Postpartum Disposable Underwear

Give your innerwear a lift with the seamless postpartum disposable underwear. Made from soft, comfortable material to keep you feeling sleek and smooth when you need it most. Plus, it’s washable and reusable for up to 300 washes! A sign of good things to come: postpartum disposable underwear. Designed with extra soft fabric and a pocket to hold a sanitary pad, these undies are the delicate balance between comfortable and convenient.

Postpartum disposable underwear is the perfect option for postpartum women. Postpartum underwear are made with a soft, cotton-lined inner layer that is comfortable to wear and has an absorbent lining to collect breast milk leaks. The outer layer is made with a water-proof material that prevents leaks from reaching your clothes or bedding. Postpartum disposable underwear is the best way to recover your body during and after pregnancy. They help you feel fresh, confident and look your best during this sensitive period in life.

The most comfortable, secure and convenient postpartum underwear for mom. Get your Postpartum Underwear delivered at home, or pick them up when you visit our store. Give yourself the gift of comfort! Use these postpartum underwear for immediate relief from painful streatch marks and hemorrhoids. They are made from breathable cotton, so you can rest assured that you’ll feel cool, comfortable and dry all day long. After giving birth our bodies have been through a lot, so don’t forget to treat yourself to comfort and convenience!

Postpartum Mesh Disposable Underwear

Designed to provide you with the ultimate protection during your postpartum period, these mesh disposable underwear are perfect for light flow days. Offering maximum comfort and support, the panties can be worn with pads or on their own to provide you with a secure fit and reduce shifting throughout the day. Postpartum mesh disposable underwear is a comfortable alternative to heavy pads and uncomfortable, messy panty liners. Each pair of Postpartum Mesh Underwear has a flexible, breathable layer of soft cotton for maximum comfort, with an inner layer made from breathable netting that wicks away moisture. They’re also discreet — you look like you are wearing nothing at all, not even your regular undies.

Our postpartum mesh underwear is the only one you need during your first week home. Postpartum mesh underwear provide the extra layer of protection you need during this sensitive time. Ideal for postpartum women, they are comfortable, breathable and washable.

“Aren’t you tired of messing with the ladies’ underwear that do not fit? Do not worry, we have a solution for you! Postpartum Recovery is a delicate time. Having the right underwear can help you feel more comfortable, as well as safe and secure.

Postpartum Bleeding Disposable Underwear

Postpartum bleeding disposable underwear is a must-have for busy mums who want to be comfortable during pregnancy and postnatal period. Postpartum bleeding disposable underwear can be used as a diaper substitute or with regular disposable diapers, depending on your preference. The absorbent pad holds multiple changes of blood and you can wear it longer than other products, without having to keep bringing them back to the bathroom.

Postpartum bleeding disposable underwear is a convenient and easy way to manage postpartum bleeding. It’s not just a regular panty; it’s a reusable panty with a pocket that would hold the pad. Postpartum bleeding disposable underwear is perfect for light vaginal discharge, because it is made from ph-balanced and environment-friendly material.

The new Postpartum Disposable Underwear is an innovative and effective solution to postpartum bleeding. Once you’ve given birth, there is a higher risk of infection, especially from the rectum due to childbirth. By using disposable underwear you can prevent any possible infections. The two pads reduce moisture and odor caused by excessive blood flow during postpartum bleeding. The bio-barrier keeps bacteria at bay, preventing urinary tract infections (UTIs) and other vaginal infections that arise from bacteria in the urethra along with fungal infections such as yeast infections

Women’s postpartum underwear is made of high quality materials, comfortable and soft to wear. The seamless underwear features new multi-layer technology that holds liquid and prevents leaks. Postpartum bleeding disposable underwear is made with pure cotton, soft and comfortable for your daughter to wear. The breathable cloth helps to absorb sweat and moisture, so it is good to help avoid diaper rash.

Best Plus Size Postpartum Disposable Underwear

Our best plus size postpartum disposable underwear is the perfect solution for women who suffer from incontinence, urinary and fecal leakage. The Best Plus Size Postpartum Disposable Underwear is a high-quality, soft and comfortable silicone panty pad that is super absorbent and perfect for everyday use for the postnatal time of your life.

For heavy bleeders

Just when you think you’ve finished the hardest part, you come home to a messy situation.

It’s called lochia, and it can last for 4 to 6 weeks postpartum. While it’s a not-so-lovely part of postpartum life, a few pairs of these underwear can ease the stress of what feels like the longest period ever.

Always Discreet Maximum Protection Underwear


Price: $

Wearing a pretty “diaper” eliminates having to find the most massive pad around and also eases the fear of leaking. If the idea of sharing the same style underwear with your infant doesn’t faze you, this is definitely the most practical option.

The brand says this design is meant for postpartum coverage, claiming there should be no concerns with fit even around your sensitive lower belly. Reviewers agreed, citing the comfort. Some even preferred them to the hospital-issued mesh undies.

Wearing disposable panties like these prevents having to pay for both huge pads and new better-fitting underwear all at once, although their throw-away nature means these are indeed a temporary option. (Of course that also means you won’t have more laundry to do!)

Price: $

For women who love the booty shorts but may need a bit more coverage and a bit less booty peeking out in postpartum life, these Hanes “long leg” boxer briefs bridge the gap.

The long leg concept gives a little more room for a large pad, making heavy days a bit easier. Even the most comfortable pair of pre-baby booty shorts can become cramped with a bit of postpartum weight and an overnight pad.

Reviewers loved the softness, and the fact that they don’t ride up. The other plus of buying a cheap pack of Hanes, be it this style or another, is you can throw out a pair if you have a leak.

For tucking in the belly

One of somewhat unpleasant surprises for many is just how long your belly area takes to recover after birth. It can take weeks before you stop looking pregnant and, even then, things aren’t quite what they once were. It’s difficult to know how to address this area when dressing.

Some people feel better having something covering and protecting their newfound baby pooch, and find that coverage makes their clothing more comfortable. Read on if you are looking for smooth, contained, and high rise options.

Kindred Bravely High Waisted Postpartum Recovery Panties


Price: $$

Sometimes it’s worth it to pay for a product that is specifically meant for postpartum life. The fabric on this underwear is ultra soft and sits quite a bit higher than other panties, allowing for the post baby belly to be a bit more secure.

It also hits well above a C-section scar, so there’s no risk of irritation there. Reviewers love this underwear because it looks beautiful at a time when not everyone feels beautiful (though you are — you just made a human!). Wide lace is the key here — nothing digging into your skin.

Many reviewers suggested sizing up for ultimate comfort and to accommodate pads during the postpartum weeks.

Innersy Cotton Soft Briefs Postpartum High Waisted Slimming Panties


Price: $$

Innersy offers an extensive variety of styles and cuts that all would serve as excellent options whether your gave birth vaginally or via C-section. In particular, the high waisted slimming panties serve multiple functions as they support the lower belly and also cover the whole booty.

They also don’t roll down, unlike some higher waisted options. Reviewers particularly liked the thickness of the fabric, remarking that they offered comfortable support without feeling binding.

For C-section moms

Say it with me, C-section moms: Don’t touch the scar! The best advice given to moms contending with a sensitive incision area is to go high or go low with your underwear cut.

However, depending on the location of your scar, most low rise underwear still end up not being low enough, and some high rise undies can roll down or irritate sensitive skin. These tried-and-true options are scar-friendly.

Frida Mom High Waist Disposable Postpartum Underwear


Price: $

Frida Mom has been at the forefront of advocating for women in their postpartum recovery, with a commercial that realistically shows the difficulties of life “down there” in the early weeks of baby life.

These underwear are step 2 of 5 in their postpartum recovery plan, which involves other products meant to make self-care easier. Basically these are the more comfortable version of the hospital mesh panties, with a higher rise and better fabric blend (microfiber and spandex).

When you start running low on your stash of hospital panties but aren’t ready to go back to your regular life ones, this is a solid transition option.

Price: $$

A low rise bikini may be the way to go, especially once you are finished with monstrous-sized pads and heavy bleeding, but still have scar sensitivities.

Depending on the location of your incision, Auden bikinis may sit below it, but if not the nylon/spandex blend shouldn’t cause irritation. Reviews do say that while they don’t completely live up to their “seamless” name, the fabric is soft and they fit well.

For general comfort, softness and ‘sizing up’

Sometimes less is more, and if your panty is extremely soft or has a lightweight vibe, there’s less chance of irritation. In addition, a simple solution for whatever pair you choose can be to go up one or two sizes for maximum comfort.

Price: $$$

While Victoria Secret may seem like the last company to provide an excellent postpartum option, this panty makes the cut for its unique V-shaped front and “barely there” feel.

Reviewers remark that these panties sit higher on the hips, and walk the line of extremely comfortable yet also kind of sexy — the perfect combination for postpartum women. Seamless underwear such as these can also be beneficial slipping into those back-to-work pants.

Price: $

Being both plus-sized and postpartum can feel daunting, as many women prefer to “size up” in postpartum underwear anyway. Women who aren’t typically plus sized may also end up sizing up into a plus size option during these few months.

Fruit of the Loom takes care of this issue for many sizes, offering up to a size 13 in these super soft “Fit for Me” microfiber panties. At such a low price, these also fall into the “throw-out-able” category if you spring a leak.
Microfiber is an excellent option for postpartum life, when some women experience sweating as their hormones return to a pre-pregnancy state, as this fabric repels moisture.

The bottom line

Whether you’re looking for a temporary solution for dealing with postpartum bleeding or just a more comfortable option for your healing body, it’s important to find the right underwear for you.

Feeling comfortable and confident isn’t always easy in those early post-birth weeks. Here’s hoping that finding the right pair can help you to achieve that sooner.

Give yourself the ultimate protection from leakage and odor with these postpartum briefs. Our best plus size postpartum disposable underwear is made with absorbency where you don’t want it, and softness where you do. Postpartum underwear that is easily disposed of, provides continuous sanitary protection, and offers a discreet fit.

With its breathable material, this postpartum panty will help you feel fresh, dry and confident while you are healing. The soft padding provides comfort and enough absorbancy to last all day.

Best Postpartum Disposable Underwear

These are the best postpartum disposable underwear that you can find. They have a contour fit design, hold up to 3 times their weight in fluid and help protect against leaks. The crotch panel is made of knit fabric that is soft and gentle on your skin. These postpartum disposable underwear are perfect to wear while you’re healing after childbirth. They feature a breathable material that absorbs moisture and fits comfortably around your body.

These post-baby underwear are designed with a comfortable elastic waistband, versatile design (can be worn high or low), and a breathable, soft material that helps keep you feeling dry and comfortable. Postpartum underwear from Belly Bandit® is designed to support and provide protection after baby. They are a beautiful, comfortable alternative to granny panties and can be worn for up to six weeks postpartum. Made with breathable cotton and a moisture-wicking layer, these underwear offer all-day freshness. The fabric keeps you dry, no matter where your day takes you—from your walk around the block to grocery shopping and even going to work!

These underwear are the perfect alternative to traditional pads and tampons. Made with a breathable waterproof layer, they provide leak protection, cleanliness and comfort, while reducing impact on your body. Buy these postpartum disposable underwear, a health and environmentally-friendly solution to incontinence. Each pack comes with two pairs of underwear.

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