Pregnancy Announcement Shirts For Couples

Couple’s t-shirts are the perfect pregnancy announcement t-shirts for your pregnancy news. Personalize this unique shirt design for couples, then order as many for everyone that helped you create this miracle. These funny Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirts are great for announcing to parents, grandparents and friends that their family is expanding!

This pregnancy announcement shirt for couples is a simple and effective way to spread the word! The front of this fun shirt reads “We’re pregnant” in an adorable handwriting font, with the back reading “with twins.” Perfect for any expectant mom or dad who longs for that momentous occasion when their family of three becomes a family of four.

Decorate your bump with our super cute pregnancy announcement shirts! Complete with a “Baby on Board” sign and booties, this ‘bump’ drives home the news that a new bundle of joy is on the way. It’s the perfect way to announce your pregnancy to family and friends. Perfect for expecting parents to share their exciting news, these pregnancy announcement shirts are the perfect way to let your friends and family know that a new little one is on the way. Each of these pregnancy announcement shirts features an easy-to-read design that’s sure to make anyone smile. This style is cut short in front and longer in back, so it’s easy to wear with any outfit.

Show your ultrasound to the world with our fun shirts. Perfect for couples that want to share their happiness and start their first steps together as new parents. Make it official! Announce your pregnancy to your friends and family with a funny pregnancy shirt.

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Shirts For Couples

We have funny pregnancy announcement shirts for couples who are pregnant. Our funny pregnancy announcement shirts are great for anyone who wants to announce the good news in a fun way that everyone can enjoy. Pick your favorite funny pregnancy announcement shirt that fits into your unique sense of humor, and start showing off your new awesome funny t-shirts.

It’s a boy! Or it’s a girl! It’s the best of both worlds, so you can now announce your pregnancy in style. These funny pregnancy announcement shirts for couples make the perfect gift for expectant parents. Make your pregnant wife laugh with these clever pregnancy announcement shirts for couples. When you’re expecting a baby, having an entire wardrobe of maternity clothes that are both fun and practical is key.

If you’re pregnant and looking for a funny maternity announcement shirt, you’ve come to the right place! This tee is perfect for any soon-to-be parents. The design says it all so you can post your positive pregnancy test on social media without having to say anything yourself! Pregnancy announcement shirts for couples. Get a single or two piece pregnancy announcement shirt for you and your partner to celebrate your baby bump. These sweatshirts are for only pregnant women, but if you want to share the announcement with Dad, too, check out our maternity shirts.

Will you be our miracle? Our family is growing and we want you to join it! We are having a baby and we’re excited to share the news with you! If you want to be there for all the fun, congratulations! You are part of the awesome.

Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Shirts For Couples

Thanksgiving is a great time for pregnant couples to tell their friends and family the good news. So why not celebrate in style with our Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement shirts for couples? Made from top-quality cotton, our shirts are soft and comfortable. Whether you’re looking for a fun tee or want each of you to have your own custom shirt, we’ve got the perfect design just for you!

Unique baby announcement shirts for couples. These pregnancy shirts for couples are perfect for the upcoming holidays, including Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Customizable options include various fonts and style of shading. Pick your own color scheme to create a unique maternity shirt with your family’s name on it! All designs can be adjusted to any size imaginable

Nothing is more exciting and beautiful than having a baby. We have searched the web and can’t find a better selection of pregnancy announcement shirts that are so cute, funny, funny & unique! Let your pregnancy announcement be a happy and wonderful time for the whole family with our Thanksgiving themed pregnancy announcement shirts. Look stylish and comfortable by wearing something you would love to wear in the upcoming holidays.

If you’re expecting and you know it, your family and friends need to know it. If you don’t believe in announcing pregnancy by yelling it from the roof tops, then these shirts are for you! Throwback to good ole’ fashioned romance with these classic pre-zombie world t-shirts, sweatshirts and other apparel. Whether you choose our soft v-neck t-shirt or cozy hoodie, you’re sure to surprise and delight your loved ones this Thanksgiving.

Pregnancy Announcement Shirt Ideas

Wear these popular pregnancy announcement shirts for couples to announce your great news in style, whether you are the mom or dad. Our assortment includes maternity t-shirts for fathers who get their hands dirty and nerdy slogans that any mom would love.

Introducing a new addition to your family is a special moment. Celebrate it with custom pregnancy announcement shirts for couples. Customize your own pregnancy shirt with your family name & color to match your baby’s gender, or match up with other family members in the clothesline theme. Pregnancy Announcement Shirts make a great gift for mommy-to-be and her loved ones.

Make the announcement in style with these funny and cute pregnancy announcement shirts for couples. Make sure to get one for the dad to match, too! You and your partner are expecting a new arrival! Get creative with these pregnancy announcement shirts to share the news with family and friends. Show off your bump in style while sharing their excitement for this new addition to your lives.

Before you text your bestie or go wide on Instagram, realize that there are so-called rules for how to announce pregnancy, says Post Senning (who is the great great grandson of Emily Post, in case you’re wondering). Here’s what you need to know about the appropriate sequence and nature of pregnancy announcements:

• Don’t wait to tell your partner. Chances are, you found out together, but if not, you need to let your partner know “pretty much right away,” Post Senning says. “Your partner is going to want to know, and you’re going to want to make that as personal a tell as possible,” he says.

• Tell the people you’re closest to first. If the soon-to-be grandma or grandpa sees it on Facebook before you’ve made a phone call, they’ll feel undervalued, Post Senning says. They shouldn’t have to find out with the masses, and they should expect nothing less than a phone call.


• Don’t tell if you’re not ready to tell. When acquaintances notice you haven’t been sipping your wine, they’ll try to get the info out of you. But don’t feel pressured to disclose if you’re not ready, Post Senning says. If you find yourself stuck but don’t want to lie, just say to the asker, “Let’s not jump to that conclusion.”

• Keep in mind your audience. Many of the pregnancy announcement ideas we’ve supplied here are visual creations to be shared via social media or text, or snail-mailed as cards. As long as your pregnancy announcement is kept private to close family and friends, you can be as fun and silly (or not) as you like. With work colleagues, keep it hush-hush until you let your boss know. After that, feel free to tell a work friend, and the rest will be taken care of via good old-fashioned word of mouth. Receiving news through the grapevine was “the social media before social media,” says Post-Senning, “and it’s totally appropriate for your outer circle.”

Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Family

There’s a hierarchy when it comes to how to announce pregnancy: the in-person tell, the phone call, the email and the social media share. You want to make it personal when telling your partner and the soon-to-be grandparents. Your best course of action? “Delivering” (pardon the pun) the good news in person. Of course, distance can preclude that option. Still, there are plenty of ways to ensure they feel involved. “It gives loved ones the chance to really share in your joy,” he says. Here are some of our favorite pregnancy announcement ideas for family that let you do just that.

Pregnancy announcements for your partner

Many of these options get their inspiration from clever knick-knacks you can buy online. But if even expedited delivery feels too slow (we don’t blame you), these pregnancy announcement ideas can easily be DIY’d too.


Image: Courtesy of The Good Life Tees/Etsy

Leave a stack of tees on your partner’s side of the bed, with the Dad or the Mom (if you’ll be a two-mom family) version of these at the top. As your partner is still trying to process everything, waltz into the room wearing your own Mom tee.

Image: Courtesy of PS Weddings and Events/Etsy

Bake (or buy) your partner’s favorite dessert, and surprise them with this exuberant topper. Is the real treat the cake or the upcoming bundle of joy? It’s both!

Image: Courtesy of Booo Tees/Etsy

Give your favorite Scrabble partner the ultimate challenge—deciphering the words on this T-shirt. Or, even better, rig the real game so you’ve got just the right letters to spell out your news.

Image: heprettylittlemess/ Etsy

The good news for your non-pregnant partner (besides the obvious!) is the fact that they can still enjoy a glass of wine. Hand them a bottle of their favorite varietal sporting this tongue-in-cheek label—then wait to see how long it takes them to notice.

Image: AtlasDogDesigns/ Etsy

Wait till your partner is out, then secretly dress your pooch in this bandana—or scurry one up with fabric markers on a tee. When they return, join your pup in greeting them at the door, and watch your partner’s usual “so happy to see you guys” face turn into “OMG! Wow!”

Pregnancy announcement ideas for parents

Who could possibly be more excited about the news than you and your partner? The grandparents-to-be, of course. We’ve got some great pregnancy announcements for grandparents to choose from. Need a larger selection? Check out this comprehensive round-up of some of our favorites.

Image: Courtesy of Little Mushroom Cards/Etsy

These days, handwritten cards are a thrill as it is, but when those notes are pregnancy announcements? Well, it’s beyond words. Plain stationery will do—or get all fancy with this printed card, which announces their impending promotion. Just be sure to hand-deliver it if you can. You won’t want to miss their reaction!


Image: Courtesy of Booo Tees/Etsy

Give your young-at-heart dad a surprise package—and watch his eyes light up when he pulls out this too-cool-for-school Pop-Pop tee.

Image: Courtesy of KidTeez

Let Grandma know that she’ll want to get the satellite nursery ready! Send a homemade note, or hand-deliver this red-hot onesie.

Image: BelightfulStyle/ Etsy

Your parents (or in-laws) score a double win when you opt to make these pretty mugs your pregnancy announcement. They’ll get a sweet surprise and a new mug for their favorite morning beverage.

Image: sdominick/ Getty Images

Here’s a fun pregnancy announcement idea if you already have one or two kids. Get a shot of them holding either the sonogram or a message revealing that they’ll soon have a little sib. Tell your parents that you’d like to show them the latest school photos—and watch their surprised response when they quickly realize there’s a new addition.

Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Everyone loves to ooh and aww over those tiny newborn fingers and toes. So consider these cute pregnancy announcements a chance for your loved ones to get in some early practice.

Image: Olena Ruban/ Getty Images

Is it a holiday card or a pregnancy announcement? Trick question: It’s both! This subtle photo is a sweet way to share your little news.

Image: Courtesy of A Little White Mouse/Instagram

Looks like just another day at the beach, until you take a closer look at the hat! Steal this cute pregnancy idea, and your friends will definitely be doing a double-take as they scroll through their Instagram feeds.

Image: South_agency/ Getty Images

This cute pregnancy announcement idea gives sonographic proof that there’s a human baby on the way. Have someone snap a candid (or planned!) photo of you and your partner admiring baby’s first pictures; it allows friends and family to share in the unfiltered joy of this sweet moment.

Image: Star Seller/ Etsy

Hello world. Choose a onesie, snap a photo and make the grand announcement from baby’s point of view!


Image: Courtesy of Darshita Patel/Instagram

This cute pregnancy announcement is a different way to take advantage of those tiny baby shoes. Here, they’re featured alongside both of your hands intertwined—a symbol of the bond that’s now creating your family together.

Image: Diamond Chocolates/ Etsy

This cute pregnancy announcement is as sweet as can be. A customized box of chocolates will spell out your delightful (and delicious) news.

Image: ussuriknits/ Etsy

Surprising a loved one with itty-bitty baby gear will do the trick. This set includes a knitted cap and bootie socks that are oh-so-adorable. Snap a photo of the pint-size accessories for your social media—and let the squeals begin.

Image: Courtesy of Jaymie Kelly/Instagram

Sugar and spice—this pregnancy announcement is so nice! Simplicity is always a win—but ruffle bottoms and big bows certainly don’t hurt either.

Image: Keepmemory/ Etsy

This keepsake box keeps all the important info in one safe place: first ultrasound, due-date tracker and sweet message.

Image: FatCamera/ Getty Images

Sure, you can dress your dog up in a silly ensemble or place a letterboard in front of them and snap a photo for social media. Or, you could just take a sweet picture of your pup in their element. This at-home family-loving doggie is ready to become the ultimate protector to a new human sibling. And that burgeoning bump in the background? Squeal!

Image: doble-d/ Getty Images

Expecting a future beach bum? Write your big news in the sand for everyone to see—at the shore and on social media.

Image: Courtesy of Whitney Storey/Instagram

Bet you didn’t think duck decoys could come in handy for pregnancy announcements (or look this adorable).

Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Your sense of taste and smell aren’t the only things heightened during pregnancy. As these creative pregnancy announcement ideas suggest, your creativity quotient may kick into high gear too.

Image: GoodNewsCompany/ Etsy

Want to have a crack at giving your loved ones a thrill? Break the shell of this egg to reveal a message of your choosing: “We’re pregnant!,” “New chicklet on the way” or “9 months to hatch.”


Image: Good News Company/ Etsy

Let loved ones know you’ve got a bun in the oven with this adorably kitschy pregnancy announcement idea. Each bun comes with its own customized note.

Image: Courtesy of Court Court/Instagram

Got a barely there bump you want to show off? If it’s just beginning to pop, find a way to draw attention to your cutest accessory. Let friends and loved ones know that there’s a BUMP in the road—a good one, of course.

Image: Studio Pineapple/ Etsy

Expecting around the holidays? These pretty pregnancy announcement ornaments are oh-so-apropos if you’re ready to spread the news while the holiday lights are still twinkling.

Image: JN Candle Co/ Etsy

Who doesn’t love a new candle? Better yet, this one doubles as a creative pregnancy announcement. Just be sure the recipient reads the fine print!

Image: Digital Announcements/ Etsy

Love to go on global adventures as a couple? You’re about to have a new little travel companion. Celebrate the journey ahead with a fun and creative digital pregnancy announcement. Simply customize the template, download your creation and share the amazing news.

Image: Oh Happy Day Paper Co./ Etsy

Nonchalantly serve a round of these house-labeled brewskies and see how long it takes your pals to notice.

Image: The Exclusive Shoppe/ Etsy

Have a lotto lover in the family? They’ll be so excited when you bring them a few scratch-off games to play. Little do they know they’re about to find out that you’ve hit the baby jackpot.

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

One of the many things kids teach you is that you’ve got to have a sense of humor. The couples behind these ha-ha-funny pregnancy announcements already have it in spades. (For even more fun ways to announce pregnancy, straight from women who’ve tried them, click here).

Image: BelBambinoShop/ Etsy

Pandemic babies are born! This cute and funny pregnancy announcement onesie shares that Mom and Dad just couldn’t keep their distance.

Image: Karlitas Creations /Etsy

Looks like this couple is leveling up the “family”! Their funny pregnancy announcement T-shirts let everyone know they’ve pressed the start button for challenging new adventure.

We censored it here—but, don’t worry, the actual card tells it like it is. Because, yes, it will get real once baby arrives.

Image: Courtesy of Charity Rockey/Instagram

When you’re expecting your fourth baby, you’re entitled to all the Star Wars puns. (And seriously you’re going to need “the force” juggling day-to-day life with four feisty kiddos at home—a real Baby Yoda is coming soon! Squeal.)

Image: Courtesy of Stacie Heplercarr/Instagram

Some of the funniest pregnancy announcements offer a fresh perspective on ordinary surroundings—which is precisely what happens when you add a baby to the mix. Grab a grocery cart and start filling it with diapers, the foods you crave—and (for those friends who need a bigger hint) the books you’re studying up on.

Image: Courtesy of The Ritzy Rose/Instagram

They’ve jumped off the deep end and expect kiddie pools in their future! (This is definitely a dude’s pregnancy announcement idea—but we’re pretty sure that a good chuckle was had by all.)

Want a creative pregnancy annoucement that taps into the humor of pregnancy? This customizable digital print is equal parts clever and funny. (Coming to a delivery room near you soon!)

Surprise Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Sometimes baby shows up when you least expect it—which makes the reveal that much more fun. These pregnancy announcements offer ideas for sharing that surprise not just with hubby but also your loved ones.

Image: Courtesy of Kara Quinn Photography

Does this guy think his partner wanted to do an impromptu photo shoot just because? Once he turns around, the photographer’s shots will be priceless.

Image: Courtesy of Hello Happy Baby/Etsy

Same idea as the first surprise pregnancy announcement, but with a onesie—which goes to show, great pregnancy announcements never get old.

Image: Twinkle Baby Co/ Etsy

Looks like this couple was just as surprised by the news as everyone else will be (though this “oops” onesie is no mistake).

Image: Charmilyco/ Etsy

Got a puzzle lover to share the happy news with? Give them this gift and watch their face light up over this surprise pregnancy announcement.

Image: Pretty Creative Mama/ Etsy

Pour your plus-one a full cup of coffee and eagerly watch as they sip it down to the last drop. Once they do, the surprise pregnancy announcement at the bottom of the mug will make their heart beat faster than any amount of caffeine could.

Image: Blue Thistle Prints/ Etsy

This surprise pregnancy announcement has a holiday theme; a twist on a traditional scratch-off card, it’s a fun way to announce that you’re expecting during the happiest season of all.

Sibling Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

When it comes to pregnancy announcements, a big sibling offers a whole new world of creative possibility.

Image: Courtesy of Danielle Lovano/Instagram

You just can’t miss a message written this large in the sand. This cutie-pie just can’t wait to teach little sis about the ins and outs of mud pies and sand castles.

Image: Courtesy of LoveSpring Photography

Hey, little guy, responsibilities come with that big title change, you know. But you can’t beat perks (like someone to make mischief with!).

Image: Michelle Rose Sulcov /

A onesie is pretty much the universal way to break the news that there’s a baby on the way—and this family portrait is about to get twice as cute in a few months.

Image: Stefanie Klausmann Vo/ Pineapplebyte/ Instagram

“Hello baby, it’s us—Dad, Mom and Big Bro! We’re just having some good old-fashioned fun with our pregnancy announcement portrait!”

He got the job! Personalize this digital creation and print it to create an adorable sibling pregnancy announcement.

Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

The only thing more exciting than saying “We’re pregnant!” is saying “We’re pregnant with twins!” Here’s how to have double the fun with your pregnancy announcements.


Image: Courtesy of Coll Street Photography

Even if you don’t use graffiti art, you can still make an outsized statement. In this twin pregnancy announcement photo, Mom and big brother can’t hide their shock, while Dad’s so scared he’s practically frozen.

Image: Samirah Collections/ Etsy

Want to take a subtle approach to announcing the impending arrival of two babies? This twin pregnancy announcement idea is as sweet as can be. Grab a big bowl of ice cream and use this “eating for three” spoon, and see if anyone notices. Not getting attention quick enough? Top your dessert with a few pickles. That should do the trick.

Image: Courtesy of Teacher Mummy/Instagram

It’s Mom’s first portrait with the twins! And this dreamy filter seems about right for the most surreal news of all.

Image: Lil Pnut Shoppe/ Etsy

Plot. Twist. What’s cuter than a onesie pregnancy announcement? A twinsie pregnancy announcement. This set of newborn onesies will help you reveal the big exciting turn of events.

Image: Courtesy of Hillary Hillmann/Instagram

Chalkboards are always a cute medium for your message if you have a pint-sized messenger on hand. This Mommy’s little helper is going to have her hands full soon!

Letter Board Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

You’ve got some news to share! Not sure how to say it? Try a letter board! These red-hot accessories are all the rage these days, and have become a total staple in today’s pregnancy announcements. Need proof? Check out some of our favorite letterboard pregnancy announcements below.

Image: Shop Looksee Studio/ Etsy

Less is more, and sometimes simplicity is best. This felt letter board set comes with 250 letters, numbers and icons (like this cute onesie) so that you can make your announcement in a sweet and subtle way.

Image: Mock Shop Co/ Etsy

Ever wonder how people create the most beautiful flat lays for their Instagram feeds? Fake it until you make it! This digital file does the work for you. Customize the faux letter board, purchase, download and share the news far and wide.


Image: The Letter Board Shop/ Etsy

Already have a name picked out for your new addition? If you’re ready to share all the happy news in one efficient Instagram post, you can create custom-font words to add to your beloved letter board.

When it’s time to spill the beans to friends and acquaintances online, you can do it with this cute letterboard pregnancy announcement idea.

Yes, baby is coming. But a new mom and dad are about to be born too!

This dog doesn’t look too thrilled with her promotion—or maybe it’s just the bandana she’s not quite loving.

A letter board pregnancy announcement is great, but one that shows just a hint of the bump is even better.

Pregnancy Announcement Captions

Sharing your news on social media? Crafting the perfect pregnancy announcement caption can feel daunting. No pressure, it’s just the biggest news you’ve ever shared! Suffice to say, you want to write something that captures how you’re feeling about the impending arrival. Embrace humor or share your emotions. You do you.

If baby brain has you struggling to figure out what to say on your pregnancy announcements, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve compiled a starter list of some favorite pregnancy announcement caption ideas. Feel free to borrow the one that’s just right for you.

  • And baby makes three. (Or four.) You get it. A similar option: “And then there were three.”
  • The best is yet to come! Let everyone know that this is just the beginning of your epic story.
  • Our humans are getting us a baby. This is a great pregnancy announcement caption for couples with pets!
  • Downloading baby… ready on (due date). You can download just about anything these days!
  • We’ve been cooking up something special. Got a chef in the family?
  • Eating for two! Mama needs all the nutrients.
  • Every superhero needs a sidekick. This is a great caption for a sibling announcement—especially if big bro or big sis is into wearing a cape!
  • I’m growing a human. What have you done lately? Because the mamas enduring nine months of pregnancy are the real MVPs.
  • The more the merrier. The perfect holiday-themed pregnancy announcement caption.
  • Evicted! Booting an older child from their beloved crib? This hilarious one-word caption never gets old.
  • It’s bumpin’ in here. Ready to show off that burgeoning belly for the very first time? This pregnancy announcement caption celebrates this exciting time.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to announce your pregnancy with an adorable shirt. Whether it’s for a boy- or girl-themed announcement, these designs are sure to impress everyone at the table!

Shirts To Reveal Pregnancy

The best pregnancy announcement shirts are unique, sentimental and represent your pregnancy journey. Pick a cute design, like a onesie or monogram shirt, that you can wear to an ultrasound appointment for family to see your amazing news. Buy a maternity tee for mom & dad-to-be and send them out at the same time to surprise everyone or make diaper cakes or photo blocks with this option

Are you pregnant? Then share your news with family and friends on a special pregnancy shirt or maternity t-shirt. This funny pregnancy announcement shirt is the perfect gift for a pregnant woman. Make a statement about your pregnancy, with one of our many funny t-shirts that are customized just for you. Create your own pregnancy announcement shirt with our draft tee, then show it off to family and friends. Looking for something different than a normal announcement? Our T-shirt Creator allows you to customize your pregnancy announcement from the ground up. Upload photos and add text to your heart’s content. If you’re looking for originality, consider putting your baby bump on a pregnancy announcement shirt that’ll stand out at the next family gathering!

You might want to announce your pregnancy in a creative way. Shirts make a great way to announce the exciting news of a new life growing within you. Here are some ideas for pregnancy announcements

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