baby name, but it has appeared on the US extended list several dozen times since records began.
  8. Monserrat
    • Origin: Spelling variant of Montserrat, Catalan place-name meaning “serrated mountain”
    • Meaning: “serrated mountain”
    • Description:Monserrat is a variant spelling of the Catalan name Montserrat. It is likely the better spelling in English-speaking countries given the correct pronunciation of the name.
  9. Vermont
    • Origin: French
    • Meaning: “green mountain”
    • Description:Place-name waiting to be discovered.
  10. Haran
    • Origin: Hebrew
    • Meaning: “hill, mountain”
    • Description:Abraham’s brother in the Old Testament.
  11. Jahel
    • Origin: Hebrew
    • Meaning: “mountain goat”
    • Description:Variation of Jael.
  12. Hammond
    • Origin: English from German
    • Meaning: “mountain home”
    • Description:A cross-cultural possibility, but a bit heavy and somber.
  13. Zaltana
    • Origin: Native American
    • Meaning: “high mountain”
    • Description:Has an evocative feel, unusual to the Western ear without being identified with any particular culture.
  14. Trevena
    • Origin: Cornish
    • Meaning: “village on a mountain”
    • Description:The original Cornish name for the town better known today as Tintagel. With its Arthurian heritage, this makes a good choice for those fond of the legends of Lancelot, Guinevere and King Arthur.
  15. Doone
    • Origin: Scottish surname
    • Meaning: “hill, mountain”
    • Description:Evocative of the sand dunes at the beach, Doone is a relatively rare surname found in Scotland, Ireland and England. It was recently used with this spelling by Olympic medalist Amanda Beard; photographer Diane Arbus named her daughter Doon, inspired, yes, by walks along the sand dunes during her pregnancy.
  16. Mont
    • Origin: Diminutive of Montgomery or French
    • Meaning: “mountain”
    • Description:Monty Burns, on The Simpsons, smashed to pieces any goodwill for his first name leftover from Monty Python. But if you drop the “y,” you’re left with a distinctly Gallic sounding nickname name. If it feels to slight for the birth certificate, there are tons of ways to get to it as a nickname: Montgomery, Montana, Montreal, even Montmorency.
  17. Berquist
    • Origin: Swedish
    • Meaning: “mountain twig”
    • Description:Few Scandinavian names make the journey to America…and this one shows you why. Still, names such as Freya and Odin are making an unlikely comeback, so we wouldn’t count any of the Scandinavian baby names out forever.

What Are Rocky Inspired Baby Names?

Similar Names

  • Ricky.
  • Zaki.
  • Raleigh.
  • Rocco.
  • Ronnie.
  • Rami.
  • Ravi.
  • Rickey.

What Name Means Mountain Of God?

Origin:Hebrew. Meaning:Mountain of God. Harel is a masculine name of Hebrew origin.11 May 2023

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