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Are you looking for a beautiful name for your beautiful son? Then here (based on the innumerable names available) we have come up with some really unique and distinct Indian Christian baby boy names for your little one. Wondering how many options you have? Well, options are endless, but here we talk about 150 popular baby boy names with meaning.

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Unique Christian Baby Boy Names that Stand Out

Everyone wants a name that is unique. A unique name adds on to our distinct identity and personality. Many of us believe in looking for a distinct and unique name for our kids. Well, you need to be careful while choosing a unique name as it should not cause an embarrassment for your child in future if the name is completely off track or cannot be spelt correctly. So here we have a list of unique baby boy names for your little one:


AaronSea or water
AdrianA person with paramount strength
AlbyA city surrounded by white hills
AbnerFather of Light
BenettHonourable or blessed
BrionStrong and honourable
CollinA creative person
CyrilMajesty or King
DylanOne who wins over people’s minds
EliphazAn endeavour of God
EliotA firm believer in God
EricA ruler of peace
EthanStrong and powerful
FelixA fortunate person
FeivelGod Assists
FergusA person of great strength
FilbertExtremely bright, brilliant
GerardStrong-hearted or brave-hearted
HaroldRuler of the army
HugheHeart, mind and spirit
IanA name that means ‘God is merciful and gracious’
IrvinColour of peace, a beautiful white colour
JerrodDown to Earth
JudeA disciple of Jesus
KevExtremely gentle and caring
KedemOld, Ancient
KianRoyal, a majestic King
LukeA biblical name; Luke was one of the authors of the New Testament
ManuelIn possession of great power, strong
Nathan Gift of God
NicholasThe victory of people
OthelloVery rich and prosperous
PhelanJoyful by nature
PhilA good friend, one who loves horses
ReuelFriend of God
RianA ruler of people
RyanLittle King or Illustrious
SimonA patient listener
SachielAngle of Water
SeanA name that means ‘Lord is gracious and merciful’
TedA precious gift of God
UlrickA very high-born ruler
VidorVery cheerful and joyous
VivanFull of life, energetic
WalterA powerful warrior
WilfredA pleasant wish for peace and tranquillity
WynnHoly, fair and blessed one
XavierExtremely bright and helpful
YorkFrom the farm
ZachariasSomeone the Lord has thought about or favoured
ZaneGift from God
ZebedeeIn abundance
ZephExtremely precious to the Lord
Young family with son

List of Modern Christian Baby Boy Names

Nowadays, as we are progressing further and becoming more and more advanced, we prefer simple yet refreshing names. Of course the element of distinct and uniqueness must be there but a simple easy to pronounce names is what most modern parents prefer. Just go through this list of some modern names which we have selected from an endless list of names available:


AbbyMy father is elated
AnthonyHighly praiseworthy
ArnePowerful like an eagle
BaruchOne who has been blessed
BryceBorn of a nobleman, ardent and strong
CarlA man free of all burdens
CarltonA settlement of free men or peasants
CullenSon born of a holy person
DaleThe one who dwells in a valley
DasanA devotee of God
EdwinAn extremely valued friend
EllenOne who is courageous
FelexOne who is very fortunate and happy
GabeThe bravest man of God
GabrielStrong and powerful
GianExtremely knowledgeable
HananOne who is merciful and compassionate
HankA merciful ruler of God
IsaacOne who brings laughter and joy to our lives
IvanA precious gift of God
JobinExcellent and brilliant
JoelDue to the willingness of God
KaneA warrior’s son
KasperThe one who bears a treasure
KilmerExtremely loving and caring
LeoVery brave-hearted
LiamHelmet of will
LouisA highly renowned warrior
LucasA torch-bearer
MalcolmA disciple of a renowned saint
MelvinA protector and friend
MontyOne who has come from a rich man’s mountain
NeilA champion of clouds
NigelA champion of the dark cloud
OthneilThe powerful strength of God
PaulsonSon of Paul
PhoenixA fictional bird that burns itself alive, only to be reborn again
PiousHoly or divine
RexAlmighty or King of the Universe
SamuelThe name of a King in the Bible
ShawnGraciously given by God
StevenOne who has been crowned
TheoA precious gift of God
TisonOne who is highly spirited
UrielLight of God
VincentThe victorious one or the one who conquered
WyattOne with a courageous mind in a battle
WilberExtremely bright and willing
ZainBrilliant and happy
ZephaniahExtremely valued and treasured by God
ZaccheoThe One God Remembers
ZedGod is Fair
ZionA Sign
Modern Christian Baby Boy Names

Latest Christian Baby Boy Names

If we set aside unique, traditional and distinct names for a while, then we may see that many people nowadays prefer the latest trending names. They are ok if the name is not very unique but should not look off track and should be as per the new trends. For instance, Benjamin becomes Benji, Stephen becomes Steve, etc. The benefits of such names are that it’s easy to call and easy to remember. It’s all a perspective way of looking at the names from one’s own viewpoint. Here we go with the latest trending names:

by Taboola

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AidanExtremely superior and intelligent
AricA sacred ruler of all
BaxterAn immaculate baker
BenjiAs per the Old Testament, Benjamin was the last born of Jacob
BorisA warrior ready to fight in a battle
CraigOne who lives near the cliff
CyrusJust like the Sun
DavisThe highly adored son of Davis
DoraA Gift
DalitDraw Water
DerekThe one who rules over his people
EbinA kind of a rock
Edmundwealthy protector
ElvinA magical friend, one who is noble
FrancisA free man
FrederickA very calm and peaceful ruler
GilOne who is shining brightly
GavinWhite Falcon
GilesA young kid
HanlyA ruler of a particular place
HarryA champion of the high meadows
HeineOne who rules the home
IanAnother name for John
ImmanuelA name that means ‘God is almighty and is present with us’
JeffA very peaceful and divine ruler
KarlA free human
KevinName of a famous saint
LarryOne who is crowned with laurels
LibinOne who shows love and compassion
MarcFrom the God of wars
MikeA God-like figure
NorbertA brilliant one
NoelBorn on the day of Christmas
OliverFrom the olive tree
PaulSmall, little
PeterModern and beautiful
PhilipOne who loves horses
Rafe A wise wolf
RossOne with red hair
RylanOne from the lands of Rye
SimonTo hear or listen
SeffA Wolf
SmitOne with a divine smile
TerenceTender, soft and smooth
ThomasTwins. It was also the name of one of the disciples of Jesus
TravisOne who collects toll while crossing a certain path
WarrenSomeone who is from La Varenne
WillyOne with a strong mind
WindsorName of a place in the United Kingdom
YardleyForest or timber

Tips for Choosing the Best Name for your Baby Boy

As much fun as it is to choose newborn baby boy names it is equally a challenging task. The name you choose will give your son an identity and will remain with him throughout his life. Choosing the best name can depend on a lot many factors around us. It can be:

  • Meaning and Depth: The meaning and depth of the name are very important to us. All of us try to keep a simple yet a name with depth.
  • Biblical Names: There are a lot many names mentioned in the bible. If you are a firm believer in the Bible, then you may choose a suitable name for your son from the Bible. A few of them have been mentioned above as well.
  • Name of the Parents: Many of us have an inclination to keep a name which starts from the same alphabet of our names. Some of us even try to merge both the couple’s name and try to formulate a cute name.
  • Name of the Siblings: You tend to keep a name which is similar to your firstborn’s name or even rhyming. For instance, Stephen and Stephanie. This is actually quite cute!
  • Uncommon Names: Many of us try to look for a name that’s unheard of or quite uncommon names. This is quite a trend these days. So you can look for an uncommon boy name for your little one. But please be sure that the name is easily understood and spelt correctly.
  • A Familiar Personality: Many of us are a firm believers that if we name our son or daughter after a famous personality, then he or she will also follow in their footsteps.
  • Ask the Family: You can ask your family for a good suggestion of names and then finally choose any one of them.

Use a Baby Naming Tool

Most parents look for a unique, meaningful name for their baby, and most names they come across tend to be generic. If you’re on the hunt for some inspiration to name your baby boy, a Baby Names tool gives you all the options you need. Choosing a unique Christian name for your baby boy that holds meaning, yet stands apart has never been this easy.

On a serious note, the list of names and choices are endless. You need to narrow down a few good names as per your liking and then finally choose the best of all. The naming ceremony is truly an overwhelming occasion for both parents and children. The name you choose for your son is like one precious gift to him and will remain by his side throughout his life and will also be passed on to his children as a legacy. All you need to is inculcate high moral values in your child to live up to his name.

What Is The Best Christian Name For A Boy?

Biblical boy names

  • Aaron — High mountain.
  • Abraham — Father of nations.
  • Adam — Man.
  • Amos — To carry, borne by God.
  • Andrew — Manly and powerful.
  • Benjamin — A favorite son.
  • Caleb — Whole heart.
  • Cyrus — Lord.

Modern Christian Baby Boy Names

had a few names in mind when I had my babies and after they were born, I narrowed them down, add a few names that friends and family suggest, and then finally decide on the one all of us like the best! 

I’ve listed 25 of the best Christian baby boy names that start with A that I found. Take your pick!

Aden:  A handsome young man

Adonis: A handsome young man

Alan: A Biblical God of Shine

Allen : A helper and defender of all mankind

Aaron: A man with a mountain of strength, one who brings light in other’s lives

A young boy showing off his muscles.
Look at my muscles! Am I not a strong boy?

Aiden: A boy born of fire

Alvin: A noble friend to all

Arnie: A man with the power of an eagle

Arthur: A man who is strong

Adrian: A man with riches

A baby boy holding a phone to his ear.
Hey, I think it’s raining dollars here! Want a few millions?

Adolph: A Germanic term for a noble wolf

Akilan: An intelligent man

Alex: One who helps and defends mankind

Aloysius: The name of a famous warrior

Augustin: A man of majestic qualities

A boy dressed as a king.
Bend the knee and join me, or refuse and die!

Arnold: A powerful young man

Austin: A man with immense dignity

Alston: A term for a noble man’s settlement

Alvin: A noble friend to mankind

Asher: A Hebrew word for happy

A smiling young boy.
Is it morning already?

Aviv: A Hebrew word for spring

Ashton: The name of a place which means ash tree town

Audie: A man with strength

Aviv: A Hebrew word for spring

Alfie: A wise counsellor

A boy wearing glasses placed in front of a huge book.
What do thou seek?

Which of these Christian baby boy names that start with A do you like best? Let me know in the comments!

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