Pregnancy Reveal Ideas For Family

Nothing excites expectant parents more than the first pregnancy test that comes back positive.

The thrill you’ll have when telling your close family and friends the good news may be the only exception.

In order to help you focus your thoughts for telling your loved ones, we spoke with a large number of parents, combed through the internet and social media feeds, and even came up with some of our own creative and amusing suggestions.

This well picked collection is the outcome. The best concepts are all here, all at once!

When should we tell our family we’re pregnant?

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Many parents-to-be wait until the end of the first trimester — around week 13 — to tell friends and family about their pregnancy. A number of factors influence why people wait until this time to share the news. Still, the most important part of your decision should revolve around what makes you the most comfortable.

How can I announce my pregnancy in a cute way?

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29 Fun Pregnancy Announcements

  1. Get the family dog (first baby) to declare it. …
  2. Get the siblings to say it. …
  3. Pregnancy announcement with pumpkins. …
  4. Make it look picture frame perfect. …
  5. Tell your tale with some Disney inspiration. …
  6. Simply show off your bump. …
  7. Write it on a giant cookie. …
  8. Share your scan in a heart.

Cute ways to announce pregnancy to family

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  • Family Game Night. …
  • Ice Cream Social (With Personalized M&M’s!) …
  • Surprise Family Portrait. …
  • Custom Cookies. …
  • Sidewalk Chalk Announcement. …
  • Ultrasound Embroidery. …
  • Pregnancy Reveal Puzzle. …
  • Custom Book.

1. Family Game Night

One fun way to announce your pregnancy is to host a family game night at your house. Once all of the guests have arrived, start a game of Charades or Pictionary. 

If you’re playing Charades, start acting out the good news and see how long it takes for everyone to guess what you’re acting out.

If you’re playing Pictionary, you can draw out your exciting news and wait for everyone to catch on!

Or, you can suggest a game of Scrabble and spell out your secret message with the word tiles.

Don’t forget to record your special moment if you want to be able to look back on it.

2. Ice Cream Social (With Personalized M&M’s!)

Pink M&M chocolate candies personalized for a girl baby shower.
Did you know you can put fun messages like “It’s a girl!” on custom colored M&M’s?

Invite your close friends and family for an ice cream social.

For the special occasion, your toppings can be personalized m&m’s that share the news with your family.

You can choose custom colors like pink, blue and white, personalized messages like “We’re expecting!” and your due date, and you can even pictures of baby shoes or footprints on your m&m’s!

Visit the M&M Website for more details, or visit for pre-made baby shower M&M’s.

3. Surprise Family Portrait

You’re about to create the most memorable, hilarious family portrait in the history of your family.

At your next get-together, gather everyone together for a group picture.

When it’s time to take the photo, say “1, 2, 3, I’m pregnant!” Then, take a series of photos of everyone’s reactions.

You’ll have the moment they all learned about your special news forever frozen in time.

4. Custom Cookies

Who doesn’t love being the recipient of a dozen cookies? Your family members will love it even more when they see the message you’re trying to tell them!

Bakers these days can do the darnedest things. Look for a local bakery to create custom cookies that bring your creative ideas to life and announce the good news. 

Here are some creative ways Instagram users have used cookies to announce their pregnancy:

First, these cookies from Instagram user @michikocookiecompany make a play on the phrase “bun in the oven” with an over timer set for the due date:

Pregnancy Announcement Cookies that say Timer Set For March 2022
Photo credit: Instagram, @michikocookiecompany

Next, these custom cookies from @bestillbakery even put the sonogram photo on your sweet treat. They also re-created a letter board that says “Coming Soon” and play up the letter B for Baby.

Pregnancy Announcement Cookies with sonogram photo on it.
Photo credit: Instagram, @bestillbakery

These amazingly designed cookies from @royalcookiesbyrilee play up the bun in the oven theme, as well, but they also have a due date calendar with a heart around the due date, plus a baby onesie cookie with the words “Made With Love”. These make us want a cinnamon roll!

Pregnancy Announcement Cookies that have a due date calendar, baby onesies, cinnamon buns and an oven timer.
Photo credit: Instagram, @royalcookiesbyrilee

Finally, you can opt for a sassier tone for your big reveal with cookies that say “Shit Just Got Real!” on baby bottle or other baby item, like these cookies from @azucarrococo. 

Pregnancy Announcement Cookies that say "Shit Just Got Real" on a baby bottle.
Photo Credit: Instagram, @azucarrococo

5. Sidewalk Chalk Announcement

Share your message with the entire neighborhood using sidewalk chalk and a little creativity. Your guests will be so surprised as they pull into your driveway and see your colorful designs and unexpected message!

Sidewalk chalk pregnancy announcement that says "Being Promoted to Big Brother"
Photo from

6. Ultrasound Embroidery

We are absolutely floored at the craftsmanship in these gorgeous ultrasound embroideries.

This beautiful machine embroidered rendering of an ultrasound image is done on high quality black linen with a hardwood embroidery hoop, and hand stitched wool felt on the back.

All you have to do is provide the ultrasound image and a few other details.

Embroidered ultrasound rendering.
Photo from Etsy

7. Pregnancy Reveal Puzzle

Is your family puzzled at why you’ve been acting funny lately? Help spell it out for them with a custom pregnancy announcement puzzle that will make it crystal clear.  

You can personalize the image and choose from different sizes here.

Photo from

Shutterfly also allows you to create a puzzle easily from any of your photos, and they have options with contemporary foil borders, heart grids, colorful frames, and more.

8. Custom Book

After they realize what the book is trying to tell them, your family will treasure this item for years to come.

This adorable custom book from Etsy is beautifully illustrated and is such a cute way to reveal your big news to grandparents, aunts and uncles and other family members.

Pregnancy Announcement Book for Grandparents
Photo from Etsy

The book shares all the wonderful ways that the new grandparents lives will change. For example, they’ll need to brush up on their storytelling and make a little more room in their homes and hearts.

The book can be personalized in several different places.

9. “Promoted to”Swag

If this is your first baby, there are so many fun ways to let your parents and in-laws know that they’ve been promoted to their new role as future grandparents.

You can also let your brothers and sisters know they’ve been promoted to the role of aunt and uncle.

Promoted from Bestie To Aunt Coffee Mug
Photo from
Promoted to Grandpa and Grandma glass mugs
Photo from Etsy

Whether you get them a new mug, a plaque, or a fun t-shirt, they’ll be excited to envision themselves in a new way!

10. Big Brother / Big Sister Shirts

For baby number 2 or 3 (or more), there are so many cute ways to get the older siblings in on the fun. Dress them up in some cute Big Brother / Big Sister shirts for a heartwarming pregnancy announcement photo.

It’s a simple way to get your exciting message across and involves the whole family.

See also: “25 Best Big Sister Gift Ideas

11. Box of Chocolates

Life is like a box of chocolates, after all, and you never know what you’re going to get. 

You can announce the new member of your family with a custom box of chocolates, each one with a different letter on top spelling out your message. 

Pregnancy announcement with box of chocolates.
Photo from Etsy

Or, you can create a custom chocolate bar that says “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl” to share the wonderful news like the name you’ve chosen for your new family member or the due date:

Pregnancy Announcement chocolate bar that says "It's a boy!"
Photo from

12. Wear It Proudly

At your next family gathering, you can wear this hilarious Pregnant AF t-shirt to let everyone know about your current situation!

If this one is not your style, do a quick search and you’ll find so many cute t-shirts to help you spread the good news.

Photo from Etsy

13. Matching Jerseys

Sports fans can order custom jerseys with their last name on them, plus a matching onesie with the last name also printed on it.

This is an especially great approach for announcing a first child.

Baby announcement using a small sports jersey.
Photo from Pinterest

If you already have children, you can also opt for a baseball “Batter on Deck” theme with an ultrasound photo. Line up your kids from oldest child to the youngest child, and place the sonogram picture at the end of the line.

Or, custom order a baby-sized jersey or onesie of your favorite local sports team, and include a “Future ___ Fan” on your baby announcement.

Another cute idea for parents who already have older children is an “Adding to our roster” theme.

Find more fun sports-themed announcements here.

14. Grandparents Starter Kit

This adorable gift box from Etsy is the perfect way to announce the pregnancy news to the new grandparents.

Grandparent Starter Kit to use as a pregnancy announcement. Baby onesie, baby bottle, pacifier.
Photo from Etsy

The package includes a jumpsuit, bottle, pacifier, baby socks, and a message on top of the lid. This is a great option for when your parents and in-laws who live far away from you, and you want to do more than just a video chat.

15. Movie Poster

Make your big debut with a creative movie poster.

This one pokes fun at how crazy life can be with children. The “release date” is the due date, and it’s rated B for Baby. It even lists the “actors” who star in the film and there’s a clever production company name, as well.

Pregnancy Announcement Baby Announcement Movie Poster
Photo from Etsy

16. Sonogram Box

This custom gift box folds out and uses the ultrasound picture to share the good news with your recipient. It will be a forever keepsake.

You can order it on Etsy.

Sonogram Box pregnancy announcement
Photo from Etsy

17. Fortune Cookie

Surprise your guests with custom-made fortune cookies that have your secret message inside!

Your message could say “You’re going to be a grandparent” or “There will be more additions to your family this year!” or simply “We’re pregnant!”.

You can order these on Amazon, but be sure you customize them before you checkout.

18. Framed Ultrasound Photo

This oldie-but-a-goodie pregnancy reveal method is tried and true.

Find a cute frame, place your sonogram photo inside, and present it to your family members. They’ll be so excited!

This frame from Amazon reads “Precious Little One”.

19. Worth The Wait

This family showed just how hard they worked to become pregnant by forming all of the fertility medical equipment they used into the form of a heart. This touching display is a beautiful way to express that the difficulties and challenges were worth the wait.

20. Stork Cake

There’s nothing a good custom cake can’t make better, including pregnancy announcements! There are so many way to make your pregnancy reveal cake unique.

This gorgeous, colorful cake from @cake_trends celebrates the mother-to-be and would also be appropriate for a baby shower.

Pregnancy or baby shower cake with pregnant woman and flowers.

This stork cake from @sweet.cake.nazan is whimsical and lighthearted with clouds and an adorable stork carrying the new baby.

Pregnancy announcement cake with stork delivering a baby.
Photo from Instagram @sweet.cake.nazan

21. Announcement Video

You can create your very own professional-looking pregnancy reveal video super easily using a program like Design Wizard. They have pregnancy reveal templates ready to go. You just add your own messages, music, photos, etc.

22. Announcement Flowers

Let your friends and family in on your secret by sending them a bouquet of Chrysanthemums, baby’s breath, or pink roses or tulipsand a sweeet note.

Chrysanthemums symbolize fidelity, long life, and cheerfulness, and are often thought of as a symbol of pregnancy.

Photo from Instagram, @goodman7275

23. Baby Shoes

Some of the cutest pregnancy reveal announcements use tiny baby shoes to insinuate that a little one is on the way.

Photo from Pinterest

Whether you choose tiny Doc Martens, hiking boots, winter boots, trendy sneakers, or some other type of shoe, you can show off your family’s personality creatively through baby footwear.

24. Announcement Card

If you do a pregnancy photo shoot, you can use one of your photos to create a pregnancy announcement card for your extended friends and family and to post on social media. You can use ShutterflyZazzle, or another photo service to create these quickly and easily.

You can also create a digital announcement very easily using templates available on Etsy. They have all different themes for holidays throughout the year, sports, seasons, humor, etc.

25. Dress up your dog

If you’re already a dog parent, then the best way to break the news to everyone is to get your furry friend in on the action. 

Photo from Etsy

This sign from Etsy says “My parents are getting me a human”.

You can also take a photo of your covering his eyes and saying “Shh! We haven’t told him yet”, with a photo of the ultrasound.

Photo: Instagram, @mr.bentleybub

26. Mom & Dad Baseball Hats

Since you’re going to be doing a lot of coaching as a parent, it’s a great idea to look the part. Get ready for the “big game” and surprise your family with these embroidered Mom & Dad baseball hats

27. Picnic with Paper Plates

A great way to tell everyone your big news is to invite them over for a picnic and offer them each one of these funny “Guess What” paper plates with baby fooprints on them. That should get everyone guessing!

Guess What Paper Plates with baby footprints for pregnancy announcement.
Photo from

28. “I Can’t Drink This, But You Can” Wine Bottle

What better way to celebrate this happy occasion than with a bottle of wine? (For everyone else, at least!)

Serve up wine with this custom label at your pregnancy reveal dinner party for a good laugh. 

You can also put “Pairs Well With… becoming a grandparent” on the bottle for another clever message.

29. Book My Reservation Onesie

The soon-to-be grandparents will get a kick out of this adorable gender neutral onesie announcing your baby’s arrival.

The reservation is booked! Time for grandma and grandpa to get the nursery ready.

30. Youngest —> Middle (Third Baby!)

There’s a new youngest child in town!

This is a funny way to get the older siblings in on the action if you already have two children. Have the current youngest hold a sign with the word “youngest” crossed out and their new “middle” status written for all to see.

Of you can have them wear these shirts from a cute Etsy shop.

Third Baby Announcement - Oldest, Middle, Youngest.
Photo from Etsy

31. Quail Egg

This is an adorably charming way to let your loved ones know you’re pregnant. Put a personalized message inside of the egg and have them crack it open to read it! Available on Etsy.

Quail Egg Golden Egg Pregnancy Announcement Hidden Message
Photo from Etsy

32. Bun in the Oven

What better way to let your long-distance relatives know there’s a bun in the oven than by sending them an actual bun?

No, it’s not edible. But it does get the message across pretty well! Available on Etsy.

Bun in the oven pregnancy announcement
Photo from Etsy

33. Always Read the Fine Print Candle

Send your family members a beautifully scented candle with your big news… in very small letters.

That should teach them to always read the fine print!

Photo from Etsy

34. Custom “Brews”

Something new is brewing… inside of you. Let your family and friends know with these custom beer labels. They’ll cheers to that!

Photo from Etsy

35. Win The Lottery

You’ve won the lottery with this new blessing in your life, so this is the perfect way to let everyone know about it. 

This surprise idea comes in the form of a replica lottery card. (Of course, every replica lottery card is a winner!)

36. New Player

For parents who are gamers, this is the perfect way to announce a new baby. You can order custom Player 1 and Player 2 t-shirts, and order a baby onesie that says “Player 3 has entered the game”.

Pregnancy announcement t-shirts for gamer family
Photo from Etsy

37. Casual Coffee

Invite your family member over for coffee or tea. Will you be able to bite your tongue and wait for them to finish every last drop so they can read the surprise message on the bottom of the mug?

38. Job Announcement

Let your child be the stay of your pregnancy announcement with this clever “I got the job” sign.

What’s the job they procured? Big Brother or Big Sister!

I got the job pregnancy accouncement for big brother or big sister.
Photo from Pinterest

39. Plot Twist Twin Announcement

You know the saying: We make plans and God laughs.

But it’s especially rare that parents expect to get news of expecting twins. Celebrate your good fortune with these hilarious “Plot Twist” onesies that share the news in a lighthearted way.

You can also use this approach for a pregnancy that is a bit unexpected. Here is a Plot Twist onesie for just one baby:

40. Grandma Necklace

This classic 14 karat gold vermeil Mattie bar necklace from Kendra Scott is the perfect gift for the soon-to-be grandmother.

It can be personalized up to 8 letters to fit whatever she wants to be called in her new role as grandma.

Photo from

41. Eviction Notice

If you’ve got an older sibling still sleeping in a crib that will soon be used by a new baby, you can let everyone know your due date by transforming it into a funny eviction notice. You can get an editable template from Etsy or make your own.

Eviction Notice funny pregnancy announcement - baby in a crib.
Photo from Etsy

42. Color-changing Mugs

Hide any surprise message on this magical color changing mug. It looks like a regular black mug, but when it gets hot, it turns white and reveals your hidden message!

Color changing mugs with secret message for pregnancy announcement.
Photo from Etsy

43. Fridge Calendar

Your family will know something’s up when they see this adorable due date calendar on your refrigerator the next time they’re over. You can search online for a template you love. Most of them have a heart around the due date.

Refrigerator due date calendar.

44. Fishing Buddy Lure

If you have an avid fisherman in your family, this is the one of the most unique ways to tell them about your new baby.

They’ll always treasure this engraved personalized fishing lure. Who knows? Maybe it will bring them good luck on their next fishing trip!

Metal engraved Fishing lure for pregnancy announcement.
Photo from Etsy

45. Golfing Accessories

The golf love in your family will appreciate this special message on a golf ball marker, and they’ll be so excited to have a future golfing buddy on the way! It’s sure to be their favorite golf accessory. (At least for awhile!)

Golf ball marker that says New golfing buddy due in april for pregnancy announcement

personalized golf ball is another great option for a golf-loving relative.

Golf ball that says promoted to grandpa for pregnancy announcement
Photo from Etsy

46. Balloons

Let your party decorations do the talking! These gold balloons that say “Pregnant AF” are sure to get the message across to your family and friends. You can also use them for a baby shower.

47. Marauder’s Map for Harry Potter Lovers

This 11×14 Marauders Map was inspired by the Harry Potter series and is a fun way to tell your Harry Potter-loving friends and family that you are expecting. This digital file sold on Etsy comes with two files to be printed front and back.

Harry Potter Marauder's Map pregnancy announcement.
Photo from Etsy

48. I Declare Pregnancy shirt for ‘The Office’ Lovers

When Michael Scott dramatically declared “I declare bankruptcy” on “The Office” series, it was forever etched in fan’s minds. Now, you can declare pregnancy with this funny t-shirt.

49. New Netflix Profile

Surprise your family subtly and see if they notice that you’ve created a new Netflix profile for the new baby.

New netflix profile pregnancy announcement
Photo from Bright Color Mom

50. KISS Method (Keep it simple, silly!)

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by this list, or all the new items on your to-do list since you found out you were expecting, just keep it simple.

Tell your closest friends and family that you’re pregnant and revel in the beauty of the moment, even if it’s just a simple phone call or heart to heart conversation over coffee. It will be memorable no matter what you do (or do not) plan for.

When to share the big news

Only you will know when the right time to announce your pregnancy is.

First things first, you’ll want to share the news with your partner. It’s important to keep in mind that about 10-20% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage, so the risk of miscarriage is a very real one for all of us. For this reason, some people think it’s a good idea to wait until the end of the first trimester to share your big announcement publicly with a social media post or share with your extended family and friends.

However, you will probably want to tell your very close friends and family because no matter what happens, you’re going to need their love and support.

We hope you loved this thoughtfully curated list of creative pregnancy announcement ideas. We had so much fun putting it together!

We wish you all the healthy and happiness in the world as you embark on this new pregnancy journey.

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