Postpartum Underwear Pads

If you’ve recently had a baby, postpartum underwear pads are some of the most important things in your life. Not only will they help you feel better and protect against leaks, but they can also help protect your clothing while you adjust to your new role as a mother. Postpartum underwear pads are proven to absorb faster than all other brands on the market. They hold their shape even after hours of absorbing wetness for added comfort, which tends to be crucial for new moms who are already exhausted from caring for their newborns.

Postpartum underwear pads are designed to protect and soothe your delicate area after childbirth. They are super soft, breathable, and ultra absorbent. The extra gentle adhesive strip will stay in place all day long. Postpartum underwear pads are perfect for those first 10 days home from the hospital. They are soft, comfortable and convenient.

We know you’re tired, so we made a few changes to our postpartum underwear pads to make the healing process a little easier. The new design has a wider core and thicker pad that provides added protection and comfort, while still being discreet under your clothes. These postpartum underwear pads provide an absorbent layer between you and the clothing worn on your abdominal area. They are used by those that have just given birth or have undergone a C-Section, as they offer comfort and protection against leaks.

Maxi Pads Postpartum Underwear

These underwear are made with a unique combo of cotton, elastic, and mesh. They have a center panel that has been designed to provide you with maximum coverage to reduce irritation and chafing due to postpartum discharge. By using the maxi pads postpartum underwear, you will feel more confident in your own skin during this delicate time. maxi pads postpartum underwear is designed to solve the most common problems of postpartum women. It has 4 layers, with a removable inner layer made from microfibre material to absorb more blood and keep you dry. With its leak-proof design, this underwear provides you extra protection and comfort for newborns up until 1 year.

Postpartum bleeding is bleeding after giving birth. Similar bleeding can also occur following a pregnancy loss or abortion. Postpartum maternity pads can help people manage this bleeding.

Most healthcare providers recommend against inserting anything, such as menstrual cups or tampons, into the vagina following birth because of the increased risk of infection.

However, the right pads can make postpartum bleeding more manageable without irritating a person’s tears or stitches.

What to expect 

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Medical professionals use the term lochia to describe the discharge that the body produces after birth. Lochia — a mix of mucus, blood, and tissue —comes from the uterus as it returns to its normal size and starts to heal. Most people bleed for several weeks after birth, although the heaviest bleeding usually stops within 1–2 weeks.

As the bleeding slows, it might change in appearance to brown blood or yellowish discharge. A person might notice spotting, which may sometimes alternate with bleeding. This is normal.

However, it is not normal for a person either to bleed so heavily that they soak through multiple pads in an hour or to stop bleeding for several days and then begin bleeding heavily again. In these cases, a person should speak to a doctor or midwife immediately.

The best maternity pads

It is a good idea to invest in a few different types of pads. If one feels uncomfortable or leaks, it is worth switching brands or trying a higher absorbency product.

The right pad will prevent blood from staining underwear and clothing, without irritating sensitive skin.

Please note that the product information in this article is research-based. No one at Medical News Today, including the writer, has tried these products.

Stayfree Ultra Thin

Stayfree Ultra Thin

People can wear this winged, thin maxi pad discretely, even under tight clothes, but it is still highly absorbent.

The soft, even outer layer will not snag stitches.

Stayfree Ultra Thin pads are available for purchase online.

Always Maxi

Always Maxi pad for maternity pad.

Tossing and turning overnight or doing gentle physical activity can lead to leaks. The Always Maxi pad has wings to help contain these leaks.

The pad also has a highly absorbent core. It is fragrance-free, with a soft outer layer that will not irritate stitches or delicate tissue.

Always Maxi pads are available for purchase online.

Dutchess Cloth Pads

Dutchess Cloth Pads for postpartum bleeding

Cloth pads are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable pads.

Some people also use cloth pads because they find that disposable pads irritate their skin.

Dutchess Cloth Pads come in a variety of bright colors. The bamboo-based cloth is washable and odor resistant, and it easily folds to fit discreetly into a purse.

Dutchess Cloth Pads are available for purchase online.

Frida Mom Instant Ice Maxi Pads

Frida Mom Instant Ice Maxi Pads

After delivery, many people have two challenges: controlling the flow of blood and easing pain and swelling. Frida Mom’s Instant Ice Maxi Pads boast a high absorbency and can ease postpartum pain with a cooling effect.

The outer layer is soft and highly absorbent, preventing leaks without irritating birth injuries.

Frida Mom Instant Ice Maxi Pads are available for purchase online.

Medline Perineal Cold Packs

Medline Perineal Cold Packs as maternity pads

Medline’s cold packs offer the same benefits of the Frida Mom pads but are slightly bulkier. This design makes them a good option for people in the very early postpartum days or those dealing with heavier bleeding.

Available at a slightly lower price point than Frida Mom’s pads, Medline packs are a budget-friendly option for right after delivery.

Medline Perineal Cold Packs are available for purchase online.

Always Discreet Boutique Incontinence & Postpartum Underwear

Always Discreet Boutique Incontinence & Postpartum Underwear

Managing bleeding, choosing comfortable underwear, and continually changing pads can be frustrating, especially if a person is also managing birth injuries, caring for a newborn, or both.

This disposable underwear is soft and stretchy, making it comfortable for people with stitches from a cesarean delivery or vaginal injuries. The built-in pad is highly absorbent.

Always Discreet Boutique Incontinence & Postpartum Underwear is available for purchase online.

Organyc 100% Certified Organic Cotton Pads

Organyc 100% Certified Organic Cotton Pads as maternity pads

For people who would prefer an organic pad but do not want to use reusable cloth pads, Organyc’s 100% cotton pads are a great alternative.

There are no harmful additives, and the soft outer layer will not irritate any birth injuries or sensitive skin. The pads are also highly absorbent.

Organyc 100% Certified Organic Cotton Pads are available for purchase online.

Thinx Super Hi-Waist

Thinx Super Hi-Waist underwear as an alternative to maternity pads.

Thinx reusable period underwear is another environmentally friendly option.

The Super Hi-Waist design is comfortable after a cesarean delivery and can absorb up to four tampons’ worth of blood.

Thinx Super Hi-Waist underwear is available for purchase online.


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When to see a doctor 

Most people find that their bleeding gets lighter with time. However, it is possible to have a hemorrhage days or even weeks after birth. This potentially life threatening occurrence is known as postpartum hemorrhage.

In some cases, bleeding may increase about 2–3 weeks after delivery. Generally, the uterus is not adequately healed yet, so even if the bleeding has become light, it may become heavier again. It is important that people refrain from doing too much physical activity and allow time for the body to heal.

It is important to call a doctor or midwife if:

  • bleeding stops completely for a day or more and then starts again
  • there is a foul smell from the vagina
  • a person passes a clot larger than a golf ball
  • a person soaks through more than one pad per hour for more than 2 hours

Emergency medical care is necessary if:

  • a person passes many large clots in a short period
  • a person feels lightheaded or confused, or they faint
  • blood seems to be pouring out of the vagina
  • a person is rapidly soaking through each pad — for example, in 15 minutes or less

It is common for people who have a hemorrhage to delay care or for doctors not to take the hemorrhage seriously at first. For this reason, it is important to be clear and specific with healthcare providers.

The person should tell the provider that they have had a postpartum hemorrhage and explain the specific symptoms, such as the number of pads that they have soaked through in an hour. If possible, it can help to take the pads to the hospital or clinic.

Postpartum underwear with the most absorbent, leak-proof maxi pads on the market, postpartum underwear with maxi pads are the perfect solution for postpartum moms who want to experience comfort, freedom and confidence.

Postpartum underwear helps reduce postpartum leaks and provides a more comfortable fit & shape. With a unique anti-bacterial technology that keeps your pads in place, you can rest assured your postpartum underwear will contain any leak that may occur. Postpartum underwear to protect your body after the delivery of your baby. You may feel clumsy and uncomfortable with your newly shaped body, these underwear will make you feel confident again.

Best Pad Underwear For After Birth

Looking for the best pad underwear for after birth? You’ll love these high-quality period panties for women and girls. These are the most comfortable menstrual underwear you’ll ever wear, and they give you the protection you need during your flow. After giving birth, it’s important to get your body back to its pre-pregnancy state. These Best Pad underwear will help you do just that! The best pad underwear for postpartum recovery after giving birth and the most comfortable feminine pads on the market.

The best pad underwear for women who are breastfeeding. The soft and smooth fabric keeps your comfort at the top of your list, as you hold your child in your arms. Wear your pads without irritation or bulk. Cottony soft, seamless, waterproof and breathable microfiber. Super absorbent. Totally reusable for 10+ years. Adjustable waist and no-slip leg cuffs., postpartum care is best pad underwear for women for postpartum care, designed to absorb leaks and other discharge.

Can I Use Period Underwear For Postpartum

You can use period underwear for postpartum, and they are usually softer than the normal underwear. It is better to use period underwear as a new mother because you may have trouble with leaking and your body will change back to normal after times so it is best to use something that can accommodate your needs.

Can I use period underwear for postpartum? Yes! Each period underwear style comes with a specific absorbency level to suit your specifications and needs. They can be used for postpartum, but keep in mind that they don’t include an absorbent core like pads and tampons do, so if you have a heavy flow they might not last as long as you need them to. Yes, you can use period underwear for postpartum. Whether or not it’s wise to wear period panties during this time is a question that’s come up recently, and we’re here to clear the air. Many women have asked if they should wear their period underwear during pregnancy. We say yes — if you want to! Just remember to check with your doctor before making any changes in regards to your health or well-being

Period underwear are designed to be worn instead of a tampon, pad or moon cup. Period underwear will absorb your flow and seal it away in the core of the product so you don’t have to worry about stains, leaks or odours while you wear them. One of the greatest fears of postpartum women is leaking, which can not only be very uncomfortable but also embarrassing. Period underwear provides a solution to both these issues. It is designed to hold up your pad in the correct place in order to prevent any messes from happening – so you can start enjoying being a new mom without worrying about leakage!

Yes! We’re all about helping women feel more confident and comfortable after having a baby. No one knows better than our customers how much a period panty can help with that. Our customers rave about the comfort, how trim they are, and how easy they are to wash (so you can wear them more than once).

Postpartum Disposable Underwear vs Pads

Let’s face it: Pads can be uncomfortable, leaky and, even worse, messy to clean. They also feel bulky and cumbersome. Then there are the postpartum disposable underwear. Not only do they stay on better than pads, they’re environmentally friendly and don’t leave behind any residue. The best part? They help you feel fresh again after all those days of having to change your pad multiple times a day. In today’s world, where disposable is king, it only makes sense that we offer our customers the most convenient way possible to manage their postpartum flow.”

The postpartum disposable underwear is the most convenient option for postpartum women because it allows you to wear your own underwear without worrying about leakage. This is also a great option for women who have had a c-section or for mothers who have trouble using pads. In order to make the most of your postpartum recovery, it’s important to find a product that fits your lifestyle. Disposable underwear or pads? It’s up to you!

In order to make the most of your postpartum recovery, it’s important to find a product that fits your lifestyle. Disposable underwear or pads? It’s up to you! Disposable underwear is a better option for new moms who need to wear absorbent pads. Disposable underwear are easy to put on and take off since they don’t involve the use of clips, wings, or strapping.

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