Tub Seat For Baby

Baby bath seats and supports are designed to make bathing your baby that little bit easier, by helping support your child in the tub to free up your hands. There are a range of styles available suitable for various ages, from newborns to toddlers, and we have a number on our list that you may be able to use right up to the age of 2.

Bathing your baby is a special time for bonding, but it can also be a tricky business. A wriggly newborn, bubbles and soap can spell chaos, especially if you’re bathing more than one child at a time. A bath seat may be just what you need.

Some baby bath seats are designed to support little ones as they sit up, while others cradle them in a reclined position. There are products which fold away for storage and travel and others which feature attached toys to help add a little extra joy to bath time.


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While bath seats offer helpful support, it’s important to remember that babies should never be left in the bath unattended. If you’re looking for more advice, we’ve put together some top tips on bathing from some of our MFM parents as well as clear, step-by-step advice on how to bath your baby, including newborns, as we know it can be surprisingly daunting!

We’ve asked parents about their favourite bath seats/supports to help guide you as to which one is best for you.

For more handy bath time products, we’ve also found some of the best baby baths and baby bath accessories, as well as baby bath towels to get them cosy and dry afterwards.

Best baby bath seats and supports at a glance

  • Best bath support for newborns: Angelcare Bath Support, £27.99
  • Best budget bath seat: Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat, £14.99
  • Best bath seat for bigger babies: BabyDam Orbital Bath Seat, £28.99
  • Best bath support for small baths: Cheeky Rascals Bath Support, £22.50
  • Best bath seat for suction: Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Seat, £24.99
  • Best bath seat for longevity: Thermobaby Aquababy Bath Seat, £18.99
  • Best bath seat for folding away: Dreambaby Fold Away Bath Seat, £19.95
  • Best bath seat for wriggle toddlers: Rotho Babydesign Bath Seat, £40
  • Best heat-sensing bath seat: Dreambaby Deluxe Bath Seat with Heat Sensor, £36.99
  • Best for a baby bath with a built-in seat: Shnuggle Baby Bath, £24.95

What to consider when choosing a baby bath seat

To help guide you on which baby bath seat or support is best for you we asked Susan Wallace, Cheeky Rascals product safety expert and owner of baby sleep consultancy Settled Petals, what you should consider when buying a bath seat.

Age suitability – These bath seats and supports all have different age suitability. It’s vital to check the age suitability of the bath seat you intend to buy before purchasing. It may be a good idea to get one that will last you quite a bit longer than your child’s current age.

Whether your child can sit upright unaided – If your baby cannot confidently sit upright on their own then you should opt for a bath support. However, if your child can, then a bath seat may be a better option for you.

Weight restrictions – Most of the bath seats and supports have a maximum weight restriction, it’s important to check this before buying to ensure that your child is not too heavy for it and also, whether it will last you. If your baby is almost at the maximum weight, it may be a good idea to get one that will last until they are bigger.

Ease to clean – A lot of the bath seats and supports are made from mould resistant materials. It’s a good idea to check this and consider how easy it will be to clean after each use.

Non-slip surfaces – Most bath seats/supports have non-slip surfaces but it’s a good idea to double check before choosing which bath seat you’re going to purchase so your baby is not slipping and sliding all over the seat.

Space to store it – Some of the items listed below are smaller and easier to store than others. For example, the Dreambaby foldable seat folds away to be stored. The dimensions have been listed with each product below to assist you in you choice. If you only have a small bathroom, you may need to opt for the smaller bath seats/supports.

For further safety advice to consider when buying or using a baby bath seat or support, keep reading below our list of products.

Here’s our pick of the best baby bath seats for 2022:

1. Angelcare Bath Support, £27.99

– Best for newborns

Angelcare bath support tested by baby tester

Age suitability: 0 to 6 months | Maximum weight: 9kg | Dimensions: 23 x 34 x 56cm | Colours: Blue, pink, grey | Awards: Bronze – Baby bathtime product, MadeForMums Awards 2022

This Angelcare bath support is great for newborns. Its ergonomic design holds your baby safely, leaving your hands free to wash and play with your child.

The water level indicator advises you how far to fill the bath for optimal safety. The bath support is made from a TPE material which warms very quickly to your baby’s body temperature and is gentle on their skin.

MFM parent tester Nildeniz, mum of 1, loved that it has “a non-slippery surface which is soft, so felt safe while using it in the shower/bath. Also, the top part supports the head well which is important especially with newborns. It’s very easy to clean, dry and store”.

“It’s really soft and comfy, I love that she just lies on it but doesn’t roll as the way it’s curved keeps her in the middle of the seat. I’m never worried that her face will go under the water which is always a worry in a stand alone bath. It sits in the bath perfectly with room for her brother the other side of the bath too. The holes mean it dries quickly, it’s easy to store and it’s easy to clean,” said MFM parent tester Aimee, mum of 2, aged 2 year and 16 weeks.

MFM parent tester Hayley, mum of 2 boys, also loved that it was soft and comfortable and warmed up to the temperature of the water. However, “a second setting where you could put your baby into more of a sitting position would be a great added feature,” mentioned Hayley. “I’ve recommended it to all mum friends as it doesn’t use up too much water in the bath and can be hung on the door or wall so doesn’t take up too much space,” she continued.

Pros: Easy to clean, dries quickly, hygienic, soft and comfortable for baby
Cons: Only suitable up to 6 months, baby can only really lie on it

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2. Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat, £14.99

– Best budget buy

Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat being tested by baby

Age suitability: 6-12 months | Maximum weight: 10kg | Dimensions: 33 x 33.5 x 27cm | Colours: Lime green, pastel blue, pink, dark blue, white

The Safety 1st baby bath seat is structured with a T-bar so your child can sit up securely. There’s also a ball in the centre of the bar for them to play with so you can keep them occupied while you get them clean and washed.

It has 4 suction pads to secure it in place and an ergonomic shaped backrest to support your baby’s back.

One of only two options on the list with this functionality, this seat has a 360° swivel so you can turn your baby to make bathing them that bit easier.

MFM parent tester Kelly, who has 3 children, loves the fact that her daughter “could have some independence as they got older and could turn around to follow the bath toys. It was really secure with the suckers in the bath too.”

Kirstie, another MFM parent tester who is mum to 2 girls, agreed with Kelly that it gave her children the feeling of independence. “It meant the girls could play together in the bath and gave her more confidence in the water,” said Kirstie.

Pros: Toy feature, 360 swivel, strong suckers, good value
Cons: Have to put baby in and out over the top, only last until 12 months

3. BabyDam Orbital Bath Seat £28.99

– Best for bigger babies

BabyDam Orbital Bath Seat with picture of baby in it

Age suitability: From 5 months to 10 months+ | Maximum weight: Until baby is uncomfortable | Dimensions: 31 x 28 x 23cm | Colours: White

Offering a great option for slightly older babies, this bath seat has a removable armrest for easy access in and out and, much like the Safety 1st bath seat, a 360° swivel design, which makes it easier for parents to get into all the little nooks and crannies for a thorough wash.

It will also blend into a neutral bathroom with its simple lines and white and grey colour scheme, if you’re the kind of parent who prefers baby items that don’t come in bright colour. Our testers loved the simple design, the spin functionality, and the generous size.

This seat does not have a maximum age or weight specification like others on the list, but the manufacturer advises that it’s suitable to 10+ months, or when your child is getting more confident in the water and can sit unaided on their own.

MFM home tester Laura, mum of a 6-month-old baby, said, “my baby is well supported, comfortable and able to play safely in the bath sat in this seat. He is 7 months old and between the 91st-98th percentile and I feel he still has room to grow in the seat.”

Pros: Comfortable, 360 swivel, neutral colours, removable armrest
Cons: Can only be used from 5 months, quite expensive

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4. Cheeky Rascals Bath Support, £22.50

– Best for small baths

Cheeky Rascals Bath Support with picture of baby on it

Age suitability: 0 to 6 months | Maximum weight: Height 70cm or 6 months | Dimensions: 24x 20 x 53cm | Colours: White

With its compact design, this baby bath support is suitable for both a regular sized bath or a traditional baby bath. The support is designed to raise your baby’s head, shoulders and back up while bathing.

The soft rubber insert should be comfortable for your baby to lie against, while the holes allow water to drain easily after use. There are suction cups underneath to keep it in place, too.

The bath support is made from hygienic and mould resistant materials and has a maximum fill line to advise you how high fill the bath, a great safety feature for worried parents.

Pros: Can fit into smaller baths and baby baths, soft rubber for comfort, hygienic
Cons: Can only be used up to 6 months

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5. Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Seat, £29.99

– Best for suction

Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Seat tested by baby

Age suitability: 6 to 10 months | Maximum weight: 11kg | Dimensions: 40.6 x 37.6 x 22.8cm | Colours: Grey, blue, pink

This bath seat by Angelcare features a layer of soft touch TPE in a hammock style which warms quickly to the temperature of the bath water and your baby, keeping them warm and toasty while washing.

There’s an anti-slip base and two handles to help easily lift the seat in and out of the bathtub. The mesh seating also allows water to drain easily from the chair.

The Angelcare bath seat is hygienic and mould resistant, it advises that you simply rinse and drain after use.

This bath seat was highly recommended by our MFM parent testers. “She can sit up but is still a bit wobbly so this is perfect for her; it provides good support but allows her to play with toys in the bath around her. The seat has suckers on the bottom which keep it secure in the bath and it’s easy to clean,” said Lucy, mum of 3 year old boy and 7 month old girl.

“This made bath time so much easier when I’m on my own with both girls. I love the strong suction of the legs, it’s so hard to pull off unless you toggle the little handles to release it meaning I know she can’t topple the seat herself,” praised Jessica, mum of 2 little girls.

However, both Lucy and Jessica did mention how the leg holes have somewhat sharp edges, so you need to take care when putting your baby into the seat.

Pros: Cosy and warms to bath temperature, easy to clean, strong suction
Cons: Leg holes can have sharp edges

Available from: John Lewis

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6. Thermobaby Aquababy Bath Seat, £18.99

– Best for longevity

Thermobaby Aquababy Bath Seat

Age suitability: 7-16 months | Maximum weight: 13kg | Dimensions: 32.5 x 23.5 x 32cm | Colours: Grey

The Aquababy bath seat is great for bigger kids, as it can hold up to 13kg meaning you may be able to use it long past the recommended 16 months, depending on your child’s size.

This bath seat is ideal for when your baby starts to sit up. It has strong suction pads and a non-slip seat surface, aiming to keep your baby secure on the seat. The rounded shape and high back should hold your baby securely whilst allowing them the freedom to move around and play.

It’s also got 3 little swivel toys attached to the front bar to entertain your child whilst you wash them.

Pros: Has a toy feature, Large weight capacity, strong suction, non-slip seat, high back support
Cons: Have to place baby in through the top, only available in 1 colour

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7. Dreambaby Fold Away Bath Seat, £19.95

– Best for folding away

Dreambaby Fold Away Bath Seat

Age suitability: 6 months to 2 years | Maximum weight: 2 years | Dimensions: 29 x 37 x 35cm | Colours: White

The best thing about this bath seat is that it folds for easy storage and there’s an easy flick latch to open up the front, making putting your baby in and taking them out the seat that bit easier.

It features brightly coloured toy attachments on the front to help keep your baby amused in the tub.

The back support and extra-wide leg space aim to provide as much comfort and support for your child as possible, whilst the non-slip suction pads keep the seat secure to the bath.

It’s also got great longevity, and is suitable up to the age of 2.

Pros: Folds away, has front opening to get baby in and out, good value, extra-wide leg space, toys, high maximum age
Cons: Only available in 1 colour

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8. Rotho Babydesign Bath Seat, £40

– Best for wriggly toddlers

Rotho Babydesign Bath Seat

Age suitability: 7 to 16 months | Maximum weight: 13kg | Dimensions: 35 x 31.3 x 22cm | Colours: White/green/blue, grey/white/green, silver/white

This structured seat features a wide backrest and arm rest to keep your baby comfortable and secure.

Much like the Dreambaby Fold away seat, it opens at the front to allow you to get your baby in and out more easily thanks to its hinged ring which also has a child safety lock.

The bath seat fits in standard bathtubs and showers and features 4 suction feet to grip securely to otherwise slippy surfaces. Although a pricey option, the thick walls and base should also mean it’s a more durable choice.

Pros: Opens at the front to get baby in and out, durable
Cons: Pricey

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9. Dreambaby Deluxe Bath Seat with Heat Sensor, £36.99

– Best for heat sensing

Dreambaby Deluxe Bath Seat with Heat Sensor being tested by baby

Age suitability: 6-24 months Maximum weight: 13kg | Dimensions: 36 x 32 x 26cm | Colours: White/blue

This nifty bath seat has a heat-sensing star on the front to let you know if the bath water is too hot for your baby.

It’s got a padded, contoured, non-slip seat with lots of leg room. Similar to the other Dreambaby and Rotho bath seat, this too has a hinge opening on the front to make it easy to get your baby in and out of the seat.

MFM parent tester Jennifer, mum of 2 daughters, aged 10 and 1 said, “the Dreambaby bath seat was an absolute lifesaver for us as my daughter is a very active baby. The suction pads are super strong and have a little tab on each pad for easy release and they are far enough away from your baby’s arms so there’s no risk of them playing with them. The heat sensor came in very handy and let us know when the bath was the best temperature for our baby. The Dreambaby opens at the front meaning it wasn’t a struggle to get them out of the seat and it’s safe enough that they can’t undo it themselves”.

Baby Bath Seat For Sink

Once you’ve dealt with diaper changes, spit-up and worse, you understand the importance of a good bath for your little one.

But when it comes time to get your wriggly newborn clean, you may find that you need all the help you can get: A wet baby can be very difficult to hold onto, especially if he doesn’t enjoy being wet. Enter: baby bathtubs, which can make it easier to bathe your little one.

Do you really need a baby bathtub?

Many parents choose to bathe baby in the bathroom or kitchen sink, often with a sink insert baby bath seat that helps cradle baby and provide support.

Another viable option is taking a bath with your baby, which can be a connecting experience — although some parents find it challenging to keep a safe hold on baby when you’re just as slippery. If a baby bathtub is a better choice for you and your family, here are some guidelines and options to consider.

  • Safety: A baby bathtub’s anti-slip surface and support may give you more ease and peace of mind. Remember: Never leave infants or toddlers unattended in the bath, since even an inch of water can be a drowning risk. Newborns can’t support their heads — or any other body parts, really — so keep your hands on your newborn at all times.
  • Comfort: Especially in the first weeks postpartum, a baby bathtub can make bathtime easier for new moms, who can stand over the kitchen sink rather than sit uncomfortably on the bathroom floor tubside.
  • Convenience: The kitchen and bathroom sink will have to be scrubbed before every bath, requiring more prep time.

Keep in mind, though, that babies outgrow most infant tubs by 6 months. When your little one is capable of sitting unassisted, she can bathe in “the big kid tub,” equipped with a nonskid mat or stick-ons to prevent slipping.

Types of baby bathtubs

There are several different styles of baby bathtubs and the right one for you will depend on your baby’s age, where you plan to bathe your baby and how much space you have.

  • Sink insert baby bath seats. As the name suggests, these are foam inserts that you slip into your sink that create a safe space to bathe baby. The benefits are that you can wash baby while standing without having to crouch next to the bathroom tub and, when not in use, these fold down for easy storage. These sink insert bath seats are used from infancy through 6 months.
  • Basin tubs. These are standalone miniature tubs. Depending on their size, they can be used in a kitchen sink or made for your bathtub alone. These are roomier and some can be used through baby’s first two years.
  • Convertible tubs. These grow along with your baby, converting from a newborn tub with a sling to cradle your baby to a traditional basin tub.

What to look for in a baby bathtub

  • Nonskid surfaces on the bottom (both inside and out) — bonus points for suction cups on the base
  • Smooth rounded edges 
  • Support for your baby’s head and shoulders
  • Room to grow — because your newborn won’t be teeny for long
  • Portability, if you want to use the baby bathtub somewhere other than your bathroom
  • Easy to drain and quick-to-dry tubs. The quickest-drying options tend to be plastic, but many sink insert baby bath seats are made of mildew-resistant foam or fabric.
  • If space is tight, forgo the huge plastic baby tub and consider a soft foldable or collapsible insert with a hook or hanger for easy storage.
  • Avoid inflatable baby bathtubs — while they’re the ultimate space-savers, they can tip over, putting your baby at risk of drowning.

How we made our picks for the best baby bathtubs

We reviewed recommendations from parents in the What to Expect community and asked our editors for their top baby bathtub picks. Each of the options below has important safety elements to keep baby secure during tub time, along with select features to create a more enjoyable bathtime experience for you and your little one. 

The following options can help you narrow down your search for a baby bathtub that’s just right for you.

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