Other Uses For Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillow can be used in so many ways. Here are 5 great other uses for pregnancy pillow that you might like.

The pregnancy pillow is so versatile, you will use it well after your pregnancy to create a comfortable resting position while breastfeeding. The soft, plush material conforms to your body and cradles you in comfort while you sleep. This pregnancy pillow is also great for propping up your legs while sitting or taking a relaxing bath! Pregnancy pillow is a multipurpose pillow that can be used during pregnancy and after the baby is born. Claiming the top spot in our list of the best pregnancy pillows, U-shape full body pregnancy pillow allows you to sleep without any pain, especially during your night shift sleep.

When you use a pregnancy pillow, you can sleep much better and more comfortably. You will be able to rest well on your back and side, as well as getting support for your tummy when you are breastfeeding. A pregnancy pillow provides support and comfort for your changing body during and after pregnancy. It’s a great alternative to nursing pillows, which aren’t always portable or comfortable if you need to sleep on your side. Having one less thing to carry around will allow you to keep your hands free at all times.

If you’re expecting, it can seem like there’s a lot to prepare for, some of which isn’t very fun. Pregnancy pillows can help! Their adjustable design makes them comfortable to use and versatile enough to fit any sleep position. They also are hypoallergenic and will last you through each pregnancy. If you haven’t tried one yet, why not?

Can You Use Pillow Spray When Pregnant

Yes, you can use pillow spray when pregnant. The main ingredient in our pillow spray, coconut oil, has many benefits and is safe to use. While we do not recommend you use the same pillow every night, this product can reduce the amount of dust mites in your bed. You can use pillow spray when pregnant. But it is advisable to consult doctor This is because your body will have different needs during the pregnancy. Hence, you should accommodate those changes by taking special care.

Yes you can use pillow spray while pregnant. It may help with morning sickness symptoms and it will definitely help to freshen up your pillow. Please make sure that you do not put it directly into your mouth or nose, as some of the ingredients might be harmful to high blood pressure! You can use pillow spray when you are pregnant if you are not experiencing any symptoms of discomfort like shortness of breath, dizziness or any irritation. Pillow sprays help to create a pleasant sleeping ambiance and also remove unpleasant odours from the bed covers. To maintain good health while sleeping, we need time to relax so that our body can repair itself.

Pregnant women may want to consider buying pillow spray to enjoy a more peaceful night’s sleep. Most pillow sprays are made of essential oils and are naturally calming and relaxing, making them ideal for when you can’t fall asleep or wake easily in the night.

One of the most important things to protect when pregnant is your health. Do you feel a bit wary about using a pillow spray when pregnant? Then feel safe to spray it on your pillows, mattress covers and wherever else you sleep. We use only essential oils which are all safe for pregnant women,and each pillow spray has been tested individually to ensure they are all safe for pregnant women.

How Useful Is Pregnancy Pillow

The use of pregnancy pillow is very useful since it reduces the stress and strain on your body during pregnancy. You can easily fall asleep easier when using this pillow because it supports your body in a comfortable manner. You get ample sleep space because you bend your back, neck and stomach comfortably with the help of this pillow.

Pregnancy pillow is the perfect way to get all the support you need during pregnancy and beyond. The pregnancy pillow is a huge help to all the pregnant mother. It takes pressure off the belly, lower back and hips while providing full support. You can sleep in any position conveniently with this pillow, no matter whether you are sleeping on your back or side.

A pregnancy pillow (whether it’s a full body pillow or a simple wedge) can reduce the strain on changing pressure points, fitting into all your nooks and crannies to prevent and reduce pain in those key areas.

How They Work

There are three main areas where pregnancy pillows really shine: under your belly, behind your back, and between your legs. These are the spots that benefit from extra support while you sleep during your pregnancy.

Though they might not work wonders for everyone, in general a pregnancy pillow can:

  • Ease your adjustment to a new sleeping position 
  • Keep your neck, back, and hips aligned during sleep
  • Reduce the pressure around your hips and pubic bone by keeping your legs parallel to one another
  • Improve circulation
  • Improve common pregnancy conditions like heartburn, nasal congestion, and leg cramps
  • Prevent you from accidentally rolling over onto your back while you sleep

Everyone should consider whether their pillows and mattresses are providing correct alignment of the spine, but this is especially true during pregnancy.

Simply being pregnant places strain on your spine, ligaments, and joints. Sleeping out of alignment will only exacerbate these problems. It’s also easier to pull or strain muscles when you’re pregnant.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows

Just like any other kind of pillow, what works for someone else won’t necessarily work for you. Finding the right pillow often involves some trial and error; you might prefer a wedge over a body pillow, or memory foam over bamboo fill. 

Thankfully, there are a lot of different options. Most pillows can be grouped by shape, with different shapes meeting different needs.

Pillow typeHow it helps
C-shaped or contourSupports your back or belly (depending on how you position it)
Keeps legs and hips parallel
Keeps neck supported and aligned with back
U-shapedSupports every part of your body equally
Keeps legs and hips parallel
Keeps neck supported and aligned with back
Wedge Supports a targeted area, like under your belly, behind your back, or between your knees
Can prevent rolling over during sleep
Keeps you cooler than a full-body option

Finally, don’t forget to consider material: pillows are made of and covered with a variety of textiles, some of which may be more comfortable for you than others. If you run hot at night, you should skip the synthetics; if you want softer or more adjustable support, a polyfill pillow may be better than firm memory foam.

Do You Need One?

It depends on how you define “need.” Can you survive pregnancy without one? Sure! But you may find that sleeping is much more uncomfortable and your days are filled with more residual aches and pains than if you had one. 

Even though it’s not a “need,” a pregnancy pillow isn’t a luxury item: it’s something that can help you have more energy, more stamina, and more flexibility as you move throughout your pregnancy.

For people with chronic pain during pregnancy, whether it’s round ligament pain, sciatic nerve pain, or run-of-the-mill lower back pain, feeling better during those nine months is worth every penny of the cost of a pillow. 

That said, you can definitely piece together a supportive pregnancy nest for yourself with ordinary pillows you already have instead of purchasing a specific pillow. The disadvantage here, though, is that you won’t easily be able to change positions during the night without rearranging your whole setup, and you won’t have a portable option for travel, if needed.

Pregnancy pillows are intended to provide comfort and maximum support for pregnant women as they sleep. They support the body and ease any strain on joints, ligaments and muscles. Pregnancy pillows offer comfort, support, and relief throughout your pregnancy. The Boppy Full Body Pregnancy Pillow has been tested to help relieve all types of discomforts caused by pregnancy: so whether it’s lower back pain, hip pain or even shoulder pain that are troubling you, this pillow is sure to provide the relief you need.

This maternity pillow is great for sleeping. When you sleep, the weight of your baby presses on your abdomen and pelvic area, causing discomfort and reducing the quality of your sleep.

Why Do You Use A Pregnancy Pillow

During pregnancy, you need to take care of your body and make sure it stays healthy. What most pregnant women don’t realize is that there are things they can do to avoid back pain. One of the things you can do is use a pregnancy pillow. The first few months of your pregnancy are filled with various aches and pains, the most common being back pain. This is caused by the added load of carrying a baby plus the hormones that are shifting during pregnancy. With a pregnancy pillow, you can get relief from these aches and pains from day one.

The first few months of your pregnancy are filled with various aches and pains, the most common being back pain. This is caused by the added load of carrying a baby plus the hormones that are shifting during pregnancy. With a pregnancy pillow, you can get relief from these aches and pains from day one. A pregnancy pillow can help you feel more comfortable throughout the entire night. If you start to experience back pain or hip pain, this is a great way of helping reduce that. These pillows also have other benefits like being able to support both sides of your body while you sleep. When it comes to sleeping while pregnant, this can be crucial in order to get a good night’s rest so that you’re ready for whatever the next day will bring.”

Pregnancy pillows give you maximum comfort during pregnancy. The unique design of this maternity pillow will help relieve back pain, allow for proper posture, and promote better sleep. You deserve to feel comfortable and relax during your pregnancy. Our pregnancy pillow is designed to help reduce stress on your back and provide support for your growing belly.

How To Correctly Use Pregnancy Pillow

Anyone who is familiar with pregnancy and has dealt with the pain that comes with it knows how great a gift a pregnancy pillow can be. But, many people aren’t sure how to use it correctly. Therefore, we are going to teach you everything you need to know about how to use these pillows to keep you comfortable while pregnant

To properly use a pregnancy pillow, place your head and shoulders in the center of the pillow with your legs extended. The pregnancy pillow should be positioned along the pregnant mom’s spine. The pillow should support the stomach, legs, and back while they sleep. The pillow should not be used to brace against because this could result in pulled muscles or bruising.

You can position a pregnancy pillow in a variety of ways, depending on your aches and pains. Pregnancy pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well. Make sure to choose a pillow that suits your individual needs.

Part1Choosing a Shape

  1. 1Select a wedge-shaped pillow. Use wedge-shaped pillows to prop your head or back while sitting or reclining or to support your back or belly while lying on your side. You can even use wedge-shaped pillows to prop a hot water bottle up against your back.[1]
    • Wedge-shaped pillows are convenient because they are small and easily portable. However, because they are small, you will still need to use a regular pillow for your head.
    • Choose from a crescent-shaped or triangular-shaped wedge pillow, whichever is your preference. The different shapes do not provide different benefits.
  2. 2Try a U-shaped pillow. Use a U-shaped pillow to support your whole body from your head and neck to your back, belly, knees, and ankles. This pillow is great for women who are used to sleeping on their back. It is also convenient for women who toss and turn during the night since you do not need to readjust the pillow.
    • The U-shaped pillow is typically the most expensive pregnancy pillow. It is also the biggest pregnancy pillow. So if you have a small bed, look into getting a smaller pillow.
  3. 3Opt for a C-shaped pillow. C-shaped pillows are smaller than the U-shaped ones, so they are great if you have a mid-sized bed. These pillows provide support for your head, neck, back, and pelvic area. They are great for relieving pelvic tension and reducing water retention in your legs and ankles.
    • The only drawback is that you will need to adjust the pillow throughout the night as you switch sides.
    • This pillow shape is also recommended for plus-size women since its asymmetrical shape allows you to shape the pillow in a variety of ways.[2]
  4. 4Select a J-shaped pillow. The J-shaped pillow is similar to the U-shaped pillow, only smaller and without the extra side. So if you have a mid-sized bed, look into this pillow. This pillow is great for head, neck, and back support.
  5. 5Try a full-length pillow. Also known as I-shaped pillows, these pillows are straight and run along the length of your body. They look like regular pillows, only longer. You can wrap your arms and legs around them. However, they do not provide much back support.[3]
    • Flexible versions of the full-length pillow are available as well. The flexible ones bend and conform to your body, but they are generally more expensive.

Part2Positioning the PillowDownload Article

  1. 1Wedge the pillow under your belly. While lying on your side, place a U-shaped, full length, or wedge-shaped pillow underneath your belly. This will help support your belly, as well as your back muscles while you sleep.[4]
  2. 2Place the pillow between your legs and arms. Wrap your legs and arms around a U-shaped or full length pillow. The center of the pillow should be supporting your belly. This position is akin to hugging or cuddling the pillow.
    • Placing the pillow between your legs and arms will help relieve tension in your knee and ankle joints.
  3. 3Wrap it around your back. Wrap a C, U, or J-shaped pillow along your back and between your legs. This position will give your lower and upper back, as well as your pelvis, support while you sleep. If you are uncomfortable sleeping on your back, these pillows will prevent you from rolling on your back while you sleep as well.
    • You can also place a wedge-shaped pillow behind your back to support your lower back.
  4. 4Support your head and neck. Place a wedge-shaped pillow underneath your regular pillow to support your head and neck. This position will help relieve symptoms such as acid reflux and heartburn.
    • If you are using a C, U, or J-shaped pillow, keep your spine aligned by placing your head and neck on the pillow as if you are using a regular pillow.

Part3Selecting a High-Quality PillowDownload Article

  1. 1Choose a pillow with hollow fiber filling or polystyrene foam. Both of these fillings are hypoallergenic, as well as water- and smell-resistant. These fillings are also washer-friendly, and they keep their form.
    • Pillows with this type of filling are typically more expensive, around $60 or more, depending on the size of the pillow.
    • Just remember, whatever pillow you choose, make sure it can support your weight and will not lose its shape throughout your pregnancy; for example, if you are a plus-size woman, you may want to choose a memory foam pillow since these tend to hold their shape better.
  2. 2Try a lightweight pillow. Pregnancy pillows filled with Styrofoam balls are very lightweight. Additionally, the balls allow the pillow to conform to your body easily. One drawback is the noise the filling makes as you move around. The noise is similar to the one a beanbag makes when you lay on it.[5]
    • This filling is typically found in cheaper pregnancy pillows.
    • Pillows with Styrofoam ball filling are generally not machine washable, so make sure to choose one with a removable cover that you can wash.
  3. 3Go for a supportive pillow. Pillows made with microbead filling are more supportive than the ones with Styrofoam ball filling. They are also very lightweight and make very little noise as you move around.[6]
    • Like Styrofoam pillows, pillows with microbead filling tend to be cheaper, around $40 or more, depending on the size of the pillow.
    • Pillows with microbead filling may or may not be machine washable. If you choose one that is not, make sure it has a removable cover that you can wash.
  4. 4Try a body conforming pillow. Pillows filled with memory foam conform to your body and hold their shape very well. However, memory foam is not very breathable. Consequently, these pillows can become very hot as you sleep throughout the night.[7]
    • Memory foam pillows tend to be more expensive, around $100 or more, depending on the size of the pillow.
    • Additionally, memory foam pillows are typically machine washable.
    • If you’re worried about becoming too warm at night, try a pillow with shredded memory foam. This has many of the same benefits, but more air can move through the pillow, cooling it down.
  5. 5Choose a pillow with a removable cover. Pillows with removable covers are great because they make keeping your pillow clean very easy. All you need to do is remove the cover and wash it per the instructions on the tag. Look for pillows with zip or slip on covers.[8]
    • If the pillow you like does not have a removable cover, then make sure it is machine washable and can fit inside your washing machine.
  6. 6Take note of the size. If you are taller than the average woman, look into getting a pillow that is 8 to 11 feet (250 to 350 cm) long. If you are average height, then get a pillow that is 5 to 6 feet (160 to 170 cm) long. The size of the pillow you want will also depend on the size of your bed and your personal preference.
    • For example, if you have a small or mid-sized bed, make sure to get a pillow that is not too big for your bed.
    • The length of the pillow can also be affected by style; for example, U-shaped pillows tend to be longer than the other types of pillows.
  7. 7Try a firm pillow. Although it may be tempting to get a soft pillow, it is recommended that you get a pillow that is at least slightly firm. A firmer pillow will provide more support and keep its shape longer. It may be uncomfortable at first, but over time you may get used to it

Pregnancy pillows are unique and versatile enough to help you sleep in any number of positions, whether upright or on your side. They offer support for your stomach, hips and lower back so you can sleep comfortably through the night. A pregnancy pillow can help you relax and get a good night’s sleep. It also encourages better blood circulation in the legs, which may help prevent varicose veins.

How To Use Regular Pillows During Pregnancy

If you want to sleep like a baby during pregnancy, use regular pillows. Place two regular pillows under your head and two more at each side of your body. It will help you to sleep well and comfortably. When you’re pregnant, your body is changing in so many ways. But there’s one thing that will remain the same: your need for a good night’s sleep. We’ve all heard of using regular pillows during pregnancy to help support and relieve pain. Here’s what you should do before you use them, plus how to use regular pillows during pregnancy for optimal comfort.

Regular pillows can help to support your back and belly during pregnancy. These pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so do some research to find the one that works best for you! Using standard-sized pillows is one of the easiest, most effective way to reduce physical stress on your body and get better sleep during pregnancy.

A pregnancy pillow can make all the difference if you wake up to back pain or sore hips. Once you find the right support, you may even sleep through the night without waking to shift positions.

When you are pregnant, your body is making an entirely new life and there are many changes that you will experience. You may notice that you need different positions while sleeping and find that using regular pillows becomes uncomfortable or downright painful along with other pregnancy issues. Instead of getting a giant belly pillow to hold the baby weight, we encourage women to invest in these smaller comfort pillows which will help ease their discomfort by providing support in all the right places.

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