Best Overnight Cloth Diaper For 3-Year-Old

best cloth diaper for nighttime use on a 3-year-old, Day and night, parenting consumes all of your time. Even though you adore your child, there are moments when all you really want is a few more hours of sleep at night. A decent cotton diaper works best when used overnight!

Finding the finest overnight cloth diaper for a 3-year-old doesn’t have a magic formula, but I have put up a list of what I think are the BEST cotton diapers for nighttime use. Absorbent capability, breathability, durability, and dependability are necessary for overnight wear. All of these cloth diapers include cutting-edge functions and creative fixes to keep your child dry all night.

It’s challenging to absorb urine for 10 to 12 hours, but the finest overnight cloth diaper for a 3-year-old must seal in moisture.

Best overnight cloth diaper for 3-year-old, Parenting is all-consuming day and night. You love your little one, but sometimes you just want to catch a few more winks of sleep at night. Overnight is best with a good cloth diaper!

There is no magical solution to finding the perfect best overnight cloth diaper for 3-year-old use, but I have compiled a list of what I believe to be the BEST cloth diapers for overnight. Overnight wear requires absorbing power, breathability, durability and reliability. All of these cloth diapers have advanced features and innovative solutions to help keep your baby dry all night long.

Soaking up 10-12 hours of pee is no easy feat, but a good best overnight cloth diaper for 3-year-old needs to lock in moisture and keep the baby’s bum dry while they sleep. For an all-in-one solution, try the Overnight Bamboo Trio from For a fitted cloth diaper, we include directions for making your own fitted diaper with cotton birdseye fabric and hemp inserts.

Cloth diapering at night doesn’t need to be complicated. Here’s what worked best for our babies. Fitted Diapers with a Wool Cover: We tried several different types of fitted diapers and wool covers and ended up loving the eco-able fitteds the best!

Best Cloth Diaper For Toddler Overnight

Good absorbency, a fitted shape to stop leaks, and a waterproof diaper cover are all characteristics of the finest overnight cloth diapers. This will further prolong baby’s dryness!

Eco-friendly fitted cloth diaper: a diaper with two cotton hemp inserts for use at night. Mother-ease One of the best nighttime diapers for babies that wet a lot is Sandy’s Cloth Diaper. A great alternative for cloth diapering at night is the Disana 100% Organic Wool Diaper Cover.

Since the days of folded fabric and safety pins, cloth diapering has advanced significantly. Today’s options for cloth diapers are more convenient to use, machine washable, made of cute fabric, and highly absorbent.

But for many parents, using cloth diapers overnight is still a scary idea. Choosing the appropriate combination of

So What is the Best Overnight Cloth Diaper Solution?

It took me some trial and error, and a lot of networking with other cloth diaper moms, but in the end, three nighttime cloth diaper solutions stood out as the best overnight diapers. These three solutions continue to be the best fix for the many moms in the Cloth Diapers for Beginners community who have struggled with nighttime diapers.

All of the night time solutions I layout in this post are going to work with heavy wetters, Though the GroVia O.N.E may require additional inserts if your baby is older and a VERY heavy wetter. I talk a lot about diapering a heavy wetter both during the day and overnight here.

Let’s take a closer look at the options:

The Bulletproof Cloth Diaper for Overnight

1. Ecoable Hemp Fitted Diaper

My favorite choice for a nighttime cloth diaper that will last all night are hemp fitted diapers, which you need to under a good diaper cover. Some of the best and most cost-effective hemp fitted diapers are the Ecoable Hemp fitted diaper.

Hemp is the most absorbent fabric used in cloth diapers, and fitteds are the most absorbent style of diapers. So it’s no wonder these fitteds are amazing! 

Ecoable Hemp fitteds come with two snap-in hemp inserts that boost the body of the fitted diaper, which is also hemp. The material is made from a 55% hemp, 45% cotton blend. Though the hemp needs to be washed multiple times to reach full absorbency, once it’s prepped, you’ll be impressed with how much it can hold! Our #1 Choice for OvernightEcoable Hemp Fitted Cloth Diaper$20.99

This hemp fitted diaper is our first choice for overnight because it can hold what even heavy-wetters can throw at it when paired with a good diaper cover. Virtually bulletproof under wool!

Ecoable Hemp Fitted Cloth Diaper

Get it on AmazonGet it on Walmart.comWe earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.03/22/2022 04:02 am GMT 

The Best No-Prep Fitted Cloth Diaper for Overnight.

Bummis Dimple Diaper UPDATED: NOT AVAILABLE IN 2022
Regrettably, Bummis diapers recently changed ownership, and while you could still find their dimple diaper in a few locations, they now appear to be sold out everywhere.

Grab one that is used if you can! However, since zorb fitted diapers are unquestionably among of the greatest overnight diapers, I’m just waiting for another cloth diaper manufacturer to produce another one.

A zorb fitted diaper was the first cloth diaper I used to sleep through the night with my daughter. These diapers were widespread a few years ago, and they were sometimes referred to as “dimple” diapers because to the dimples in zorb fabric’s later generations (you can read more about zorb fabric here).

Best All-in-One Cloth Diaper for Overnight

3. The GroVia O.N.E

This is the least absorbent night time option I have for you, but I include it because you are still able to add a bit of absorbency to it to make it work well, and it’s the only option I have for you that comes with it’s own cover attached so it actually works out to be the lease-expensive option too (before additional inserts).

The GroVia O.N.E has a TPU shell, with sewn-in absorbency on the inside. It also comes with two snap-in soakers. 

The materials used are: 

  • Hidden Inner Layer: 100% Polyester Microfiber
  • Outer: 100% Water Resistant Polyester TPU
  • Soaker: 100% Cotton topped with 100% Polyester Microfleece
  • Body Lining: 100% Polyester Microfleece
  • Outer: 100% Water Resistant Polyester TPU (Exclusive of Trim)

One of the best things about the O.N.E. Diaper has to be the “Outlast Closure.” The Outlast Closure is strip that lets you change the snaps into Velcro! So not only do you not have to choose between snaps or velcro, but if you love Velcro, and it wears out, you can order a replacement. Of course, the Velcro is less likely to wear out because you can remove them before washing. It’s so smart! 

The Outlast Closure is so cool that it’s actually a big part of how the diaper got it’s name. The O.N.E stands for Outlast closure, No prep, and Easy to use.

It’s true that you don’t need to prep the O.N.E diaper, which fits babies from about 10 to 35-plus pounds. The O.N.E is also very well made, and GroVia is a good, longstanding US-based brand, so you can’t go wrong.

For older babies that are heavy wetters, you may need an additional insert with these, but you won’t need too much. Best Overnight All-In-OneGroVia O.N.E

If you’re looking for an all-in-one diaper strong enough for heavy-wetters during the day, or moderate-wetters overnight, this is the diaper you’re looking for. GroVia’s O.N.E is absolutely unmatched when it comes to all-in-one absorbency, and it’s the only non-fitted diaper we recommend for overnight.

GroVia O.N.E

Get it at GroViaGet it at Cloth Diaper KidsWe earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Bonus: One Nighttime Diaper Hack That Also Works!

While the options above are amazing, I get that they aren’t in everyone’s budget on day one of cloth diapering. If you’re on a tight budget and need something to hold you until you can invest in a good night time diaper, I have a nighttime hack that will keep most smaller babies dry overnight.

This hack does require you to have some prefolds at your disposal and maybe some good inserts if baby is a heavy wetter, but you can easily get good prefolds for a few dollars a piece (recommendation below) that will work great.

The hack is to put either a good insert, or an small prefold inside of a large prefold that is then Snappi’ed around baby, thus creating your own overnight fitted diaper. 

This sounds complicated in words, but I promise you can get the hang of it if you see it. Here’s a great video from newandgreen showing you the two different ways to put a prefold on a baby.

For this overnight diaper option, you’re going to do both if you’re using just prefolds. What I mean is that you’ll use two prefolds; a pad folded prefold (the second fold in the video) inside of a Snappi fastened prefold (the first fold in the video). OR you can lay an absorbent insert like a hemp or bamboo insert inside the Snappi folded prefold diaper (again the first fold in the video), before attaching it to baby.

To put it another way, you’re doing the Snappi fold on your prefold but instead of using it alone, you’re putting either another prefold or an extra insert inside of it before doing it up.

Using two prefolds like this, one small one padfolded and placed inside a larger one that’s wrapped around baby, will give you something that acts like a fitted. Though it will make your baby’s bum roughly the size of Texas, it should get you through until you’re able to move on to some overnight-worthy fitteds. Don’t forget that, just like fitteds, prefolds must be used under covers to work. 

What Prefolds Do You Recommend for The Nighttime Hack?

For the typical cotton prefold, I most often recommend OsoCozy prefold diapers. OsoCozy actually has two types of prefolds available: “Traditional” and “Better Fit”. 

Their traditional prefolds are what I recommend for the Snappi fold, whereas the better fit ones in infant size are perfect for pad folding and using as inserts.

Here’s how the two sizes look compared to one another: 

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, get the traditional fold only, and pad fold the diaper vertically so that the thicker absorbent middle panel is only in the middle and the thinner sides hit the front and back of the diaper (it will make sense when you’re holding it, I promise; just fold it the opposite way of the lines, making it shorter).

Check out OsoCozy prefolds on Amazon here, or learn more about them in my post on prefold diapers here.

What are the Best Diaper Covers for Overnight?

Bummis Dimple Diaper UPDATED: NOT AVAILABLE IN 2022
Regrettably, Bummis diapers recently changed ownership, and while you could still find their dimple diaper in a few locations, they now appear to be sold out everywhere.

Grab one that is used if you can! However, since zorb fitted diapers are unquestionably among of the greatest overnight diapers, I’m just waiting for another cloth diaper manufacturer to produce another one.

A zorb fitted diaper was the first cloth diaper I used to sleep through the night with my daughter. These diapers were widespread a few years ago, and they were sometimes referred to as “dimple” diapers because to the dimples in zorb fabric’s later generations (you can read more about zorb fabric here).

Green Mountain diapers has some excellent information about caring for wool covers here

A few of the better brands of wool covers include Disana and our friend Ecoable. Or if you knit or crochet there are tons of free patterns online as well. 

How Many Overnight Diapers Do I Need?

Overnight cloth diapers are not cheap, but thankfully you don’t need many of them to fit into any cloth diaper routine. To work out exactly how many you need for each of your babies will depend on a few things:

  • How often you wash your cloth diaper laundry
  • How often your baby wakes during the night, especially if they are sensitive to wetness

So as you can expect, you want to make sure you have enough for all of the nights that will pass between washes, as well as maybe one or two extra just for emergencies like an illness that causes more dirty diapers, a broken washing machine, etc.

With the overnight cloth diaper options I discuss in this post, you shouldn’t need more than one diaper per night, but of course, baby’s sleep schedule and comfort level (sleeping in a wet diaper) will ultimately be the deciding factor for how many you need per night.

Heavy Wetter Overnight Cloth Diaper

I often talk about cloth diapering being like a summertime swim in a lake. If you just stand at the edge and dip a toe in, it’s cold and frightening! But if you can get some courage and dive in, you realize the water is not so bad after all.

This is certainly how I felt when I began cloth diapering my daughter; but even when I was completely submerged and convinced of the benefits of cloth diapers and how easy cloth diapering really was, there was one area where doubts still held me back and I would only dip a toe in: nighttime.

How to Cloth Diaper At Night [Quick Start Guide]

Cloth diapering at night isn’t as complicated as you think.

It’s pretty much the same as cloth diapering during the day. Only difference is instead of changing baby every 2-3 hours, you don’t really want to have to change her at all (unless poop happens… or a leak.)

That’s why specialised night diapers were invented – these diapers are super thick, bulky and ultra absorbent. Ready to absorb anything your baby can throw at it. You can even add extra inserts for even more absorbency if you need it or throw a lanolized wool soaker over the top for added leak protection (my fave!)

Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Started With Cloth Diapers Overnight

  1. Choose one (or more) of our favorite overnight cloth diapers to try with your baby.
  2. Prepare the diaper according to the manufacturer’s instructions – depending on the brand and type of diaper, you may need to soak, wash or lanolize your diaper first. Cloth diapers become more absorbent after they’ve been washed several times.
  3. Change baby into a night diaper at bed time – use a disposable diaper liner if your baby still poops at night and is eating solids. If you find his pyjamas are difficult to fit over the top, consider sizing up.
  4. If your baby wakes at night, check the diaper for poop. If there’s poop, grab another of your night diapers and change baby.
  5. If your baby is exclusively breastfed, you can pop your cloth diapers directly into the washing machine as their poop is water soluble. If your baby eats solids and poops at night, flip the poop into the toilet and discard the liner in the trash (this should take care of the worst of the poop). Pop the diaper into a bucket to rinse and wash in the morning.
  6. In the morning, change baby into a day time diaper. Put your used night diapers into your washing machine for a quick wash setting to rinse the urine out. You can then run a warm wash cycle immediately after or wait until you’ve got a

   Reader Favorites from Making of MomPlay Video

The Best All-In-One Overnight Cloth Diapers 

GroVia O.N.E. (All-in-One)

a white and black crib

GroVia has several different cloth diapering options that allow for customization, but their O.N.E. diaper is their premium option  for overnight cloth diapering. 

These diapers work for babies from 10 pound to 35 pounds and are a 1-part (AIO) system. The outside layer is waterproof and comes in 11 adorable colors and patterns. They have both a hook and loop closure system as well as a snap closure option. Inside the diaper, you can attach extra soaker cloths using a snap-in system. The snap-in soaker system allows you to customize the level of absorbency which is especially great for overnight cloth diapering. The GroVia O.N.E. diaper comes with both a large and small snap-in insert. 

They are machine washable and are made from 100% Polyester Microfiber, 100% Cotton topped with 100% Polyester Microfleece, and 100% Water Resistant Polyester. 


  • Not bulky
  • Comes with two inserts (small and large) 
  • “From Birth to Potty-Training” (10 lbs to 35+ lbs)


  • Reviewers say the diapers don’t hold poop well and that the snap closure in the back is hard to clean
  • Not for use with newborns under 10 pounds

Check It Out on Amazon

Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper 2.0

a white and black crib

Another diaper that can grow with your baby from 10 pounds to 35+ pounds, the Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper 2.0 has four rise settings. This cloth diaper includes 1 snap in insert.  A reinforced pocket gives you the option of adding additional inserts for overnight cloth diapering. The Smart Bottoms cloth diaper has elastic around the back and legs to help prevent blowouts. 

This cloth diaper is made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton and comes in 35 different colors/patterns.  The outer layer is 100% PUL. 


  • Only need to wash one time to prep for use
  • Elastic around back and legs to prevent blowouts
  • The hemp and organic cotton interior reduces risk of rash for babies with sensitive skin. 
  • 10 lbs to 35+ lbs size


  • Leg gaps on skinny babies
  • Only comes with one insert, may need to purchase additional inserts for overnight use

Check It Out on Amazon

Best Bottom Heavy Wetter AIO

Best Bottoms are an AIO diaper with a waterproof outer layer. This heavy wetter version has an interior lining with two layers of absorbent bamboo viscose. An additional (included) insert has six layers of bamboo viscose fabric covered with a soft no-pill fleece. There are hidden snaps to add an extra insert for overnight cloth diapering.  

The adjustable snaps on the front of the diaper fit babies from 10-40+ pounds.


  • Materials are PVC, BPA and Lead-Free
  • Fits babies from 10 lbs to 40+ lbs
  • Includes a thick insert/soaker
  • Elastic on back and legs to prevent blow-outs


  • Not made for newborns under 10 pounds
  • Only one pattern/color available (but it is super cute, right?!)

Check It Out on Amazon

The Best Non-AIO Overnight Cloth Diapers

One drawback of the All-In-One cloth diaper system is that they take longer to dry after you’ve laundered them. Like, soooo long. This can be problematic if your diaper stash isn’t big enough. 

Here are a few other faster drying overnight cloth diaper options that require a cover, as well as our favorite diaper covers. 

Ecoable Fitted Cloth Diaper: Overnight Diaper with 2 Cotton Hemp Inserts

a white and black crib

Made for overnight use, these diapers are Hemp/cotton mix that will wick moisture to keep baby dry. They do NOT have a waterproof outer cover so that will need to be purchased in addition to the Ecoable Fitted Cloth Overnight Diaper. This comes with two cotton/hemp inserts for added leak protection. The Ecoable cloth diapers have many different rise options and work for babies from 10-30 pounds. It includes two snap-in cotton/hemp inserts. 


  • Hemp decreases diaper rash
  • These wick moisture to help keep baby dry
  • Comes with two extra inserts. 


  • Need to purchase a cover (really, no big deal!)

Check It Out on Amazon

Mother-ease Sandy’s Cloth Diaper

a white and black crib

Mother-ease Sandy’s cloth diapers are made from good ol’ terry-cloth (85% cotton, 15% polyester) with an extra layer of absorbent terry cloth sewn to the inside of the diaper. These DO NOT have a waterproof outer layer so you’ll need to grab a waterproof cover. They come in sizes small or large and there are seven different color options. Mother-ease Sandy’s have elastic around the leg holes and on the back to prevent blow-outs. Many reviewers report that these diapers are quite bulky. 


  • Soft and plus fabric to go against baby’s skin
  • Absorbent and comfortable
  • Easy to remove with side snaps


  • Bulky and hard to place under diaper cover
  • Lack of size options

Check It Out on Amazon

The Best Overnight Diaper Covers

Disana 100% Organic Wool Diaper Cover

a white and black crib

This diaper cover is made of 100% organic double knit merino wool. It comes in 7 different colors and three different sizes (3-6 months, 6-12 months and 12-24 months). The wool is GOTS certified (certified organic products sourced from green supply chains). Wool is an excellent choice for a diaper cover because it can absorb up to one-third of its own weight in water, is breathable, and is naturally anti-bacterial.

You’ll need to make some time to prepare your wool covers correctly by lanolizing them, a process that needs to be repeated every 2-3 weeks (or once they start to get smelly). The best thing about wool covers is they simply need to be aired between uses as lanolin neutralizes the urine.

Wool covers are my personal favorite night time diaper cover solution because they don’t need to be rewashed with every use and it’s so easy to get a great full coverage fit over the top of bulky night diapers.


  • Wool covers need only be aired between uses, making them a great time saver
  • Made of soft, organic wool
  • Lanolin, the natural oil that comes from sheep, neutralizes the ammonia in urine
  • Wool naturally wicks the liquid away from baby’s body
  • Super easy to get full coverage over your fitted diaper


  • Diapers need to be re-lanolized every 2-3 weeks depending on how often you use it.
  • Become smelly when ready to wash.

Check It Out on Amazon

Thirsties Snap Diaper Cover

a white and black crib

Thirsties Snap Diaper Cover has a PUL outer layer made of 100% polyester with urethane coating. You have the option of choosing either hook and loop or snap closures. The fit of this diaper cover is generous, making it ideal for overnight cloth diapering when multiple inserts or soakers are used. 

Thirsties have elastic and gussets around the legs holes for extra leak protection. The inside of the diaper is lined with TPU laminate (a type of film/fabric hybrid) so it can be wiped clean between uses and washed when it is soiled. 


  • Fabric is pliable, breathable and waterproof
  • Generous cut works well for babies with chubby legs
  • The newborn, preemie and extra small sizes have an umbilical cord cut out
  • The inside can be wiped out so the cover can be reused more than once before washing


  • Piping around leg holes is white, so it stains easily
  • You will need to buy several different sizes as your baby grows

Check It Out on Amazon

Inserts or Soakers to Add Absorbency for Night Time Cloth Diapering

Another component of successful overnight cloth diapering is adding additional absorbency through inserts or soakers. Think of these as extra powerful inserts that give your cloth diaper more absorbency to last through the night. Here are some of the best options. 

Bottom Organic Cotton Overnight Inserts

a white and black crib

Made of six layers of certified organic hemp/cotton fibers, the Bottom Overnight Inserts can be coupled with a normal insert to add major absorbing power for overnight cloth diapering. It comes in three sizes (small, medium and large) for use from birth to 35+ pounds. 

Check It Out on Amazon

Geffen Baby Super Absorbers

a white and black crib

The Geffen Baby Super Absorbers cloth diaper inserts boast 5 layers of 60% hemp, 40% organic cotton fleece. They are thin enough that you can layer them with other inserts for increased absorbency. They don’t have snaps but can be placed in a cloth diaper pocket. These are one size fits all. Check It Out on Amazon

Hemp Diaper Inserts

a white and black crib

One positive of hemp inserts is that they seem to minimize baby rashes. This pack of hemp diaper inserts are doublers for overnight use. They are made of 4 layers of 55% Hemp, 45% Cotton. They come in one size fits all, and have no snaps. They will need to be placed in the diaper or in a diaper pocket. It Out on Amazon

What Is An Overnight Cloth Diaper And Why You Need One

The main difference between cloth diapering at night and cloth diapering in the day is absorbency. You want to have an absorbent insert that will last through your baby’s entire nighttime sleep. 

Purchasing diapers/inserts/diaper covers that are specifically made for overnight use will ensure that you are maximizing absorbency  (and sleep!) for all. 

The Different Types of Overnight Diaper options

  • All-in-one (AIO or 1-system) overnight cloth diapers: These cloth diapers have everything you need in one easy to use package. A waterproof outer layer with an absorbent liner plus an insert specifically made to last all night long. One major benefit of AIO diapers is that you have everything you need in one diaper and can customize the insert to the level of wetness. The main con is that they are thick and slow to dry after machine washing. 
  • Diaper Cover + overnight insert: Although they have more “moving parts”, a diaper cover plus overnight insert combo is a great option because you can customize the cover and inserts very specifically for your baby.  Choose the fabric, colors and style you want for the diaper cover, then select overnight inserts that have the absorbency and features that you need.
  • Diaper Cover + fitted diaper + inserts (as needed) – with a fitted diaper the entire diaper is made of absorbent fabric. You need to use a waterproof diaper cover with this option and you can add additional inserts as needed.

How Many Overnight Cloth Diapers Do I need?

Depending on the age of your baby, you may need more or less overnight diapers.

For a newborn or young baby, you’ll want to have around four overnight diaper solutions. This will allow you to launder them every 1-2 days and have a couple to spare on any given night. Note that you’ll need to wash or at least rinse your overnight diaper each day as the amount of urine these catch will damage them if left to sit. Overnight diapers also can take more than a day to air dry… so it’s good to have spares!

Once your baby stops pooping at night (when this happens varies greatly between babies), you can probably get by with just 2-3 overnight diapers.

Tips for Successful Overnight Cloth Diapering

  • Prep your diapers for best absorbency: Some cloth diapers and inserts require that you wash them multiple times before using them at night. Fibers like cotton, hemp or bamboo have natural plant oils that inhibit absorption. Many manufacturers recommend you wait until natural fiber cloth diapers or inserts have been washed at least 10 times before using them at night. However, you can get around this by soaking them initially and washing 1-2 times before use. Just be mindful they may take a few uses to reach full absorbency.
  • Size up: Go up one size in pajamas to allow for the bulk of an overnight diaper with extra inserts
  • Be flexible: Not every cloth diaper/cover/insert will work for every baby. Be willing to try different combinations until you reach the best solution for overnight cloth diapering.

Cloth Diaper Terminology

If you are new to cloth diapering, the lingo might seem like another language! Here are key terms to help you as you shop for overnight cloth diapers. 

PUL – A waterproof fabric (usually polyester, cotton or a polyester/cotton blend) that has been heat laminated (or stuck) to a layer of polyurethane. This makes the fabric durable, lightweight and waterproof. 

Rise – In cloth diapering, the rise refers to the height of the diaper in the front. Many cloth diapers have multiple snaps in the front so that you can adjust the diaper rise to fit your baby better. 

All-In-One Cloth Diaper (also called AIO or 1-part system) – Cloth diapers that are made with a waterproof outer layer (usually PUL) with a soft backing like polar fleece. In the AIO diaper, absorbent layers are built into the diaper.

All-In-Two Cloth Diaper (also called AI2) – These cloth diapers have a waterproof outer layer with an inner layer of microfleece . A snapping component or pocket is inside the diaper for adding absorbent inserts.

Diaper Cover – If you aren’t using an AIO diaper, you’ll need a diaper cover. These provide the protective, waterproof outer layer to your cloth diaper. They are often made from wool, fleece, waterproof nylon, PUL or polyester and aim to keep bedding and clothing from getting soaked.

Inserts (also called soakers or doublers) – The fabric or material placed inside the diaper to absorb waste. These are many different types available, made of different materials. Some attach with snaps, others are folded and placed inside of the diaper or a pocket of the diaper. 

Hook and Loop – Velcro-like closures to secure the diaper on the baby. Since Velcro isn’t very soft, may diaper makers use softer versions of a hook and loop closure. 

Best Overnight Diapers For Heavy Wetters

Take on bedwetting accidents and wake up confident with our All-Night Leak Protection. Our exclusive Pampers LockAway Channels absorb and distribute wetness quickly & evenly for powerful protection you’ve never seen. Our built-in OdorMask Technology activates when bedwetting accidents happen to help conquer smells—so kids can wake up feeling great each day. Ninjamas are also uniquely designed for kids with a FormFit Waistband that flexes for a sleek, underwear-like fit. Our super stealthy nighttime underwear discreetly fits around kids’ waist and sides and provides breathable comfort, just like cotton underwear!

The Final Word

Thoughfully choosing an overnight cloth diaper will help you and your baby get a better night’s sleep. Overnight diapers will ensure maximum absorbency so that your baby can sleep dry and comfortable (and so you don’t have to do a complete diaper, pajama, sheet change). 

The clear winner for ease of use, style options and size range is GroVia O.N.E. all-in-one diaper. Not only does it have amazing reviews, it also is quite customizable, can be paired with many types of snap-in inserts and will easily grow with your child. 

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