Top Ten Must-Haves For Pregnancy

When it comes to preparing for pregnancy, you’ll want to make sure that you’re stocked with the best essentials. Here are the top ten must haves for pregnancy:

For all you pregnant women out there who need some help with your shopping lists, I have rounded up the top 10 things that every pregnant woman needs to have on hand. By following this list, you can feel prepared for whatever comes your way during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but you may feel unprepared to manage all the changes. Here are ten must haves for pregnancy that will make it easier to embrace this exciting journey.

Pregnancy Must-Haves for Every Expecting Mom

  • Total Body Pregnancy Pillow. Yes, pregnancy is tough on the body! …
  • Bra Extenders. …
  • Maternity Bras. …
  • Tennis Balls. …
  • Massage Oil or Lotion. …
  • Ginger. …
  • Hot Water Bottle. …
  • Antacid for Heartburn.
  • Pregnancy Books.
  • A Good Moisturizer.

Things A Pregnant Woman Needs Before Delivery

To have a natural birth, you need to take steps before your baby is born. Enroll in childbirth classes. Learn how your body works during pregnancy and childbirth, and how to focus on relaxing instead of resisting the contractions. Pick a health care provider who’s into “natural childbirth”, then create a “natural birth” plan once your baby is born. You can also learn to face and work through contractions by breathing deeply while imagining relaxing settings like waterfalls or soft music. Finally, start an exercise routine now so you’ll be ready for labor when it happens!

Before your due date is here, you’ll have lots to do: Learn about labor and delivery options, stock up on supplies, and find a health care provider. This guide helps you make the most of your pregnancy by taking steps now so you can enjoy an unmedicated birth.

When you’re pregnant, it’s easy to get caught up in all the things that you need to do in preparation for delivery. But before you begin the active labor process, there’s a lot you can do now to make sure that your birth experiences are as good as they can be. Here are some suggestions:

Pregnancy Must-Haves for Every Expecting Mom

  • Total Body Pregnancy Pillow. Yes, pregnancy is tough on the body! …
  • Bra Extenders. …
  • Maternity Bras. …
  • Tennis Balls. …
  • Massage Oil or Lotion. …
  • Ginger. …
  • Hot Water Bottle. …
  • Antacid for Heartburn.

12 things every expectant mother needs

Getting ready for your baby is a wonderful time in a woman’s life. Your heart is bursting with excitement as you share the news with friends and family, plan your registry, and try to picture what your life will be like once he or she finally arrives. All the focus is on your baby (and rightfully so!), but there are a few things you’re going to need too. We asked The Lactation Network’s Caitlin McNeily to share her favorite expecting mother must-haves. Cue: shopping spree.

1. All of the pillows

Body pillow, pregnancy pillow, bed pillow – you’re going to need pillows during your pregnancy, especially as comfortable sleeping positions decrease and the size of your belly increases. The Snoogle is great when you need support in all the right places.

2. A large water bottle

Hydration is important. It’s even more important when you’re pregnant as you are drinking for two. I carry a water bottle with me everywhere I go, and it really helps me keep track of how much water I’ve had that day. I love Swell water bottles, but a Nalgene is great, too.

3. A good pair of maternity jeans

Stretchy, comfortable and high-waisted: three things every expectant mother looks for when shopping for maternity jeans. I love them because I feel much more put together than in sweatpants, and they give your disappearing curves some shape. You will live in these, so splurge a little when you buy them.

4. Baby Bargains Book

This is the expectant mother’s bible. The Baby Bargains Book is full of baby gear and products, and it provides rates on pricing, safety, and quality. I probably dog-eared half the book when I was pregnant and planning my registry.

5. The Baby Name Wizard

I think I read the Baby Name Wizard book twice during my first pregnancy. Even if you already have a name picked out, this book is a fascinating look into how baby names get popular based on things like pop culture and current trends.

6. Tums

If you’re like me, heartburn and pregnancy go hand in hand. At one point I think I had a bottle in every bathroom in my house, my purse, my car, and my office. Save yourself the extra trips and buy in bulk from Costco.

7. Yoga Class Pack

This was the best thing I ever did during pregnancy. There are so many benefits to doing yoga, and when you’re pregnant and your back is killing you, 60 minutes of heated stretching will make you feel like a new woman. Unless you have an established yoga practice, look for a studio that offers maternity classes so you know you’re in good hands.

8. Exercise Ball

There will come a point during your pregnancy when even the couch is uncomfortable. An exercise ball is an inexpensive fix for this, and an excellent substitute for living room furniture. And since we all know desk chairs and pregnancy don’t mix, try Gaiam’s ergonomic desk chair for the office.

9. Supportive shoes

No need to go out and buy custom orthotic shoes, but a good pair of supportive gym shoes will do wonders for your feet and back. If you have a work commute or wear heels during the day, putting on a pair of sneakers for your hustle to and from the train will feel like you’re walking on pillows.

10. Bras that fit your new boobs

Your boobs don’t get quite as big as your belly during pregnancy, but they get really close. Don’t just “make it work” – you’ll need to invest in a few maternity bras. You’ll feel much more comfortable when the girls are properly secured and supported in a bra that actually fits. Try hotmilk or bravado! Designs.

11. Pedicures

In my opinion, when you get to the point that you can’t even see your feet, pedicures become mandatory. I know it’s easy to talk yourself out of these things – don’t do it. You deserve to have your swollen feet exfoliated! For an extra treat, tell the salon you will tip them for a longer massage up front.

12. A VIP Membership at Bump Club and Beyond

Bump Club and Beyond is an awesome resource for moms, and their VIP membership program offers everything from discounts to their events to product giveaways and webinars. It’s a nationwide program, so you can cash in on the perks anywhere you go. I definitely recommend signing up for this one – You can go to one event and come home with $500 in baby gear prizes.

Not every item on this list is glamorous, but function trumps fashion when you’re expecting. From the everyday essentials to the occasional splurge on maternity clothes, you’ll be happy you made the investment. Have fun shopping!EXPECTANT PARENT

Awesome Pregnancy Products You Can’t Do Without

Your body is in for some big changes over the next nine months, so it stands to reason you’re going to need a few new products to see you through. From morning sickness remedies to items that’ll stretch your normal wardrobe and keep you comfy once you’re sporting maternity wear, here are some of the best pregnancy products you’ll want to invest in.

1Image: Courtesy of Psi Bands


Morning sickness is a total misnomer: For many expectant moms, feeling queasy round the clock is one of the joys of early pregnancy—and it can be hard to find effective relief. But lots of women swear by PsiBands, drug-free, FDA-cleared wristbands that use acupressure to ease nausea. Comfortable to wear and super-affordable, they’re definitely worth a try.

Buy it: PsiBands, $13,

2Image: Courtesy of Three Lollies


Looking for another nausea relief option? Pop one of these morning sickness lollies. The all-natural lozenges contain organic essential oils and plant botanicals proven to ease the queasies, and are pretty tasty to boot—they come in flavors like ginger, sour lemon, sour raspberry, sour tangerine, peppermint, lavender and spearmint.

Buy it: Preggie Pop Drops, $13,

3Image: Courtesy of Ingrid & Isabel


There are tons of cute options these days when it comes to maternity clothes, but let’s face it: It’s hard to give up your favorite pair of jeans. With Ingrid & Isabel’s Bellaband, you don’t have to! (At least not for a while.) The soft, stretchy band goes over your unbuttoned pre-pregnancy pants, giving your baby bump more room to grow.

Buy it: Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband, $28, Bloomingdales.comADVERTISEMENT

4Image: Courtesy of Swell


Having a large water bottle on hand is a must when you’re expecting—after all, doctors say to guzzle at least 10 cups of fluids every day to stay hydrated. Not only is this BPA-free, stainless steel water bottle super-chic (it comes in a wide array of colors and finishes), but it’s also insulated to keep your beverage cold for 24 hours or hot for up to 12, keeping you perfectly refreshed wherever you go.

Buy it: Swell Water Bottle, starting at $35,

5Image: Courtesy of Helen Don/Instagram


It’s exciting to document your expanding baby bump with photos–but you’ll need a way of tracking which week or month you’re in. And there’s no easier way to get Instagram-worthy shots than by using an old-school letter board to mark your progress. Plus, you can use it to share all those witty pearls of wisdom you gather over the course of pregnancy—and beyond.

Buy it: 10×10 Felt Letter Board with Letters, $22,

6Image: Courtesy Leacho


Once you hit your second trimester, you’ll likely have to switch up your sleeping position to snooze exclusively on your side (ideally the left)—which isn’t always the most comfortable thing for back or stomach sleepers. To the rescue: The Leacho Snoogle Total Body Pillow, which follows the natural curve of your body to provide support to your back, head, belly and hips.

Buy it: Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, $58,

7Image: Courtesy Mama Mio


Your body is about to undergo incredible changes to accommodate your growing baby. Keep your skin moisturized—and elasticized—with Mama Mio’s TummyRub Butter. Packed with organic coconut and avocado oils in a shea butter base, this thick cream helps prevent stretch marks and itchy skin. And there’s no need to worry about harmful chemicals in this beauty product: Mama Mio’s skincare line is free of parabens, phthalates, colourants, petrolatum, xenoestrogens and PEGs.

Buy it: Mama Mio TummyRub Butter,$34,

8Image: Courtesy Beyond The Bump


Whether you’re working up a sweat or relaxing around the house, you’re going to need a pair of comfy maternity leggings. Beyond Yoga’s Spacedye Maternity Leggings are a favorite of The Bump editors: The stretch panel can be worn over the belly or folded down and the fabric is durable yet unbelievably soft, and wicks moisture quickly to keep you cool and dry.

Buy it: Beyond the Bump Fold Over Maternity Capri Leggings, $86,

9Image: Courtesy The Cookie Dough Cafe


When those pregnancy cravings strike, you’ll want to be prepared. There are plenty of tasty, healthy snacks for you to enjoy (and enjoy you should), but there’s nothing quite like the taste of uncooked cookie dough. Typically off limits for expectant moms (hello, raw eggs), this egg-free cookie dough is perfectly safe to nosh on during pregnancy and comes in four delicious flavors.

Buy it: The Cookie Dough Cafe Edible Cookie Dough Mini Mix Up (8 Mini Cups), $25,

10Image: Courtesy Dr. Scholl’s


As you get farther along in pregnancy, swollen feet can be a real pain, especially when you’re traveling. Luckily, a pair of compression socks can quickly put the kibosh on swelling. These knee-high socks from Dr. Scholl’s feature graduated compression, helping to enhance circulation and energize your legs.

Buy it: Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Travel Knee-High Socks with Graduated Compression, starting at $10,

11Image: Courtesy of iLoveSia


Your belly isn’t the only thing that gets bigger during pregnancy. Get the support you need with the iLoveSIA bralette—there’s no underwire to create potential pain points, and the ribbed gore stretches as your bust size grows. It also transitions easily to a nursing bra, letting you drop the cups down when it’s time to feed baby, and insert nursing pads when strapped up.

Buy it: iLoveSIA 3PACK Women’s Seamless Nursing Bra, starting at $27,

Maternity Must-haves Clothes

As your baby bump grows, you may find yourself unable to fit into all your normal clothes. But there’s no need to buy a whole new wardrobe of maternity wear. These tips will help you look and feel good without blowing your budget.

When to start wearing maternity clothes

Most women can wear their normal clothes for most of the first trimester (3 months).

But you might need to consider a larger bra or looser fitting clothes for comfort during this time.

When you are around 4 or 5 months pregnant, you may have to start wearing larger clothes. Most women switch to maternity wear when they are about 6 months pregnant.

What you need

There are plenty of fashionable maternity clothes available. But it is not essential to invest large sums on money in a full wardrobe.

It is best to buy a few key items of clothing that you can mix and match. Consider the weather and changing seasons during your pregnancy. Remember that you will still be wearing some of your maternity clothes for a while after the birth.

Key items of clothing you may want to consider include:

  • maternity bra
  • comfortable cotton underwear
  • two pairs of well-cut maternity trousers, such as maternity leggings or jeans
  • a plain skirt or dress, such as a stretch jersey wrap dress
  • a maxi dress
  • a jacket
  • two maternity tops (empire line tops are more flattering)
  • one smart outfit
  • comfortable, flat shoes

It is possible to adapt some of your normal clothes through your pregnancy, such as longer tops, sweaters and cardigans. You can also buy a pregnancy belt to extend your regular jeans and pants.

Where to buy maternity clothes

Many large stores in Australia carry a maternity range. There are also plenty of specialist maternity shops. Shopping online or hiring clothes for a special occasion can help you save money.

How to choose a maternity bra

You do not have to wear a maternity bra during pregnancy. But for some women, especially those with larger breasts, a maternity bra can be more comfortable.

Breasts prepare for lactation (making breast milk) quite early in pregnancy and most changes to the breasts have finished by about 16 weeks. This is a good time to invest in a maternity bra, if you want to.

It is a good idea to be professionally fitted. A correctly fitted bra will support your breasts and make you more comfortable.

Underwire bras are not recommended during pregnancy or when you are breastfeeding. Your breasts will change in size and shape and the underwire may put pressure on your breasts. This can lead to an increased risk of a blocked milk ducts or mastitis. However, some maternity bras do have flexible low-gauge wire support that is less likely to cause problems. Some women find a sports bra is all they need.

Tips to save money

  • Buy large, cheap, stretchy t-shirts and vest tops.
  • Buy maternity clothes during the sales — think ahead to what the weather will be like when you need them.
  • Vary a basic outfit by accessorising with bags, jewellery, scarves and shoes.
  • Adapt your existing clothes by moving buttons, replacing elastic with a drawstring, or using a pregnancy belt.
  • Borrow clothes from your partner or from friends who have been pregnant.
  • Hold a clothes-swapping party.

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